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1 / 10
not for familes and couples

"This apartment is right next to a night club, which go's on till 6 am in the morning. the room's are dirty, towels are grey and smell, no toaster, micro wave, kettle, iron or air con. you would have to pay extra for these items. this is a shame as Majorca is a great place.service was very poor."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take your own towels
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Have just returned from a week staying in this hovel. We arrived late on a Saturday night after a wonderful flight and transfer to be greeted by a room that looked like a prison cell. The beds were uncomfortable and had springs sticking up. The bathroom had someone else shower gel stuck to the tiles and hair all over the floor. There was hair all over the floor in the living area and under the beds was a layer of dust and dust balls and someone's used chewing gum stuck to the floor. There was also a hair band and broken glass in the corner of the room and a half eaten, boxed pizza in the top of the cupboard.

Went to sit on the sofa bed on day one to find it dirty, turned it over and it was covered in food, what looked like dried blood and other people s hair. The pillows were filthy and lumpy, and one of the mattress protectors was covered in blood! There were two pillows and one blanket, which was covered in long grey hairs!!!

On the first morning, We went for a walk to look around the pool, and discovered a used condom rotting in the sun. All the sun beds lacked cushions. Most of them, with the exception of three, were broken with broken slats. The umbrellas could not be moved and are not as depicted in the photos advertising this place either. There was no restaurant on site either or entertainment as advertised.

On day two, after asking for more pillows and being told that there was one per person, I gave up complaining, deciding that the staff could not be bothered; they had heard it all before. Then a light shade fell of the wall above the bed, hitting me on the head before smashing on the chipped, chewing gum and dust covered floor. I picked up what I could and went down to reception to complain. The guy didn't give a damn; just said he would get a technician up to look, no "are you ok?" . The glass left behind was still in the corner of the room when we left yesterday.

On day four the air con started leaking at 20:00 hours. Water was pouring down the wall onto the electrics, besides the TV, which had three channels, so no satellite TV either, in case you were wondering! Went to reception, nothing could be done but was offered another room, which on inspection was worse than the one we were in. Told a technician would be there at 08:00 hours; he arrived at 11:00 hours.

On day five asked about room and maid service, as had had no change of linen or towels since arrival, and the apartment hadn't been cleaned. Told we would get a change that day; two days before going home. The maid did use bleach on the floor, but didn't sweep it before washing it, and just spread the hairs further around the apartment. No bed change either, just clean towels and bins emptied for the first time.

The supposed night club did not exist and the pool bar closed early every night, with the bar maid closing it down from 18:00 hours onwards. There were no smoke alarms in the self catering accommodation, no fire doors and some of the lights on the stairs never worked the whole time we were there. The lifts were old and felt very unsafe, with one having a cracked floor tiling and they both smelt unsavory. The floors were not washed in the hallways, or the entrance to the hotel, where the stench from some unsavory fluid leaking from inside a locked door increased daily. There was nothing about these apartments to make you feel that it was a home from home, which is what one of the websites describes this as.

On the day of departure, I went back to the desk to ask again about extending the room because we were not leaving until late at night; I had asked earlier and been told to ask on the day of departure. I was told point blank "NO". When I asked about secure storage for our bags I was shown a room with shelving and showers for us to use, which was supposed to have a shut door at all times; not the case. The door was open every time we went back to check on our bags.

When we eventually went to have a shower, the shower facilities were very poor; no air conditioning and broken shower doors to name but a few things (I felt like I was being treated no better than an animal). There were also no towels available for us to use, for we had checked out and they did not provide towels- had I known this then I would have kept the towels from our apartment for use now. Instead we had to use our beach towels that we had to unpack from our suitcase. The door locks were broken and my husband had to stand guard to stop others entering the shower facility which a also contained a toilet. There was also hair blocking the drain and the shower screen was moldy and the door only closed partway due to it being broken. The only good thing about this holiday was the beach, where we spent every day. The sunbeds are expensive and you pay the same whether you have been thee all day or just for the afternoon, but it was the only place that made me feel like a human being and not a second class citizen. There was only one receptionist who was helpful and treated me with respect and he was a young man. He actually got my sofa bed covers changed immediately and requested clean towels and linen for me on day five, and for that I have some thanks. The rest of the staff were rude and unhelpful, and even tried to tell another guest who complained informs of me about a drunk trying to access her room how a drunk person should be dealt with; very condescending!!

If you are 18-24 and enjoy going out drinking very night and just want a place to lay your head, not being concerned about sleeping in someone else detritus then this is the place fro you, but if you have any self respect then stay elsewhere. This place is a cross between colditz and a 1960' s holiday camp, without it being a holiday

  • Holiday details: Sep 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Don't stay here
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Deya not for anyone above a certain age we think...

"We did april 24th to 1st may 2013, right the first two nights were fine because there was just the usual jovial holidaying sounds....but after that the 'disco inferno' night club opened every night. So for the remainder of the holiday the noise from midnight till 6am was truelly unbelievable. We stopped on the 3rd floor above said night club to give you some idea of how far away we were from it. One night it was that bad the sliding doors in the cupboards in the bedroom vibrated with the constant boom boom boom boom boom boom the bass on the ~coff ~coff 'music' was that bad. The apartments are basic but we just used it to sleep in, we didnt use any of the equipment in the room.....the microwave looked like it had been dropped from a great height, had to laugh at that. The room looked like it had just had a coat of paint and freshen up, the bathroom had new sink but the old brackets were still on the wall ready to catch some unsuspecting child in the face! Oh and the bedroom windows would not stay shut if windy,, so i used a teaspoon to wedge it shut. WE STOPPED IN ROOM 134 On the 3rd floor."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2013, booked with Jet2
  • Advice: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BOOKED THEN..............Stay on the highest floor possible.

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1 / 10
Eaten alive

"Our apartment was infested with bed bugs and much more. We had to go to the doctors because of all the bites. Four days on and we can't stop scratching. You have been warned! We have never seen so much filth in our lives. God help any little children who stay there. You are all putting yourselves at risk, it should have been closed down years ago."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with travel soon
  • Advice: stay somewhere else

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1 / 10
never again

"a group of 9 of us stayed here this June.. We landed to the apartments after 12a.m and the only rule we got was to be quiet between 11p.m and 8a.m During our week here we seen people puke off balcony's urinate into the pool people thro chairs at people and urine in the hall ways. it is noisier at 6am then it is a 6pm. the staff are not friendly and they defo are not helpful as when our bus was later on the last day to take us to the air port i went into reception to ask could they call I was told the pay phones were outside and the bus company spoke English.. will never be back again but if all your looking 4 is somewere to sleep during the day this is the place 4 you."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: jet skies are expensive but are a must do. great fun
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
staff are NOT very pleasant but hotel does the job.

"stayed here in august 2011, our party consisted of two couples, not after luxury just a place to stay and it was ideal as it was next to the nightlife, on our arrival we wer given a room which i could only describe as horrible, we complained and were quickly sent to another room which was fine. on our first nite myself and my partner were awoken by a bouncer from the shamrock bar and another man along with the other couple staying with us demandeing that they pay for the room as they didn't pay (which of course they did). i went to reception to complain and was told it was a misunderstanding everything was ok. next morning "the manager" and the bouncer enterd the room without knocking, shouting at me for making a complaint and acusing us of making noice all nite and that we would be thrown out if it continues!! eventhough we were in bed sleeping and our friends had only asked to be shown to the room as they could not find it. no matter how many times i tried to explain what the correct story was i was accused of lying by the BOUNCER. (covering his own tracks). the rest of the holiday went ok we learned not to COMPLAIN again!! santa ponsa is a great place but i would not reccomend this hotel."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: do not complain about anything it doesn't get you anywhere.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Went on holiday in August this year and would never go back to these apartments. We had arrived at 13.00 and were told our room wasn't ready and had to wait over an hour with two children. There was mould on the taps, the bathroom ceiling was falling through, the balcony was loose on the 6th floor, the partition was smashed, the lights were hanging off, a pubic hair was found on the bed, the safe was broke, the hall way had blood on the walls and smelt on urine, the list is endless!!!! If I were you please stay well clear they are disgusting!!!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with HAYS
  • Advice: I wouldnt

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7 / 10
Cheap & Cheerful

"After reading the reviews i was not looking forward to arriving at these apartments at all with my partner and 2 year old daughter, but i must admit i was pleasently surprised, our room was ready on arrival, room was clean enough with towels and sheets changed once in our 6 days there, as for not sleeping at night we never heard a thing although you are on top of the main strip we slept soundly everynight. Pool was cleaned every morning and my daughter loved jumping in and out no drunks or noise at pool during the day either.Balconys are a great size and with a sea view, staff arent as helpful as i would have liked but all in all i would return."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10

"just back from ten nights stay the room was dirty paint falling off the walls damp bedroom air condition leaking would not send anyone there to stay booked a supreme room some chance got a hovel instead"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: need refurbished badly
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
cheap hol and cheap is what you get!!!

"best suited to those wanting a lively/party enviroment. the hotel was right in the middle of a strip full of clubs and pubs. althought the noise was not a problem when trying to sleep. you also have restaurants and supermarkets on your doorstep. the hotel and pool are kept clean but the rooms are not, they are filthy the maid came twice but didnt clean she just made our beds (no clean sheets) and provided cleaner towels( linen and towels in need of a good clean and upgrade). good points on the room are although basic they do the job, we had a sea view and its got aircon!!!. any probs we had were dealt with that day. we spent most of the time at the beach because the pool was far to rough and lively (bar at the pool), the beach was great , clean with lifeguatds and water sports and only 2 mins from the hotel (toilets dotted along the beach cost 50c). santa ponsa itself was clean and pleasant and there are plenty of restarants and bars away from the lively area ( 5 mins walk) which you can browse without being pestered."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
not for families

"We have just returned from a weeks stay at the Deya apartments.....We arrived at 12 in the afternoon with our 2 young children and were told that the room would not be ready for at least 2 hours, but we could store our belongings in a room in the reception area, and we could use the pool if we liked. Not best pleased we did as they said and at 3 we went back and collected our keys. We were very dissappointed with the accomodation, it was VERY basic and dirty, but after a quick clean with the mops and brush provided it was liveable, and we accepted that at the end of the day it was somewhere to just sleep and shower. We went self catering and again very dissappointed and annoyed to find that the only thing we had to cook on was two little hobs that took forever to get to work right. If we wanted a toaster or kettle you hads to hire this for approx 20 euros, but 10 of that was a deposit which was refundable at the end of our stay. We ended up boiling water on the hobb for drinks.

The pool area was ok but you have to be up by 9.30 to grab a sunbed because people tend to put towels down on the loungers and then disappear for says only drinks bought by the poolside bar to be taken around the pool area but we always took our on drinks for the kids and nothing was said to us.

The biggest downside was the amount of young groups of mainly lads who were a rather noisey and had no respect for the fact there were children there, but i think this was mainly due to the time of year we went.

The hotel is situted right in the middle of the nightlife and a couple of nights we were kept awake by noisey groups of youngsters coming back in the early hours.

To sum it up, we will not stay at these appartments again, but Santa Ponsa we will definitly go back to as it was a really lovely area.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Go to the beach instead of the pool area!!!!!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
dos house

"we have just returned from the worst holiday ever, we are a family of four and the travel agents said this would be a great holiday for us even 1 of them had stayed init. The first night we arrived at 1.00 in morn so as u could imagine we were all very tired thought we would get a sleep and be ok in morn.....think again you will get no sleep at all with all the IRISH singing there songs all night,fighting with 1 another banging on your doors allnight, then the night club down below.....they put us in top floor cause we are a family it didnt make no difference to the sound its banging all night.....our room was ok, however a girl down from us reported that her air con was leaking nothing was done not even wen her electrics blew cause of the water leaked into the lights. this girl is diabetic so she took her medication down to reception and asked them to store it she was told no then eventually they did however put it in freezer and ruined it. she also had no water they didnt care she was still waiting when we left. my sons top also was stolen by a member of there staff but when i got out of pool then and got to reception they said he was away dont know when he would be back. then theres the pool party which is for adults as the DJ is disgusting, the way he speaks when kids are there!!!! telling the girls to get there bits out and im not going to say no more its disgusting, pool party starts at four at half 3 i bought a cocktail which cost me 9euro then an hour later the same cocktail was 16euro when i asked i was told they need to pay pool party which i replied i didnt want pool party as we had kids with us. then to make matters worse on the journey home the bus driver didnt wait for me to get all my baggage of bus and drove away with 1 of my cases with all my kids clothing!!!!! i would never ever go back to this hotel even if i was getting it for free, there was nothing good about it"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, booked with barrhead travel
  • Advice: give the reception staff customer service lessons
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by deyaiscrap

    " simplys scots corner is great "

  • by Ditchy1990

    " Scottish Corner made our holiday, lovely food and great value. and the staff are really nice there. "

  • by d .nicholson

    " antonios was fab so was he very welcoming an friendly food was stunning "

  • by jimmy09876

    " fat sams is the best restaurant in santa Ponsa!! if you try it you will agree "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Great place, excellent bars and excellent nite life, best pubs are dicey o'reileys, mulligans, hells "

  • by unhappy traveller

    " Try Wildy's Cocktail Bar over the road for amazing service and Mark Anthonys for Breakfast!! "

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