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Prinos Road, Thassos, Greece
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6 / 10
Nice but beware noisy neighbours

"These studios are basic but clean and spacious enough for most peoples needs. They have the benefit of nice gardens with a pool and are located only 20 yards away from a supermarket. Town center is only a 10/15 minute walk where you find some good traditional tavernas. Elia is run by Costa and his wife and whilst he is not a barrel of laughs the place is run well with cleaning done to suit you e.g the cleaner isnt banging on your door at 10.30am.

our only winge is that he put a family of 12 with exhuberant kids next door to us without regard to our need for peace and quiet. With a little common sense it could have been avoided and our second week not marred by noise otherwise I would use the studios again but probably not come back to thassos as it had a very different feel to most other Greek islands owing to its location near Bulgaria, Romania and all the new Yugoslavian states.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: As a base for exploring its good but find out where you can travel to first.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
A week without the kids

"We have just come back from a week at The Villa Elia in Thassos Town.

Kostas and his family were the perfect hosts.

The studios were very very clean and adequate. The bar area was a pleasant place for an afternoon drink by the pool or a night cap and a little banter with Kostas.

We were on one of the first flights of the season. Which has it's pluses and minuses.

On the pluses: Not too busy, restaurants very attentive and beaches to ourselves.

On the minuses: Not everything was open and preparation for the season was still underway such as grass cutting, painting and cleaning etc... But not a major problem.

Food is of a very high standard and the service was a pleasant surprise whether this will change in peak season we hope not.

A week spent wandering around the old harbour watching fisherman, drinking wine and chilling out (without the children) what a way to unwind!!!

  • Holiday details: May 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomson
  • Activities: Muses just outside of town and Mythos Tavern in the old harbour.
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10




Hi. My girlfriend an I have just spent two lovely weeks in Thassos - Beautiful island south of mainland Greece. We booked the holiday only 4 days before we went. Great travel agent - Letts Travel in Hamstead Village, Birmingham - we were in their office for almost two whole days in a row whilst one of the ladies working there sat with us and trudged though squillions of holidays finding us exactly what we wanted.

We had Thassos down as a second choice and as we booked so late we were lucky to find this one so we booked it - Tour operater - Kosmar. At this point I will say that our apartments were nice (the owner and his wife were a bit unfriendly and stiff but hey!) and we had a great time motorbiking and sailing around the island on/in hired bikes and a boat. We would recommend Thassos 100% for a holiday desination. Beautiful island, fantastic sea, amazingly good food in the plentiful restaurants and taverna's, fabulous weather - really enjoyed it - fascinating place to visit - no complaints at all. Those who populate Thassos are genuinely wonderful friendly and helpful people.

I am writing this review because I wish to vent my opinions regarding the tour operator Kosmar and their absolutely appalling service.

We flew with Air Malta whom on route from Birmingham, via Skiathos, (visit there its great), then on to Kavala, lost one of our suitcases. We flew out on Friday 15th August 2008 on an early morning flight. We arrived at Kavala, and at the baggage carousel, we discovered one of our bags hadn't made it. We were met at the airport by Jo, the Kosmar rep manager, whom we reported the problem to. After registering the baggage missing at the airport desk and giving the deeply unsympathetic Jo my mobile phone number, we continued, albeit pretty deflated, on to the ferry, accompanied by a different rep, to take us to Thassos, then on to our apartments via coach - Fine.

After 4 days of no phone calls or contact from any of the reps (during this time I asked several members of my family to chase the baggage up from the UK to save mobile call costs) I had my father call Kosmar in the UK to report the problem. He rang them to complain and they duly called Jo in the Thassos office. ONLY this prompted her to phone us, not visit (office was a two minute walk away). She offered no sympathy whatsoever. 'Just call your insurance' or 'It might turn up on the next flight'. Nonchalant to say the least. When after a couple more days we went to the Kosmar office to let rip she made a couple of calls to us afterwards.

The case turned up after 7 days after all, via Zurich, with quite a few items missing within, presumably stolen. This cannot be attributed to Kosmar in any way.

We can't claim for the missing items or have any refund on our flights from the airline because the rep did not tell us that we had to report missing items within a day to the airline (VIA THE REP).

We may not be able to claim for the missing items on our travel insurance because the report the rep gave us stated that we had not made any attempt to report the missing items.


We wouldn't have minded too much the case going missing if we thought somebody (our rep) from Kosmar would be at least attempting to help us locate it. We didn't feel they were inclined to help us in any way.

We didn't like the fact that when we approached our rep, on the few occasions we did, for assistance, that we were bothering her - she really did not want to help at all.

That information regarding the process to report lost baggage was not given to us until it was too late, possibly affecting our insurance and certainly affecting recompense from the airline.

Any holiday experience is great until something goes wrong. Kosmar compounded the problem by giving us more work to do (i.e. sit on the phone to try to push them in to helping to resolve the matter). From our recent experience we recommend to others that holidaymakers avoid Kosmar. Read about them on the Internet and you may find similar stories to ours.

The problem was not caused by Kosmar, but could have been resolved far more easily if they had allied with us and offered us advice instead of treatng us like a burden.

DO - Visit Thassos. It is a fabulous place. We did not allow our holiday to be spoiled and had a thoroughly good time albeit a bit stressful at times due to circumstances.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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10 / 10
My family and I visited the beautiful...

"My family and I visited the beautiful island of Thassos last year and stayed at the villa elia. I was 13 weeks pregnant when on holiday and unfortunately suffered complications whilst there. Unable to return home I stayed on at Villa Elia until it was safe for me to travel back. Kostas and his wife were amazing! I was moved to a bigger room, given lifts to the doctors and they even brought me up home cooked meals at no extra charge. My baby was subsequently born fit and healthy and I will never forget the generosity and kindness I was shown by this family during a very difficult time for me."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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9 / 10
We heard some bad things about these...

"We heard some bad things about these apartments, but were greeted by the owner Kostas and his charming family. We were shown to our rooms immediately without the usual time consuming formalities.

The apartments are set in beautiful gardens, and Kostas has a charming bar in which he sells enormous measures of drink at a very good price. There is a television in the bar on which he shows the english football and anything else you may ask for. His wife will cook breakfast if you wish at anytime during the morning, so just because you decide to have a lie in doesn't mean you have to miss breakfast.

You are only a few hundred yards from the ferry port where you land, so transfers are a doddle. There are several good Tavernas nearby and a supermarket but a 15 minute walk takes you to the town and the old harbour where the selection of tavernas is brilliant, especially if you like fish. An evening meal with starter and main course and drinks was costing about £10 per head.

This holiday had everything; I don't know what some people want when they complain about these apartments. At the end of the holiday you really feel that you have become friends with Kosta and his family. Ok the rooms are clean and basic but how long do you spend in your room on holiday?

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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5 / 10
Thassos Town and the island were...

"Thassos Town and the island were wonderful and we enjoyed our two weeks in the sun. The rooms were basic which is fairly typical for Greece. We had chosen to go self-catering as we could not afford to eat out every night, but unfortunately, the cooking facilities in the studios were not really adequate. There was no room to chop or prepare food and the hob took ages to heat up. Also, the maid kept turning down the fridge setting everyday, so we could not keep food very cold or make ice-cubes.

The pool area was one of the best we have seen in Greece, surrounded by olive trees and grass. Unfortunately many of the guests noticed that their swimwear and even their hair was turning yellowy-green from the pool water. The rep insisted it was not the chlorine content but made no attempt to get to the bottom of the problem. The owner eventually emptied and refilled the pool, which seemed to do the trick, but by then, lots of swimwear was already ruined. We were also 'told-off' for some of the yellow substance transferring to our bed sheets even though we were showering before bed.

Although we had no other problems with the owner, a couple of families with children who were there at the same time as us did. The kids were told off for applying sun-cream before swimming. Also, many people were told that they could not bring bottled water to the pool area, unless it was purchased from the owner. People were required to shower before entering the pool, even if they had only just had a shower in their studio so that any sun-cream could be washed off. This is just not practical in Greece where you can easily get burnt, even in the water.

All in all, I would visit Thassos again, but I would not recommend Villa Elia. My holiday was marred by the behaviour of the owner, who made us feel uncomfortable rather than welcome. Unfriendly and disappointing. It felt more like boot camp than a holiday at times!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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10 / 10
We have visited Thassos each year...

"We have visited Thassos each year since 2002 and we have fallen head over heels in love with Thassos!

Villa Elia is a lovely place to stay. OK it is not, or intended to be, a hotel! We have stayed there twice, 2005 and 2006 and are returning Aug 2007.

Villa Elia is run by a lovely Greek family Kostas his wife and their daughter Sissi. Kostas is a retired policeman from Kavala and his pride and joy is his well kept pool.

You give Kostas the respect he deserves and nothing is too much trouble for him and his family. But upset him and he won't give you the time of day!!

Kostas' wife cooks the loveliest proper homemade chips!! Lovely for a nibble at lunch with a beer from Kostas' bar.

Sissi speaks very good English and will sort anything out for you, explaining anything to Dad or Mum.

They have a lady who cleans for them and she does a very good job.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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6 / 10
We have just returned from a 2 week...

"We have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Thassos. The island was all it was reported to be. Very scenic and very beautiful. Best part of the town was the old part where you could sit and watch the day/night go past looking over the old harbour. We found a lovely little beach and a very nice taverna at the boat yard. The Villa Elia was a good 15 minutes walk from the town and had the smallest rooms I have ever encountered (even by Greek standards)

The owner sat in his lovely garden, only moving at 6.30pm to hose down the pool surround, even although the pool didn't close until 7pm. He got on to the children for making a noise in the pool (they were only playing and not particularly noisy). He also ensured that everyone used the shower before entering the pool and for goodness sake never laze on your balcony by putting your foot up on his plastic table or he will shout at you to remove them. We had a leak in our toilet when we arrived and when we drew his attention to this he was most upset and refused to speak to us the entire holiday.

We also didn't have a window in the toilet which was explained by the rep that the owner has been experiencing a bit of damp so he had removed it. He had secured a mesh over the hole but it was not particularly safe as the window was big enough to allow an intruder easily, being on the ground level. The rooms had paper thin walls and this allowed you to experience everyone else’s toilet and bedroom activities. Not always a pleasant experience.

All in all despite the accommodation we would recommend Thassos and would suggest hiring a car and taking in the whole island. The weather was great and we had a superb thunder and lightening storm one morning.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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8 / 10
We read a lot of bad reports about...

"We read a lot of bad reports about this island after we had booked, and our advice is, do not believe any of them. It is a wonderful green island with many secluded bays and beaches. Peaceful, as there are few nightclubs etc. To attract the more rowdy elements. We can assure you we never saw packs of fornicating dogs, swarms of wasps or piles of rubbish anywhere. I suggest the people who wrote these reviews should at least visit the island before posting such comments.

The villa Elia is very convenient for the town. A short flat walk, maybe 5 minutes, will take you to the heart of the town and harbour with all its tavernas and restaurants. All the ones we tried proved to be excellent value for money, but among our favourites were the mouses taverna, the twins, and zorbas. For snacks or just a light bite, we enjoyed panos place. If your thing is a full English breakfast, cheers by the harbour is hard to beat.

Run by Kostas and his wife Elpie, the villa Elia is basic and clean. Set in beautiful well kept gardens with a more than adequate pool. Kostas daughter, Sissie has really good English, and Kostas knows more than he lets on!.

The apartments are reasonably spacious, but the newer block at the front is the one to have if you prefer a little more light.

The family we found to be very friendly, and being a retired policeman, Kostas takes no nonsense, but he proved to be a generous and friendly host. The bar is cheaper than most in the town, and most people tended to gather there either before dinner, or later for a nightcap. Ideally suited for the slightly older visitor who enjoys a relaxed atmosphere, we can recommend a visit before it gets too well known. Car hire is cheap and very worthwhile for a couple of days, it’s not that big an island. We enjoyed it so much we have booked for next year.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2005, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar

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