Suns Gardens Apartments

C/ Virgo no 2, Gran Canaria 35100, Spain
6  / 10
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1 / 10
U.K people beware!!

"Just arrived home today from suns gardens maspalomas, so im just going to be brutally honest with you!

Unless your spanish forget it! The bar/restaurant closed at 5pm. The complex was virtually deserted during the mid week period mon-thur. Then it all kicks off at the weekend fri - sun. This is when the spanish teenagers arrive with the gheto blasters + beer & take over the whole place, they party all night long till 3am with the odd fight thrown in. During the day you cant even get a sun lounger as they never take their towels off them all weekend. When you do venture down to the pool they look at you like you have two heads, a very intimidating experience, especially as a family. This complex needs refurbished both inside & out, there are just to many problems to list.

On the plus side the staff where brilliant & could`nt do enough to help you out.

I would never stay here again even if it was free!!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, SELF CATERING, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
is it only me who belives "Adult only" means no kids???

" What to say... its 1*, no maid, no rep, no peace... multiple familys with multiple kids who are very noisy and playfull, (nothing wrong with that, but its wrong to false advertise)..and i booked as it is stated "Adult only" as , as many are, want peace and quite on a much needed holiday.., if i wanted children i would have had my own.. very wrong to advertise as "Adult only", i know kids grow up quickley these days but ............. oh nd it was a big birthday celebration spoilt..thanks first choice..oh i have formaly complained so will keep here updated."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Dont go there.

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8 / 10
Sunshine from heaven and staff

"Since we had read former awfull and negative reviews on Suns Gardens, we had not many hopefull thoughts about the place, but after spending the first week in march,2010, we do have other and much more positive experiences to tell about. The nice little 2-store bungalow had sunshine on the front terrace from early morning to late afternoon.

We can recommend you to take an apartment away from the pool-area. Nice, quiet and undisturbed.

Kitchen was basic but had toaster, electric kettle, all necessary pots, pans and tableware for three persons. The beds were OK, but could in the future get better mattreses, the bath was more than ok and the furniture in-and outside nice and usefull.

We had a first day problem, one curtain-stock dangled in the screws, a bed-lamp was not working, but first thing in the morning the "tecnico" Roje had fix'ed it.

Any problem or just plain service-questions presented for the two girls in the reception, was immediately taken care off, bus-scedules, taxi-calling, restaurant-tips and so on. . . .

Six out of seven days we had sunshine, but every day and night, we had sunshine-smiles from the staff, in reception, in cleaning, (three times this week, including fresh towels), poolman and tecnic. They all deserve a great thank you.

Security was fine, all doors and windows were easily locked, and of course, we rented a safe inside the apartment. Cheap, easy and secure.

We did a lot of bus'sing with the local Guagua Company, easy and cheap. North to Las Palmas and east to Arguinegin and Puerto Mogan.

One little complain though. When guest's (like we) arrive around midnight from the airport, there is a note on the reception door with name and apartmentnumber.

Usefull, but in a pichtblack night,it would be helpfull if there was a marked "Suns Gardens Area-map" - in which direction number 32 or any other apartments would be. That could easily and with almost no costs, give an extra star by ariving.

But anyway - we will happily be back again –

and bring the guitar for another bungalow-concert.

Helle and Eddie, Faxe, Denmark

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Every penny worth
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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10 / 10

"I stayed at Sun Gardens Bungalows maspalomas from 6th-13th jan 2010

After booking my holiday i checked online at the reviews and was hesitant to go as i was travelling on my own and so many poor reviews about theft, noise, secludedness etc, i even went as far to try and change my hotel last minute, which fortunatly i was unable to as it was such short notice. SO THANKFUL I DIDNT!

The apartments were extraordianry, the reception staff were friendly, helpful and all amenities are within walking distance incl 3 supermarkets within 200 metres and a fun fair incl food hall approx 300 metres away.

I stayed for one week, the surroundings were fantasticly presented and cared for and the bungalows were almost full with many couples and older people which for me was fantastic as i had just turned 26, travelling alone and felt very safe and secure knowing the older generation tend to stay round the poolside allday and in the evening they remained on the terrace enjoying evening meals, so the chance of break-inns was minimal as all the bungalows overlook eachother, securely locked and with people sat outside approx 2 metres away any break in would be heard and noticed by many.

The beach was approx 20mins walk in the beautiful sunshine and shopping malls, and playa del ingles all within walking distance,I never rented a car and found everywhere accessible and not an inconvenience at all, although next time i would hire a car just because im a little lazy and know my way around the island now.

I had no complaints at suns gardens and will definatley be going back in the next few months, there was no noise in the evening, no spanish abusing the area, just peaceful and idealic, so dont listen to any of the other reviews as people are so quick to complain but not to give credit where due, SUN GARDENS IS A BEAUTIFUL-EXCELLENT-SAFE-SECURE-RESORT TO STAY IN AND WOULD RECOMMEND TO ALL!! I HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE!

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, self-catering, booked with on the
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Absolutely great

"I feel I have to rederess the balance here and contradict some of the bad reviews.

People are moaning about the TV needing Euros - I don't go on holiday to watch TV.

Yes there are only 2 rings, a toaster and a kettle, again perfectly ample; I don't expect a kitchen like I have at home.

We had NO security issues. There are bolts on all the doors and windows and a safe in the room, use them, that is why they are there.

The bungalow was clean, cleaned every day, new towels every 2 days - nothing wrong here either.

The pool was clean although a bit cold, but you soon warm up again once you're back in the sun.

Yes it closes at 9pm but this is clearly stated everywhere and in fact most of the bunglaow resorts close at a similar time. There are plenty of late nights bars etc in walking distance and we were out every night so 9pm closing is no bother.

Ok, it is a long walk to the beach (1 hour) but it's easy enough or you can get a taxi for about 4 euro.

I'd go back here. A quiet, relaxing resort with friendly staff and exactly what I expected for a budget holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2010, Room Only, booked with Ola
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Fantastic for me

"This is a long review, but hope it is useful.

I was at Suns for 12 days at the start of Feb 2009.

Real bad news reading the recent reviews here about break-ins... I am sorry for those guys & am glad it didn't happen to me. But, because it didn't, I can say here that I luvved this place! It was perfect for me. It was 2/3 star, the price was reflected accordingly, so I had no high expectations of the complex.... although I got them!

Ok .... Negatives ~

1)There is no security Staff in the evenings or nights & I think this should definitely be addressed in case of any trouble.

Hire the room-safe & keep watches/mobiles/passports/cash in there. Obvious.

2) If u're young & want a real lively place, or u're a young family with energetic kids then this is not for u.

3) If u cannot, or don't like to walk much, then you should stay nearer the town or beach.

It is not a Greek Island or some Spanish resort where you have the tavernas, nightlife & beach all 5 mins away.

4) The beds are not very comfortable, but I slept on the bed the other way round & found it firmer! They should address the mattress/bed situation.

So.... Positives ~

1) My room overlooking the pool was spotless upon arrival & was cleaned thoroughly, together with 4 fresh clean towels, 5 days a week. I was on my own & hadnt used all the towels, but they replaced them anyway.

2) The 2 alternating girl-Staff were real friendly ~ one of them, has been there for about six years & we got on very well.

3) It is a very quiet location. Very relaxing. No noisy people or screaming kids in the pool. Whether you go to bed at 10pm or roll back from the clubs at 4am, it was always dead-quiet for me to sleep. (There was one night when four recently-arrived lads stayed up to chat & drink on their patio which was annoyin coz the sound travels, but by 2pm they had gone out. They were on holiday for God's sake so I had no problems there! Think they then realised what kinda of place it was & they were real quiet after.)

Yes, the pool-lady straightens the sun-loungers around the pool at 7.30am before she starts cleaning the rooms, but that was my alarm call!

4) The location for me was perfect. After breakfast, it was a 10 mins walk to the Wellmans gym (best gym on the Island) every day for my usual 90mins session, back for shower, then a walk to the dunes for lunch & afternoon sun. If I had been nearer the centre, the gym would have been a real trek & I may not have been so disciplined !!

I dont mind walking, so liked the 35 mins walk to Playa Del Ingles centre or the 45 mins walk to the dunes. What does that matter when u're gonna be lying out doing nothing for hours? If u get a taxi to the beach & then a taxi bak, u dont use yer legs at all!

I caught no taxis while I was there & only got a 66 bus when I had to go to the airport (E3.20).

I had originally booked Los Salmones apartments but, after reading 51 disastrous reviews of it, I changed to Suns. So glad I did ~ they were much better than I had hoped ~ one of the nicest places I have ever stayed, & how could I complain when they cost so little? However, later in the week when I visited a mate who was staying at the Riu Palace Hotel, I realised just how real basic Suns was! But it suited little old me and I would definitely go back there again. Probably next year !

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, Self Catering, booked with
  • Advice: The sight if the dunes is still breathtaking
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Not allowed to enjoy yourself!

"This was my birthday surprise and it was!!! The accomodation was very basic! Security did not exist!! Friends of ours had their apartment broken into and people on the reception didn't batter an eyelid (as if this was normal). They also didnot like it if you seem to be enjoying yourself! A young lady with her young lads did not feel welcome as the staff complained about them,even though they were very well behaved and a credit to their mother. If you go to Sun's Gardens remember not to enjoy yourselves (and please do not laugh! ha ha!)"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Self Catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: v.nice area
  • Activities: Altsdat dusseldorff restaurant, Faro2. walking the dunes(but beware of nudists)
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"We went early Jan 2009.

We are a couple in our mid 50s.

There was an apartment broken into, and one apartment was broken into and its occupants were beaten up as they slept, we had to be moved, as this complex was the pits.

On arrival after check in, some louts shouted at the top of their voices to my wife to get her breasts out, but in a very vulgar choice of words!

The bedding smelt dirty and the doors had been repaired from previous break ins.

The holiday rep came to see us and after we exlained our findings, without any qualms, she moved us to another place, god were we glad?

We also felt that this place was in the middle of nowhere, away from all attractions and the resort areas.

In our opinion, you should avoid this place at all costs, its dangerous, and the operators/management have no customer care whatsoever.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Self Catering, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: Avoid the Suns Gardens
  • Activities: Playa Del Ingles was good, and we felt much safer there.

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5 / 10
Almost disasterous holiday!!

"I booked a last minute week long break with my 2 sons,aged 10 and 8 as I had been through a lot of stress and felt we needed some relaxing family time together.

Suns Gardens is very basic,kettle,toaster and two rings,TV which requires MANY euros (or a 2p piece) to function (admittedly most people don't watch much TV on hols but as the pool was FREEZING my boys wanted to watch a little occasionally).The beds,as other reviewers have noted are horrendously uncomfortable.Security features on the doors and windows are very poor,which probably explains the number of break ins!!

Sheila on reception is the sweetest,most helpful member of staff there.As for the lady who runs the place and lives in Room 1, well... She is abrupt,unhelpful,rude and very unsuited to running a place where people require to be made to feel warmly welcomed. On the BBQ evening (thurs) she became very irritated with guests who wanted to stay up for a QUIET drink a little later than she was prepared to serve them (and I'm only talking about 12ish!!).

The on site mini market sells inflatables for use on water, however there is a sign which states there use on the pool is prohibited. They also stock footballs, however when we bought one my children were told off by the maintenance man for playing with it on site!! A loaf set me back 2.60euros and I managed to buy the same one in a larger supermarket for .60euros.

I was there the same week as the reviewer directly below, David Moore, and if it hadn't been for him and Richard and a couple of other guests absolutely making our holiday, we would have most definitely paid extra to be moved!!

Basically, if you are going away to lie quietly on a sunbed, not expect a reception area or bar to be readily available and be miles away from anywhere then book the suns gardens.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: definitely visit YUMBO centre
  • Activities: Sioux City, Wildlife rescue sanctuary, Mogan and Puerto Rico.

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4 / 10
Suns Gardens - BEWARE!

"We booked this holiday with Cosmos, as a package deal.

On arrival, it looked very impressive, but it was actually a wolf in sheeps clothing!

We met some nice people there, one girl was there with her two sons aged 8 and ten, and on the first day they got told off by Baygo, the owner, she did not like the idea of the boys playing with a ball in the poolside area, this was very unfair as the boys did not cause any disturbance to the other guests, and in actual fact, had many compliments off other guests, including ourselves, with reference to their manners and how well they played in the complex.

Staff very unhelpful, shop over priced and not very well stocked.

Baygo accused us of having "a party" one night, and shouted at us that we were animals, she was horrible, her attitude in general all week to everyone was the same, and other guests agreed with us.

They have a barbecue on a thursday evening and they will go out of their way to sell you this for 12 euros, and its just a main meal with no drinks and no extras, so be warned.

The location is not recommended if you dont have a car, its too far out for bus connections etc... so unless you want to be spending fortunes on taxi rides, this is not the place for you.

Break ins, as you can see from the other reviews are rife, and guests are not warned about this, we had a ruchsack go missing with cds, as many leads, chargers etc, a laptop and a watch totalling around £350.... and a wallet with cards, and licenses that have cost £100 to be re issued and replaced! Baygo told us they must have came through the bedroom window, and it had happened before, so why were guests not told about it being a bad area/unsafe complex??? and as for Dawn, the Cosmos Admin Lady, well she was not interested.

If this complex was in a safer area of Gran Canaria and managed better I would recommend it, but with its high amount of break-ins and bad attitudes from its staff and owners, I would steer well clear !!!!!!!!!

David Moore and Richard Clarke Apartment 14

12TH TO 19TH JAN 2009

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, Self Catering, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Not happy

"I stayed at the suns Gardens for two week and after reading the holiday reviews on here I was expecting entertainment, clean rooms, a 24 hour reception, and restaurant. There were no Entertainment and no restaurant. When we arrived we had no idea where we were going eventually we found an A4 size piece of paper with our name an room number it also said our key was in our room which we thought wasn’t right. Every other hotel we have stayed in in the past has a 24 hour reception and night security on the complex. When we arrived we wanted to hire a safe straightaway but there were no one around. It said on the shutter which they classed as a bar/reception that if we needed anyone to go to room one which we did this was empty and empty all holiday. I didn’t think the back doors of our apartment were safe I had a walk out to have a look over the wall and I was shocked to see the fence had been ripped in places. We later found out that people where getting broke into and this was one of the ways in. Why had the owners not warned people??? The pool was lovely and well looked after but the pool cleaning man would come every morning around 5.30am an drag the sun lounges around the pool this kept you awake. The reception closed at 10pm every night then there were no one on the complex if you needed anything. The beds were awful. The sun beds didn’t adjust so you had to lye down all the time. we Found that the cleaners didn’t clean our room properly the beds were always maid but hey never cleaned the floor. Clean towels always smelt dirty. The locals used to come and stay in the rooms for the weekend I found them loud and they were using the pool in the early hours of the morning and playing loud music until 3am. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere. The nearest place to eat is holiday world which has one restaurant a place to bowl one bar and lots of fair rides. we also though it was weird that no holidday companys used them any more eg thompson,thomas cook.Maspolomas beach is out of this world and there is some nice restaurant along the front. I would not recommend the market we were told it was full of pick pockets. If you have already booked to stay here I would book another hotel to stay in but masplomas is a lovely."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10

"We booked to stay at suns gardens for two week. We ended up moving hotels to the Liberty hotel in playa Del ingles which was lovely going to go back. We moved hotel which cost us more money but it’s a small price to pay to make you feel safe. When we arrived at the sun's gardens around 11pm there was just a note on the area which they classed as a reception to stay our key was in the apartment with our name and our apartment number which I didn’t feel safe about any one could be hiding in the room. WWhen we got into our room I really didn’t like the back door and window. The back door just had a chain and a latch which you could tell had been forced open in the past straight away I didn’t feel safe. Then we found out that people were breaking in smashing the window and opening the chain of the back door. While we were there the sun's gardens hotel got broken into 4 times in just over a week they were breaking in while people were in the rooms and when it was light. The hotel staff wasn’t bothered by this they just fixed the glass and put new people in the rooms. When I asked one of the lady’s if it happened all the time she said yes. We also suggested they cut the tree down and put better fences up so they couldn’t get in as easy but the lady said they just come around the front. There were no security and the hotel staff go when the bar/reception closes after 10pm then there’s no one on site if you have any problems. The hotel site was open to anyone to walk around most hotels you have to walk through a reception get to your room. The staffs were lovely and helpful at first and there English was excellent we thought this was odd because when we had a problem they said they dint understand. Did not see a manager ones while we were there even thaw we requested to see him many times. The beds where like camp beds we asked for a double and we had two beds pushed together don’t even bother trying to roll over in the night the noise of the mattress is horrible. Our room was still dirty after they cleaned it you could smell bleach but the floor was dirty. I had the same bedding on while we were there I could tell because I had makeup mark on my pillow and a cigarette burn in my quilt. We hired a safe but it was tiny, when they broke into your apartment they took anything they could get there hands on. The hotel got really noisy and loud at weekends with the Spanish staying for the weekend they would walk around after 12am shouting and playing loud music in there cars. I think the other reviews on this page were made up or they stayed at a different suns gardens. I really wouldn’t want people to stay here in the future for there own safety. Also i have stayed in some amazing places in the past for less money."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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  • by davidmoore

    " Yumbo Centre for nightlife "

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