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Siteler Mah. Kenan Evren Bulv. No: 27 Marmaris Merkez, Marmaris 48700, Turkey
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I've just got back from my holiday,...

"I've just got back from my holiday, so here is my review.

It was me and a friend going on vacation looking for a hotel that's close to the beach and close to the nightlife (bar street). We wanted a relaxing holiday but while still having a great night out clubbing.

We were actually staying in the sister hotel (Emre hotel) and not the Beach Hotel, when we arrived the first thing we saw was the Beach Hotel. To be honest it doesn't look good at all, looks kinda shabby. But just across the street was the Emre Hotel which looks a hell of a lot better.

So yeah we arrived, got our room in the Emre hotel; the room was basic but that didn't bother me, I just needed a roof over my head. It was a single room with two single beds, a wardrobe, night stand and some bed side tables. You got a fridge in your room but I'm not sure if its on all the time because your room key activates the electricity in the room so once you leave I'm assuming it turns off. The bathroom was ok, shower wasn't too bad; you cant adjust the height on the shower head which was a bit of a pain but the flow was decent. One thing that surprised me when I arrived was to hear about the way they use toilet paper over there. Apparently your not allowed to flush it, instead you have to put it in a bin next to you and it is emptied daily. Yeah I know it sounds nasty but it wasn't too bad. We paid 21lira for a safety deposit box in the room for 8 days but I don't think you really need it, a few times I had left something valuable out and the cleaners just moved it. They cleaned our room daily and made the beds, we got clean towels every 3 days. So all in all the room was ok for me.

So, over the road was the Beach Hotel, two pools running down the side (1.85mtrs deep max), they don't get a great deal of sun, the sun loungers down the side of the pool get sun for a couple of hours in the afternoon. If you're wanting to sunbath all day long then you'll probably have to either go down the beach or try get the spot at the top of the pool where the sun hits the most but everyone tries to get there. The pools are clean and that's where I spent most of my time.

I've seen a lot of reviews saying the food is all the same day in day out. To be honest I didn't mind it too much, there is a fairly huge selection if your not too much of a picky eater. They vary food each day and you also get different choices throughout the day. I'm a picky eater so a lot of it I didn't fancy, so I found myself living off chips and burgers. As part of the all-inclusive package you get free drinks too: pop, local spirits, local lager, apple juice and some orange/blackcurrent juice (which I found quite sweet). One annoying thing was there are a lot of wasps flying around where drinks are served.

Other people have said that there are a lot of Russians in this hotel and yeah its true, but halfway through our holiday we seemed to have got more and more brits in which made a nice change. I ended up meeting two other couples and spending a lot of time with them.

The staff at the hotel can be a bit funny. The hotel staff, cleaners etc seem to be quite friendly. The waiters/bar staff only seems to be friendly and talkative to females. There were a couple that were ok though.

The thing I liked the most about the hotel was the entertainers. There were two young lads, Akash and Snoop. They were great, I had such a good time messing around with them. They were always up for a laugh etc. On numerous times they were thrown in the pool. The DJ was a good laugh too, he did a lot of entertaining too on a night. On a night around 9:30 they were do some kids dances (oki coki) of which me and mate would join in. Then afterwards they do some sort of comedy or bellydancer, breakdancers etc. For the last 3-4 nights, I spent at the hotel watching the entertainment as most of the time it was hilarious, especially when it was them entertaining and not outside entertainers. After the entertainment had finished they would do a free bus trip to a club in barstreet with free entry and then a free bus ride back to the hotel about 2:30am.

Location. The Beach Hotel is smack next to the beach, they have their own little private section of the beach like most hotels do, plenty of sun loungers, in fact thats all there is on the beach, no room for anything else. You can walk along the beach front because there are plenty of fun bars to go in, there's always some sort of entertainment going on. The further you go towards the boat jeti's (where the clubs are) the more expensive it gets. I spent one night in one of the clubs and it was about £6-7 for a vodka and half a can of redbull which was also one of the reasons why I stayed at hotel each night. Barstreet is a good half hour to 45 mins walk from the hotel but if your walking along the beach front where the rest of the bars are then you don't even notice the distance... just do a pub crawl. For location, you cant really fault the hotel. All the way along the beach is plenty of cheap watersports too.

So yeah overall, for the price I paid for the hotel I was happy with what I got. I would definitely go back next year just to see the entertainers again.

7 / 10

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if your name ends in 'ski 'you ok.

"we just come back from this hotel yesterday morning (28th),unles you are russian or anything but british you wil enjoy this hotel,overall the emre (not beach one /) is lovely the rooms are clean and comfy.went with hubby and 9yr old grandson.on arrival at 2 in morning check in staff ok,not as friendly as i thought as usualy turkish people are,(this being my 7th time) in turkey got to room it very nice 2 singles pushed together and a chair bed.the breakfasts are not very good not much choice.ok if you like eggs scrampled,boiled or sorry not fried.meat salad etc...wel now we have diner.soup ok food luke warm.snack time best bit of day.burgers,spaghetti,cheese on toast.salad.evening meal varied.don't expect hot cos you be disapointed,staff most unfriendly til day before you go back,then hey presto.want you to have a masage and pamper.it costs.billiards is 3 ytl for 1 token so you spend a packet,NOT CHILD FRIENDLY at all,pool is nice,right on beach front.you have to cross main road to go to all amenities.we got drinks for all in party and was not questioned,until end of the night then bar staff got quite rude when you asked for more than one drink.(which they slide at you like cowboy film)if you want late check out it cost 30ytl (12 quid) Entertainment is well i would be barred of site if i said so make your own minds up.kids disco is a farce.all i can say is rooms nice,food crap.location not bad.al they cater for is russians,germans.not brits unless we ask to much."

4 / 10

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I went with my 4 years old daughter...

"I went with my 4 years old daughter last week and we had a fantastic time. The staff were very friendly. The room was small but clean. Though I must say that they did not change my towels very often - strike 1!

The food...well... what can I say - very basic, lots and lots of salads and just a little meat, mostly chicken in some form of stew. My daughter did not enjoy the food at all, but as for me, I was quite desperate to lose a couple pounds so I consumed a lot the salads.

Managed to avoid the three trays of Turkish pastries, ate a lot of water melon slices..., and drank a lot of vodka, gin, and Cola. On my last evening while walking off my dinner, I stopped to weigh myself for YL1. I had gained 4lbs. How? I had only been eating salads!

Don't expect to find lots of Brits at this hotel. There were mainly Russians and Bulgarian here. So I found it difficult to strike up conversation apart from "is this chair free?" and hope and pray they understand the word "free.”

The nightly entertainment... not good, which only leads me to think that the Russians and Bulgarians sense of humour is very different from us Brits, because they seemed to be cracking up with laughter at all times, then... maybe it's all that free Vodka.

7 / 10

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its very basic

"the rooms are very basic, pools are clean, the food is awful ate out quite alot. when we were there you could only get 1 drink for yourself ,not for the family they had to go up their selves very silly. entertainment !!very funny by 9pm we had missed it, it lasted 10mins. alot of russians quiet loud and ladish.wouldnt go back."

4 / 10

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own up you pay for what you get

"people go on line to get a value for money holiday and get it as cheap as they can then moan that they have not had a great time everyone knows that star rating abroard is not the same as english ratings . Knowing that then instead of setting out to find fault they should just relax and have a good time my husband and i together with our two grandchildren aged 8 and 7 stayed at the hotel last october and had a wonderfull time the staff went out of their way to to make jokes with the chiildren which was lovely as there was only entertainment on one of the nights which was a bit disappointing but going out of season what do people expect thinking of going back this year with my eldest daughter thats how safe i feel there the one drink per person policy is not something that i can complain about as my husband and i both went up and got our drinks and we also got rounds in when we joined company"

6 / 10

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DON'T GO!!! Be warned!

"I am a 22 year old girl and travelled with my friend who was 21 at the time. This was my first time staying at Emre Beach and my first time in Turkey and I would not return to either.

I stayed at this hotel on an all inclusive basis but spent as much as i would have if i had gone self catering as we found ourselves eating out every day! I would not consider myself to be a fussy eater but most of the food served was inedible! It was the same thing every night, most of which we didn't even know what it was.

One night i was delighted to find pasta but soon found there was no sauce with it so ate it with tomato ketchup! Beleive it or not that was probably the best meal. Although it is not expensive to eat out, we didn't expect to have to do this after paying to go all inclusive! We ran out of money with 2 days to go and basically had to fast!

This hotel is not a 4* as was advertised to us, in pictures it looks a fantastic hotel but in truth i found it to be dingy and in need of updating. Our bathroom was in desperate need of an update, the shower was awful - manky curtain, and a shower head that just dangled and had to be held whilst showering. The pools are nice but we never actually saw anybody in them as from about 9:00 they are in the shade.

During the day time we were made to drink from old plastic cups which all tasted of Raki (a strong turkish alchohol drink). After waiting a long time to eventually get served at the bar after having put up with the waiters asking us to meet up with them later.

I would advise, especially young girls not to go to marmaris and especially not to this hotel as you will be constantly harrassed. I don't know if this was worse because it was out of season in October and the staff were not kept busy, but this experience was awful as we felt as thou we were always on edge.

While trying to sunbathe on our one sunny day we were driven back in2 the hotel as we were being constantly pestered by the staff to meet up with them after they finished work! After one walked away from us another would immediatley come over, Being poilite and saying no thanks does not work. Being rude and telling them to go away does not work. Each night they would turn up at different clubs and follow us around! I don't mean a couple of the staff i mean them all, waiters, chefs, bech staff. I would estimate around 20 of them and this was low season.

Around the pool and beach area we both felt self conscious due to the staff constantly starring and loitering, there seemed to be a staff to customer ratio of around 5:1 (no exageration)!

By the end of the week we couldn't wait to come home, we were fed up, and starving! I have spoke to people who regulary visit Turkey and say you either love it or hate it, well i can safely say that i am one of those who deffinately hate it!

2 / 10

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great unless your a fussy snob

"In response to the negative reviews posted by some i say don't listen to a word they say. When we return in may 07 this will be our 5th time in this hotel. The rooms are basic but extremely clean & well presented. In a prime location right on the beach everything is within walking distance. Food is not 5 star gourmet dishes but you are not paying for a 5 star hotel and we have always found something on the menu to our liking. Staff are second to none and really contribute to the enjoyment of your holiday with their enthusiasm and high spirits. Swimming pool is clean and well kept although not ideal for children. Overall the hotel has a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere with a clean well presented layout. Not much in the way of entertainment but we've always found the best entertainment is found interacting with our fellow guests. We can't wait till our return and if youre looking for value for money in a prime location don't let the negative comments put you off. This hotel is great fun and ideal for people looking to have a relaxing enjoyable holiday.

Rosie & Fred Cameron



Management response from steviec1972, 20 Feb 2007

thank u rosie & fred for yuor great review and look forward to seeing you on your return we will make sure you receive the best service ever R. Muktai Manager

10 / 10

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We were given a ground floor room on...

"We were given a ground floor room on arrival and after asking reception they moved us straight away.

We found the rooms were basic but adequate and very clean, food was plentiful and of a quite high standard.

As for the Russians and Dutch we had no problems, in fact the British holiday makers were the rude, ignorant, and sometimes embarrassing element that could have easily spoilt our holiday.

Well done Emre Beach.

8 / 10

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Just like the person before me I will...

"Just like the person before me I will give 2/10 for the excellent chamber maids, however the rest of the hotel and service was rubbish. Just as well we took plenty of spending money because we had to eat out a lot.

If you like pasta and tasteless chicken this could be the hotel for you. The reception at hotel Emre was full of Bulgarians and Russians every night smoking and drinking vodka, not very pleasant with two small children. Being a family of four any meals we did try and eat at the hotel was very stressful. The swimming pools are not family orientated apart from the tiny pools for the little ones, the other pools are too deep.

No entertainment at all, whilst in Turkey you could see people pity us when they saw our Emre Beach all inclusive wrist bands, when speaking to locals they all said it was the worst hotel in the area.

2 / 10

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All I can say is the maids keep room...

"All I can say is the maids keep room clean. That’s worth the 2 out of ten

They water the beer down. The Russians and Bulgarians are the rudest people I ever met. The food is rubbish sorry to say. I’ve eaten that much salad. I will be hoping back to the UK and growing rabbit ears. One night 30 English people went down the road to sera beach bar. We asked for English music and the Turks and Russians complained

No entertainment for kids or adults

Its the worst hotel I’ve been in for the last 4 yrs. Never come to this hotel.

2 / 10

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I just had to submit a review in...

"I just had to submit a review in defence of this hotel. This is our 4th time staying in the Emre (the 15th for one member of our group), but just the first whilst it’s been all inclusive. For the price we paid to stay all inclusive here we only would have got bed and breakfast in the other hotels in the same area.

We found the food to be fine, there was always plenty of choice and it was always warm (although my only complaint would be the chips, they were a bit thin and scrawny). The drinks went down a treat and were always very strong, 5 parts vodka, one part coke (just the way we like it!). We did go out to eat in restaurants some nights, which we didn't mind doing because it was so cheap (I recommend Oscars and Karindeniz).

The rooms in the hotel are fab, they were clean and spacious, everything worked and the maids came in every other day, cleaned the room and changed the sheets and towels.

The staff were more than friendly and always polite, which is more than I can say about some of the guests namely the Russians, what rude people. They push in when you’re queuing for food, and were so rude to the bar staff, demanding drinks without saying please or thank you.

The location of the Emre beach is absolutely amazing the scenery in Turkey is beautiful and getting in the sea is just like getting in a bath.

Along the beach front to the left of the Emre Beach is a bar called the Infinity Disco Bar, it’s the best bar in Marmaris and I definitely recommend you visit and have an Infinity Special! The food in the restaurant here is also very good (the Sunday Lunch lovely)

I wouldn't recommend this as a family hotel, there was some entertainment but it was mainly aimed at young Russians, the music from the disco was terrible, head banging stuff, which isn't very good when you have two toddlers with you.

We had a Turkish Bath in the hotel and it was well worth the money we paid.

I would recommend this hotel if your not fussy and stuck up, just remember its 3* and cheap so don’t expect 5* star luxury. We have already booked for next year and can’t wait, we are counting down the days.

7 / 10

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I've just come back from staying in...

"I've just come back from staying in Emre beach hotel with my family, we had a great time, especially the kids, the staff were very helpful and friendly they adored my kids and were always playing with them while clearing the tables.

We could order as many drinks as we liked there was no rule saying one drink per person. The rooms were lovely and clean and we had a maid who cleaned are rooms everyday. I must admit there wasn't any real entertainment, in the seven nights we were there a belly dancer was on one night for about half an hour and break dancers were on another night for half an hour but there is alot of places near the hotel with entertainment on.

I never had a problem with the Russians, Croatians or the Dutch and there was loads of English there. There was loads of food but I did get fed up with chicken being the English dish. I'd recommend this hotel to anyone, that much so I’m hoping to go back next year with my family and three other families’.

8 / 10

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