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1 / 10
dont stay in Argana hotel

"Worst hotel to stay in Agadir . Do not stay in Argana Hotel. They overcharge on everything..from food.. To basic things. The rooms are not clean.. WiFi doesn't work. TV doesn't work.. Food is stale and tasteless. The hotel reception doesn't know what they are doing...please stay in different hotel."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't stay in Argana hotel
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
After reading the reviews on this...

"After reading the reviews on this site I had serious concerns about this hotel but finally I have chosen this one and I can say that I never regretted this. First of all, the hotel is really flexible. The morning buffet, for example opens at 05:30, so you can have a small breakfast before you go to a longer excursion that starts early and you are not forced to make do with what you get in your breakfast package of some dry croissants. Or, as our flight arrived late we could swap the first dinner easily and have that at the last night. Furthermore, the hotel offered to extend the room on the last day, so we did not have to check out at the usual hour of ten.

The selection of meals is fine as well, we could find something tasty all the time, though you may actually find the morning meals repetitive but definitely abundant.

I am happy to report that no sellers or paupers are admitted inside the premises as both entrances are guided all the time, meaning that you will not be disturbed every other minute to buy this or that, which may be the case on the beach. As far as taking food stuff or water in the hotel is considered, we did that too, though if one puts that into a rucksack or something that covers the stuff, they just do not discover. So, do not make a scene of that.

One more remarkable issue is that waiters could say hello and some words in Hungarian (my mother tongue), which is extremely rare and I really appreciated this. Thank you for that!

All in all, I have found the hotel rather pleasant and quite OK.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with Budavár Tours, Hungary

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2 / 10
Awful to be honest, i found this...

"Awful to be honest, i found this hotel the worst i have stayed in ever. Agadir overall was very dirty and unhygienic. The hotel was fairly clean but we had problems on the first night. Our twin rooms (which we had asked to be together) were several rooms apart and not as we had asked for. We were moved several times, each we became unhappier, and eventually settled simply because after a long day of travelling we had no energy left to complain and just wanted rest- and this was simply our first night. The food was adequete but became tedious after a couple of days. After about 2 nights in the temporary room we were moved into a semi decent room although staff were blunt and had a bad attitude. Our waitor however was superb. We had the same man for all of two weeks and he was a pleasure. He set up our table every night with our perferred drinks and was wonderful. The hotels lifts are an issue. They repeatedly failed as we stayed and on one occasion my family and I were stuck for over 10 minutes in the lift shaft, i have not been comfortable in confined spaces (especially lifts) ever since.

Overall I feel the only advantages of the accomidation are the clean and relaxing pool and the resturant staff, however i would not recommend the hotel and Agadir to anyone especially families and people with young children.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
great hotel and nice staff brilliant...

"great hotel and nice staff brilliant holiday but dont buy anything in the carpet shop next door .I bought a mirror for 600 euro and never got it"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2005, Half Board, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
I had a very pleasent experience...

"I had a very pleasent experience during the week myself and my partner spent at the Argana Hotel.

Although the food was not always the best (but I am a very picky eater) and the rooms fairly basic, the staff were absolutely lovely and the entire holiday was spottless completely relaxing.

Everyone that we spoke to during the week also shared the same view and some of them have been returning to the hotel for years.

The staff were absolutely lovely and really looked after us, we found that a they were so greatful for even a small tip of €2.

We really enjoyed ourselves, but you have to remember you get what you pay for, the hotel is not expensive therefore you cannot expect 5 star service or facilities. In saying that though we had absolutely no compliants and the overall experience was lovely.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Sunway

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3 / 10
My rating and I have travelled a fair...

"My rating and I have travelled a fair bit would be one/two star so if you are expecting three + then there is a possibility you will be disappointed.

The Hotel was advertised to be 300m from the Beach which is totally misleading it's more like a 10-15 minutes’ walk which is impossible if you are less able as was the case with my Mum. Unless you are staying in a resort with a private beach you are harassed by hawkers all the time so with that and the long trek we eventually gave up.

The first room they offered us as a party of three was totally inadequate and very basic certainly not to three/four star standards more like one star. I pulled back the sheets and there were lots of human hairs in the bed which is disgusting.

We moved to two double rooms which were better but it did not come for free and the shower in the one room did not have hot water the whole time we where there even though we complained on a number of occasions.

The breakfast on offer was ridiculous, forget it if you are thinking full English breakfast or even close. They did not cater at all for people with food intolerances and as the choice is so poor you cannot even improvise. They only offered fried or sort of scrambled eggs, preserve fruit salad, cold polony, cheese, pastries and hard stale bread rolls (no sliced bread for toast) and of course as many olives as you like. It was tedious after the second day so I really felt sorry for people staying longer than a few days. We also found that we had to share our sugar with ants, Yuk.

In general we found that most places had entertainment that went on Monday to Sunday ending anywhere between 11pm and 2am which if you are looking for tranquillity and rest is not at all ideal.

Members of staff where helpful to a point but there always seemed to a language problem when trying to voice a complaint or a problem otherwise they seemed to understand English clearly.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Airperx

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1 / 10
This hotel had an outbreak of food...

"This hotel had an outbreak of food poisoning while we were there. A majority of the guests were very sick and the staff did not seem to care at all and put it down to 'climate change'. It was not just the European people who were sick but a lot of the Moroccans and Algerians holidaying there were as well. So how can they say it is climate change?

When I tried to make a formal complaint, because my travelling companion had been sick in bed for two weeks, they would not accept it and I was told to put my complaint in the 'suggestion box’. Appalling. I would not allow my children to eat in the hotel from the second week and we spent their meal times in Pizza Hut and McDonalds. Hardly Moroccan but I was terrified that they would get this nasty virulent food bug. Another couple went home early for the same reason. Almost all the guests we spoke to had the same bug. Nothing was done and the hotel staff did not give a damn.

We also met a honeymoon couple who had been sick in bed all week.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomson

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1 / 10
I have recently returned from the...

"I have recently returned from the Argana where I stayed with my dear friend Sossie. As North African hotels go, it was not bad. The rooms were clean-ish and the staff didn't crawl too much for tips.

Agadir, however, was a nightmare. We were constantly harassed in the streets by beggars and hawkers of every description and services of a sexual nature were freely on offer. Poor Sossie went quite pale when one young man offered his sister and then himself or both together for sale at a bargain special price.

Having negotiated the horrors of the streets, we decided to sample the cuisine. Sweet Mother of God, I have never come across the slops that were set in front of us. Poor Sossie nearly threw up.

However, iIt was when we got back to the hotel that the real problem emerged. Poor Sossie spent all night sitting on the pot. I was quite distressed myself and had to avail of the second smaller toilet with the water spout which was quite cold to use. The entire week we were plagued with constant tummy problems so my advice to visitors is bring plenty of Imodium.

This is in no way to blame the Argana as we ate out all the time.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
I read the review on this hotel...

"I read the review on this hotel before booking the holiday but have to let everyone know that we had an extremely bad experience with this hotel.

Firstly be very careful if you book a twin room for 2 adults and a child. The rooms are no more than 12' x 12' and there is not enough room to swing a cat! The first room we were allocated was just so with a smelly toilet and bed linen that smelt funny. Just outside our room there was a lot of building work going on so it was very noisy. We asked to be moved to another room and after a few very long hours in reception were finally given another room. To our horror (we only found out later that night) we were directly above the nightclub that did not close until 5am. We were unable to sleep all night. To top it all off just outside our window was a very large extractor fan from the kitchens which smelt awful.

Later our air-conditioning broke and we were told that no-one was available to fix it for a day and a half. As if that wasn't enough we woke up (eventually) and found that we only had brown water coming out of the shower and the television was broken. These were the main bad points (not mentioning that we had to ask for towels and a spare bed for our son about 5 times before we got it).

I found the staff on reception extremely rude and just not interested in solving any of the problems that we have encountered. We spent two days of our holiday completely stressed out and were eventually forced to leave the hotel and pay for another one. Our complaint is still ongoing with our booking company and I hope that this will be sorted out very soon!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Bed & Breakfast, booked with Travelshop

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8 / 10
Good Hotel but no Beach!

"Just returned from staying at the Argana Hotel in Agadir last weekend. We enjoyed our stay the hotel was good the staff were very nice. We stayed bed and breakfast and had no problem with the food supplied. They did nice pancakes, flapjacks and fresh doughnuts varying it each day along with the normal fruit, cold meats, cheese etc. the bread is lovely. The only problem was we got a room which looks down onto the Reception on the first floor and it was very noisy first thing in the morning. They have installed some sort of metal detector device at the door and it has a high pitched beep every time someone comes in the door, it's like the ones at the airports. I don't know why, I never saw them stopping anyone and searching them or anything like that. But at six/seven in the morning when you're trying to stay asleep it really gets inside your head. So just a warning! Also there's no beach anymore for this hotel. We were told they had a private section of the beach with sunbeds but when we went down to the beach, there wasn't any. Our rep told us the next day that they are building a new promenade and that section of the beach is closed, there's major work going on. You now have to go up to the public end of the beach, towards the port and there are no sunbeds, but there are restaurants. We were disappointed but it turned out to be very windy on the beach and not comfortable for sitting in anyway so we stayed by the pool. We had a massage which was good but a bit weird as the lights were off and just a light from the hallway into the room. Overall we had a great week the weather was good still a bit cool in the morning and at night, it was my first time but will definitely go back."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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10 / 10
Rock the Kasbah

"Just back from Agadir where the weather was fantastic.

We stayed in the Hotel Argana which in an excellent location, near all the shops and restaurants and a 5 minute walk to the beach. The staff were extremely friendly and even spoke a bit of Irish. We would definately go back again. The only bad points was the bland hotel food and the slightly uncomfortable beds. The huge choice of local restaurants and the great view from our balcony certainly made up for this and there was also a lovely spa and swimming pool.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2007

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10 / 10
Friendliest staff ever!

"Stayed here with my family last easter. We had a greta time as weather was amazing and the view from our balcony was great.

There was a mis understanding when checking in and i didnt seem to have a bed!! but hours later they had sorted everything out and I had my own bedroom thankfully!

the staff in the restaurant were so nice and taught us bits of arabic every evening and we taught them irish!

The food was a little bland but sitting out on the balcony of the bar every evening was great and the hotel is just a short walk from all the main restaurants an the beach.

Great plave and good value!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2007

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