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6 / 10
I have just returned from the Paraiso...

"I have just returned from the Paraiso 10 apartments, it was booked on Thomson auction site so was a late deal and allocated on arrival. We were quite happy when we got there. The apartments were clean and spacey with air con which was a god send as in August it was boiling as you can imagine!

Food was nice and reasonably priced however they only serve food until 6 so if you don't order before 5:45pm - its "sorry no more cooking" ..not very good when your starving and been looking at the menu for 20mins!!

The room was cleaned twice during our 1 week stay...well I say cleaned I think she just made the bed (NO clean sheets), we had the same sheets all week, which had a cigarette burn, nice! We got clean towels twice. Oh and the toilets need a good scrub or bleach putting in them and they just stink!!

The pool is nice but a rip off €1.50 euro for a sunbed!! No pool bar or music or anything I suppose this is ok if your not into that. Oh and its shared with the apartment block next door which isn't a problem really but gets busy.

All in all though it was a nice enjoyable holiday. Try Birdies Bar, very friendly, nice beer and value for money..


  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
Stayed 1 week, 3 adults 1 child,...

"Stayed 1 week, 3 adults 1 child, apartment was clean lovely big balcony, all staff very friendly speak perfect English very happy to help us, rep was ok. We were a bit nervous when we read reports about muggers alley after we had booked but no need to be we used it every day through daylight hours no problems could, be a bit dodgy after dark but just walk the other way it takes about 3 minutes longer. True there are some down and outs on the field at the side but you can only see them if you look out of your windows on some of apartments, didn’t bother us as we went to enjoy ourselves not to go and look at these people. Pool was good size and we all had good time in it daily, bar served good drinks and meals and if you don’t want the hustle and bustle of the square there are plenty of pubs close by and quieter. Beach is about 10 minutes stroll down road all in all good time had by us all, do not be put off this is a good place for what we paid we would go back again no worries, the donkey can be a pain in the ass though!!!!!!! Enjoy we did."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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3 / 10
When we arrived we couldn’t believe...

"When we arrived we couldn’t believe the surroundings. It was disgraceful. We were right next to muggers alley which was far from the best place to be near.

Our room was situated on the end of the hotel on floor 2. We had no balcony ( I for one have never heard of a hotel room without a balcony). This was a huge disappointment for the whole family.

Our hotel room sheets were not changed for 2 weeks and the towels changed twice. For 4 people in one room I assure you we ran out quick and 2 lots of clean towels was no where near enough.

Where we were we could hear everything. Groups of Spanish drunks screaming, shouting and fighting. There was lots of police going up and down muggers alley.

The most shocking part of the hotel for me was the 'down and outs'. English men rooting through bins in high hopes of finding a scrap of food or the smallest millilitre of alcohol.

One night as we were getting ready one of them hid behind a wall and released waste leaving the waste and dirty tissue on the floor. Totally disgusting. Also the noise of a donkey kept us awake. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing not not getting any sleep.

The pool was lovely however the sun beds cost 1.50 euros a day.

As always our rep was hardly there. And if he was he was trying to charm the younger girls.

Benidom itself is wonderful. Fantastic theme park, water park and zoo. The beach was beautiful (however sun beds costing 4 euro per day, this ended up costing a heck of allot of money day after day as the sand was too hot to sit on).

The night life was fantastic. (I recommend Vicky Leyton previously known as sticky Vicky however had to change her name as some man look-alike woman from Argentina called herself sticky Vicky as Vicky Leyton wasn’t registered)

Benidorm is not for families. But is great for teens and above.

We have complained to Thompson as everything about the hotel was a disappointment.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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5 / 10
We arrived at the hotel to a warm...

"We arrived at the hotel to a warm welcome by the staff and were given the keys to our room.

We were disappointed as we have specifically asked for an apartment with a balcony and we were placed in the corner apartment, which did not have a balcony. We were impressed with the size of the apartment however; we are expecting the bedding and towels to be changed at least once a week.

The bedding was changed on one occasion and on a separate occasion the staff just remade the beds. The towels are changed once in the two weeks that I was in the apartment, which also disappointed me.

Our holiday rep was called lee and he was useless. on the first day at in Benidorm he held a welcoming meeting, which he told us about trips around Benidorm, however he missed out allot of information about the hotel etc. for example not to drink the water. He also did not tell us that we had to pay to rent sun beds both at the beach and around the hotel pool.

The down and outs that were in the field next to the hotel were no bother.

The Spanish men were also very rude outside of the hotel when they drunkenly walked past as they tended to expose themselves to people that were awaken and looking out of the windows.

However the alley that ran down the side of the hotel was very lively at night, which regularly disturbed us. Also there were a few donkeys and horses in one of the fields, which were very loud on a night and kept us awake.

There was allot of entertainment in Benidorm its self however we thought that there would be more entertainment in the hotel its self.

The tribute's that were regularly in bars are excellent!

I would recommend Benidorm if you like night live and have a lot of time for the beach and looking round the old town. However I would not recommend Benidorm for two weeks. I feel that one-week is enough!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Overall this was a great holiday. The...

"Overall this was a great holiday. The staff were very friendly and would always try to please.

The pool was nice and clean and it also had shallow children’s pool, lovely facilities, pool table and onsite bar.

The rooms were clean and comfortable with an enclosed balcony, although the views were slightly obscured by building work.

All in all I had a fantastic time and would recommend to anyone who enjoys "Blackpool with sun".

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
I stayed at this hotel with my...

"I stayed at this hotel with my partner and my 2 children.

There are 26 floors and we were put on the 19th floor with an open balcony, looking out from the balcony was nearly full of high rise hotels that blocked your view, and on the left side is an open field and where the homeless live.

At night they would light fires outside their tents & some just slept outside in the open field, they also had dogs that would not stop barking and a few of them would rummage through the bins outside the hotel and leave all the mess on the floor.

I did however find the hotel clean & tidy, but in the lift one day someone had left a rubbish bag in it & some kids rubbed suntan lotion all over the lift mirror leaving their graffing marks but was cleaned by my next visit in the lift.

The pool was also clean & tidy but you had to pay 1.50 euro's every day for a sunbed if you wanted one.

The hotel is situated very close to the night entertainment where the noise is still quite loud so it was hard to get to sleep. On our 2nd night of staying in the hotel we was rudely woken up by a young drunk man kicking our front door in, swearing & demanding we open the door, my children & I was petrified until we realised he had mistaken our room for his, he was very apologetic.

The same night about an hour later (02.00am) our next door neighbours came in from the nightlife bringing another group of young people in their room which they were so loud we had to call reception, the noise ended at 05.08am.

I went to see our Thomson rep to see if we could be moved as sleep deprivation is not good, the unsightly views and the homeless was daunting.

I found him very obnoxious & said he couldn’t move us, so I went to the Thomson agency in Benidorm where I asked to be moved, the only apartment that was available was similar to the one we was in & a cost of 250 Euros for the move, I refused this as we paid way too much for the holiday anyway.

One morning I looked over the balcony, and on the dirt track was a man asleep, which at the time I thought he was dead as he did not move for hours as I kept going back to see if he had gone.

The night entertainment in benidorm is catered for everyone, so even with children we were never bored. The old town is lovely & more quite. The beach is not far away and very pretty of a night with the lights on with surrounding restaurants.

Please be aware of the con merchants with their 3 potatoes trick & a little ball, you have to guess which potato has the ball under it for 50 Euros, if you guess right he gives you 50 Euros & if you’re wrong he keeps your 50 Euros but they work in teams of 5-8 pretending they are general public playing the betting game.

Never short of cheap food & drink. Brilliant holiday if you want the hustle & bustle, hen and stags parties but not ideal for families or if you want a quiet and peaceful holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
Nice hotel and good swimming pool....

"Nice hotel and good swimming pool. Room was big and cool, I could easily sleep in there.

Plus points - nice, big, good pool, bar, tennis court.

Bad points - far away from beach about 2 miles.

Staff were friendly especially holiday rep. Very clean, lifts were good, loads of floors internet access, but Benidorm is Blackpool with sun.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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8 / 10
I stayed at the Paraiso 10 last year...

"I stayed at the Paraiso 10 last year and must say that it was brilliant. The staff were fantastic, and the location was ideal.

It was whilst staying here I fell in love with Benidorm!

The apartments were immaculate, spacious and airy - although if you do end up staying on the very top floor - make sure you shut the outside balcony windows properly, otherwise the heating/aircon doesn’t work - we never discovered this till the last night, therefore spent the 6 night previous to this freezing!

If it wasn’t for all the incredibly cheap alcohol available we would never have been able to sleep as the temperature drops quite dramatically at night in March!

If you want some great British food - go to the village pub (referred to by the locals as vinnys (!) the staff are friendly and the portions huge - would recommend their Sunday roast, we had the beef!

I would advise all to stay away from the cabaret bars as much as possible, the drinks in here are a lot more expensive than in the pubs - however the entertainment is good, but not really aimed at kids.

Two acts I particularly enjoyed were the blues brother tribute act and Danny Dean the comedian (very unsuitable for kids).

Anyway... back to the hotel, it was fantastic and became a measuring stick to the other hotels as when I stayed in Benidorm this year (I decided to return for my hen weekend) we couldn’t get rooms at the Paraiso 10 and had to stay elsewhere - and by comparison it was a disappointment, and both myself and my friend (who stayed at the Paraiso in September 06) spent the weekend moaning about how we enjoyed the Paraiso a lot more!

If you are looking for a hotel in Benidorm I would recommend the Paraiso to’s got a great location, it’s easily accessed and the staff were delightful.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
I have recently returned from a...

"I have recently returned from a really lovely trip to Benidorm and the Paraiso 10 apartments. We had arrived a little early and the reception staff where very apologetic that our apartment wasn't ready, even though it was only ten minutes before we were able to take our luggage up.

I was the one who got to sleep on the sofa bed, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it was. The apartment in general was airy and bright with a super view from a large south facing balcony. The residents of the waste ground to one side of the block are now regularly moved on by the local police and it appears that there is quite a clampdown on people begging around the town as well. We had no problem using the road as a shortcut and I saw an elderly gentleman walking his dog there on a regular basis in the mornings.

As for food and drink both are plentiful and cheap. If you have a tight budget I suggest you try the 'Cheap and Cheerful' bar a couple of streets over from the Paraiso 10, they do good food at a very reasonable price, a jug of sangria was about 3 euros I think, (sorry I'm a bit fuzzy on that).

If you want directions the 24 hour reception staff will happily oblige. If your bag is something more lively try the Wooky Hollow 1, but if you want something more Spanish however, the old town provides a super selection of tapas bars that are packed at lunchtimes and great fun to be in. We found a really lovely moorish restaurant on the Avenida Cuenca that is certainly worth a look at called El Basha. The food is pricey but we went a couple of times it was so good.

One thing I will mention - please spare a thought for the people below you - the floors in the apartments are tiles and the sound carries horribly.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
Apartments are spacious and clean,...

"Apartments are spacious and clean, lovely big balcony, but could be a little dodgy if you have kids and are on a high floor, the balcony is not enclosed.

The road that runs behind the hotel, is not lit, and even though it cuts out 10 mins walking time, don't bother, it isn't safe at night and in the day don't walk it alone.

They were a number of homeless that lived on the waste land behind the hotel, who regularly rummage through the bins, very sad, but give them a wide berth.

Don’t expect any Spanish culture in Benidorm, very English orientated. Plenty of English owned food establishments to choose.

Can recommend the Yorkshire Pride, but make sure you are hungry, their portions are more than generous, and the food is very good.

Also Wooky1 & 2 offers a varied and good menu. Evening entertainment is more or less the same, regardless of where you go, the acts tend to do a round robin, and so if you pick a different 'cabaret' bar, you will probably see the same act.

The only exception was ' Wheel Tappers', but their bar prices are equal to home. If you go to see the show at Benidorm Palace, don't bother with the meal its pants, but the show was very entertaining.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
Spacious, clean apartments with huge...

"Spacious, clean apartments with huge sun facing balconies.

Comfortable, inexpensive bar area. A lot of the staff were British but all of the staff were friendly and helpful.

We had 2 occasions to ask for assistance, the first when my wife dropped her specs behind the headboard, requiring a screwdriver to retrieve them.

I reported the matter to reception on my way out to buy a newspaper and she was wearing them when I returned less than 10 minutes later.

The second time we needed assistance was when we were out on the balcony and my wife closed the sliding doors behind us. We got another guest to let reception know that we were locked out and once again the response was less than 5 minutes.

If I was to look for anything to complain about, I would have preferred a towel change every other day instead of twice a week.

Next time I book to come to Benidorm, this is the first place I will look for.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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6 / 10
We have been to these apartments...

"We have been to these apartments twice; we had a 2 bedroom apartment. Was clean and tidy.

In the winter months when the suns out its lovely to sit on balcony, all rooms get the sun.

Just around the corner there’s the titanic bar, another sun trap in the winter months. Do good deals on beer as well. The bar in the apartments are a bit of a rip of when you consider how cheap Benidorm is.

The only thing that spoils these apartments are the beds, they are like sleeping on concrete blocks, I've never slept on bed this hard, and we woke up with bad backs most mornings.

Someone did suggest buying a lilo, but on our last day, maybe next time.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomson

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