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10 / 10
I HAD A BLAST! I went their with my...

"I HAD A BLAST! I went their with my dad at first I was disappointed as we were originally going to Egypt but from the moment that I woke up the next day it was like heaven.

The pool was marvellous. The staff were ever so friendly we even had cakes made for us as we had made friends with the staff they were soooooooooo friendly.

The entertainment was fabulous. For the first half hour was childrens dancing then 10 minutes for adults then the other entertainment that I saw were traditional dancing, Belly dancing and stuntmen (laying on nails, glass etc).

There are 3 areas to eat, each one as tasty as the last and a bar. There are facilities to keep your valuables. I felt mine were extremely safe. The staff spoke a variety of languages (most european languages) and couldn't do enough for you. There is also a tattooist, hairdresser, therapist and a shop. Not once was I hassled in the hotel and they even brought in a monkey for the children to see.

I recommend if you are looking for somewhere hot, relaxing and busy go to this hotel. The meals were delicious and they served a various amount of foods from english to french (they had more european choices than tunis choices).

So ignore all the people who have cussed this hotel it was the best hotel I've been to and I travel quite a lot. I'm even saving to go back again instead of Egypt.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
This hotel looked really dated when...

"This hotel looked really dated when we first arrived and the rooms could do with some updating. The decor was old fashioned in the lounge too.

The entertainment was a real laugh and the team called 'animation' were very talented and popular. The hotel offered good prices to pamper yourself like massages, hair, Turkish bath etc.

The pool was made with ice cubes!!!! I couldn’t go into the water the full holiday!

The food was a bit dodgy I thought, with the chef knowing a maximum of three dishes I think! It seemed to be the same foods every night.

Overall, apart from the food and pool, the staff were brilliant, and location great. I had a fabulous time and would return to Tunisia, even to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Half Board, booked with Panorama

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8 / 10
This is a really nice hotel! I will...

"This is a really nice hotel!

I will say when I first arrived I wasn’t too happy but that may of been because they were having the worst weather in 25 years!

The animation team were amazing and there was entertainment every night. They made sure that everybody there was enjoying themselves!!

There is a hair & beauty salon for rest & relaxation; you can get an amazing full body massage that works out to only cost £8!

The two day safari is definitely worth a try.

The only let down about the hotel I would say is the food but maybe that is just coz I'm not very good at trying new things. But you are spoilt for choice with surrounding restaurants that are so cheap!

Really enjoyed this holiday. Defintely worth a trip!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Half Board, booked with Panorama

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5 / 10
My husband and I arrived on New Years...

"My husband and I arrived on New Years Eve. The reception staff are lovely, shown to our room by a porter who expected a tip, we only had English but he did accept the £coin.

The bedroom was dated but warm with a radiator and comfortable beds. The bathroom was a bit scruffy. We washed and changed looking forward to the New Years celebrations but it was not as expected.

The bar was very dark and only 1 couple was sitting there feeling the cold. After a couple of drinks 6 of us had gathered and we went to dine.

The meal started at 8 30 and our pud came at 12 midnight - so we were in the dining room freezing for 4 hours hoping that the next course would be eatable.

The hotel in the summer maybe nice but in the winter it is dark, cold and the food horrible. Also no entertainment considering its 4*.

We asked to move after 3 days as things were not improving, no was the answer of our rep and the hotel wanted to charge us a cancellation fee of £100 plus a administration fee of £20 from our tour operator we refused.

We asked to see the manager of our tour company she arrived within half hour. After 2 hours of constant talks we agreed to pay the £20 only and accept the move to the Tej Marhaba.

So 10 people left and that was the best decision we all made. We had a ball at the Tej Marhaba, every thing is what you would expect from a 4* hotel

The Chems El Hana Hotel is not a 4* in our opinion and maybe should not be open in our winter months - but the staff are lovely.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2006, Half Board, booked with Direct Holidays31st December 2006 - 7th January 2007

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9 / 10
Please don’t be put off by some of...

"Please don’t be put off by some of the other reviews, the Chems El Hana Hotel is very good, I went there in September 06 with MyTravel I had booked 5mths before to go to the Marhaba Royal Salem Hotel but they had over booked? The Chems El Hana is lovely, clean, staff are nice, food is beautiful, lots of choice. Your only 5 mins walk to Sousse centre, location is perfect. There are 2 very large pools you don’t have to fight over sunbeds, first day tip the pool guy 5 pound and your sunbeds there in the best spot. ENJOY."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Half Board, booked with MyTravel

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7 / 10
At first glance the hotel was lovely,...

"At first glance the hotel was lovely, situated near the beach, lovely pool area, walking distance from all the shops, but when we got to our room, we were stuck in a time warp...there is no way that the Chems El Hana is a four star hotel.

Mabye when it was built in the 70's but definitely not now. Even by Tunisian standards, we went on a 2 day safari and stayed in a 3* which was more like what we had been expecting at the 4*. We requested to be moved but Panorama couldn't find us other accommodation.

All that said, our room was clean and the sheets and towels were changed every day, the food was nice, not fantastic, but tasty. They could have done with changing up the menu a bit though, roughly the same meal every night.

The animation team were great entertainment, either by the pool or with their nightly shows. We found all the employees at the hotel very friendly and accommodating.

Overall the standard of the hotel was a bit of a disappointment but the people made it a fantastic holiday, I will definitely be returning to Tunisia in the near future!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006, Half Board, booked with Panorama

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7 / 10
Hotel was fine, nice large room,...

"Hotel was fine, nice large room, clean sheets and towels every day. Nice sea view from the balcony.

The staff and people outside were very friendly. The food was not top class but quite acceptable, we had a good two weeks and would use this hotel again in the future. There was a busy road to cross to get to the beach which had lovely sand and was very clean.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005, Half Board, booked with Airtours

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1 / 10
Chems El Hana is a real disaster. If...

"Chems El Hana is a real disaster. If you want to experience dirty towels, dirty bad and awful restroom and shower, you really can over there. I’ve been to 2 and 3* hotel and I’ve never ever seen anything like that.

hey have serious problems with diarrhoea and vomiting not because of the food /oh, yeah, the food is different, that’s why you get it/ - I used to work on an American cruise ship and I now what is it about, they have no idea what HYGIENE is. Seriously, this is not a joke: even if you decide to go there, don’t take children there, you’ll have a nightmare. There are many other/much better hotels I’ve been e.g. Samara.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Half Board, booked with Medina Tours

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2 / 10
Hotel was clean and room was O.K.,...

"Hotel was clean and room was O.K., view from balcony was good .But the hotel appeared to be stuck in the eighty’s in the decor at least. Meals we’re not always edible . And were the same nearly every night. You could not go out your compound after dark, it was not advised. Hotel staff in dinning room ignored you for most of the week but come you’re last evening, they we’re falling over you, too be helpful.

I did not feel safe going out by myself , even during the day. Because of the local conmen , you got hassled every were you went. The local men appeared from nowhere, if a single woman was walking on her own.

Beach was dirty , glass and rubbish, everywhere, not to mention the large groups of young men that roamed the beach. It`s also not a good idea to visit this area ,if you are allergic to cats, as 100`s roam freely.

But do visit Port El Katoie, its more commercial.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2005, Half Board, booked with First Choice

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Address: Route De La Corniche, Sousse 4000, Tunisia