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6 / 10
I am amazed at some of the negative...

"I am amazed at some of the negative reviews, we must have had a lucky escape! I only use Sharm for Scuba Diving - it’s nice to do my courses in the warmth of the Red Sea. I thought the food was okay, it’s not the Ritz but edible. The wine was drinkable as well. I HATE the airport, the useless baggage claim and lazy ignorant 'customs' men busy doing nothing, plus the rip-off prices for the 'visa'.

I always try to book my own transport - get a taxi and avoid the going-home queues. Also if you are going anywhere or doing dive courses book them from the UK as they have now introduced a 'tax', yes yet another sting-the-tourist rip-off. Basically I find most of the inhabitants lazy and always ready to rip you off - look for staff with a little cross on their right hand by the thumb - these are Christian Egyptians and tend to give the best service and prices.

Don't expect much and you will not be disappointed, remember Sharm is not a real place its only set up for tourists, Egypt is somewhere else called The Third World. Try to learn a few words like thank you and no thank you. Don’t take any valuables. We booked the flights and hotel via On The Beach and got exactly what we expected for the money. If I owned Sharm and Hell I think I would rent out Sharm and live in Hell, but its good for a weeks diving!

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006, All Inclusive, booked with On The Beach

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9 / 10
You will have no problems with this...

"You will have no problems with this hotel. If I am honest I wouldn’t return to Egypt but that has nothing to do with the hotel but more to do with the hassle you get in the town.

The hotel staff are Excellent, also if you have any problems they are sorted out. we changed rooms and that was no problem for them.

The reason I am putting this post on is whilst we were there a lot of people suffered from a sickness bug (nice way to put spending all day on the loo!) I was one of these and suffered it for days, I don’t believe this had anything to do with the food more just change of environment. I don’t want other posts to give a bad review just because of this.

I saw our rep and she recommended a drug from the pharmacy (just up the road, near the go cart track) it is called Antinal, this sorted me out almost straight away, so please don’t suffer, also drink the aniseed tea as this helps to.

On a final note if you are going with Thompson, Natalie the rep is very experienced and will help you out, she is probably one of the best reps you will ever deal with.

  • Holiday details: May 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
My partner and I had a fantastic...

"My partner and I had a fantastic holiday at the St George Three Corners. I admit that we were more than a little apprehensive after reading some of the reviews on this website. The St George may have had some teething problems during the first months and maybe that’s why people were so negative, if that was the case they have certainly been ironed out.

Our room was lovely, it was quiet, cool and always clean. It didn't have the best view but we didn't spend any time in it anyway, there was too much to do.

The staff were amazing, especially Ahmed and Bowles at the lively pool. All the staff were particularly helpful and talkative, though it was a little strange not having any women around. The manager was very friendly and always asking your opinion, and as to what he could do to make your stay better.

The food in the hotel was to a good standard there was a huge selection to choose from everyday, it was always hot and tasty. You’ll be in your element if you like deserts. We were there for two weeks so it did get a little repetitive for me as I'm not so adventurous. We ate out in Naama bay couple of times, and also in the hotel Al a carte. We found the service at Chez Pascal to be lacking, but the food was very good and if you're prepared to wait it's worth it.

As for the beach, well you luck holidayers that go from now on have the choice of two. The new beach is the beach that the hotel runs a shuttle to, it runs every hour and usually the bus is quite busy, however on the couple of occasions that there were too many people to fit in, the bus driver was more than happy to return for the rest. It takes about 10mins, and really is no problem at all, we found it quite a nice opportunity to meet people staying at the hotel. The beach itself is very nice, with lots of beds and umbrellas, an immaculate pool bar that serves salads, sandwiches, burgers etc. It's quite a nice change from the hotel lunch. The beach is normally quite peaceful apart from a Saturday when there is a beach party, which is great!! The sea is really calm and clear, for those of you wanting to see sea life the other beach is far better.

The second beach is at St George's sister hotel Kirosiev, to get here you need to get a taxi (make sure to ask for beach, not hotel) it's about 15 EP. It's not your typical sandy stretch, it's set out in a series of levels with lots of beds. You can't walk out in the sea here as the coral is harsh on your feet, but there is a jetty that runs out to coral edge. Here you can jump in a swim, it is very deep but calm. The beech is absolutely amazing for snorkeling and well worth the trip. Your all inclusive works at this beech as well, and there is a pool bar and restaurant that has a huge selection at lunch time.

As for the trips you can go on, we went to Cairo (£130) on quad safari (£20) and to Ras Mohammed snorkeling (20). We booked our trips with the guy in reception and got them at a considerable discount compared to the tour companies. The trips were exactly the same as the tour companies we even had the same flight and guide to Cairo and boat to Ras Mohammed. The guy is really helpful and barters a little too.

I don't think there's anything I've forgot. Just remember to relax and have fun when your there, then you've nothing to worry about.

Happy Holidays!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Don’t read any further, this is a...

"Don’t read any further, this is a fantastic place to stay. My wife and I were out there for 7 days over April and May 06, the best holiday yet, in fact so good we are going to return in September.

The resort has its own private beach which is only a 5 min free bus ride away which in its self was not that good due to it had only been open 1 day so we used the sister hotels beach (Kirosez beach) which we had to get a taxi to although this cost around £2 - £3. On the beach you still get the benefit of your all inclusive as there is a restaurant there.

The snorkeling there is amazing, I recommend you purchase a underwater camera from the on beach store. St Georges hotel is a superb place to stay if you like fun and family life, I was told that the sister hotel is for the stuck up folk out there so if you prefer to read your times and novels then don’t go to a family resort like St George as this is a fun filled place with down to earth English food, I am a fussy eater abroad and to my surprise I found something every day here.

I recommend pushing the boat out and making use of the chez restaurant on site, its not part of the all inc but all the same we met 3 couples there and we all ate together in the chez as a last supper thing which totaled to £45 for 8 of us, we had steak which was better than you would get back home. It was my wife’s birthday when we was there and to our surprise we found a birthday cake in our room one evening, this was a very nice gesture, the staff there are fantastically friendly.

Very day our room was cleaned to the highest standard you would require, we used to go to our room to find our towels had been made in to shapes of flowers and fans and ducks like origami with towels, all in all our stay was the best. The only down fall to our stay was the tour rep, (Craig) he was useless and didn’t care much about anybody, but that’s nothing to do with the hotel.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Panorama

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9 / 10
I am going to say exactly what the...

"I am going to say exactly what the last few people have said - Why all the moaning?

I had a fantastic time in the three corners hotel & met some lovely people. When we arrived the airport is pretty much as clear as mud! Very poor to be honest but aren’t most airports abroad!


The rooms are very clean & spacious what more do you need.

The pools are fab - there is a quiet pool & a larger pool - the large one is where you go if you want a bit of music & expect to be roped into the games etc - if you don't want this opt for the smaller quieter one (where I didn’t get hassled once!)

Food is pretty standard (Like anywhere abroad) I am quiet fussy anyway to be honest but it was good enough - depends on the individual i think - a few couples we met couldn’t get enough of the food so it must be good!(its easy to forget it's Egypt not England & the food quality will be different)

Nightlife is at Naama Bay (hotel provides a free bus but get there early) Quite liked Hard Rock cafe myself the cocktails are FAB. - You do get hassled which can either be fun or draining depending on how you react - this applies to the old market as well - be prepared to pay a lot less than the asking price &you can get some bargains


There are 2 - the one the hotel provides a free bus to has only been opened a week & is not that great - it's not worth bothering in fact - get a Taxi & go to the Three Corners Kiroseiz beach for around 20LE - it's £2 but worth it - THE FISH ARE AMAZING - the food has more selection than the hotel itself -


I would rate these 12 out of 10! They are smashing - they cannot do enough for you- stars - especially the really shy one who works in the lobby bar - I could bring him home. Believe me the staff work virtually 24hours a day & all their wages go home to there families - they are true diamonds.

I could go on forever, trust me you will have a good time.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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10 / 10
My partner and I have just come back...

"My partner and I have just come back from a weeks holiday at this awesome hotel.

We are both shocked by the bad reviews this hotel has received, at the end of the day it's not Spain or Europe, its Egypt and things are different - but that’s part of the reason we booked to go there!!!

Ok where to start? We arrived in Egypt late at night at Sharm Airport and as soon as you get through the door don't be alarmed by the amount of people offering you a taxi! We queued for a visa (which you only need if you going out of Sharm for excursions) and this didn’t take long at all. We didn’t have any transfers booked but straight away a representative from Med Hotels told us where to head and we only paid £4 each and arrived at our hotel within a very good time - all in all a good start! A little tip though, don't let anyone help you with your luggage, they will want money for taking it, handling it and then putting it on the coach - Just Say NO!!!

We arrived at the hotel and first impressions were good, we were quickly given our room key and given refreshments on arrival. The room was lovely, spacious with big beds, very clean and of course with air con! They are cleaned every day and our cleaner Hamdy was a legend! He couldn't do enough for us, always polite and friendly!

The food is slightly repetitive but it is an all inclusive and it's never going to be 5* is it. We both enjoyed everything we had and stuck to what we liked - no problems! The restaurant above the buffet room was EXCELLENT!! You have to pay at this restaurant but it’s worth every penny indeed. WE paid 170 LE which is about £17 and had king prawns and huge steaks which were beautiful! I would recommend it highly!

The drinks are ok, slightly weak and of course it is the local stuff but it’s not unbearable. Again we found what we liked and stuck to it, the white wine is ok if you have some lemonade with it, and the local beer is lovely! The cocktails at the lounge bar are great!

All the staff were helpful and pleasant and never stopped smiling, especially Ahmed the barman at the Mermaid Bar (this is the swim up bar at the pool). He made every time going up for a drink a laugh - the man is a legend!!

The animation team are lovely, Waleed and Abdul and Sabina organised a night out to Pascha which is a nightclub in Naama Bay for everyone, they got us cheap tickets and paid for all the taxis - they really looked after us. Yes they asked people to join in with the pool games but we never once felt pressured or even annoyed by them - its there job to ask at the end of the day they are there to provide entertainment and you would only moan if there weren't there!

Naama Bay is a bit touch and go, there is a lot of hassle and you have to barter for everything! It just their way and they are only trying to make a living. Little Tip whatever price they offer, always offer them a third of it, once you show them the colour of your money they usually cant refuse!!!!

Saint Georges beach had only been open a week and to be honest is not brilliant but Kiroseiz is another hotel in the Three Corners group and a taxi here only costs around 20LE which is £2 approx. This beach is all inclusive for Saint George Residents and the snorkeling is unbelievable, there is every kind of fish here! The food at this beach is nice too!

I would recommend using the free shuttle bus everywhere as the taxi drivers are a bit crazy!

All in all we completely enjoyed our staff and are going to book to go back in October to this hotel!

Don't worry about the negative reviews, what more do want from a four star hotel and lets be honest some people just love a good moan!!!


Alek and Tara

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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9 / 10
I've included a few bits and pieces...

"I've included a few bits and pieces about Egypt in general that I think you should know about before going so be prepared for a long read:

If you haven't been to Egypt before you should be prepared for a bit of a shock. On arrival at the airport our baggage was promptly unloaded onto the most pathetic airport luggage carousel system I have ever seen. Baggage either falls off and gets left in a corner somewhere or gets jammed up against something whilst the conveyor belt continues to move underneath. For some reason this country just can't get baggage return right, everywhere else manages it ok though - and for that reason I wouldn't be taking your Louis Vitton bags with you as they do get wrecked!

If you get the option to pay for transfers from the airport to the hotel I'd certainly advise you take the offer as the Egyptian taxi drivers will try and scam you out of every last penny. We tried two taxis before we got one that gave us a reasonable price and even then we had to barter for it. Whatever you do don't let a seemingly helpful bloke carry your luggage across the car park as they'll expect you to tip them before you get in the taxi and can quickly get very angry if you don't pay up (which we didn't).

Having said that, once you get to the hotel everything's laid on for you, the bell hop will take your bags to your room and won't stand around waiting for a tip and the reception staff are very friendly.

On the whole the hotel was very clean, and our room was cleaned daily, if anything I'd describe the cleaners as perfectionists - they'll fold your underwear and arrange your bottles of sun screen in ascending height order!

The room was plenty large enough although what was described as a "double" room on our paperwork was actually a "twin" and the hotels answer to this was to push the two beds together which gave the cleaner the nod to put a double mattress cover over the two mattresses. The air con was good although I'm not convinced it worked properly (we didn't complain as it was plenty cool enough for us but I got the impression that any complaints would be dealt with promptly).

Although the hotel was obviously new and had only been open a number of months there were a number of fixtures and fittings that would appear to be much older - doors, frames and locks seemed to be years old and part of our bathroom door hinge fell off whilst we were there.

The week we were there saw the opening of the new private beach specifically for the St George hotel - previously it had been shared with the other Three Corners resort hotel. The beach was nice and the all inclusive bar and food there was most welcome. As the beach had only just opened there was what appeared to be a building site next door but I'm sure this will be cleaned up shortly. The free shuttle to the beach was cramped but this could have been a one off bad experience as we only went to the beach one day.

The food in the hotel seemed edible but repetitive, no sign of any flies or bugs and the restaurant staff were very helpful and ensured tables were cleaned as fast as possible.

The hotel also has a 24 hour on call English speaking doctor - handy to have but make sure you check what you're going to be charged before you get the treatment. My girlfriend made the mistake of asking his advice about heat rash, before she knew it she was on the bed with a needle in her arm, in one hand a load of creams and lotions and a bill for £80 in the other. On top of that the injection was made in the wrong place where only blood tests should be taken from.

The entertainment in the evening within the hotel didn't look particularly amazing but it was worth seeing - the two nights we stayed in to watch the entertainment we had karaoke and a fire breather / eater who walked on glass and lay on a bed of nails - which was impressive to watch.

The "animation" team were friendly and entertaining (speaking from the perspective of a young couple) but I could easily see any older guests finding them annoying. There was always plenty of opportunity to play water polo or volley ball but not much else as far as I could tell.

The choice of the two pool areas was a bonus as it meant that the smaller pool with the Jacuzzi was mostly surrounded by the older guests who just wanted to relax in peace which left space for the larger pool to be a bit more upbeat and fun - they played music in the day and this is where the animation team based their activities - including throwing me in the pool on a number of occasions. If I'd objected I'm sure they wouldn't have done this but any opportunity to pull "Mario" in with me was worth it!. There was also a free towel facility which was handy to have although we didn't end up using it as we'd brought our own.

The hotel is a little out of the way so you do have to get a taxi if you're going anywhere but a taxi to Naama bay (main shopping area and nightlife) is about £3 and thankfully is nothing like the experience at the airport that I described earlier.

As with most of the other reports here you'll definitely have to learn how to say "no" and walk away when every other person's trying to pull you into their bars, restaurants or shops. A favourite trick seems to be to offer to give you their business card - if they offer you this just walk away. The open air night club "pacha" is excellent but pricey, the hard rock cafe is good for a meal or a night out and KFC will sell you two meals for £3.50

One tip: If you do go to Egypt, anywhere that is, not just this hotel: Don't eat the pizza in the airport on the way home... trust me. Four of us ate there before the return flight and all four of us have had the sh*ts and upset stomachs!

All in all an excellent holiday, I'd definitely go back. This review might sound like a bit of a rant but I've just mentioned all the bad bits, there's plenty of good bits too otherwise I wouldn't have given it 9/10. Lovely place, lovely people (except the cab drivers) and very clean!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos

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8 / 10
I'm a bit surprised by some of the...

"I'm a bit surprised by some of the negative reviews I read about this hotel before I went on holiday. All I can think is the St George is a new hotel and must have been suffering some teething problems.

The room was great with good AC and fab walking shower. The staff were all friendly and eager to help. In the restaurant there was not a massive choice of food but it was freshly cooked and of a good standard. Both the pools were great with plenty of sunbeds.

The only downsides for me were, the animation and entertainment team were almost non existent and the hotel is a bit remote i.e. there is nowhere local to go and have a walk.

Naama Bay is very lively and I can highly recommend the Camel Bar it’s full on nuts!!!!

All in all a good hotel in a good resort.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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9 / 10
I would definitely rate this holiday...

"I would definitely rate this holiday a 9/10, I went to Sharm el Sheikh with my mother and we both had an absolute brilliant time there, the rooms were very spacious and comfy, the bar staff were ever so generous with there quantity of drinks, I will never forget the Florida and Cleopatra kiss cocktails. But yeah it was absolutely brilliant.

Our room was near the quiet pool area so it was very relaxing to sunbathe and just simply chill out. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who is flying to Sharm. Entertainment wise I wouldn’t say was absolutely brilliant but it was ok for the people who had young children, as it gave you a chance to relax your mind and to keep them occupied for a while.

Naama Bay I must say was wicked!!!!! The night life there was so live!! I will never forget the places where you could sit on these cushions and have a water pipe sheesha smoke :D.

Our rep for med hotels, Waheed was an absolute star who gave you brilliant advice on which good excursions to go too. Waheed we miss you and hope 1 day we come back to Sharm el Sheikh.

I must say the men out there were very flirtatious, not just in the hotels but outside the hotels as well, but hey its not there fault that all these attractive young overseas women are soo beautiful, although it did get very annoying at times.

But overall, St George is a wonderful hotel with friendly staff, good food, drink everything! And not to mention the weather, the weather is something that we’ll never get in England in this dirty wet, disgusting, unpredictable climate. I hated it when I set foot in London Gatwick, it was 5 degrees and was pissing down with rain and snow. :(

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, Select, booked with Med Hotels

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9 / 10
My wife and i have just returned from...

"My wife and i have just returned from a week at the St George and had a fantastic time. To be honest I am staggered by some of the poor reviews on this site and really want to set the record straight. The hotel is lovely (immaculate with new, spacious rooms and good facilities) and the staff are very friendly and helpful. In particular the manager Mr Sarofeem who went out of his way to make our stay very special indeed.

We have travelled extensively around the world both as backpackers and on package holidays and have done All Inclusives in both Cuba and recently in the Three Corners in El Gouna on the Red Sea. This hotel compares very favourably to both of those holidays with this hotel being our favourite of the three. The hotel is smaller than many of the big resorts in Sharm so you can have your own space but can interact on a personal level with the very friendly staff.

We were never hassled once by the hotel pool (there are two and we chose to sit by the quieter one with the jaquzzi which despite what the earlier review stated was clean!).

The food itself was of a standard typical to many AI resorts. That is to say it would never win any awards but was varied and tasty all the same. The food at Chez Pascal upstairs however was in fact gorgeous and I can thoroughly recommend the peppered steak! The red wine and beer in the all inclusive were fantastic but the white wine should be avoided.

Also those worried about getting ill - we were very aprehensive coming back to Egypt as we did a weeks cruise on the red sea and a week in El Gouna for our honeymoon in 2004 and were very ill - however i am very pleased to say there was no sign of any illness on this trip!!

The beach is a short bus ride away and is shared with the other three corners resort in sharm. We were there over easter and found getting a sunbed no problem. The sand is nothing special but then you dont go to the red sea for the sand you go for what is under the water. I am a keen diver and the red sea will not dissapoint. Likewise there are great snorkelling opportunities to be had - including off the pontoon at the three corners beach.

Perhaps the only slight negative of the resort is that it is not really close to anything other than other hotels. The main resort in sharm (Naama Bay) is a bit cheesy but there is a free shuttle bus there if you are so inclined. The only other negative (and this is directed more towards the tour operators and not the hotel) is the cost of the excursions is very expensive. We did the trip to Cairo which was great but very very expensive (£175 but at their conversion rate nearer £185 per person). For diving I can recommend the Aquarius dive school at the Sheraton Hotel. They were great.

Those comments on Sharm airport below are true - it is terrible but they are expanding it and not a moment to soon.

On a final note if you are thinking of booking a Cosmos holiday dont bother (that goes for anywhere and not just Egypt). They are the worst of the worst. My Travel were much better.

Please dont be put off by the negative comments from other posters below. This is a truely lovely hotel run by a fine manager and a strong team of staff. I'm certain you can have just as good a time as we have just had. We would definately go back there in the future.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel

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8 / 10
I am disappointed to read the recent...

"I am disappointed to read the recent bad reviews given to St George Three Corners Hotel as my partner and I really enjoyed our stay there.

We found the hotel staff to be very helpful and friendly, and our room was cleaned every day to a good standard.

Our room overlooked the quieter pool area at the rear of the hotel, which is where we did our sunbathing, and we were never approach by any member of the animation team.

We also played table tennis in that area and sometimes played against members of staff who challenged us to a game. A downside to the positioning of the table tennis was that it was on the edge of the sunbathing area and would have been better if it had been further away from the sun beds. This may happen when the leisure facilities at the hotel are completed.

We enjoyed our visits to the beach, and although you have to take a shuttle bus we were always able to board the bus and never saw anyone who couldn't get on. The snorkeling off the beach is fantastic. I understand the only sharks to be found are deep out at sea in August, and then rarely. It is a bonus to be able to continue the all inclusive food and drinks at the beach restaurant and bar. The road to the beach does go through a building site but this stops the moment you enter the gates.

We went on two excursions, quad biking into the Desert and a day on a boat snorkeling. Both of which we would recommend. I snorkeled only feet away from a Giant Turtle! And saw a large pod of dolphins playing around our boat!

There were downsides to our visit. We found the harassment from the Egyptian shop keepers and taxi drivers with regards to tips and selling outside the confines of the hotel very irritating.

The food was generally good but not first class, and we always found something we could enjoy, I liked the variety of salads, and at breakfast the omlettes and pancakes, freshly cooked, and the fresh fruit salad.

The spirits did taste a bit odd but the red wine and beer were acceptable.

There was a lack of sporting facilities at the hotel and it would be nice to think they might include these before too long.

By far the worst part of the holiday was the flight with Air Malta which was disorganised, cramped and had no in flight entertainment at all, not even ear phones for radio.

Overall we would be happy to return to St Georges again.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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3 / 10
Peace and quiet was what I wanted on...

"Peace and quiet was what I wanted on my holiday despite my mother in law joining us on our 1 week all inclusive in Egypt. On arrival Hotel St Georges seemed nice. Never judge a book by it's cover!

Only stay in this hotel if you have your own food or are planning on eating out 24/7. The food was very poor and it was plainly obvious to me that none of the hotel management had any idea what so ever about restaurant catering or cooking. Evening meal food would be used next day for lunch but this time as a side salad, i.e. cold fish and veg.

The hotel enetertainment was the worse I have ever seen. The entertainment crew annoyed immensely during the day when I was trying to read the Times and my novel. They asked me everyday if I wanted to play waterpolo or darts. At one point I commented to my wife that I wanted to inflict pain on them but decided against the course of action for a variety of reasons.

On our final day a certain member of the entertainment crew threw my son in the pool. My son was fully dressed ready to board coach for airport and then 737.

Alcohol. Take some white spirits with you it tastes better.

Local beer was poured into medicine glass and local spirits tasted like dogs p*ss (trust me I know)....

For a true all inclusive go to Cuba - It's the business.

Farewell my Egyptian entertainment team and farewell the worst airport in Africa.

Private beach was nothing more than a sand pit with 100 sunbeds on it. The jetty was ok and many exotic fish. Look out for sharks because they are there- you just can't see them as it very deep.

Hotel rating 2 star not 4. My advice don't go to Egypt.

The only part of hols that was good was weather but would have rather ventured to local tanning shop than revisit Egypt.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Panorama

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