Turbo Club Apartments

C/ La Libra no 2 Campo Internacional, Gran Canaria 35100, Spain
6  / 10
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5 / 10
turbo club

"We have just come back from a week at the turbo club,had a good week me little lad liked it, thought the food was below par with some food looking very nice but tasteless, can't really complain for the price we paid, weather was very good, there was a bowling alley with a fair 5minute walk away which ok as the entertainment was a bit poor, kids entertainers worked very hard but done the same thing with the children every night with the same songs and games. very uncomfortable beds pillows, after standing in the shower for 2minutes the hot water would always go, so if you like cold showers you will like. some staff were very nice, an some were ok, 2 drinks to a person which was bad as there was 3 of us, so i had go to the bar 2times all the time, all inclusive finishes at 12 on the departure day, which we didn't mind because we weren't missing nothing, the beer was okay doesn't really get you drunk its just refreshing, overall i would probably stay again if i had to stick to a budget."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: better beds and pillows, better choice of food, and better quality tv
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Family Review- Good Value

"We were grateful to have been appointed a garden terrace pool room on the ground floor. A real bonus for families with young children. We never had difficulty getting a sun bed.

There are two pools the smaller pool is quieter with a small children’s pool for toddlers

Please be aware the main pool is deep particularly for those with children, who are non swimmers,

The apartments are well equipped with fridge, hob and utensils a real bonus.

The room was very clean. Maid service twice weekly with bedding being changed once a week. This suited us but we might have felt differently in the height of the season when it gets very hot.

Beds were hard and pillows the worst we have ever slept on. If the baggage allowance allows bring your own.

There is no air con in the rooms this could be a real problem when it gets really hot.

We were a little apprehensive of the rat traps outside our room tucked away in the garden. They were obviously doing their job as I am pleased to announce we didn’t see any during our stay. We did however see cockroaches but not in our room or the dinning room.

The entertainment team worked hard but generally the entertainment was very poor. Unfortunately this hotel is not near anything, you will need to take a taxi at night if you want to wonder out. The hotel provides a courtesy bus three times a day to Maspalomas beach during the day.

Our biggest concern was the children’s club and activities. Children are allowed to wonder back to find their families by themselves when they had enough of the activity. Some children reduced to tears looking for parents, anxious parents looking for their children staff not knowing where children are. As a result we choose not to send our son to club as we couldn’t ensure his safety and whereabouts. A disaster waiting to happen in my opinion. Our concerns were raised.

The food was average; we always found something to eat daily although you might struggle as a vegetarian, a good selection of salad daily unfortunately some contained meat and fish, meat eaters are well catered for. Please ask if you can’t find a vegetarian dish the kitchen were more than happy to prepare something.

The drinks are served from the pool bar, inside bar and self serve in the restaurant. The coke is awful and diet drinks not available. However the on site supermarket stocks familiar brands. Measures are generous with local spirits.

This is the smallest complex we have ever stayed on, with a really friendly atmosphere we met some lovely people during our stay.

Overall we had a very relaxing holiday. This holiday was excellent value for money and if you read the reviews carefully and know what to expect you can not go far wrong.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Request a room on the ground floor if you have small children

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8 / 10
Be realistic

"We stayed in the Turbo Club last year for a week in October. This is an extra week in the sun that we have and it's not our main holiday so we book the cheapest we can find and don't expect too much. As such the Turbo Club is perfect. The apartments especially are excellent value for money, spacious and clean. The food is basic and a bit repetitive but you get what you pay for !! If I had booked it for my main holiday I would be really unhappy but I wouldn't book a 2 key apartment for a 2 week holiday and if I did I wouldn't expect too much. If you want 4 star food and surroundings, you need to pay for it I'm afraid guys. We are going back in 3 weeks so that speaks for itself. We have stayed in Maspalomas the last 4 years in October as it's a lovely wee resort and Turbo Club have been by far the nicest apartments. There's no air conditioning though which is a bit of a nuisance at night."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't expect 5 star luxury

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5 / 10
Does what it says on the tin

"When we first arrived here I was a bit shocked as I was expecting something a little better. First thing I noticed was how quiet it was. The room was basic with some cutlery and dishes, a cooker but curiously no pans. One guess is you had to hire these as I did with a hairdryer(12 euro for the week). The pool was well maintained and pleasant to the eye. Our room was right by it which had its positives and negatives. Positives being we could observe with ease and were close to the bar, negatives being as night time approached we could hear everything. Walls are paper thing btw and no idea what the girls upstairs were up to but they could be heard trudging around in flip flops well into the early hours for many nights. I could even hear the guy next door having a wee! The restaurant area was small and cramped. Food was abyssmal. Not much choice, great if you like questionable meats and fish but certainly no good for vegetarians. Sleep quality was poor and exceptionally poor one evening when some Scottish loudmouth family who couldn't handle their ale decided larking around noisily in the pool in the small hours was the decent thing to do.Small children were staying at the hotel so why they couldn't keep the noise down for them is beyond my comprehension. Beds not very comfortable and pillows were terrible, you may as well sleep with your head on the mattress. Location was ok. Free bus to the beach but this clashed with meal times unfortunately. If you wanted to eat out anywhere a bus or taxi would be needed. Supermarket on hand to sell the basics.

All in all, an enjoyable enough stay despite my complaints. Would I recommend it? To young couples or groups of young people on a budget yes I would, but for the elderly and people with children who value good food and a good nights sleep I would say, look elsewhere. I also didnt like the fact rooms were not cleaned daily and there was not even so much as a brush in the room for us to clean it ourselves. You also couldnt flush tissue down the toilet! To make this place better, food needs improving, longer food times are needed so people dont feel they have to rush, sleep quality needs to be improved somehow( start by forking out for better pillows)and the restaurant area needs an overhaul and to be extended. Overall, a so so place to stay, but for an extra few quid, I think you could do better. I would stay here again if money was particularly tight, though.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
Week 7. From the 11th February to the 18th February.

"My daughter and I went to Turbo Club for a weeks holiday of sun and relaxation. The location was pretty quiet about a 10 min drive from the center of Playa Del Ingles. The 2 room apartment was big, and well cleaned. There is a small Fun Park about 10 minutes walk from the apartments. We decided on all inclusive. I found the apartments nice and cosy. I found myself recognising people after the first day.

The food I thought was good. There were a lot of different things to choose from. Something for everyone taste. Fruit and salat every day:) Cake and coffee or tea.

There is internet in the lobby. I would have preferred Wifi. But to be honest nothing is perfect and small things shouldn'nt ruin your holiday.

The weather was good while we were there. The entertainment in the evening wasn't brilliant so we went to bed early most nights.

The staff are very helpful and friendly. All in all a nice and friendly atmosphere. Value for money. Good for families.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2012, All Inclusive, booked with Bravo Tours - Denmark
  • Advice: Rent a car and see some of the Island.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
summer holiday

"I do not believe some of the things people come out with.

The Turbo Club is brilliant for the money you pay.

You are not in a 5 star hotel.

The food is very good, is repetative but to be exspected.

The rooms are kept very clean and tidy,maids and the rest

of staff were very friendly.

You are always going to get people with different oppinions.

In other words you will never please everybody.

Met some lovely people,and had a great time.

You could not beat the weather.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, booked with media travels
  • Advice: Just go and enjoy yourselves
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
A fun holiday for those on a tight budget.

"We liked this complex due to its compact size and quiet location. There's not much around and you need to take the free courtesy bus to the beach, but hey, it’s free!

The entertainment is not very good, but the all inclusive drinks get you in the mood, so it is bearable. The drinks are low alcohol, so you can drink a lot before feeling too tired.

The pool is nice, small but warm enough to jump straight in. A lot of tiles are missing, but it seems reasonably clean.

The staff are quite unfriendly, they seem to get worse throughout your stay until the end, when they tell you that there is no more all inclusive after 12 on your last day. But by then you don't mind going out for another paid for meal as the food is a bit bad. We had a dickey tummy twice; we think it was the food as we didn't drink the water. It is advisable not to drink tap water due to the different mineral content.

Our room was nice, separate bedroom and lounge area with small kitchen. the large fridge is a bonus for water. There is a supermarket on site which is very handy. There is a safe in the room, which is advisable to use, there are some undesirables in the area and in the hotel itself. It is cheap for a reason and you get the rowdy crowds here and a lot of gay people. We didn't mind this, but you could see some complaining to the main reception to call the police as they were all over each other all day long in and out of the pool.

If you don't expect much on holiday except sea, sand, pool, drink and food you can just about scoff down, then this is the place for you.

We enjoyed it, but will go 4* next year, or 3*+ it will be worth the money we think. Overall a fun hol, but could be much better.

I don't advise people with children to come to this hotel, only because it is a little too aimed at groups. Not much for kids to do really and the resort is too far from other amenities.

Biggest put off is the ants, there are thousands everywhere. My hubby woke up to them all over him in bed. They don’t bite, they are tiny, but if you don’t like insects and wasps, don’t come here! It is swarming with wasps and ants and the biggest ever wasp eating flying insects I have ever seen, which would be good if they actually kept the wasp population down. LOL

Still a fun hol for both the gay community and rowdy crowds.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Get drunk and then it is all a bit nicer.
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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7 / 10
Turbo Club, Maspalomas

"My wife and I spent 2 weeks all inclusive at the Turbo club in July/August 2010. Whilst I am a vegetarian, I found the food ok. Service was good, and once we spoke to the staff in their native tongue, it became excellent.

Any criticism can only be aimed at (sadly) the drunkards who were mostly british.

I have no idea if the staff have changed over the last 12 months, but at the island bar were Abraham, Esperanza to name but 2. Their friendliness was top class....learn some Spanish, it will make such a difference.

You are not paying for a 5 star set-up, so don't expect it, we would rate it as a 3 star, but would visit again.

However as a footnote, we booked with 'On the beach' they were appalling, made marginally worse by flying with Ryan Air who were by far the worst airline I have ever flown with, avoid both companies if possible. The in between bits were great though.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with On The Beach

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8 / 10
our holiday at turbo club

"We have just come back from a fantastic holiday at turbo club,we paid just over £700 for a weeks a/i,the apartments were lovely,very spacious and clean, 2 pools which were great.food was ok,breakfast there were rolls,cold meat,cooked food,cereal,everything you really needed,lunch was also adequate,fish,pasta,beef,chicken,veg,plenty of salad,also the same with dinner at night,some of the food did lack in a bit of taste,but come on if you want 5star go to a 5 star hotel, we walked to centre everyday, about half an hour walk,or 3.50euros in a taxi,very friendly place,and we will definatly go back,very quiet at night.the cleaners are always about cant fault this place at all!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with on the beach.com

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5 / 10
dont be put off by the bad reviews!

"just returned from 9 days at the turbo club and must say we had a good time . rooms comfortable and clean and maid service was approx 3 times during the stay, staff friendly , plenty for the kids and adults to do thanks to the kids club and animacion guy (marcello) he was a laugh and really friendly, couple of negative points now FOOD is what you expect from all inclusive 2 star but sometimes it was cold and meat chewy , i have been to better buffet in hotels this had got to be the worst we have been to but i am fussy and dont eat red meat so this didnt help matters but my husband always had a good meal from the choice available which was quite repetative! also the cocktails are premade ad are defo not fresh juice in them , soft drinks - i didnt like these either cheap n fizzy and really sweet , i ended up buying diet coke from the supermarket or drinking water! so my only gripe is the food n drink but all in all we DID have a good time here and if they improved on the food ad drink we would return !!!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: eat and drink out a couple of times

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8 / 10
Good Value for Money

"We've just returned from a week at this resort having travelled independently and booked direct on an all inclusive basis with the Hotel. We paid 800 Euros for a family of 4 (children of 11 and 13) and would say it's good value for money. The apartments are all the same size and we managed to fit in with a sofa and camp bed for the kids - the rooms are all neat and tidy and no problems to report. The local beer is good (Tropical) and local spirits are served up in generous helpings. The red and rose wines are decent enough although the white we steered well clear of. The only marker to put down is the quality of the food which although plentiful and varied is not really what we were looking for...but is not out of keeping with the price paid and for the cultures to be catered for (lots of germans and scandanavians on site). We'd done our homework and expected this so no problem; and there is a supermarket next door if you get really desparate!

Other tips are to leave your beach towels on the sun bed overnight as they are in short supply. A cab from the airport to the resort takes approx 20 mins and costs about 40 euro - the hotel staff, friendly as they are, can book for you. There's not much evening entertainment in the hotel to speak of and there's not much going on in the direct area of the hotel. There is a few bars and a fun fair nearby but two weeks there may drive you a little stir crazy. Aqualand is 5mins by Taxi and will cost you 100 euro for a family of 4 but it's a decent day out. There is a free bus service to the beach, about 10mins away.

We had a good week at the Turbo Club helped by the weather - in the seventies for the duration of our stay.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Good value for a winter break

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8 / 10
Had a great holiday..

"Me and 5 friends have just came back from the Turbo club hotel and we had a great week. The rooms are big and clean and the food was okay for what you pay, Its basically fish, beef and chicken with chips or potatoes but you only get what you pay for. The staff were friendly enough even though they spoke little English but as long as they do there job what does it matter how friendly they are. The drinks are okay a little watered down but the beer and vodka are definitely the best. Taxi's are frequent and cheap, you can go most places for about 4 Euro and I would definitely advise going to aqua-land its great. The only bad thing is the night manager is strict about noise after about half eleven but apart from that we had a great holiday and we would consider going back next year."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by jeanettewhelan

    " Go to one of the drag artist shows "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Make sure you walk from Maspalomas to playa di inglus via the sand dunes. "

  • by chelsea666

    " A cheap taxi drive, or casual evening walk to the Jumbo Centre is eye opening, the beach at Playa Del Ingles is cleaner with... "

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