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Monemvasia Castle, Skiathos, Greece
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9 / 10
Everything about the apartments is...

"Everything about the apartments is great- it's clean, spacious, comfortable, you can get the sea view, beach is near there, bus station also, the place is small and quiet, with a lot of beautiful nature around, real vacation. And if you need more happenings, there's Skiathos town, which has great clubbing, many small and interesting shops, restaurants by the sea...everything you need. The only thing I didn't like was that it was a bit windy, that's why the rating is 9. The best thing there was Panos, who helped us many times and took care of all other people more than our guide. But the guide was ok too. Only that he couldn't have been there all the time, so we asked Panos everything. He even went clubbing with us! He also speaks English fluently. I will deffinitelly come back there."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Olympic HolidaysKontiki Travel

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7 / 10
Went holiday me and 2 friends having...

"Went holiday me and 2 friends having heard very mixed about Kavos, I personally really liked it firstly the weather was fantastic about 94 degrees, the place is one long street crawling with bars, clubs and restaurants opening into the early hours.

During the day its fairly quiet due to people sleeping off there hangovers, at around 10pm the place really comes alive and has a buzzing nightlife, if your into partying this the place for you ideal for the young and lively, would not recommend Kavos to family or those looking for a quiet holiday.

We went with Olympic holidays and stayed at the Panos apartments in the Saint Peters area about a 5 mins taxi ride to the main strip in Kavos. We booked through Olympic holidays who were on the whole ok all though was not overly impressed with rep who took to the resort and seemed in a rush taking us to the apartment.

The accommodation was clean but basic room was quiet small for 3 adults and did not have a lot of wardrobe space, there was a bar serving snacks, pool table and a swimming pool.

The only drawback to the apartments was that one the barmen on duty did speak a word of English which made it hard when trying to order food or book a taxi. Must visit the famous bar they treat you as friends the owner Mariah is absolutely hilarious such a sense of humour its a karaoke bar with a choice of over 40,000 songs, also worth a visit is rolling stones we did not go to any nightclubs as we were told it gets really warm and they do not put the air conditioning on so you buy more drinks.

Good places to eat are forum good old British grub and sizzlers for great steaks. The beach in Kavos is not fantastic littered with used condoms this did not bother us we spent most of the time around the pool. If you’re looking for daytime activities try the watersports, also worth a visit is the blue lagoon trip a boat ride over to mainland Greece where you get a chance to swim in the sea and try champagne diving.

Those looking for a fun lively resort then this is the place for you.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays

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6 / 10
During my weeks stay at the Panos I...

"During my weeks stay at the Panos I had a really great holiday, the owner was very friendly spoke very good English, the only downside was the Greek lad that worked with him who spoke very little English.

The room I stayed in was very small with very little wardrobe space, they was three of us but I’m sure the brochure said there was a room plus a sofa bed. There was no hook on the shower so you had to hold it yourself.

Another pain was the music played round the pool, the speakers were poor, it was the same stuff all day long but it started at 9 in the morning and when everyone has been in bed for like 4 hours it wasn't good.

However the food was nice and cheap and you don't have surrounding hotels over looking, at the time of my stay it had only been open a few weeks so the owner is still getting to grips with everything so I am sure this hotel will get better.

One thing I can definitely recommend is the comedy night run by Olympic holidays it’s on a wed night you get free wine or beer for 40 Euros (27 quid) the comedian is absolutely hilarious).

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Olympic Holidays

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