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We booked Summer Dream Hotel two...

"We booked Summer Dream Hotel two weeks before we went and after reading some nasty reviews about the hotel we were really worried. But on arriving we were pleasently surprised. The Room was very clean and the bathroom consisted of a shower and a bath!! The food was really great. Infact it was far better than a holiday to crete half board we went on a few years ago. Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, baked beans for breakfast awaited us for breakfast. Lunch was a great variety of salads meats vegetables. Evening meal again was of a good variety. All the food was lovely and fresh. Ok the drinks were a bit watery but hey it was free!!!

The pool was lovely and there were plenty of sunbeds!! No reserving of towels. Do visit the lovely little town just up the road. It is so pretty and we did have a meal in the square which was great. Tholos is a peaceful town so don't expect any crazy nightlife but it is certainly a place to just chill out with some great friends.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
8 / 10

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Having read previous reviews we...

"Having read previous reviews we didn't know what to expect so were really very satisfied with the hotel,location and the Greek food. Anyone who complains about eating Greek food in a Greek resort should stay in a European hotel.Everything was really clean and staff helpful.Mosquitoes were unwelcome guests so come with your deterrent spray.A short walk-albeit a bit uphill-brings you to a beautiful village --tourist free and the views and hospitality are first class.Would not recommend for children but anyone wanting a relaxing break 10 mins from airport -go for it! Local bus stops at airport regularly on way to Rhodes town which is another 20 mins."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
8 / 10

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We arrived at 3am and were greeted by...

"We arrived at 3am and were greeted by Jon who showed us to the location of our apartment. On opening the apartment door I was shocked to see someone asleep in the bed! I hunted Jon down in the reception to inform him and he argued with me that this was "impossible"! He came back to the apartment to check and yes he agreed there was definitely someone in the bed by shouting "Oh Jesus Christ!" (my three children were quite amused, however I was worried in case there was no apartment for us after such a long journey and the fact that it was 3am!). We were however allocated another apartment which was very spacious and clean.

Overall the complex was poor the public areas were dirty and overcrowded. The pool was ok however you needed to keep an eye on the kids as it was very deep. The pool bar was smelly however the bar staff worked very hard - they certainly didn't deserve the grief they had from Jon in the evening when they gave more than two drinks per visit to the bar under the all inclusive rules! (not too good when you are a family of five). We had an enjoyable week, mainly due to the slow pace of Tholos, the fantastic sunshine, and we did meet some nice people. As for the food - I won't even go there!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Independent
3 / 10

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We arrived at the hotel at 12.30 our...

"We arrived at the hotel at 12.30 our room was not ready but we was told to go to the pool or have lunch which we did, our room was still not ready at 2.00pm. So went on the long walk to the beach 400 meters they said its a lot further than that.

We had our room at 5.30pm when we returned the room was basic and our cleaner was not a very good cleaner there was hairs in the bath and the drawers, not a problem sorted that with a hair dryer.

The food was not to bad, basic but there was always something to eat if you would try different things which is what you go on holiday for. I found the bar staff in the evening was very polite to you. The drinks was a good selection with a choice of 8 cocktails and the wine in fairness was very good for a local wine.

We would not stay in this hotel again because it was to far from the beach. We enjoyed our weeks stay there but its not a 3 star hotel more like a two and there was a lot of walking to the rooms etc.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
2 / 10

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On arriving at the hotel we were...

"On arriving at the hotel we were greeted by a lovely Greek man who showed us to our room. The hotel itself was a complete nightmare.

The room we were given was on the lower floor and was situated behind the swimming pool which was a complete farce. My wife and I were very disappointed we had two single beds pushed together, and had a third bed in the room which was a pain!

The view out of the room was a hedge which anyone could get into the apartment. The shower well you had to hold it up to have one, which my wife was very disappointed with.

The complex is very basic the pool bar was a disgrace and had loads of flies and wasp flying everywhere, due the fact that it was never cleaned at the end of the day.

The pool itself was clean and was irrigated every day.

The food well what a disgrace for an All Inclusive complex the food was appalling mostly over cooked and sometimes not enough if you got there late. There was no air conditioning at lunchtime and with all the windows you were battling with the flies.

There were a lot of cat there and at the end of the day there was a bad smell of cat urine. My wife had to battle with the gnats or I think they were, but due the bites being above the ankle I think these were more like flea bites from the cats.

On a whole this was a very dissatisfied holiday and will be sending a very long letter of complaint to Medhotels who we booked with.

The best part was waiting for the taxi to pick us up for our flight home!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
2 / 10

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I think the only reason I’ve given...

"I think the only reason I’ve given this holiday a three is because the staff, people we met and weather were all superb.

As for the accommodation and food it was appalling.

I have been to several Greek islands were the rooms have been basic but clean and comfortable.

I didn’t find this at the Summer Dream, don’t get me wrong the cleaners worked really hard but our room was old and shabby, the ceiling was all stained, wires were hanging out the wall behind the bed, drawers wouldn’t open.

It looked like it needed a total makeover and I’m really not fussy.

The food was very basic and the dining room at meal times was usually chaotic often running out of cutlery.

By the second week we ate out for our meals.

The whole thing reminded me of an old butlins camp, I won’t be rushing back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2006, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
3 / 10

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if it was'nt for the cats.......

"Ok here goes, this is an honest a review as i can make it.

the room was to be honest the best thing, four single beds one king size bed, kitchen area, tv, two balconies, room clean and bright. FOOD.....mmmm if you are taking kids and they as fussy as mine then forget it as long as you don't mind them living on chips, there was the odd good thing like mmmmm......the salad!........just was not really up to standard. the swiming pool is very deep but there is a kiddies pool which is safer, but i have to say the pools were filthy, the walls of the kiddies pool were covered in grren slime like it had not been washed down for ages and the big pool well just try opening your eyes under water and see if you could see the bottom!!....there were insects floating everywere, and even a toad was pulled out one day, a big improvement is needed around here, because the hotel does not offer anything else. kiddies playground? forget it!!!, for me and my little un the highlight of the week was the kittens that greeted you everywere you went, very clean, fed, watered and looked after, a big plus there. mainly dutch, few eastern block countries, sprinkling of brits. but alas i will not be returning.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006
4 / 10

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Pleasantly surprised

"Having booked our holiday at the Summer Dream Hotel as a last minute deal, we were a little anxious to read some rather unfavourable reviews about the cleanliness and service of the hotel. However our fears were unfounded as the hotel provided our family of five with two large connected rooms which included kitchen area, bathroom, three balconies and table and chairs, (as well as comfortable beds and plenty of cupboards etc). The rooms were cleaned regularly as was the pool area.

Our children were very happy with the pool facilities and the all inclusive deal meant that drinks were always available with a good selection (including alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails). The food was hot and there was plenty of choice and we all enjoyed our meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon snacks) very much.

There wasn't much evening entertainment laid on by the hotel but we were quite happy to sit in the bar or wander into the local town (about 5 minutes walk.)

The staff were friendly, efficient and very helpful - although they could possibly employ more bar staff in the evenings.

Overall we enjoyed one of the nicest holidays we've had and it didn't cost the earth.

We would highly recommend the Summer Dream Hotel if you're looking for a relaxing, sunny, family holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006
8 / 10

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Summer Dream

"I was also a little worried about the hotel after reading the reviews that have been posted, however i was extremely suprised and very pleased when i arrived at the hotel, in the previous year the hotel has obviously improved (if the previous reviews are anything to go by). There is some entertainment (kareoke and Greek Dancers/Singers), however many at the hotel were complaining about the lack of entertainment, but if they had actually looked at the details before hand they would have known this. We wanted a very quiet and relaxing holiday and that is what we got - so this was good! If you like a lively place then just book somewhere else dont go there and then just sit and complain! The hotel was extremely clean and the well air conditioned room was cleaned on a daily basis. Every member of the staff were are all VERY friendly and are more than happy to help at all times of the day and night. I was very pleased by the staff and how polite, friendly and helpful they were. The pool area was very nice and was never overcrowded. We always got a sun lounger although we did have to 'reserve' them first thing. The pool is very clean and of a good size. It is cleaned every night. However it is quite deep - not 50ft as i read in a previous review - its deepest is three metres and unsuitable for chn who cannot swim - unless they have bands. However there is a nice childs pool - so this was not a problem for ANYONE. I am not the tallest person and i could stand at the shallow end. If i was pushed to say if there was anything i was dissapointed with it would be the food. Although it was very nice and there was plenty of it - the menu did not vary much from one day to another - if you like pasta you will love it. Many of the guests were complaining about the food - however i believe it was more than sufficient for what we paid. it is true that you get what you pay for and if you want high quality food - pay for it or go tho a 4*+ hotel. Although the food was, i believe nice. We did not get transfers from the airport to the hotel as they were not included in the package - however getting a taxi worked out much better - it was less than ten minutes from the airport and cost 10 euros. there are loads of taxis as soon as you come out of the airport - there were some people on our flight going to the hotel and got a bus and they arrived well over an hour after us - by which time we were making full use of the all inclusive bar!! There is a lot of choice from the bar (Cuba Libra is NICE!!) There are alot of bars (Billy's Place is nice and the bar men are very very very polite and eager to help and you get sparklers in your cocktail which is always exciting) and eateries about five minutes walk away and the beach is just a little further - just under ten minutes - this is a stony beach with beautiful blue sea, it was windy as well which was nice as it was SOOO hot! 35'c for most of the day when we were there. Well anyway - ill stop talking now - I will just say that i would go back and find it hard to find fault with this hotel. It DOES deserve its three stars and i enjoyed my week very much so.

If you are going to the Summer Dream enjoy yourself - I did.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006
8 / 10

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I would come down somewhere between...

"I would come down somewhere between the previous reviews, and give the summer dream a 6. Rooms were cleaned every day, and we were even left a vase of flowers in our room. The staff were mostly very friendly. Its location is a little out of the way, with quite a long walk to the nearest beach (nice white sand/rough sea).

Food was plentiful and varied in my opinion, although the restaurant had no air conditioning so sometimes we found we didn’t have much appetite as it vas very hot! In there.

No entertainment to speak of, apart from karaoke occasionally in the evening, although there are bars/tavernas down the road into Tholos.

A quiet base for a quiet relaxing holiday.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels
6 / 10

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Wonderful relaxing holiday

"We were worried about this hotel because of all the negative reviews about it, but we were pleasantly surprised. Whilst it is a very basic hotel, it was clean, the staff were very friendly and the food was freshly cooked and typically Greek. There were not many snacks during the day, but breakfast, lunch and dinner was plentiful, you did not really need any thing extra. There was plenty of drinks during the day and the evening. If you want to go on holiday for a rest, this is the place to go. But if you want entertainment for yourself and the kids it does not happen here. The hotel is situated in the middle of nowhere, the village of Tholos is a 5 minute walk away, and there are a few bars and restaurants. Our balcony overlooked a small holding where there were chickens and turkeys, (we thought that was better than noisy bars bright lights and lots of people). The rooms were basic but clean, and clean towels were provided every day. There were not many children at the hotel, which we thought was great. In fact you could fall asleep on your sunbed and not be disturbed. I do not think this hotel deserves some of the very bad reviews it gets."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2005
8 / 10

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Summer Nightmare.....But a whole lot worse!

"I stayed @ the summer dream apts in August i went with ma parents and my younger brothers and sister, the youngest being 3! When i first arrived @ the hotel i was tempted to get back in the taxi and go home, the hotel or apartments as its known was not atall like the pictures i had viewed...But if i'd only known that it was 2 get a whole lot worst...!

1. The childrens activity play ground was a death trap 2 young children and having a younger sister of 3 that is a major problem as she was always wandering off.

2. The air conditioning leaked which is dangerous when you have young children.

3. The radio...MUSIC...WHAT MUSIC????

4. Although the cleaners cleaned the rooms daily, how was it that we ended up with USED DIRTY towels...

5.Our room was next 2 around 10 chickens and day and night you would hear them and im not talking loud im talking VERY loud ok its a personal alarm but who wants 2 b awake @ 3 in the morning!!

Okay, they are bad points but they are actually the good points 2...

here are the good points:

1. MOST of the staff were friendly,

2. Its really HOT

Oh well i could go on, but whats the point most of you have already experienced this NIGHTMARE and others are about 2!! But be prepared things are not always what they seem!! Goodluck and enjoy your holiday if u can.....!!

6. The sunbeds were broken on around 3 occasions i got ma leg stuck in the whole.

7. There were no visable markings around the pool????

8. Not once did i actually c the pool being CLEANED!

9. No entertainment NONE atall...not even for the kids!

10. Rooms, I wont GO into them!! nor the restaurant i think you get the picture!

11. AI is that why u actually had 2 pay for most of your drinks and snacks???

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005
2 / 10

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