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1 / 10
My Holiday at Green Beach Hotel 2013

"We arrived August 2013 5 Adults and 3 Children. We had 4 single beds only. The bedding was never changed during the 11 nights we stayed. The room was also occupied with cockroaches That although were extremely large were fast movers. The Hotel caters for the Spanish who took over the hotel sunbeds and pool. It was nearly impossible to obtain a sun lounger near the pool unless you got up early. The rooms were not clean and we had to clean the kitchen area before we could use anything. No entertainment for families or couples. Not the best experience."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with On the beach
  • Advice: Not going.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
great value seafront hotel

"we stayed hear for 1wk. 2adults and 2 children from the uk.

Apartment was basic but very clean,everything we needed. Fantastic veiws from the balcony.close to a small beach.

excellent value for money. highly recommend. only negative point-no air con!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: small non commercial
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Not Bad At all!

"Please beware of review sites. Remember that more people will complain about a hotel or apartment that will make the effort to praise it. Therefore if you see about a half and half mix, it's likely that unless you're really choosy and picky, you'll be ok. Also please remember that Med or Canarian all inclusive holidays are not quite as "all inclusive" as Caribbean ones which tend to be much more diverse and have much more choice and/or quality. It would be good if someone could introduce a tiered system so you know exactly what type of "all inclusive" you've just paid for. We stayed here for 2 weeks.

Location: About 35/40 mins from Las Palmas, we booked a minIbus online, and it cost about £150.00 return for 7 of us. You can however book a hire car to collect at the airport on arrival for about 90 euros for the whole week giving you the freedom of the island! (we've done this before)The hotel itself is about 10 mins from Puerto Rico, the nearest big resort, Argeneguin itself does have a nearby Spar supermarket, Chinese, and a few local shops within 5 mins walk of the Hotel. Tip: the chinese nearby will deliver to your apartment at the hotel and provides excellent value food. Take a few AI drinks to your apartment and you have a meal and drinks with a sea view for a fraction of the price! (if you're fed up with the hotel food, which whilst ok, will get you just through repetiveness in the end)

Also, do visit Puerto Rico, use the bus stop nearby it's only about 1.5 euros return from memory. Most indian restaurants here will also deliver to your hotel, grab a few menus on your walks (just give them the room number, you're getting an idea of how bored I got with the restaurant?)

Hotel itself clean, good spot, sea views from every room, you are frontline here, nothing but the Atlantic in front which makes for wonderful views and sunsets. Nice pool, kiddies play area was good, entertainment is there, you just have to be willing to join in. Get a couple of lunchtime drinks down your neck and you'll be in a european tournament of some sort, everyone will have a laugh with you, no matter where they're from but you need to get involved. Evening entertainment - don't expect too much and you just about scrape through, drink as much a possible (responsibly?) as quickly as possible and you'll survive.

You can walk to an exclusive almost private-looking beach and marina in about 15 minutes, spend the day there, very nice, probably one of the best on the island (called Anfi)At breakfast simply grab some rolls, some ham (that's always on offer) and some fruit, and you'lll not have to spend on lunch there at all. On the way there was my favorite fishing spot, another little bay, caught some weird tropical fish which was good. A family of stingray live in this bay, and they're big, very big, be careful where you tread, my sister stood on one and screamed like a baby. These stingray are really friendly and come right up to shore, burying themselves in the sand. I prayed they wouldn't go for my bait for fear of losing my rod, they really are a sight (mainly at low tide - take your camcorder/camera)

Hotel food: This is tricky, plenty of fresh salad, breakfast can vary between fried eggs, bacon and beans, to chips, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. They always have toast, croisants, cakes and hard boiled eggs, so again, unless you're really fussy you'll manage.

Lunch and dinner is chips, potatoes, salad, fish, some meat, or cold meats - its all ok it's just really hard: 1. To eat at the same place everyday, and 2: Eat roughly the same stuff every day. You'll cope but you'll really look forward to the Indian or Chinese you've ordered you'll be eating on your balcony later! The thing about this all inclusive is that we calculated that just our drinks bill alone would have totalled the whole AI price, therefore all the food you eat over and above that adds extra value to it. If you've got kids AI is a must. This particular hotel is not an "ice creams free all day" venue so beware, but if you can fill up at breakfast, surive till 1pm, kids can get chocolate milkshake, coke, lemonade and periodic cakes to keep them going anytime so don't worry. Ice cream time is at about 4pm - 5PM

I recently had another AI experience in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote and couldn't decide where to stay (because, would you believe of mixed reviews, so I stayed at 4 hotels over a 2 week period) all within 3 mins of each other, and all of them were a good bit better than this place ( and i saved £250.00 doing it this way oddly) This said, I would stay here again, the beach next door 2 mins walk away has some great waves (buy a lilo, its good fun) and the hotel has some hard-to-come-by-at-this-price 5 star views.

People have such varied expectations, reviews are so hard to interpret for the reader. Spanish people generally are ok, hotel staff sometimes seem rude, please use manners, Hola, gracias or por favor cost nothing to say - we've always done it - try to have a joke about a rude receptionist, don't lose sleep and report it on these sites! Anyway, if you'ved booked, you'll be ok here, think of the dullness of England and you'll soon have some perspective!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Chinese nearby, Indian in Puerto Rico
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
holiday review

"This was a clean hotel exactly as described in the web site information. The staff were all very friendly and helpful. The food was delicious, fresh and plentiful. We agree that entertainment did not start on time, but had to remind ourselves this was our holiday, time keeping did not really matter so much! The entertainment was limited, although Duska did a super job with events most days. Only 20 min walk away there is family entertaiment at Anfi Plaza every night. Rememeber Green Beach is a 2 star hotel, the reception manager told us they try to have a relaxed welcoming family environment! We enjoyed our fortnight and hope to return in the future. The whole family (including a 4 and 7 year old) really enjoyed the holiday."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Green Beach

"Lovely Hotel, step out of hotel to beach and amazing views from apartment. Beach is gorgeous, sandy, clean and sea lovely and clear.

Hotel was very clean and we had everything we needed to go self catering, however the hotel shop is very pricey, but there is a supermarket 2 mins up road. Its a quiet area with no restaurants or entertainment near by so we had to travel into Puerto Rico every night, which suited us and its only 4-5 euros in a taxi 5 mins away. It was nice being away from the main tourist area as not as busy.

We has a great holiday and i would definatley go back although i would have liked some more activities in day, maybe some water sports.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, Self Catering, booked with Other - Please Specify

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5 / 10
Well 16 of us (4 families) stayed at...

"Well 16 of us (4 families) stayed at this hotel in june 2008, the first impressions of the hotel were amazing it looked really nice, we did'nt see much as we arrived late at night.when we got to opur rooms the first thing we saw was a cockroach and i really dont like them but fare enough you get them everywhere. the food was ok but the same eeryweek. the allinclusive was pretty dissapointing as you could only get ice cream twice a daw for an hour each time, wich with 10 kids that was quite a problem.the other thing wich was dissapointing was the entainment,wich was all in spanish, dancing or bingo , no childrens entertainment at all,wich also let us down.the staff were quite friendly but i had an incident were one of my psp games went missing and we never found it and also my charm braclet, reception said they could'nt do anything about it as the rooms had'nt been cleaned that day,wich was the day we went home,overall it was a good holiday but i would just keep your things safe."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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3 / 10
The first impressions of the hotel...

"The first impressions of the hotel were great, lovely clean and cool marble reception and friendly staff, but not all was as it seemed. All inclusive was not all inclusive, e.g. we went with 2 children and they were only allowed ice-cream and snacks from 11am to 12 pm and 4pm to 5pm all other ice cream and snacks out-side of these hours had to be paid for. the offerings during the 2 hours were half an hot-dog or something similar and dry cake in the afternoon, very disappointing.

The hotel caters mainly for Spanish people(many of them owning apartments there), it is virtually impossible to get a sun lounger on a weekend, we watched a "gentleman" put towels on 11 sun loungers, they actually wait for the chains to be taken off in a morning and "reserve the beds even though there are signs saying this is not allowed, (I smile as I type this).

The food although plenty was very boring and offered basically the same everyday. Tea and coffee was not available with the evening meal and most drinks were served in plastic beakers.

The kids club was a mystery to us only opened one day (Thursday) and we couldn't find it? The young lady who ran the entertainment was a lovely person and tried very hard to make the best of a bad situation, nothing started on time and even though we were on holiday we still would have liked some kind of planning.

All in all we were quite disapointed with the hotel but at least we had fantastic weather so that made it all tolerable.

Would not recommend this as a place for young children but if you want a holiday with nothing to do in the middle of nowhere it would be great.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
We were worried about other peoples...

"We were worried about other peoples comments about the hotel on this website. But, to our relief the hotel was great. The view from the balcony was gorgeous.It was lovely and clean. The staff were friendly, espeacially the pool man, security and reception staff.

For the money it is a brilliant place to stay. You can sleep pretty much any time of day or night as the staff don't tolerate rowdy people. The entertainment isn't good, but if you want hotel entertainment you should open your wallets a little wider because the hotel has to make some money. There is good night-life a £3 taxi ride to Puerto Rico.

The food wasn't fantastic, but it was the same kind of quality you'd expect in many other 3* hotels any where.

People at the hotel were mainly spanish so don't be surprised to hear alot of spanish lingo around the pool. But to us, it made us feel like we really were abroad so it didn't bother us and we had no problems getting sun beds at any time throughout the holiday.

If you want to be able to sleep at night, be 5mins from great night-life, enjoy hot weather and have beautifull views from your room then this hotel is for you.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Never Again We stayed with our two...

"Never Again

We stayed with our two children 3 and 8. Have been here before last year and total over 8 weeks and this hotel.

Alla has changed from last year (its not the same hotel) We would have rated 8 after last summer.

The food is all catering cooked at a different site in the morning or day before and then served heated. (I got food poisning and member of staff told us, however it is a secret as they can only say its freshly made). If you like school meals its all yours.

My wife speaks spanish and the staff are really rude behind our backs goes for all tourists, and talk bad with the spanish guests about all of us.

Sunbeds may not be reserved if you are not from spain the "sunbedguards" from the hotel only tell toursits off never any spanish speaking, so no tourists can have sunchairs. We had to give away ours when we had lunch and we pay for all inclusive same for other tourists had could not go the families together unless your are spanish.

The hotel have appartments which are owned by spanish people who come in June-Aug and they stay up to 10 people in a flat fro 4 pax and there was 50 flats in use when we where here so no sunbeds. They also bring friends and as the hotel has a great location a lot of people from the outside come here and use the pool and sunbeds and the guards are not checking and they were not nice looking I would say thougs noicy and screaming by the pool all day.

If you think of going reconsidder would not come here if it was for free again. We use to really like the place.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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7 / 10
We spent 4 weeks AI at Green beach...

"We spent 4 weeks AI at Green beach aparthotel and had a lovely time our kids loved the hotel 3 and 7 years old. Friendly staff, food was ok- first two weeks when they had a lot of spanish guests, however at the end of july more guests from germany and UK so the food changed to chips and burgers. Very quiet hotel no nightlife which is great as you can go to bed early with out hearing nightclubs and music.

We are going back this summer for another 4 weeks. If they would skip the burger and chips food and have more paella, gazpacho and geniune spanishfood it would be a 10!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with medhotels

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5 / 10
One week all inclusive at the Green...

" One week all inclusive at the Green Beach Hotel £650 for the two of us, we got what we paid for. The weather was great. We arrived at three in the morning given our key and that was all, no wrist band, no information about breakfast. Our room was a pleasant surprise, very clean, nice bedroom, large wardrobes, two comfortable beds, armchair but no dressing table or shelf. The bathroom large and clean with a shower that worked. The lounge/ kithchen area was modern and clean and quite large. The balcony was large with wonderfull views of Amfi and the nearby beach. The only problem with the room was no air conditioning and the bedroom only had one small window that opend onto the corridoor.

We had to go to reception in the morning and ask for all inclusive wrist bands, thank goodness there was an english girl on duty because the men either couldn't or wouldn't understand what we were saying.

Breakfast as with other meals wasn't to bad. Breakfast was ceral, toast, cold meats, cheese and usually scrambled egg. Although one day we had fried eggs and one day it was eggs and bacon. Lunch and Diner was soup, salads, and more often than not two fish dishes and a meat dish, fresh fruit, a type of custard and cake. All of wich looked fresh, not very tasty but we didn't go hungry. Three times during our stay at meal times we had coach loads of people brought to the hotel for meals. This meant that food either ran out or it was a struggle to find a table or indeed get to the counter to get food, it was pure mayhem.

The pool area was very nice no problem getting sun beds. in fact it was quite deserted, the reason for this we found out latter on the first day!!!!!!!!!! The hotel was full of Spanish pensioners, We have no problem with either Spanish people or pensioners but as events unfolded we had a problem with the hotel. Everything was geared totaly for the spanish people. The one man animation ''team'', only spoke spanish, the man who played the organ five out of seven nights, only spoke spanish. Bingo was played on the other two nights and we couldn't play even if we wanted to as the numbers were only called in spanish, and we had to keep quiet when they were playing. British guests were not aknowleged at all, in fact if we tried to speak to the animation team (he had this written in bold letters on his T-shirt), we were ignored. There was no Piano Bar entertainment, there was no al'carte resturant and latter in the week when a british family arrived with children, there was nothing for the children including child friendly food. This we were told was because it was out of season.

The overiding opinion was that they were quite happy to take our money and we were tolerated but certainly not included.

All in all for what we paid, we got a week in the sun and fed. We had a laugh with the other british guests. But we wouldn't recomend this hotel and we certainly wouldn't go back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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8 / 10
Went for a week all inc. Lots of Fish...

"Went for a week all inc. Lots of Fish on the menu, but always other things.

Really stunning hotel......

Fab views!!!!!! Staff helpfull!!

5/10min walk to golden sandy beach...with water sport etc....nice!

1st beach with dark sand just round corner.

Lots of pigeions.

To many pushy germans people thinking they have the right to go 1st in the que.... and very arrogant people full stop...we gave as good as we got lol

Only 1 other british couple there.

Very quite at night, really peacefull.

No entertainment. Few dance classes in the afternoon.

Stricked poor gaurd.

Would not advise to go there with Kids....not allowed lilos in poor or jumping in etc.

Room cleaned 10/10

Really relaxing - go if you need to chill and not do anything aprt from sunbathe and read a book.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choiceon the

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