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10 / 10
The best holiday ever

"I was in St George hotel last week with my family. It was our first time in Egypt and we liked it so much! The hotel was very good, exactly perfect for us. We are not very interested in nightlife etc so hotel's location was brilliant. The hotel was composed and nice, there were no loud voices in the night so we slept very well. And we got easily to Old Market & Naama Bay & Beach by free bus/walking/cheap taxi.

The best thing in St George hotel was really friendly and helpful staff! They were very funny and joyful all the time, even though they worked so long and hard every day. I've been in many hotels, but I have never seen as nice staff as in St George. Particularly waiters and barmen were so funny. Also our room's housekeeper was nice person. The activity team, too, was funny and I wonder how they could be so cheery all the time even though they worked long and hard every day too.

I'm sure we're going back to this hotel some day. I can really recommend St George to everyone, especially if you like composed and pleasant hotel!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Very nice place, we'll come again some day!
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
it was great

"i went to three corners for my first time and found it to be very clean and always busy. The staff were always helpful and friendly and we was able to do as much or as little as we wanted. Like anywhere when going out and about you have to be quite hard and say no if people bother you but that was my only problem . Would definatley go again and Micheal was great"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
the best we have had

"this was the best holiday we have had, it was our first time in eygpt and we cant wait to go back to this hotel, i read the reviews and yes i was very worried, well let me tell u it was brill, all the staff cant do enough for you, food good, rooms very clean. weather was great, we went in november, we are booking again next year, we never go back to the same place twice but cant wait to go back to this hotel, i have never wrote a review before but feel i must tell anyone who is thinking of going here please do because u really wont regret it. the mozzies r bad, and there isnt very much to do at night, lots of people took to playing cards. i love this hotel and have already bin to book again but have to wait till jan for the winter books to come out, please dont be worried about anything you have read, i promise you you will love it."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: love it and cant wait to go back
  • Activities: didnt do any trips, but will go cario next time
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"Me and my wife have arrived back on 27/11/09.we cant wait to go back next year we went for 7 nights wasnt longer enough.the rooms where spotless cant fault it in anyway bottled water in room every day.food was ok was edable missed mash chips and bacon.ommlets are very nice recomend them freshly made.entertainment wasnt much of realy what they need realy is a disco to get everybody involved thats what it is short of.the animation team dont think they sleep always on the go dont no where they get there energy from.me and my wife went down to nanama bay just to get a few presents you couldnt walk down the the shops without being hasseled you couldnt go in a shop even if you looked at the window of a shop they was there.me and my wife went for a indian it was lovely good service as well."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Brill
  • Activities: Snorkling and Indian Restaurants
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
watch for henna tattoos

"we just returned from three corners i wnet with my mum and dad and three sons aged 9,7 and 5.

my 7 year old has had a henna tattoo done that has turned into blisters and is now gonna scar him.

the food was rubbish iv been to cuba on a all inc and there standards are much much better. the food was cold, repetetive and the last 5 days i didnt eat my 5 year old ate pasta every day, cos there was not much else for him. the pizza you can use as door stops!!!there is no snack bar, you have to pay if you want snacks.

the room was not cleaned properly. where the entertainment at night is its next to sewage works and it stinks, also you get bitten to death by mossies!. the animation team were great getting everyone involved.

you do get pestered everday by the spa people trying to sell you packages.

all i can say is if people think this hotel is great then they have not been a proper all inclusive holiday

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
great value for money

"Having read some of the previous reviews I was wary of booking, but my sister (who is quite fussy) said it was good, having been twice previously herself. So I booked 2 weeks. It was a great decision as the hotel is brill. It is is kept very clean, the rooms are spacious, well equipped and again very clean. The animation team do try to get you involved but just have a chat and then they leave you alone, till the next day at least but then this how you learn things about the local people and the place itself. The food is ok but lets face it you're paying 3 star prices why expect 5 star food. It was my birthday while we were there and my husband booked the a la carte restaurant for a meal to celebrate. I received a cake and had lovely young waiters to dance with me, it was great! We are planning to go back in March for my husbands 60th birthday and we can't wait. Please if you are thinking of booking this hotel bear in mind the price you will pay and dont expect 5 star food but 5 star treatment from the staff as they are fantastic especially Tamer at the quiet pool bar and if Michael the guest relations manager suggests you go on his city tour go for it it is worth the £5 we paid just for the information you get. And finally if you go to the beach try the sister hotel the Kiroseiz as it is great for snorkelling and worth the le40 entrance as you get all the all inclusive facilities once you are there. If you want a good value holiday try the St George."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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4 / 10
nothing like the good reviews

"it is my wife and mine 4th time in sharm, and the 1st in this hotel. this was the worse we have stayed in. in the middle of nowhere, only a small shuttle bus to take you anywhere, once it was full that was it, you had to pay for a taxi. the prices inside the hotel was more than we've paid anywhere else. the holiday was cheap and the hotel was basic. they had a reasonable gym, but you had to pay extra(150le for a week). previous hotels the spa and gym were free because you were all-inclusive, but not the st george. our next visit to sharm, we'll pay more for the holiday, and get a better hotel. what we saved with the holiday company, was spent in the first few days in the hotel. pay more, and save when you get there. when we got home this wprked out more expensive than our previous stays at 5* hotels."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: watch for the extras
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
first and last

"this we my wife's and mine first time in sharm and the first time at a three corner hotel. compared to our previous holidays in luxor and hugarda,this hotel is a disgrace to the egyptian country and people. obviously the people who have been several times must never have stayed in a proper hotel. you are treated like a walking bank account. if you want anything other than the basic service it will cost you, an not just a small amount extra. you will be expected to pay more than you would in the uk. if it is a meal in the "al a carte" restaurant, a bottle of beer, or a hair cut. i dont know where they get there prices from. this is a third world country with no taxes, and poverty salaries.it must be why business men here are very fat.from the minute you arrive you are bother by staff trying to sell you something.trying to sell you a beduin dinner as you try to eat in the restaurant, city tour in the reception. hair dryer will cost you, internet will cost you, to watch the football will cost you. dont even try to relax on a sunbed. somebody will pester you - either to go diving, buy a cocktail, buy and ice cream, go to the casino, have a massage, get a shave. if we wanted this sort of trouble i would have slept in the street. the prices they charge are about four times what you pay outside. we went to the go-kart mall, got a beduin dinner for half the price the hotel wanted, had a shave for 20le and watched the football free at the T2 bar. if you were unfortunate to be ill then that was it, it was cheaper to fly home than see the doctor. and i agree with the comments about the spa, twice the price we would pay at home for a nothing special therapy from rude staff in a dirty spa-dont waste your money in there, the beach gives the same service for a lot more reasonable price."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont go
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
ok for price

"have spent one week at the st george. our first time in egypt. the price we paid was value for money and we were lucky as alot of people were ill but my wife and me had no problems at all. i must agree with previous comments, i had a look around the health spa and it was very dirty. you could not see the bottom of the jacuzzi, the was the smell of cigarette smoke in the spa area and there was two young children running around shouting and screaming, going into rooms where guests were getting treatment. maybe my good health was due to avoiding the jacuzzi. perhaps the spa owner gets commission off the doctors, as most spa guests were the ones who were ill. we will stay at st george again, but avoid the spa."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: different
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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5 / 10
the hidden discrace

"the hotel,staff, food n entertainment was ok but for the price we paid value for money. the hidden disgrace was the health spa. it was dirty, they gave you dirty towels to use, showers and jacuzzi looked like they were never cleaned. having booked treatment by the pool, the lad was great n gave us all the information, the staff in the spa continually tried to get use to spend more, and basically very rude, especially the italian [--](i dont know if all italians are like that). i only had one treatment and would not go back. it was not a good service or value for money. it was the only experience thar spoilt my visit to egypt."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: fantastic place
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
was the best hol ever carnt wait to go bk

"i traveled on my own with my 6 yr old son, and there wasnt 1 day that either of us said we was bored,there is always sum thing to do at the hotel and all the trips u can do. the food was great and a good selection so always some thing nice to eat. on 1 day we had a mc ds just 4 the pure fact that they deliver to the hotel lol and it was massive. the animation team r ace they all work so hard to make every 1s stay a good 1 they always try get every1 involed around the activity pool and if u dnt want to join in then they dont pressure you. all the staff at the hotel were ace and so friendly always some1 to talk to and all the other guests were great aswell. there is entaintment is good in the eveings and goes on late enough as people need sleep b4 the fun starts the next morning. if you want more party nite life adam from animations takes groups in to namba bay to pacha and to the hard rock bar i didnt go on these but other guest said they was really good.and on a sat nite they do a nite into the dessert 4 a beduion nite 2 sample local food and traditional entertainment what is a good nite out, always on a sunday nite they do a trip to the local casiono were u can gamble or just go to watch the belly dancer show. carnt wait to come back booked up to come back in may look 4ward to seeing you all again."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: its hot hot hot but fantasic place to be
  • Activities: 4x4 safari quad biking with hossen n caiaro n just chilling in the hotel n at the hotels beach
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"we had an amazing here at st george all the staff are very good and friendly never been anywhere where the management have time for all of their guests.the free shuttle buses are always on time and air con works fantastic too, beach staff are absolutely brilliant they look after you as much as the beach,kids loved it too their ages are 4,9,11.snorkeling fanatics paradise aswell.the hotel is immaculate,food gorgeous,we are in the process of looking to come back nxt yr thankyou micheal your a star who manages a fantastic hotel miss you egypt loads xx"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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