Carmina Hotel

Hisaronu Kayakoy Yolu Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Turkey
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8 / 10
second year at these apartments...

"second year at these apartments

exellent value for money. holidays 4 u are an operator i would have no hesitation in using again. transfer on time and very few pick ups. reps are there if you need them

rooms are large clean and adequate - maids excellent

staff are friendly and efficient

new sunbeds this year and wish management would do somthing about people putting towels on beds and not being seen until late afternoon

need a new pool table

no problems with overcharging as other reviewers suggested

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Self Catering, booked with HOLIDAYS 4 U

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4 / 10
Have literally just arrived back from...

"Have literally just arrived back from Turkey where my friend and I stayed at the Carmina. Firstly I would not recommend this hotel if you are single people going for a relaxing holiday around the pool. Arrrived to find that we have been put into a very basic family room!!! which was dark and dingy and right next to a childrens playground area. Fortunately for us we were moved to a twin room the next day but really could have done without the hassle as it ruined our first day in the resort. Lots of complaints from other guests about the same thing. There was no way you could get a sunbed around the pool all beds had towels by 6am, we found out as the week went on we found out that you could request a bed by giving your towel to one of the staff who would put on a bed for you. What kind of system is this? I dont know but some of the 'saved' beds were left empty for most of the day as people went out and didnt come back to use them until the afternoon! Also lots of kids running around the pool, jumping in and making a racket, and the music at the bar was loud into the early mornings which again was not very relaxing. Because of this we spent most days getting the dolmus to Oli Deniz....which had a fantastic beach, and altogether is a much better resort. Only plus side is that the staff were very friendly after our initial introduction regarding the room change. Resort was ok for our purposes, but I will definitely not be going back to it or this hotel again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
just come back from 2 weeks at the...

"just come back from 2 weeks at the carmina and it was wonderful. this hotel is very clean and basic ,i was in a family room on the ground floor the room was more than big enough for the four of us. the pool was great but sometimes was difficult to get a sun bed. breakfast was simple turkish breakfast but you could buy an english breakfast or cerel ect. its 5 mins from town and all the restaurants and bars, try the rainbow for a good indian and the dragonaro for a chinese and any of the restaurants for good traditional turkish food all 2 weeks never ad a bad meal. If you want a trip to to oscars and book with them as most people tend to go with hamish mcturk and there trips r very packed ie boat trips and the boys looked after us well .I will recommend paragliding it was the best experience i av ever ad . Overall hisarou is a great place to holiday and you couldn't go wrong with the hotel carmina."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
hotel carmina is an excellant choice...

"hotel carmina is an excellant choice to take your holiday.there was 40 of us on a silver wedding celebration,the staff can't do enought to help you.rooms cleaned daily with fresh towels.5 mins into town where there are fantastic restaurants i recommend you try del boys excellant we ate there regularly also lemon tree and tango.great deals to be had at this hotel don't be put off by cheap prices well worth a go."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with holidays4u

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10 / 10
The Carmina Hotel was a basic Hotel...

"The Carmina Hotel was a basic Hotel but with 5 star service. All of the staff were friendly and very helpful. The rooms were cleaned everyday also clean towels. We meet some great people at the Carmina and had a very good and enjoyable holiday well done to the Carmina. I would stay there again also if i was in a different hotel i would go back and see them as they would make you very welcome. We wish you all at the Carmina Very Good Health and are very best wishes for the continuing success.

Anne & Lorraine

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook

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6 / 10
loved the hotel .

"carmina was a good base for holday after we upgraded to self catering.Excellent service from maids. Very clean beds and regular towel change.

Good location for all amenities with nice surroundings at pool ,bar area.Food eaten in hotel was very good and well presented.Breakfast can be boring but hey the tea was good.

Staff very friendly .and helpfull.There it ends.Beware of system where no receipts are given when any purchase is made.Ensure what you are paying for is yours.Challenging this is not acceptable as I found out and a frosty reception was received next day when we went down stairs. We were ignored by two staff members who had been very friendly throughout our stay.

When we left our cases were taken to bus by abrim who is a star.

Bar staff did not even say goodbye.This spoilt what had been for us a very pleasant holiday.

Do not be put off staying at this hotel it is cheap to stay and there is lots to do in the village itself. We are already booked for next year .

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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9 / 10
Well where I begin? The Hotel Carmin...

"Well where I begin? The Hotel Carmin was one of the most enjoyable hotels I have ever visited, I travelled with Holidays 4 U, which was a first for myself and my partner but the price was good and the service was excellent. The complex is very basic, there are three floors in the apartment block. The room has air-con. The one we had had a breakfast area with a table and chairs, fridge, cooker with extractor hood and generally everything you need. The shower room was very nice with a double sized shower cubical and electrical points.

The bedroom has double, a glazed patio door with a small veranda enough to look at the wonderful scenery around you. The rooms are very clean and have cleaning staff that leave you fresh towels in the shapes of boats, love hearts and we even got swans in the shape of love hearts with flowers and a little note wishing us all the best for the future. Overall superb service.

The complex has a nice swimming pool with a small children’s pool built into it, there are plenty of sun lounges and it has good access to the bar and free pool table. The bar served all drinks and snacks all day and was complimented with the friendliest, warmest and most hilarious bar staff in the world - Mehmet, Muckloc (Happy) and Saide. To be frank they are definitely one of the best features of this lovely hotel/apartments.

The hotel is situated just a short walk away from the main centre and offers a range of local transport from Taxi to Dolmuch, shops, bars and restaurants including Chinese, Mexican, Italian, India and of course Turkish. We also enjoyed at day at the Turkish baths with a full massage which is highly recommended.

To be blunt for the money myself and my partner paid I would never complain and I assure you that I will be returning next year…. See you there!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2007, Self Catering, booked with Holidays 4 U

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8 / 10
I found the Carmina basic but then...

"I found the Carmina basic but then again for the price I couldn't expect the Ritz.

The rooms were cleaned every day by the cleaning staff who always had a smile and a "good morning". Everyone was so friendly the staff couldn't do enough for you.

The breakfast was very good; fresh melon, olives, bread & butter, honey or jam, boiled eggs, two different cheeses, coffee and tea and as much as you wanted.

You must visit El Nino's Ali, his brothers make you feel like royalty. They even have a swimming pool for you to use whenever you wish for as long as you wish.

We (a party of 4)spent 3 full days there in total arriving at 10.00am staying till 10.00 pm drinks by the pool lunch by the pool then a 4 course meal at night £64 for the four of us so cheap but the food doesn't suffer. It is superb.

Don't be put off by people telling you that the people are always harassing you. They are just trying to drum up business. If you tell them you have already eaten they say, "tomorrow maybe".

You must visit the markets but don't pay what they ask you, tell them what you will pay and don`t back down.I bought a beautiful chess-set - they wanted 250 lire(£100) I eventually got it for 170 lire (£68).

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomson

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1 / 10
Well before we went to the Carmina we...

"Well before we went to the Carmina we read the reviews and thought god some people are moany!!!!!! I apoligise for thinking that now the Carmina was AWFUL and we would never go back.

Where do we start, firstly got there at 7am in the morning after a couple delays, reached the hotel to be told we should of been there at 5am? Not our problem! At first the hotel staff seemed pleasant, settled in our room which was damp and very smelly, and we went as a party of 5, and ended up being split up, which was me and my 2 children in the family part, and my mother and my friend across the way, didn't think this was fair but was to tired to argue. Next day we went to breakfast and wow we was offered bread and melon, we chose not to have breakfast in the mornings, we went else where.

Two days we stayed by the pool, not being able to get a sun lounger, but we did notice all the beds were taken, but no people using them, after two days of not getting a sun bed we were told about another place called Suzannes just 5 mins up the road, they always provide you with a bed and are pleasant, so we ended up staying there everyday for the two weeks we were there, which is a shame when you have paid to stay in the Carmina. Whilst we chose to stay in Suzannes we ate up there a lot and only came back for a shower and to get ready, this obviously grated the staff who then ignored us!!! Every time we asked for the key we were ignored, and the key thrown at us. This as a party of 5 was a bit disturbing.

My mother as always has the air conditioning on holiday, I choose not to have it, when I came back to the room after a night wandering, I noticed the air con was on and I knew they had a power cut, so I didn't think anything of it, I put it on low and had it for 3 days, after the 3rd day my mother was told that she is not allowed to allow me to have it as I haven't paid for it, I told them I don't like air con and it just came on one night, we each got a filthy look, and this progressed into them not looking at us or talking to us.

In the evenings, my mother and friend would come and sit on my balcony and have hot drinks while the kids slept, as we are smokers we chose to smoke outside, the lighting was fairly dim anyway, and with out warning the young night staff bloke walked up and switched all the lights off, we went down and said we were sat out there and could he turn them back on, he replied" lights out at 1am" this was at 11.45pm, I said "its not 1am yet", he just gave me a dirty look and turned them back on! This then happened EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, resulting in us taking it in turns to ask for the lights back on.

Where they had put me was right outside a pathetic park, with a sign saying " KIDS TO BE SUPERVISED" This was probably the worst part of being where we were, as the teenage kids used to PLAY in the kids park every night while the parents were obviously getting drunk, which resulted in my children being woken most nights.

Most people we spoke to were very unhappy with service of the staff and the sun bed situation, and felt that if you were one to get drunk every day and spend lots of money at the bar, then you were treated ok, if like us a family with children that like a laugh, but prefer to sit and relax on your balcony, forget going!!

Most people on holiday moan about having a cold shower!! I would rather a cold shower than no shower, I had a trickle of water coming through, which resulted me and the children going up to my mothers room most nights for a shower.

Everything about the Carmina was rubbish, would never go there again

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Holidays4u

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8 / 10
fab place but watch what hotel you pick

"The Carmina is ment to be 2 stars sorry but I would not give it one our room was the pits down stairs from the pool dark and cold so no need for the aircon very noisy shower flooded every night managers answer to the problem was to give us more towels to dry the floor will go back to hisaronu but not to the carmina apart from the hotel loved the place so as I say make sure you have a good hotel"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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3 / 10
If you have booked your holiday to...

"If you have booked your holiday to the Carmina hotel for this year i feel very sorry for you. i have just returned from this hotel, normaly i dont write reviews of my holidays but felt this was a must.

Our first room was number 307 which is in the basement. we had just arrived early in the morning so we accepted it without looking around. in the morning the bathroom absolutly smelt, i couldnt even go in there for a shower. we later got told the basement room use to be used for staff. we complained to reception and got moved straight away to room number 316 i think. this room looked alot better and we moved all our things.

Once everybody had got back from the pool and started having showers we found ourselves with a swimming pool of our own in the bathroom, there was a big patch of mould in the ceiling and water came dripping from here flodding our bathroom. we complained agin and got moved to room 314 which we stayed in for the rest of our holiday even though there was still mould on the ceiling.

The rooms are of a reasonable size and you can buy air conditioning, we didnt feel we needed it but we did discover if you lift up the front of the unit there is a button on somewhere that works the air con, only problem is you cannot control the temperature but who cares when its free??!!

We didnt like that the rooms dont even have a little fridge as we have stayed ro before but they still had fridges in room. maid was very good and seemed to change our sheets most days and our towels everyday, i dont think she even gets a day off.

Pool was kept tidy but you need to be up very early in the morning and get your beds as they all go before 9am! the bar is reasonably priced 3.5ytl for a large beer, but you have to put everything on your room number and cannot pay for it as you have it, you have to go and pay in reception which i didnt like because people can add stuff to your room.

We only ate lunch in the restaurant once and it was ok. hotel has its own beach which is ok, you get taken down there for free but 2sunbeds are 10ytl, a little expensive. the restaurant there does not sell snacks, we sat down and quickly got back up and walked around to the st nicholas restaurant which is very nice.

Hotel is in a good location, opposite the Pinara hotel which does look a lot nicer, dragonaro restaurant is very nice, you can see it from hotel, better than the all you i can eat on the high street. also try big brother and the festival.

Overall we didnt like this hotel and definatly would not be returning. we have stayed in many hotels accross the world and this was by far the worse. we heard many other people saying this was a very bad hotel. if you are looking at going to hasaronu try st nicholas gardens, i have stayed there about 4times myself and family have an apartment there, it is a much nicer hotel.sorry to disapoint if you have booked this hotel already.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Arrived at resort at 04.15 local time...

"Arrived at resort at 04.15 local time and was greeted with a big smile from Ziya the young guy on reception that evening, we were checked in quickly and bags taken to our room, we told them that our daughter had left her backpack on the coach, "no problem" was the response, no more than 2 mins later a knock at our door with our daughters backpack.

The rooms were spacious, basic but very very clean, they consisted with one kitchenette with two ring cooker, fridge, and kettle. Bathroom with walk in shower (solar heated water), and a large bedroom, a tele, and a large wardrobe.

The pool was a nightmare, we found one night people putting towels on sunbeds at 23.30, and the staff said nothing. We never bothered with the Carmina pool, we used other hotels as everyone is welcome in any hotel pool.

Hisarnou is a bustling place, packed with Bars, Restaurants, Jewelery shops and Bria-a-Brac, oh yeah AZDA.

There are numerous places to eat and drink the night away, the place i recommend is The Gap, right next to Dominoes, on the same steps and turn left near the top, you will not be disapointed, every member of staff is friendly. the food is out of this world (not a massive selection, but well made), the chicken Wraps are to die for, and proper CHUNKY chips... i mean chunky, we had breakfast and evening meal there, Come out the hotel onto the main road, turn right and go straight on past the Robin Hood and in front of you you'll see Dominoes and The Gap, Pizza Peppino, nice food well presented ( bloody expensive ).

The lagoon is a lovely place to go, down onto the Beach, the only problem, because your in a valley there no breeze what so ever, just to hot, we love the sun and the heat, but the day we went it was just to hot, and your stuck until 16.00.

Go and see Hamish McTurk, can't miss the fella. He's the one to see for excursions.

We are booking for 2 weeks for next year, maybe not the Carmina, but definately Hisarnou.

Oh before i 4get, DON'T drink at the Carmina Pool, they add it to your rooom bill, and it's always wrong, if you leave it for a few days how are you going to know if it's right or not.

The cleaners were fantastic every day they left the towels on the beds in Hearts or flowers, and our final day the cleaner even left a note to wish us a pleasant journey home. A must is the Air Conditioning remote, it's £20 p/w but extremley worth it.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Holidays4u

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