Green Park Apart Hotel

Saray Mah. Haci Kadiroglu Sok. No:19 Alanya Merkez, Alanya 07400, Turkey
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3 / 10
Nightmare holiday

"Meant to have middle floor apt but were put in ground floor, the noise from the main roads and I emphasise ROADS was horrendous 24/7, asked to be moved and were put on a higher floor, even then, not much difference, never got a decent nights sleep for 2 weeks, two or three mosques nearby so that on top 4.30am in the morning as well!! All I could hear day in and night was TOOT, TOOT, BEEP BEEP & ambulance sirens, AhAhAhAh chantings from the mosques (think there were 3 close by), Greenpark is on a corner across from a Police Station, think twice before booking also apartments in need of upgrading, no dinner plates, just side plates, no salad bowls, no microwave or toaster, two ring table top for cooking, worst holiday ever! Be warned. Only plus I would give is for the swimming pools."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012
  • Advice: Go to the beach at least there you can sleep
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Much better than I expected!

"Family of 5 with a teenager, visited Aug 2011. Drive from the airport took approx 2 hours we were the first drop off (Lucky us!) when we stepped off the coach outside a police station and around the corner from the hospital, I definately had my doubts but thankfully first impressions didn't matter this time. We had a clean, spacious 2 bed appartment, on the top floor (7TH) which was on the side of the road but the road noise didn't bother us. However, some guests on lower floors said they found it noisy. The maid came every day and even when we had a lie in she often came back later. The staff at the appartments bar/restaurant/reception are all very welcoming and knew us all by our first names by the end of our stay. However, the hotel manager who sits in a corner all day, spying on the staff, could do with some lessons in the rules of etiquette, i wasn't working for him but his endless doing nothing but watching his staff run around all day long in the sweltering heat with a constant frown on his face really got on my nerves. The slides at the pool aren't open all day only during 10 til 12 then 3 til 5, at first i was a little disappointed by this then i found it was a really good bargaining tool with the kids and it also gave them something to look forward to during the day. The guests were a mix of dutch, sweedish, irish and english and it was a fairly even mix. The food is okay but do try other places too, especially just 100 yards down the road lovely english breakfasts there for about £4. The beach is about a 15 min walk, the free bus provided by the hotel takes you too a different beach which isn't as nice and it's further away. but kleopatra beach is lovely and takes a short walk. If you go in town make sure your prepared to try and be persuaded to buy from almost every shop you pass! Great for bargains and copies though.

If i had to give a negative it would be the air conditioning that you have to pay for, we got it in 1 bedroom and it cost us about £40 so would have doubled for both bedrooms. Also we stayed there on a self catering basis and you weren't even allowed to have your own water round the pool it had to be purchased from the bar which was 3 times more expensive than the shop next door!

Had a lovely holiday would like to return in the future.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, SC, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
Good holiday,but a few things let it down

"We went as a party of 8 which was 3 adults,3 teenagers and 2 kids (2 familys of 4).The hotel was very nice , clean and spacious , however air conditioning is only in one room so 4 of us had to squeeze in one bedroom.The pools were nice and clean and also the slides were excellent however i think they werent open long enough.Most of the staff were nice and well mannered however we found they favoured people from other countries like dutch over us English.They mivered alot to eat in the hotel also mivered us to do things like the turkish night which was very expensive.There were many nice restaurants and bars down the road which we went in. The weather was very hot and found it very hard to sunbathe as we were sweating so much.It is right next to a mosque which is very noisy and also over the road to a police station.Overall it was a good holiday but stupid rules let it down like you cant take any food or drink down to the pool not even water.Also we found the hotel bar shuts quite early and if you get to the bar even just before 1 you wont get served. I found that the manager and older staff didnt speak to us nicely however some of the staff like the young ones were very polite and friendly.It was a good holiday and we enjoyed it overall."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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7 / 10
Clean but basic

"Our family of 5 have just returned from staying at the Green park Appartments. Weather in Aug was blooming hot (in the high 40s most days)

We had a two bed appartment over looking the pool, it was big enough for us all although very basic ( only two cooking rings, but a full size fridge) we had no trouble with the noise from the road although we know that those over looking the road were not happy.

Room was clean, and the maid came everyday if you wanted her to, would say that maybe a bit of updating would not go a miss.

Was close enough to the beach to walk ( but in the heat it does feel longer than the 600 meters advertised in the broucher) but you can get a taxi for 10 lira ( £4.00) or use the free bus. The beach was never too busy, but I would avoid it in the evening when the very obvious dirty brown bubbles appear ( from the sewage works)

Restaurants near by to walk to and cheaper than hotel food, all very good, we never had a bad meal out there ( and 4 of us are vegetarian) meals would coat about 40 quid and that included drinks, the local bread, melon and a cofee :)

Hotel staff very friendly.

Pool very good esp with children

local supermarkets excellent

For the price we paid was very good value for money :)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: use the local bus service and taxi, not the travel agant for trips as they are very expensive and rush you from place to place
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Green park, alright if your dutch!

"spent 1 week holiday here in july, 1 bed apt very spacious, air con a must. ear plugs essential for noise from busy road outside.There's a definate lack of sunbeds poolside, you have to wait in the poolbar at 8.45am for the staff to blow a whistle at 9.00am to race & get a sun bed before the dutch guests get them all then dissapear for the rest of the day leaving beds claimed but unused untill 3/4pm! Food here is not the greatest but plenty of reasonably priced restaurants within walking distance, alanya harbour short taxi ride great choice here also. would advise you to think twice before booking here."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, self catering, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
absolutely fantastic!!

"I stayed here in 2010 with my partner. We had noticed that a lot of families had booked for the hotel but we thought why not try it and see what it is like for couples.

This was my first time in Turkey. The transfer from the airport was quite a long journey, however you got to see all of the other hotels and parts of the town and i found it very interesting.

Once we got to the hotel, I was a bit weary as from the outside it doesn't look all that amazing. But I was proven extremely wrong and the room that we were given was lovely, they are very spacious. We paid for a safe and the air conditioning (this is a MUST due to the climate at night) the first night it didn't work but someone was in there straight away in the morning to fix it for us! We had had a very long day of travelling so all we wanted to do was get into bed!

The pool area was great, I found it strange that you couldn't take some snacks or drinks down to the pool but after a while we got used to this. The prayer calls are also something that you definitely get used to. I myself found it lovely to be able to be a part of somebody's culture like that. If you're going to complain about it then don't go to a religious contry such as Turkey in the first place.

The staff here make this hotel what it is, they are all lovely and welcoming. Remember to HAGGLE!! you will be really shocked at how much less than the original price they will charge you. Every resturant will try to get you to eat there, but after a while you tend to ignore it. Mi Casa Es Su Casa is about a 3 minute walk from the hotel and it is lovely in there (the staff are brilliant) A must is the turkish bath and the boat trip while you are there. They are both brilliant and very relaxing.

I would 100% go back to Green Park if i had the chance.

Thank you all for an amazing holiday!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: always haggle and try and do as many things as you can! go to the planned event nights at the hotel!
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10

"we as a family of 5 went for a 2 weeks holiday to alanya turkey staying at the green park apartments. the transfer from antalya airport was almost 3 hrs by the time you drop off at other hotels,green park is one of the last drops. arrived at 06.30am and were quickly booked in and shown to our appartment.apartment very large and spacious, with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. and 2 balconies.we found after a few days that air con was a must (temperatures almost 50 in the day, 34 at night) so got a quote from reception,they wanted over £150 which my husband wasnt prepared to pay,so we payed for the childrens bedroom only.maid came in everyt day to make the beds and wash the floor, but no other cleaning was done for the whole 2 weeks.(we took our own anti bacterial wipes after reading reports on here) shower was out of this world!!!! really big and powerful and water plentiful. apartments are situated right next to a mosque and they shouted prayer over a loud speaker upto 5 times a day from approx 4am,but this wasnt really a problem after first few days.the biggest downside was the noise....... the first block of apartments (one bedroomed) was opposite a police station and on a side road,but the 2nd block (family 2 beds) was over the other side of the pools,right next to a dual carriageway!! the traffic at night was horrendous! lorries cars,beeping their horns all night long,and brakes screaching.i have never heard anything like it.i had earplugs but still could not sleep. food is reasonable,but drinks expensive.few rules that spoilt it really,eg self catering,but not allowed any food or drink now bought from the bar (no shop on site) you would get told off, also they used to tell my children off for wearing a cotton t shirt in the pool, (covering sunburnt shoulders) i had to fight my corner and have it out with the manager to allow my children to go in the pool! they said it was against the rules!! also the water slides were not manned,and some bigger kids caused quite a few collisions/banged heads with the smaller kids when they were messing about and climbinmg back up the slides. there is a fantastic supermarket just to the right of the hotel,we went there evert day to get fresh braed etc.really nice man. also the alanya water park (not the one 2 hrs away that the rep sell) was fantastic.take a taxi (£4) it was 20 lira to get in (£8) or 30 lira (12) with food /drink.well worth the money!! we also wenton the free shuttle bus for a day,nice change,but the sand was so hot,you could not walk or play in it,it literally blistered your feet! and last comment,on the way home,the rep said if you bought your drinks from the airport,for your journey that was fine.went went thru 1st passport control,then spent £14 on 3 drinks,they know how to rip you off! then just before checking in at boarding,all our drinks were confiscated!!!! not impressed! had to buy them all again on the plane! overall,a good holiday,fantastic weather, but wouldnt go here again.PS beware when haggling for fake goods,my daughter tried on some jeans,took them off while we tried to sort a price,he wanted £100!!! we tried to leave shop,and he got quite aggressive,saying we had to buy the jeans,because they had been 'cut'. (while we were haggling,someone had took the jeans,cut them,hemmed them and then we were obliged to buy them! very scary experience,so beware!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, self catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Fun, Friendly and Family Packed

"Hiya, the Wharton's here, we would just like to say that spending our holiday at Green Park App. was a blast and was overall enjoyable and a delightful family holiday.

We arrived there at 2.00am on the 6th August, and as soon as we arrived the place seemed clean and welcoming, but it was our first thought to the room that we were given as we were designated to the room in the first block of appartments, which were aimed for 2-3 people, and when you first walk in the lighting isn't perfect, and this slightly put's you off the place, but when you give it a chance when morning arises it's comes across mush more homely and pleasant. But we later found out that we had been designated to the wrong block of appartments as we found that it was far too small, than what we had booked, as we had booked a 2 bedroom appartment with a pool view. So we told the manager he said that it was because the hotel had been over booked, and we were soon moved over to the other block of appartments which had 2 bedrooms within a matter of 2 days, which was now problem.

The next day seemed to be much better and overall a better atmosphere, and the staff straight away made you feel so welcome and they were really friendly, we particularly got to know well a waiter called Mehmet who we made a pratical joke with, as we asked him for the bill when we had eaten and he pretended like he didn't understand, and he went 'Who's Bill?" but we knew that he understood us really.

That day we straight away got our cossies on and went to teh pool, which we found was very clean and child friendly, with 4 pools in total and one with a slide you just couldn't get bored. We also tried the food at the bar which was very tasty and you couldn't fault it and the menu was packed full with a variety of meals, at a fair price. And the manager and bar staff were also welcoming.

We also went self catering which was a lot easier than we thought, as there was a nearby supermarket and many corner shops, which had a variety of foods that catered for your needs and we found it easy making a variety of meals, although we would advise you to take extra cutlery, mugs, tea towels, frying pan e.t.c. just to be on the safe side.The kitshen utilities are very limited with only 2 electric stoves and a few cupboards, and a small kettle for your daily 'brew'. The bedrooms were very spacious in the 2 bed appartments, and were equipped with a air conditioning unit each, although the only downside was that you had to pay for the air conditioning at an additional price of 135 lira for 2 weeks, but we only got one for on of the rooms as we found you don't need them both.

There is also poolside entertainemt 3 times a week, a pool party on a tuesday and saturday, which had dancers and firebrethers and the onely payment was food and drink. And then on a thursday was the special show night which included a BBQ all you can eat, and 9 entertment acts for the price of 35 lira, which was well worth it and packed full of fun. They also do many things for the kids, and give them a free drinks when they win football or musical chairs. Also additional at the pool party's from 9.30 -11.30pm you can have a swimm in the pool.

Transport is also cheap at 10 lira to go to the harbour, which has a range of shops and many nightclubs for those partygoers. And also the appartment is only a 10 minute walk from the beach down a single straight road and you can't miss it, the beach is very clean and inviting, and only costs 4 lira each for sunbeds and parasols. And there is also nearby bars and restaurants for refreshments.

Overall we found the holiday at Greenpark very enjoyable and well worth every penny, so we would advise it to anyone who wants a fun filled holiday, thank you .

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
I would Recommend

"Just back from a 2 week holiday (04/07/10 - 18/07/10) at the Greenpark Apartments in Alanya. On arrival at the apartments I got that dreaded feeling, they don't look that great from the outside but my mind was quickly changed. The apartments are really big, the pool area is great for children and the food in the hotel is lovely.

They have lots of hotel pets, the kids love this, bunnies, tortoises, birds. Mini Golf, bowling, table tennis and pool are also available

BBQ night is great, all you can eat and some entertainment

All the staff in the hotel are wonderful, Mehmet, Hussain, Mustafa, Durmus, Veli, Ayden etc etc. These guys really go out of their way to make your holiday enjoyable.

Greenpark isnt in the best of areas but 10 lira will take you to the Harbour in a taxi, taxi rank right outside the apartments.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and nightclubs in the harbour area. Remember to haggle always aim for less than half of what they are trying to charge, you will be amazed at how far they actually drop their prices!!!!

Big Bens is a must go restaurant, food was excellent and on a Wednesday night they have a pub quiz and karaoke - good craic

My holiday to Alanya was good, Green Park was great and the people were fantastic. You do get hassled quite alot if walking from the GreenPark to the beach, taxicosts around 8 lira. : )

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Great family holiday

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10 / 10
Fantastic holidays!

"I just come home from a week at Green Park Apart Hotel in Alanya. It was a fantastic hotel, with very nice people!! The main-road wasn't a problem either, for me and my family. The staff was such sweet and funny people. Professionelle, but could also make fun with us. When we got a drink in the bar, Mehmet (the captain) and the manager showed us a lot of tricks and made fun of us :-) The pools were so good. And the slides were also very funny. Our room were very clean and the cleaninglady did a good job at the room. There was no problem with having water and snacks around the pool area. There was music around the pool, but it was not to loud - just perfect (you could ignore it, if you wanted to). Everywhere you went, there was clean. At the evening and in the morning you could see the staff, walked around the pool area and cleaned up. If you want to go to centrum, it doesn't cost more than 8-10 lira for a taxa- and that's nothing! But otherwise, that is not that long to centrum. I was a wonderful holiday at Green Park, and i will sure come back! I can certain recommend it.."

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It's a very nice hotel, I only can recommend!
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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10 / 10
amazing holiday

"im just back from Green Park app. Alanya. i had the best hoiday of my life i went with my boyfriend and were both in our 20s. we arrived at aroud half 1 in the morning and the receptionist was so nice and was very quick getting us checked it so we could get to bed. the main road wasnt a problem i never found it noisy at all and im a light sleeper. the calls of prayer are fine. 5 times a day but by the third time you have heard it you could nearly sing along. the pools are amazing they range from shallow to very very deep. the slides were the most amazing fun. the staff were the nicest ever they werent to pushy just asked if you wanted to eat. the near by are was very lively with restaurants and markets shop around for the cheapest. i was scared going hear because of bad reviews but i mean it i would recommend this holiday to anyone!"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Ignore all negative reviews

"Before i tell you about our holiday please please ignore negative reviews about this place, Some people are never happy.

We stayed at the green park for 2 weeks and as we were taking 2 children (6 and 1) we were really nervous after reading the reviews that no food is allowed round the pool area unless bought there, but i can honestly say we took baby milk, food and other snacks for our children in full view of the staff and it was never a problem.

Every member of staff from cleaner to manager are fantastic and love the children, Aiydan the bar manager made our holiday, (his english is not perfect and he comes out with the funniest things).

The rooms are really spacious and clean although do lack in cutlery so take the basics(mugs, dishcloth tea towel).

The pool area is spotlessly clean and although there is music round the pool if you sit near the slide pool its not too loud.

Slides, hours of fun need i say more.

Make sure you reserve sunbeds as some nationalities are really rude and leave shoes and other things on them from 7 in the morning even though there is a sign that tells them not to untill 9am.

Food is fine not too much more exspensive then any were else, bbq night is fantastic, chefs work all day and we had the best meal of our holiday whilst watching break dancers, fire eaters and snake show, well worth the 30 lira.

Green park is near a main road but its not too bad it certainly never bothered us during the night.

The call to prayers are also quite loud but again never really bothered us and in my opinion if this type of thing bothers you dont go to turkey or any other deeply religious country.

We never tried the beach as we loved it round the pool but it was a good 20 min walk, or 10 lira in a taxi (approx £4)

The best night life is quite good around the harbour and centrum this is about the same distance as the beach but well worth a visit.

If you dont want to go too far the restaraunt more or less next door is fab, its run by a sweedish women who makes you feel really welcome and does a mean english breakfast and even better plank steak. (also has big screen and all the sky channels)

All in all a fantastic holiday, there a were a few things that we could pic fault with but its nothing major and nothing that would spoil our holiday, everybody likes different things and in my opinion there is something for every one her.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Geared more to germans and sweedish but really picturesque.

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