Vagelis Studios & Apartments

Matheou Zachariadi 73-75, Crete 70007, Greece
8.5  / 10
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Closest airport: Nikos Kazantzakis (HER) (16.4 miles)

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Lovely Place, Lovely Hotel, Lovely Enviroment, Lovely Lads

"Great location, literally on the strip!!! Best holiday we have evr been on the atmosphere was buzzin!!! Locals very nice and charming, especially the lads!! Hotel was basic but clean. The staff were extremely nice and let you do anything you wanted! You were allowed to bring boys back which was great for us two!! Overall amazing experience and best holiday ever, deffinately going back this year to visit my holiday romance, nikos."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The strip
  • Good For: , City Breaks
10 / 10

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"Went to Vagelis in 2011 August for a week.

What can i say about this hotel


. Cameras

. Security Guard

. Right on the strip


. Blood on our sheets that was never changed in the week we was there

. Holes in our Sheets

. Things broken in the room. I.e Draws hanging off, half the wood on the mirror missing

. Tv didnt work

. The owner wasnt to helpful not like the year i stopped in illios next door

.apartment looked like it had been broken into before with wood repairs not even painted.

. Had to walk past pub full of black people (who didnt look impressed) before we got to the strip

. Pool was Tiny

. no cooking equiptment

I wouldnt personally stop at this hotel again unless very very cheap.

not the worse hotel but one of the worse iv stopped in.

Like i said before Illios next door i stopped in year before was amazing. Owner is fab guy gave us free drinks when we got there and took his time to talk to us in the help bar.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach
2 / 10

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Malia 2008 vagellis studios

"went to vagellis studios last year!! it was wkd!! we cud do wat we liked. rooms were really nice quite big beta than expected! right on the strip Literaly!!!! walk out and you right in the heart!!the staff at lush bar where rally nice,had a laugh with them.....thinkin of goin back this year!!cnt wait watch out malia!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go 2 kfc!!
  • Activities: star beach and the red lion!!
10 / 10

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Hey guys, Just got back from malia,...

"Hey guys,

Just got back from malia, and i stayed at the vagelis apartments with my other half. We were expecting it to be very busy as its right on the strip. We wern't dissapointed! The rooms were allot smaller then we thought they would be, but it didn't bother us so much. However we were not happy with the shower cubicle which is literally a shower on the wall and thats it! The maids do come every other day to re fold your dirty towels and sheets, so you can forget bout getting any fresh clean ones! ( Thank god we were only there a week!) We nearly had to buy some more toilet roll aswell, until we managed to steel one off the maids when they were cleaning a room! Overall the apartments were not bad they were clean with cctv, friendly and helpful staff and the pool was small but clean. Dont forget to check out the lush bar in front of the apartments its a wicked r&b bar! With plenty of alco slush!! Have a good one guys! xx

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
7 / 10

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I stayed at this hotel 2 years ago...

"I stayed at this hotel 2 years ago and I thought it was wikid!! We all sat round pool and the bar staff in the Lush Bar wacked up the music for all the lads on the poolside! Was the Nuts!!

Close to the strip and McDonalds!! ha ha ha

There was even a 50 year old fella in our hotel and he always came for drinks with us! So if you love the loud music and drinking 24/7 deff the place to be with the 24hr bar next door!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
10 / 10

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This hotel is absolutley bouncing!!!...

"This hotel is absolutley bouncing!!! Def the best place 2 stay if u wana crazy wild holiday, u walk out your apartment door and your on the strip right in the centre of everything & only 5mins walk to the beach.

Zig Zags is mint on a nite we were in there everynite and the newcastle bar has wicked tunes. Girls there is loads a lads and everyone is well up for it was loving it haha... The only thing that was a bit crap was the size of the pool then again it was deserted most days cos most ppl didnt get outta bed so we had plently space ha!!

Plenty bars doin cheap food and breakfasts excellent value for muney. Would defo recommend it and go back myself.. The water parks also a good day out and book a boat trip at the little travel shops (they much cheaper than the reps)..

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas CookClub 18-30
8 / 10

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I can't believe all these reports I...

"I can't believe all these reports I am reading about this place! I really can 't believe it! Are they talking about the same hotel I stayed in? Behind Lush bar, on the strip?

Well this is all I'm saying, I've stayed in many hotels in Malia all these years. But Vangelis studios and apartments really disappointed me. It was the worst place I have stayed in: small rooms, very very basic, tiny pool, very noisy and not very clean!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, Self Catering, booked with 18-30
1 / 10

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The Vangelis is the best apartment in...

"The Vangelis is the best apartment in Malia! The rooms are clean, spacious, well-equipped and the staff are very friendly!

It is situated right in the middle of the main nightlife so everything is within walking distance - bars, supermarket, shops, restaurants, bank, medical centre, you name it! the beach is only a few mins walk too!

Me n my friend decided to stay at the Vangelis after reading the great reviews on and it definitely lived up to our expectations!

It was our first club 18-30 holidays and there were only 2 of us so we didn’t know what to expect but it was the best holiday we've ever had! we met so many nice people and had such a laugh!

The only thing we didn’t like was the reps - they are so pushy and try to con you into paying for loads of trips - they say you get food and loads of free drinks but we didn’t see any!

They will try to make out that it is a lot cheaper to do it their way but trust us it isn’t! meals are so cheap out there - only about 6 Euros and there are so many drinks offers - 2for1 or 4for1 with free shots or fishbowls! if you're a girl u can usually get free cocktails too!

There are lots of ace bars and the one at the Vangelis (Lush Bar) is one of the best on the strip! It is always busy on a night and the music is really good! All bars are open till about 6am - so expect a lack of sleep. At first we thought this would be a problem but you do get used to it!

We would recommend you take the following with you because we found that we needed them and that’s washing up liquid (if you can be bothered!) as there is none and there is also no dish cloth to dry plates etc, we bought some when we were there from the spar shop up the road. You should also take a fancy dress costume because on your last night everyone dresses up and it’s mental!!

We also recommend you get air-con in your room because it is well worth it - (when we arrived there was a heat wave and it was 50 degrees!!) it only costs 45 Euros for a week and you can hire a safe but the Vangelis has CCTV and is very safe so we didn’t feel the need!

We flew back home quite late at night and you normally have to leave your room by 12noon but you can pay 24 Euros to keep it until about 7pm.

Overall we would definitely say book the Vangelis - the other hotels nearby are nowhere near as clean and the Vangelis are fairly new buildings. It is ideal for anyone looking for a party atmosphere but also somewhere which is safe and friendly!

We will both be going back again next year without a doubt! You will not be disappointed!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
10 / 10

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Malia is the place to be! This hotel...

"Malia is the place to be! This hotel is by far the best in the town to be in. Right on the doorstep for bars and clubs! Very clean and nice rooms.

The problem we found was that the reps are pushy, so if you aren’t interested in what they have to say, then simply stay away from them as much as you can.

We didn’t have any pool parties (which other hotels in 18-30 Malia do) which was a little disappointing because you don’t get to know people that well. But at least it means you can do your own thing.

Loved the area to bits, had an amazing tan and plenty things to do for the two weeks I was there.

Must go to the water park for a good laugh. Oh and barter with the p.r's for a mint deal

Have fun everyone!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
10 / 10

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If you're going to Malia you have to...

"If you're going to Malia you have to stay here! Why? Because all the best people stay at these apartments, we met some awesome people there and I'm sure you would to!

The owners of the apartments are great, they're really laid back and pretty much put up with anything, even people diving off the roof into the pool, from what I hear! (I don't recommend you doing this however, you may die!)

The pool is fairly big though, big enough for lots of watery games such as my personal favourite; shoulder wars! And the food served in the pool bar by Anastasia (she looked after us all so well) is pretty damn good, I recommend a toastie, chips and chocolate milkshake to cure any hangovers.

The rooms are good, our party had a mix of 2 bed studios and 4 bed apartments, both of which were nicely air conditioned, however you can just about cope without it in a 2 bed studio. The rooms are cleaned regularly, every couple of days by the nicest cleaner lady (loved her!), who never looked shocked at finding random people in your room in the morning, Or soaking towels on the bathroom floor that you had to use to mop up the water everywhere after the shower went crazy due to a lack of shower curtain!

The Apartments are situated right on the main strip, which is great for rolling in drunk from a heavy night out (I recommend Cloud 9 to you pole dancing queens, and Yaisou to anyone who just wants the best night out ever!) or if like me you somehow 'break' your foot, you only have a short distance to hobble to any shop, restaurant, club or bar!

I really recommend staying here, we had a wicked time and are planning to return again next year, hopefully see you there!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Club 18-30
10 / 10

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What an awesome holiday! Vangelis is...

"What an awesome holiday! Vangelis is the best hotel to stay at in Malia. the owners are so nice and don't fine you for stupid reasons like many of the other hotels do. The rooms were very clean (the cleaner comes every couple of days and she is the nicest person ever) and everything worked fine and there were no bugs or cockroaches at all. Air conditioning costs about 85E for 2 weeks and is definitely worth paying!

The pool is a good size, big enough for everyone in the hotel and there were plenty of sun loungers available too. The food served at the pool bar was nice and you cannot stay there without trying one of Anastasia's chocolate milkshakes. best I've ever tasted! They will also play your CD's if you ask them during the day.

The beach is about a 5-10 minute walk away from the hotel, which isn't far at all, but most of the time we stayed by the pool anyways.

Overall I can' think of anything bad to say about this hotel (it even has a lift!) so I would definitely recommend it! :-D

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Club 18-30
10 / 10

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This place is the best place on gods...

"This place is the best place on gods green earth in my opinion. I have been on holiday there with my mates for the past 3 years and plan to go there again this year.

Each time we stopped in the Vangelis it is situated perfectly for all the night life and lush bar is great. For food you have to visit the Royal Oak, its just up from the hotel and serves the best food and it is run by Babis and Janette just tell them Chris, Muzza and the Geordies sent you and you will be treated like royalty.

For the best beach don’t go to Malia beach jump in a taxi and head for Star beach only 10 euro and it is fantastic it has everything you need.

I can't put into words how good Malia is so if you have not been you have to go and if you have well I need not say anymore I know you will be back.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Self Catering, booked with Kosmar
10 / 10

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