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9 / 10
Gave us what we needed

"If we had read the reports of this hotel before we booked, we would not have done so, and would have missed out on a good hotel. My wife and myself arrived at 9-45 at night, and were met my a lovely receptioist called Eva. We were given a room on the ground floor which was clean and spacious, but my wife likes a sea view which this did not have. On our way out, we just asked on spec if there was a room available with a sea view. The receptionist asked us to see her after breakfast the next morning and she would see what she could do for us. On having a meal and returning to the hotel, the receptonist asked if we had unpacked yet, as she had another room for us with a sea view. Now that's what i call service with a smile!

We had booked bed and breakfast so i can only comment on the breakfast which was the same as any other Spanish hotel, buffet style English or Continental breakfast. One thing that was different was the times for breakfast which are 8-00 until 11-00, the extra hour given means that there was no queueing to get your food.

The rooms are cleaned daily by very friendly maids who will talk to you if your in the room when they clean them, not like other hotels we have been to where your looked on as if you should'nt be there. Yes the hotel does have a lot of German guests, but all the ones we encountered were friendly and polite, and smiled if you made contact with them. There is a curfew on noise etc. which is enforced, which is after 11 at weekends and midnight through the week. This brings me to the only down side of the hotel in my mind, that is the music from the poolside bar can be very loud and if you don'nt like modern music, turn your telly up or wear your headphones.

There is no beach beside the hotel, but should you fancy a swim in the sea, steps have put so you can enter the sea safely. The nearest beaches are about 300 metres away in either direction, the best one being at Port Torrents, which is clean and safe with bars and cafes on the beach, the water is crystal clear here. To get to San Antonio itself, the water taxi runs every half hour from Milord beach and costs 2.5 euros each way. We actually walked to San Antonio by the waterside and this took us a leisurely hour and a half.

Would we go back to the Hotel Nereida, we most certainly would.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Jet2
  • Advice: Relax and soak up the sun
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"if you have kids dont go! it says in the book it has all sorts for them to do but its all broken and there was nothing for mine to do. its a racist place,they hate english,it was full of perving arrogant was basic but after a few days it was shocking,chicken nuggets,hotdogs and burgers for breakfast is not my idea of breakfast. there was no entainment on the night at all and if you laughed the germans complained so your asked to be quiet.overall i would strongly say not to stay here.27/05/11"

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: stay away from it

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8 / 10
best of the best

"this place is clean tidy staff are vvv helpfull happy go lky room nice sizes on the front about 1 mile from main san/an bay but bars all round top road nice place food good and lots choices ( but not always warm ) stayed 4th jly to 18 th 2010 the only down side is its not all english in this hotel 60to 70% german it was bit less 2nd week but we give them hell as we dressed up in spanish flags etc as spain KO them in world cup

mickyt or miguel as in spain

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: clean

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1 / 10

"I visited this hotel as part of a group of 16 18 year olds. we where clearly talked into booking with the wrong hotel sutiable for our age group.

it started off with the first day when we arrived. we where shocked when there was no welcome meeting and we just had a envelope with our key and a letter in it. Later that day we asked if our Rep was avalible but then found out there was know Rep and we were not told on our arrivel. we then found out out of the 4 rooms we had 2 where the lights didnt work. and we complained against this and nothing was taken into consideration. when we started to get ready to go out, we put music on our ipod decks, and we where told to turn them off as it was making to much noise, so we turned them down, even though when we recived the letter in said it was quite after 12, and we made noise around 10.30 - 11. in the morning we then found out that a german family had complained against us. and we where told it was quite after 11 not when it was 12 as it was stated in the letter. we werent supprised to hear this. we then went for something to eat to find out it was completely in-edible. so we had to eat out every night even though we had paied for our all inclusive.

one night the entertainer offered to take us out as he knew we complained and where a little un happy with how things where. so we put our trust him and all of us agreed to go out with him, when we where at a bar which was down the road from the hotel called "peppers" the entertainer decided to pull the trousers down of one the girls in our group. she was completely devistated and refused to go out that night as she was so shocked. the night after we had a little gathering in our room and then we where on the balconey having a few ciggerettes, and then we where alarmed when a German man thew a bucket of water all over us. we then went to complain imidiatly and then the hotel staff refused to take our complaint into account again! we were so angrey. then the next morning we found we had a formal complaint letter which the depty manager told us Thompson had sent to them to get us to sign ( then when we got hom to put in our formal complaint we found out they hadnt sent a letter so it was a forged letter) as we didnt sign it we didnt loose anything. we where then told we were going to loose all inclusive privlidges. even though we werent eating the food, we where only using there alcohol. and then there was a arguement with the manager over this. they then let us have our all inclusive back as we had rung up Thompsons back home and they arranged to send a rep over and to ring them up. we then found that on our last day they where fixing all our complaints to cover there back as they knew they where in the wrong.

more intersted in Germans then the Brits

as students we had saved long and hard for this holiday and this completely ruined it.

it was completely shocking and should be removed from all travel brouchers.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: not suitable for non families

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7 / 10
lovely views.

"We arrived on the wednesday morning the staff were very friendly we were given room key and of we went to unpack,went for lunch which was ok not much for my son age 10.All inclusive was good plenty of ice creams for kids and plenty of different drinks for the adults.The downside to the hotel would be the depth of the swimming pool it was over 4foot at shallow end we were ok because my son can swim,entertainment not much byt kids liked the reps so that was a bonus.We had ants in our room which was on the top floor so wasn't expecting that but reported it and it got dealt with straight away.Food was average not alot to choice from especially the kids lunchtime had more of a choice for everyone but we all enjoyed our stay and would go back."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10

"i am the worlds most piccy holiday traveler my operator describes me as virtualy imposible and an awkward s***..

this hotel surpassed all exspectations and yes there is a hotel in the procces of refurbishment nearby(next door) but if you ask for a pool/sea view you will not see this.

it does not detract from the excellent condition fo the rooms the superb standard of staff and facilities...

so much so that even as awkward as i am i have been back twice with my wife and am going back for my birthday sept this yr ..



dont miss out on this just because of the building next door


  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go and and enjoy yourselves
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
noisey holiday

"Just returned from 2 weeks at Nerieda aparthotel.Firstly I must say the staff are all very polite and friendly.The food is average,but edible,nearest proper beach is a good 10 minute walk. The remains of a gutted hotel is immiediately next door,the rocky area at the sea end of the hotel is an eyesore.the room that we had was very nice,and kept spotless,by the daily cleaners.There is a main street, with the usual bars and restruants. This was our first visit to ibiza,and we had a car,if we visit ibiza again,we would certainly go to the other side of the island,Santa Eulalia or Calla llonga,I must say we were unlucky to be located on the road side of Nerieda opposite a row of recycling bins, which were tipped by several vehicles during the night,add to that,coaches and taxis arriving at all hours, not funny after a few nights.summery--if you have a couple of childran who will be intertained during the day,fair enough, singles,or couples,who are middle aged or elderdly, sorry folks,I dont think you will be impressed."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, Half Board, booked with Other - Please Specify

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10 / 10
The resort was fantastic. The staff...

"The resort was fantastic. The staff were exceptionally helpful and polite. The entertainment team were great, running activities to keep other peoples kids happy and engaged so they didn't disturb us. Plus they also ran fun activities for the adults.

The evening entertainment was also to a very high standard and not so intrusive so if you just wanted to play cards on the terrace this was cool.

The food was also well prepared and to a high standard. It was quite simplistic but also very tasty.

Both my partner and i have said we will be going back to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with Jet2

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7 / 10
Arrived at Hotel, and the staff were...

"Arrived at Hotel, and the staff were very welcoming, all speak excellent English. Unfortunately the room they put us in was in a terrible position. If we had stayed in that room (close up view of the run down hotel next door, and bins that got emptied very early) I would not of stayed!!! The room we were moved to, had beutiful views of the the sea and pool area.This made the holiday really, and guaranteeing a room with a view would be the only way I would go back.

The food is good, dont expect outstanding, but for there is a variety, and my children enjoyed it. In the restauraunt the staff are busy making sure everything is kept clean, and they did as much as they could to help my wife and I with our 1 yr old

We stayed AI, and although I would question the strength of some of the local alcoholic drinks, its a good option to go for. The fact that the AI stops at 11:00 may anoy some people, but if you have young children it means all is quiet by 12:00, meaning you get a good nights sleep.

The resort is OK, its a bit blackpool like, (but hotter), very family oriented, and friendly.

My only negative comment is that not all the rooms have a good view, and those on the ground floor that face the road could be easy to break into!!! If you get a bad room, ask to be moved, we spoke to another couple of families, and they had all been moved to a better room.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
This was a very disappointing holiday...

"This was a very disappointing holiday mainly due to the unbelievably poor accomodation. Tired and jaded would be kind.

The apartments were small, dingy and not overly clean. Towels were thin and not in plentiful supply. I had to ask for more towels and toilet rolls twice (a basic requirement I would have thought) and the air conditioning in the room didn't work despite my reporting this to the reception 4 times and a 'technician' being sent round twice.

In Mid August this really caused a problem as no-one could sleep because of the heat in the apartment.

Food was OK, not much more I can say really, choice OK quality OK. Breakfasts however, were awful.

The entertainment was poor. They catered well for the younger children but seemed to forget the older children and the adults.

I feel I must find something positive to say for any of you who have already booked and the most positive thing I can say is that despite all this the staff were lovely. Very helpful and friendly.

Also, a good central position with San Antonio in one direction and Port Des Torrent, Cala Bassa and Cala Conta (all nice beaches) in the other. Short walk to the water taxis to all of these places and reasonable prices.

To sum it up we wont be going back to this hotel ever but another hotel in this area is not completely out of the question just very unlikely.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
Stayed for 11 nights.. Excellent...

"Stayed for 11 nights.. Excellent clean hotel. Atmosphere created by Entertainers was abolsultely fab. All Staff especially bar staff were lovely and always willing to help... no exceptions. Sunsets every night breatktaking. Pool area very clean, the beach just down a few steps from Pool area, it was a bit rockyy though.

Only down side was food - it was okay but too repetitive

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
Excellent hotel

"Stayed for a week at the Nereida from the 17th-24th October, really enjoyed the stay. Staff very helpful and pleasant on arrival, as where all staff throughout the stay. Food was very good always something to choose from. Spotlessly clean hotel, maid service everyday. Very nice pool area but a bit cold but it was October. Had a room right at the front, so beautiful sunsets from the balcony. Would definetley reccomend this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007

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