Naturmar Praia Apartments

RUA DA BELA VISTA Nº 10 OLHOS DE ÁGUA, Olhos d'Agua 8200 648, Portugal
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8 / 10
My wife and myself have stayed in...

"My wife and myself have stayed in these apartments maybe half a dozen times, so that in itself should be an indication of satisfaction. They are well positioned in a fairly central location and within easy reach of the town's restaurants and lovely beach (and, I should mention, the Marachino supermarket). Apartments are cleaned every day and are of a reasonable standard. You might find the odd chipped tile in the bathroom or kitchen.

Depending on your inclinations, the attached 'Shakers' bar will either make your holiday or be a bit of a pain. Myself, I've only ever been in to watch a football match (and not recently as there are better places to do even that now - like the Galleon Bar). If you happen to be in an apartment towards the Shakers end of the block and you aren't into late night music (which starts at about 10 and goes on until about 2 some nights) you'll be in for some disturbance. Also on late night disturbances... the bin men have evidently got into the habit of coming at 3 or 4 O'clock in the morning (that's right - just a couple of hours after Shakers have gone to bed!!), which I find quite odd. You don't realize how loud a bin truck can be until it's right outside in the dead of night.

Overall, Olhos D'Agua is so nice (and in spite of the above comments, generally quiet) that it's easy to forgive what shortcomings these apartments have.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, Self Catering, booked with Direct Holidays

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