Pontins Camber Sands

New Lydd Road Camber Sands, near Rye, Camber TN31 7RL, United Kingdom
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1 / 10
Avoid at all costs

"Filthy dirty, falling apart and completely run down. Then a member of our party was assulted by their security team and thrown down a flight of stairs.

We were booked into this place by a rugby tour company for our 12 year olds. 4 parents and four children were sitting in their pub as it was quite. Our party member brought two bottles of wine in their pub and at 8.30 they were asked to leave as the pub has a policy of no children after 8.30 which is fine. Our party was told that they could take the wine with them and so they went to the large entertainment rooom and joined a party of 15 other parents. A few minutues later a member of the secuirty team came to the table snatched the white wine bottle and walked off saying you did not buy that here we are confiscating it.

Our party member followed the security member to explain he had bought the wine in the pub and a member of her security team gave him permission to bring it through. Instead of listening to him she took his fingers and twisted them into a hand lock position, our party member then took her wrist to try to turn it back to relieve the pressure and pain in his hand and the security staff member called in a cod red to say that she had been assaulted.

Then four guard joined in restrained our party member and then threw him literally down a flight of stairs which an independent witness confirmed. They repeatedly beat on his hand which he had hold of the guard rail with to stop himself falling down the stairs and once his hand was free they then as the observer said threw him down the stairs.

One of the four who came to join in and throw him out was the security staff member who gave him permission to bring the wine from their pub to their nightclub, he then denied knowing our party member and said they had a policy to question all bottles of wine, when asked why hid did not know this was wine sold in their pub he remarked "how are we supposed to know what we sell, we are only security staff"

  • Holiday details: May 2016
  • Advice: Never use this camp
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
avoid at all costs

"Please avoid this camp at all times. Have just come back from a rugby tours event this bank holiday and i will gladly never place another toe inside a Pontins Camp. The rooms are disgusting despite the fact that we were in a club apartment and were greeted with the word c**t scribbled quite clearly into the dirt on the large front window of the chalet/apartment and also the fact that the set of drawers were clearly broken whilst also missing bedding and a kitchen plug. They were clearly understaffed as they were constantly unable to deal with the demand at all of the bars and the security staff were nothing more than shameful when deal with children, they were aggressive and abusive and had no understanding of safeguarding issues. If you have any sense avoid this place like the plague even if it is through a sporting event as i was attending a rugby tour weekend but if you are planning to visit for a holiday you would be better off putting a tent up in your garden"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2016, booked with sports tours
  • Advice: go somewhere else

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1 / 10

"Place was filthy found dirty condom in chalet thankfully before my 1 year old granddaughter did she as filthy after crawling on the floor for 2 minutes staff mostly not interested complain on website was their attitude almost everything closed although slot machine to take your money open food was rotten went for 2 day break given keys wed evening at four complained gave duty manager used condom he sent two cleaners to" deep clean" one had just been made supervisor asked us how to turn shower on as had never used one how on earth did you clean them then ?? when they left we spent more time cleaning went out to see entertainment my sister wanted to play bingo it was cancelled asked what time disco started that was cancelled also no entertainment so back to chalet came home Thursday as nothing to do and completely disgusted with whole disappointing experience."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont even bother
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
don't go, disgusting,cold, sleepless nights

"The whole resort needs a deep clean. The website is completely misleading.

Sands restaurant is a school canteen serving very expensive slop !! No wonder you are asked to pay up front. The 'range of fresh meals advertisement is a blatant lie !

The rooms seemed to have been painted by Bodger and Badger. Not sure where the '2015 refurbish took place as described on the website but it defiantly isn't on the accommodation :

Rusted cooker, rusted heater, massive crack down the wall with wind whistling through. Draughty windows. Shower and toilet filthy ..... with body hairs and unmentionable filth.

Swimming pool murky with filth all over floor.

We had to leave early with sore throats.

This Pontins does not even meet a basic standard.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Long wait to get reserved room and very dirty condition of room

"We booked 1 night stay at camber sand and when we got there we had to wait nearly 2 hours before we was allocated a room, while we was at the reception we heard so many complaints regarding dirty and poor condition of the rooms not long before when we got to our room, the room was left with dirty bins and washing up and very dirty floor a total disappointment, so when we back to the reception we had to wait again for another 20 minutes to be seen by the manager and given another room which again I would give 2/10 for cleanness. Even the play place above the main reception was a filth it looked like the place has never been cleaned and smelled very bad and I bet its still the same. We won't be going there again as this place has really gone down the drain."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The whole place need to have a make over and have deep clean and food needs to be made fresh not pre cooked.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
disgusted no lift working couldnt go to club

"myself and husband are at Pontins camber been many times over years every time we say we wont return.we both rely on disabled scooters and lift to main club been out of order all weekend.was out of order new year according to other staff. yet they said Friday evening engineer called only just broken and would be mended by sat night.husband struggled up with his m.s while they carried his scooter I had to just stay in chalet as too ill to climb stairs so I missed all entertainment and seeing 4 year old granddaughter dance etc .fri lunar club downstairs closed despite entertainment guide saying it would be open so couldn't go there either. will be writing to newspapers trading standards disabled rights etc not good enough and don't like lies from staff. but appreciate its Brittani who own Pontins who cause all this feel sorry for staff here/pool is cold everyone moaning shivering but lifeguards are very helpful."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2016, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go if disabled
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
How do we get a full refund?

"I wrote a letter of complaint asking for a full refund, sending evidence of the filthy apartment and received no reply. What now? Anyone help? Thanks in advance."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay elsewhere
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Pontins think its acceptable to leave prescription drugs in a family room!

"This is the complaint we sent into Pontins who have yet to resolve things. Nobody wants to take responsibility for such an incompetent act of negligence! Sorry its a mega read but we now want people to be aware how dangerous this place is.

We booked to stay at the Camber Sands Pontins resort, arriving Friday 21st August until Monday 24th

August 2015. Upon arrival we were all gathered in the upstairs bar area where we were allocated

our room, by the time we arrived at the place we were given it was near to 16.30. We have 3 small

boys aged 1, 3 and 5, and by this time they were all getting a bit fed up from traveling and waiting

around until 4pm when we could queue up for our room. We found where we were staying and

decided that we would put our 3 boys in the room with my Fiance while I did the unpacking of the

car. We wanted to get this done quickly so we could go and get the boys fed and let them have a bit

of fun before bedtime, so I basically run the stuff from the car to the door (closest parking spaces are

40 yards away so only one of us could do it) where Donna (my Fiance) moved it into some kind of

order inside. As the room was empty with minimum items around we closed the bathroom door, as

we would never allow them to play in and around an area with a toilet, and left them to have a

wander around. It was after all 3 small rooms so we really had no concerns at this time. After I came

back from the second run from the car I arrived to find Donna in a hysterical panic with our 2

youngest in the rear bedroom crying and fighting over something they had found in the room. When

we came to grips with what had happened we discovered our 3 year old had found a small round tin

in a unit next to the bed and had opened it to see why it was ‘rattling’. Upon opening this a number

of prescription drugs/tablets fell out over the bed and floor. We retrieved 8 and questioned them to

make sure none of them had eaten or taken any others but could not be 100% sure as obviously the

youngest cannot answer and could only rely on our eldest who was there at the time trying to get

the tin off the 3 year old. Luckily he has the sense to know from the way we have brought him up

that they do not play with things they have found out and about. He raised the alarm early that

something was up by calling Donna to tell her his brother had something he had found. I dread to

think what could have happened if he hadn’t been so quick!

When we got the tin and took a good look we found 8 Pills had been inside (and at this time still

unsure if either of the 2 youngest had taken any). We called a family member who is a Paramedic to

see what we should do as we were very obviously concerned to get advice. All we could do for the

next 24 hours was keep a close eye on them and if we see any even slight changes start to happen

with them we were to get them straight to hospital with any info we had on the rest of the pills in

the tin. We did not move out the room for the next 30 minutes to make sure if anything was going to

happen we were ready to go immediately. After this, so far so good so I took pictures of the pills we

found, where we found them etc and went to find a duty Manager.

Although I was livid and absolutely disgusted with how this could happen I still decided to use some

decorum and make sure that I spoke to the manager in complete confidence away from other

customers as we initially see this as a mistake, an unacceptable mistake that could have potentially

cost us the life or lives of 2 of my children but a mistake non the less. We were assured by the

Manager at the time, Brandon Graham, that this would be dealt with and the cleaner and the person

who was to check to rooms would be dealt with and dismissed. Given the severity of the matter I

think that no lesser action should have been taken on an individual/individuals responsible to ensure

this should never have happened. We were given a bottle of wine and a pass for the boys to use any

of the on site activities FOC all weekend. I asked for assurance this would be reported and noted

down and that we would be updated on what had happened the next day.

Please find below where we found the tin and the contents of them.

Before going out for food I decided I wanted a quick wash and get the boys to use the toilet and

what I found when I entered the bathroom really had to be seen to be believed! Again which is why I

have attached pictures of the disgusting unacceptable state we found this in. After all this is what

you promote as a break suitable for families! If the pictures below is what you expect to find from a

resort then we have been using the wrong ones in previous years! The toilet had excrement not only

inside in the toilet that had not been flushed since its last use but had it around the outside of the

bowl also! It begs to belief what type of person could do this but also how it could not have been

discovered in the ‘cleaning’ of your customers rooms! Then there was the shower and mold on the

toilet roll dispenser! I had to spend 15 minutes of my time to go around and clean everything before we

would allow our children anywhere near it! Please endure below what we had to but we paid for the


The Shower was full of other people’s hair, pubes and whatever was growing on the door was had

been doing so for months if not longer! It was absolutely vile! Not what you ever expect to find upon

your arrival! We just by this time wanted to get out and was going to show the manager again in the

morning when we see him after he had promised to check in with us to ensure all was ok with the


The time was now just after 17.45pm so we rushed to get changed and out for food as the boys

were all starving at this point. We used the on site restaurant for food. It was during this we started

to notice that things weren’t quite as clean or maintained as you would expect in an area where

food was served. We were however open minded to the fact that a lot of people had been through

the doors and there did seem a noticeable lack of staff around compared to the amount of people

and let’s be honest, we were not staying at a ‘quality Hotel’ so you almost expect this kind of thing.

We decided to take them for a look around, visit the games room and the bar where the kid’s

entertainment is held but could only stay 15 minutes as the games room was so disgustingly dirty, smelt

like a used sports changing room and was so hot you could not breathe in there. There was no way

we were allowing our children to play in an area like this and were not alone as we were hearing

other parents on the way out as we were. The bar was not much better but was the only area the

entertainment for children was to be. Again it was far too hot to be able to comfortably stay in here

for anything! We are aware the weather was hot this day so to be hot in there was to be expected

but to this degree was just ridiculous, there was free standing air con units pushed against the wall

but not in use despite the barrage of complaints by loads of customers. We decided it was too

uncomfortable so would get an early night in the hope we would be refreshed and enjoy our next

planned day out with the boys. As a precaution, and because neither of us were happy about just

leaving the 2 boys all night in different rooms, we decided to set the rooms up for us to sleep with

one of the younger ones each so we could continue to keep an eye on them. After we did this and

got the boys to bed we decided to get unpacked a little because we could not do so previously due

to our ordeal we could have done without. When traveling with 3 boys this age we need all the

essentials including food for breakfast and snacks etc as generally they are up long before any food

places are open! When putting things away is when we noticed that we were coming across more

concerning factors about our room. There was dirty washing up in the cupboards, the cooker was

covered in food bits, crumbs and just general filth. There was something in the fridge that had been

spilled over the shelf and left, this looked weeks old not days! Given the day we already had, the

state of the bathroom and the time of night it was we just cleaned it all so we were able to use it

with confidence in the morning.

Needless to say the next day we weren’t as refreshed as we should have been on our break away

due to someone’s incompetence and negligence with our room!

In the morning it was becoming much more apparent that after spending the night and morning in

this room it had not been cleaned at all! Someone had obviously been in as the bins had been

emptied and new bags put in, the quilts had been placed properly for our use (we took our own

linen as we feel more comfortable with this and thank the heavens we did looking back!) but nobody

had done anything else to it! It was left by the previous people in a state I would not have put a dog

into and you deem it acceptable to allow a family with 3 young boys to reside in there. Please, again

do not take my word for it, we have the pictures for you to see at the end of the state of the floor,

the areas around the beds, the mold on the curtains, which in itself is incredibly dangerous as these

spores to an asthmatic are lethal. Our youngest is on steroids for lung problems and had we seen

this before the day we left we would have insisted on moving but as we had spent so much time

cleaning our room to a standard we could use, and felt our boys were now safe in, it was not worth

moving to another dirty room after we had done a much better job!

After establishing that no staff had cleaned or checked our room at all we were interested in finding

out how this could ever happen so could not wait to see the duty manager again that morning.

We found Brandon around 9.30am and he assured us that the staff member who cleaned the room

had been sacked and the person who checks it had also been dealt with. How was this when the

room had never been checked, cleaned or anything?? We smelt something very similar to what we

found in our bathroom. In his defense he did offer to get someone to clean the room for us but what

was the point, we had already done it!

All in all the whole weekend was a complete let down from the minute our boys lives were put in

danger by your company. We decided to book with Pontins after acquaintances of ours had said

they had visited here before and it was ‘OK’ and we liked the look of the beach and surrounding

area. We went with an open mind as it was not badly priced but had reviews with concerns about

the cleanliness of the park but you do always hear the bad rather than the good so like to assess

things for ourselves. However this park should have been closed down years ago. It truly is a health

risk and someone is going to be very unfortunate to be on the receiving end of this soon! Luckily for

us it was not us this time. If my children had taken those pills then the circumstances around this

situation would have been very different but none less what we did endure is not acceptable at all

and we will continue with proceedings until we find a resolve we are happy with.

We are fortunate that we do not have money concerns, we have 2 ever growing businesses that take

up a huge amount of my time which means when we book time away it’s all about spending

complete quality time with my family, which Pontins have taken away from me! I was fully aware

that building our businesses would mean I would not have ‘normal’ family time like most families so

the time I do get I make sure is full of fun and things the boys enjoy. Before we go away we spend

time showing them pictures of the place and what’s on offer for us that we are visiting and getting

them so excited about what we are going to be doing. Again, all this was taken from us by visiting

this resort. We decided Sunday was going to be the day we did the activities and things in the resort

as Saturday was spent at the beach and out and about away from the place. Swimming was first on

the agenda. Something again that we do not have time to do enough of at home. We could only

spend 10 minutes max in the pool as it was so disgusting we did not want to be anywhere near the

place. That pool has not been cleaned for months at least! It’s a health risk that we wanted no part

of! There is thick slime around a 1m square area in the corners, there was dirty used plasters floating

around, the baby pool we were definitely not attempting as our local river is cleaner than that and

the floor around it was covered in mud and grime from days ago! Now your excuse for this will be

‘we have 3000 people staying at the resort at the weekend and these people would have been using

the pool before us!’ which is incorrect. We are up at 6am everyday so always seem to be first in

places due to 3 excited unstoppable boys, which was the case here. Nobody had been in before us

apart from the days and weeks before. Even the people for the previous day could not make this

much grime and dirt. Again someone is going to get seriously ill using this and I hope for their sake

its not to serious. So we are now faced with some unhappy boys because we could not explain to

them just how disgusting the pool was, and again this is not just us, we spoke to loads of families

that would not use it either. Well we still had the other activities on site as a back up, which of

course we also had a pass for unlimited use as a way of apology for potentially putting our children’s

lives at risk! We queued up for 30 minutes to use the trampolines which they got to use for around 3

minutes before it started spitting. OK this was mother nature so no bearing on Pontins! (I am a

reasonable man after all!) so we went into the bar for a drink and let the boys run off some steam.

25 minutes later the rain stopped and the sun come out in blistering fashion like the previous 2 days.

Within 15 minutes after this everything was dry as a bone, after all it did not rain much and the intense

sun soon sorted what had come down, so we see excitement again and as it was only 12.30pm

things would re-open soon after. We grabbed some tasteless, inedible and extortionately priced

food from the takeaway place Pontins offered while we waited for the activities to open only to find

that they never did open again! They opened just the trampolines and after asking a staff member

why the bouncy castle area, go carts and Jurassic world areas were all closed they told us they

thought it was going to rain all day so have no staff in now to re-open them. They believed they were

sent home but was not sure of this. Excellent!! So we now have a pass that is even more useless

than the person in charge of cleaning rooms, dare not use the pool for fear of disease, a games room

that smells and looks suitable purely for bacteria to use, an arcade with machines that are either

broken, unplugged, older than the resort itself or just completely rubbish and of no interest to

children or the prospect of another good 30-45 minutes wait for a jump on a trampoline like the one

they have at home!

Had it not been so late in the day by now we would have packed up and got out of this absolute

dump and booked to go somewhere else for the remaining evening and following day. I wish now

that we had to be honest because the entire weekend was a complete disaster and we have never

wanted to cut short a weekend we so rarely get with our children where work is not involved. You

have completely destroyed our only long weekend away for the summer holidays and its time I can

never get back with my children once it’s gone! If this was the only complaint of the weekend, that it

was appalling due to the sheer disgusting state of the resort, I would have just put it down to an

experience I would never repeat but given from start to finish we endured things we should never

have endured or experienced I am happy to continue with this until I am adequately compensated

for the entire weekend. As mentioned, the money is not the main concern of ours but why should

Pontins be paid and make a profit on me and my family after such inexcusable negligence to

customer safety and put 3 young boys in such danger in a room of such disgust!

If this is how you expect your customers to have their first experience with Pontins then please

accept my apologies for the inconvenience I have caused by wasting your time with this. I will be

sure to advise as many people as possible on the experiences they should expect so they are in no

way left in a state of confusion, such as we are, about ‘The Pontins Experience’.

Also, please do not be under any illusion on how such a small fish in a big pond could make a splash

big enough to upset Pontins calm waters! I am used to working to achieve any goals I set myself and

out of pure principle I will not let this go in any way shape or form.

Bottom line, due to negligence you could have potentially killed one or more of my children from the

result of finding pretty unpleasant and nasty prescription drugs in one of your ‘cleaned rooms’. The

fact we had to then spend 24hrs of our break watching them like a hawk rather than enjoying our

time away along with having to clean our own room to a safe standard where we could ‘live’ for a

few days while we were paying for this privilege!

Please enjoy the other findings below clarifying the fact our room was never cleaned and probably

hasn’t been cleaned properly for some weeks looking at the level of grime found!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book somewhere else!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Dirty, rundown, complete disregard to safety.

"My family recently stayed at Pontins Camber Sands, 1st – 8th Aug 2015. apartment 566.

Whilst there were many enjoyable aspects to the holiday there were several issues which I would like to address with you. Attached is a timeline of the main issues.

Firstly we were very disappointed to find our apartment was dirty upon arrival, there was human hair in the shower, dried toothpaste in the wash basin, dirty glasses, windows were filthy, and cobwebs covered in a thick layer of dust indicating that they must have been there for months. Also the four plastic chairs were not only dirty but covered in splashes of paint.

It took numerous complaints over several days before a cleaner was sent to our apartment and even then they did not do a particularly good job so we cleaned it ourselves.

It is concerning that if your cleaners do not clean obvious dirt and grime how well are they cleaning things like kitchen surfaces?

Secondly, we discovered late on our first night that the sofa bed was broken and had a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. Despite making numerous complaints to your staff including duty managers it was not replaced until the Thursday. This I find astounding. On the Wednesday realizing we were faced with yet another uncomfortable night’s sleep we drove to Hastings and purchased 2 self-inflating mattresses at a cost of £23 each,( they were reduced in a sale with Millets). See timeline.

Thirdly we had a serious incident involving the chest of draws and television in the apartment. My daughter whom is three and a half years old opened two of the draws on the chest of draws. The chest tipped forwards and the television slid forward. Had I not been stood close by and managed to stop them from falling on her she would have been crushed/injured. The brackets which had secured the chest of draws to the wall had failed. I do not know if the brackets failed at that time or if they were already loose. Despite reporting this on the Tuesday morning and daily thereafter nothing was done by your staff to make it safe. I reported it to the council health and safety officer on the Thursday and they called me yesterday to discuss. I understand they were contacting Pontins yesterday afternoon. I find the inability of your staff to make something safe which poses a serious risk to injury to small children outrageous and would like to know what you will do to ensure this practice does not continue.

During our stay your staff were very good at apologizing and reassuring but seemed unable to make good on their promises. I am unsure if it is due to quality of staff, lack of motivation or if the park is simply grossly understaffed. What I do know is that everybody I spoke to had made at least one complaint to your staff and I spoke to an awful lot of people during our stay.

Some observations I made during our stay which would significantly improve your guests holidays are as follows:

Apartments need to be clean upon arrival.

Staff need to deliver on what they say they will do when things go wrong.

With regards to the kitchen area there is only one socket. It is frustrating having to continually

Switch plugs between toaster, microwave and kettle.

A shelf in the shower to hold soap, shampoo etc.

Hooks on back of bedroom and bathroom doors.

A pair of tongs and a grater for the kitchen

An inventory list so guests know what should be in the apartment.

It was clear the walls and ceilings had been recently painted. There were historic damp stains on the ceiling. Approx. 20 pence of damp stain paint would have covered them.

During our stay the ice cream hut was not open, so for ice creams we had to go off site.

During daytime entertainment the bars in the fun factory or Lunar’s were more often closed so had to go elsewhere to purchase drinks and snacks. Several times entertainment during the day started late often 20-30 mins, there was never any explanation or apology.

There were only 3 bikes for hire to ride around the park. We were informed by staff that the rest were broken and they did not have the resources to fix them. Leaving a lot of people especially children very disappointed and frustrated.


Sat 1st Aug,

Arrived just after 4.00pm. checked into apartment 566.

Apartment was dirty:

Human hair on shower, dried toothpaste in washbasin, dirty glasses, cobwebs in bathroom which were covered in a thick layer of dust indicating they had probably been there for months.

All four plastic chairs were filthy and also had numerous paint splashes on them.

We discovered after 10.00pm that the sofa bed was broken. It was to late to do anything so we endured a very uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Sun 2nd Aug

At approximately 10.00 am reported the broken sofa bed and dirty apartment to reception.

We received an apology and assurance that the sofa bed would be either fixed or replaced and the apartment cleaned.

5.00pm nothing happened so reported again to reception.

Received another apology and was informed maintenance work until 10.00pm so it would definitely be sorted.

They did not show so endured another very uncomfortable night’s sleep.

Mon 3rd Aug

9.30am Reported again to duty manager Richard.

He was very apologetic and reassured me maintenance would check the sofa bed and then fix or replace it, and that the apartment would be cleaned.

When we returned to the apartment we could see maintenance had been as the sofa bed had been moved and put back up as a sofa. This was before 12.00 but it was still broken.

3.30pm Saw duty manager Richard. He told me he would chase maintenance and cleaners.

Endured our 3rd night trying to sleep on the broken sofa bed.

Tues 4th Aug

Approximately 9.20 Spoke to Sue at reception. Expressed my disappointment that these matters had still not been resolved, broken sofa bed and dirty apartment.

I then informed her a much more serious matter had occurred. My daughter whom is three and a half years old had opened two of the draws on the chest of draws. The chest had tipped forwards and the television had slid forward. Had I not been stood close by and managed to stop them from falling on her she would have been crushed/injured. The brackets which had secured the chest of draws to the wall had failed.

Given that the other issues had not been rectified I had no confidence the chest of draws would be made safe so I requested that the site manager contacts me to discuss. I gave Sue my mobile number. I also informed her that if it was not sorted by the end of the day I would contact the Health and safety officer at the local council.

She informed me the site manager was a Mr Phil Martin and that he would call me. I never received a call from him.

Nobody contacted me and nobody went to our apartment.

Endured another night on the broken sofa bed.

Chest of draws still dangerous

Apartment still not been cleaned.

Wed 5th Aug

9.45am, spoke to Dean at reception, requested number for health and safety officer council. (He gave me a wrong number, highways!).

Hannah got the duty manager Brandon who was very apologetic. He assured me the chalet would be cleaned and that the chest of draws would be made safe or replaced and that we would get a brand new sofa bed before the end of the day.

The apartment was cleaned sometime before 4.00pm. Although the windows were still filthy.

The chest of draws still dangerous.

Sofa bed still broken.

Could not endure another night on the broken sofa bed so we drove to Hastings and purchased 2 self -inflating air mattresses at a cost of £23 each. Had a half decent night’s sleep which was a vast improvement on the previous nights. Did not have backache in the morning.

Thursday 6th Aug

09.05am Contacted health and safety department at council. Waiting for call back.

10.00am Made complaint to Gale at reception with regard to sofa bed and chest of draws.

Informed her I had contacted council health and safety officer.

She apologized and assured me both matters would be resolved.

A brand new sofa bed arrived before 3.15pm.

The chest of draws is still unsafe.

Fully updated Health and safety officer with regards to the issues with the chest of draws and the risk it poses.

Fri 7th Aug

10.20 informed Dean at reception chest of draws still unsafe.

He apologized and assured me it would be dealt with immediately.

Sat 8th Aug,

Checked out just after 9.00 am.

Informed reception chest of draws still unsafe and it poses a real danger to the next occupants.

Girl did not have a name badge so no name. She assured me it would be made safe before anyone occupies it.

Friday 14th Aug, Council health and safety contacted me. They informed me they would contact Pontins this afternoon.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go to another holiday camp. avoid pontins.
  • Good For: Beach

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Friendly staff but hopeless management and poor facilities ( when they were open )

"It all started badly when we tried to get information off the Pontins website about what was happening on the week we were visiting .. the information was generic and hopelessly inaccurate. It didn't list all the facilities, events and opening hours and we found out why. When attractions were listed as 'open' on site they shut earlier than expected or shut during lunch times ( if you say a pool is open until 1 then let people come in and swim up to 1pm .. don't start barring entry at 12:35 .. Better still overlap the lifeguard shifts and keep the pool open all day ).

Publicity for events was inadequate and the events we managed to attend poor. We attended a music quiz where one presenter was threatened by their co-host with dismissal. Sickening bullying behavior and where was the management to maintain decorum? Absent. The lift to the main entertainment venue was out of order for most of our visit, the amusement arcade was barely functioning and the petrol go karts only ran once due to inadequate track and kart maintenance.

Having a bar with 8 sushi e machines and having all of them out of order. Bar staff too understaffed to collect glasses or keep even the bar-top clean.

Accommodation was minimal but clean: 1 socket for toaster, kettle and microwave plus a switch to choose whether to power either the hob or the shower (so you couldn't cook breakfast while one of your party showered or make tea and toast simultaneously ). There were no spare sockets in the bedrooms, just one the electric heater plugged in to and no control on the heater.

The local beach is superb and beach-front eateries worth a look. Local towns were interesting with a mix of history and fascinating museums.

Then, after being out all day, don't expect to find a parking space on site.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Use the accommodation to sleep in. Ignore the rest of the so-called 'facilities' on site.

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90's 48 Hour Party

"After reading reviews on Pontins at Camber Sands I was really worried about what we had let ourselves in for!

Basically, you get what you pay for, we went as a group of 6 girls for a weekend of dancing and drinking and that's basically what we got, we paid a little extra to have the club apartment which was well worth it as it was nearer to the venues and also you did not have to pay for electric which sounds like a cheapskate but when you think of straighteners, curling wands, hairdryers and heating on we probably saved what it would of cost us in electric cards.

The accommodation is basic, and clean where it needed to be - there were cobwebs on the ceiling and the floor was a little dusty but the toilet, shower and kitchen were all clean. This is a good venue for an adult weekend but I would not take a family there as there is not an awful lot to do. We are def booking again for next year

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Enjoy the entertainment!

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Holding pen for the Jeremy Kyle show!

"Arrived to view a women in a drunken state throwing up on the floor, after 30mins in the chalet we packed our car back up and went 5 minutes down the road to camber sands holiday park, it cost us £110 but was well worth it, I would rather go self catering in Beirut than stay at Pontins."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go somwhere else
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by Pointinspal

    " Just join in with whatever is going on. "

  • by Clare Saunders

    " Get to the evening entertainment early if you want a seat. "

  • by Betty Lemon

    " Take your own cleaning materials and food "

  • by meloo

    " lots of lovely places to visit in the area but find other accomadation "

  • by Dean Thornton

    " if the weather is nice i would spend most of your time at the beach it's lovely "

  • by kbird

    " Take essentials with you ie: tea towl, dish cloth, washing up liquid and flip flops "

  • by lucydee1

    " take own towls "

  • by Natasha Jowsey

    " take food and own bedding and look at what events they have on as there is loads. The Lunar is downstairs where most of kids... "

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