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10 / 10

"This was our first visit and we certainly hope not our last. Even if we WANTED to find fault we could not.

An all inclusive hotel offering huge amounts of quality food at every meal. Whilst the wine offered at mealtimes was not perhaps the best quality, coctails at the bars used good quality spirits and and could not be faulted.

Standards of cleanliness everywhere were extremely high and the hard working staff appeared 'happy' in their work and always cheerful towards us. We have never had such good value for money in a holiday and are amazed to see comments from another traveller about small quantities of meat. Our experience was quite the opposite.

We had a spacious room and balcony, cleaned to a high standard daily. The room had a well stocked bar which was regularly replenished. The nearby beach (and shuttle which we did not really need) is clean & ideal for swimming. On our visit temperatures were high and we had a magnificent holiday.

Robert & Ian. Brighton UK

  • Holiday details: Feb 2013, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
Dissapointed :(

"Well I have just returned from my 2nd annual trip to the riu tequila and i must say i am quite dissapointed, it has gone downhill a bit!

Firstly drinks stocks are supposed to be renewed every 2 days, at one point we waited 3 and a half days and had to ring reception and ask for some which turned up at 7pm after our call at 9.30 am...this was after the female manageress recognising us from the year before told us we were 'preffered clents' and if we came again in 2013 to ring ahead of our visit and they will give us specialist treatment, i wouldve just liked acceptable 5 star treatment in 2012 to be honest and i would hate to see the normal treatment if what we got was VIP!.

The rooms usually get cleaned in the morning which is fine by us as we go to tennis around that time, the first 4 days our rooms were cleaned to our satisfaction, however as the holiday progressed the cleaner came later and later and at one point we didnt have fresh towels and even came back one day to see the room HALF DONE, beds pulled away from the wall with no bedding on, no towels, bathroom still dirty and it lay like this for several hours!? (why half clean it and walk away? and also the door was left unlocked!!!)

I had to at one point complain about the pool, i was quite shocked as it was very cloudy and lots of dirt and vegetation on the bottom and the scuba instructor wouldnt go in as he contracted an ear infection and a stye on his eye which looked quite painful, he had to take a day off to see a doctor and get medication all at his own expense, i myself got a throat infection which im pretty sure was due to the pool!

It was evident that cut backs had been put in place from the year before, in 2011 the foyer was a free wifi place to contact home at no extra cost, this year it cost $7 per hour to use it via a machine that dispensed voucher codes to use or you could connect free for 90 minutes (who sits in a hotel foyer in the blistering heat for 90 minutes?) and if you only used 10 minutes and returned later to get the rest of your days free wifi it had timed out and couldnt be used again till a full 24 hours had elapsed!

Due to this it has now left me with a HUGE fone bill to come home to! (not happy) specially when i went the year before and it was free then, why have things changed so drastically?

The food.....

well on one section there is a chef who will cut slices of meat for you and he made every effort to make them as thinly sliced as possible and you had to ask for two slices which he would then frown at and shake his head and tut! making us feel cheeky ASKING for the food we already paid for (i didnt know it had turned into a fat farm.....)

Also one lady in front of me ended up in a argument with this chef as she didnt want the scraps of turkey and skin he offered her and she asked for breast not "the brown stuff" he offered, he cut a piece but then argued with the woman over it as he slowly placed it on her plate so no doubt there will be a disappointing review from that lady somewhere on the web!

The breakfast were awful most days and 4 days in a row scrambled eggs were snotty and underdone and i have a gluten allergy so couldnt try the other items on offer, i lived for those eggs!

Last year there was a very pleasant omellette chef who would let you pick your own filling and make the omellette in front of you, this year it was another sour faced chef who made only two types of omlette pre-prepared and lying in a silver bowl, i didnt want a dried out 15 minute old omelette filled with processed meat and fatty cheese, i went to a 5 star resort not a '$2.99 a head' cheap buffet which is what it seems to have turned into!

Some of the food was excellent but it was disheartening to have to ask for more of the decent food and then be frowned and tutted at for doing so!

To be fair the entertainment staff were second to none, these guys work morning and night and never stop, so no faults there, the scuba caribe workers are also the best, the hotel bar staff are good but some didnt want to make 'specialist' drinks like a frappucino, they basically said "NO we dont do that!" after my son had had one 10 minutes earlier from another bar tender on the same bar?!

Most of the staff work tirelessly and are pleasant hard working people but a small few had a chip on thier shoulder and its those people sadly that stick in my mind im afraid, but the pool deffinately needs addressing, they put yellow danger tape all around it one morning and said later they fixed a broken filter (which had been broken for weeks till i complained) and it looked like a crime scene!

I have made good friends with some staff at the riu tequila and i mentioned i would complain when i went home and they actually agreed with me that things need to change, so this is for thier benefit as well as other holiday makers yet to experience the tequila like i did in 2011 as it was an amazing holiday, i just dont know what happened this just so dissapointed, and was going to go again in 2013 but now im not so sure!

I would not normally write a holiday review but knowing how much this riu hotel has changed in 12 months compelled me to speak up.

Cut backs do not belong in a 5 star resort, sort it out Mr RIU!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
lovely place

"This hotel was very nice, very clean, the entertainment staff were excelent,something different every night, also visited the other hotels near but they were not as inviting. the only downside to the tequila was the animals, after spending all day on the beach coming back to the pool area it was dirty because the animals had tipped all cups over to drink contents, and they made nuicances of themselves trying to take anything they could move.The staff were very pleasant and realy friendly.the other downside to the holiday was the travel agent didnt tell us it was rainy season and it rained for 12 days of and on.but we still enjoyed it."

  • Holiday details: May 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: dont feed the animals.
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
Appalling customer service and health and safety

"My wife and I have just this minute returned from a week at the Riu Tequila for which we paid Thomsons several thousand pounds and had been looking forward to for months. Despite not having eaten or slept in the past 24 hours, I am so livid with the disgusting service levels that we have received and the complacency of the Thomson and Riu staff on site that writing this review takes precedence over any kind of recovery from the journey.

In brief summary:

- 'Guests' were required to rise before 07:00 in order to queue in competition with other customers for tickets to the Steack House (sic; not wishing to pun, this is nonetheless an accurate description), Chinese and Mexican restaurants. Failure to get into line early enough, condemned the unwary to the buffet style restaurant which featured items such as burger and hot dog alongside other congealing dishes, each less appetising than the last.

- The food was revolting and un-hygienically prepared. In evidence of this, we have both spent much of the week suffering with severe stomach upsets (and still are). My wife had been concerned that an ‘All Inclusive’ destination might be bad for her waistline. She needn’t have worried on that score. In that one week, she lost several pounds.

- On complaining to the Riu ‘Sub-Director’ about the early morning dinner queue system, my wife and I were both told separately that she ‘did not care’ and that we should go right ahead and complain to Thomson. On complaining to Thomson, we received a similarly uninterested response. Only after remonstrating vociferously did the Rep push some pre-booked meal tickets under our door, without a note or any kind of courtesy.

seafood, the food looked remarkably like any other evening in that location, including fish fingers, chicken fingers and the obligatory grated carrot that we saw in every single venue. We had by that time resigned ourselves to giving up with making complaints locally and saving our thoughts for our return to the UK, but that night we felt obliged to raise concerns, because the restaurant caught fire. Now, the local management assured us that the billowing acrid electrical smoke that filled perhaps a quarter of the large room wasn’t a fire and they were adamant that the reason why no smoke detectors or alarms were needed in the room was because ‘the ceilings were too high’. However, they obviously felt some degree of shame as they attempted to stop me from photographing the ‘little accident’ (later agreed to have been quite a bad accident). No police nor firemen were summoned. Instead the hotel Director and her staff got the ‘not fire’ under control and then ushered in the next 1,000 people to their sitting, without of course telling them what had just taken place or, it would appear, making any kind of report of the threat to their guests' health and safety.

So to conclude, both firms are a disgrace and we want our money back.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
First class value

"We have just returned from Tequila for the fourth time. The service in the hotel is very good and the location delightful.The beach might be some distance for disabled but a golf buggy serice is provided. The room and amenities are very good, basic but good.We enjoy the general atmosphere, the helpful staff,the lovely grounds and the fab beach. Dislikes, none.The weather in November is also amajor plus.Also the all inclusive is excellent value."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Reading reviews and speaking to people that have visited Playa Del Carmen it sounded out of this world and Clubhotel Riu Tequila did not disappoint. We were grateful of being able to use the facilities at the 2 Riu hotels on the beach but Tequila was the best and the free WiFi in the hotel lobby was an unexpected bonus. Our only concern before leaving was whether the weather was going to be too hot and how we would cope with the long flight. The flight was extremely long and the jet lag did take a few days to wear off, but the seat was comfortable with plenty of leg room, there was plenty to entertain us on the plane and it was worth it once we had recovered. It was extremely warm and high factor sun lotion was needed, but because the resort (Playacar) is so well thought out, it wasn't unbearable. There was shade from palm trees everywhere we went within Playacar and the air conditioning kept the room at a bearable temperature too. We found it too hot to sunbathe around the pool area, however there is plenty of shade around the pool if you don't want to sun bathe. We chose to sunbathe at the beach instead where there was a bit of a warm breeze. We never had trouble finding a sun bed on the beach or around the pool on the few days we did stay around the pool and we generally didn't head down there until around 11am. The pool bar was very close to the beach, so popping there for a drink regularly was no hassle and kept us nice and refreshed all day. The sea amazing, it was so warm it was just like walking in to a bath and the all inclusive water sports were great fun. The rooms were well kept, clean and nicely decorated. Everywhere in the hotel was clean, comfortable and well decorated. The people and staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The pool area is lovely and the swim up bar was great. The food was lovely and there was plenty of variety in the restaurants, snack bar and drinks bar. The 3 speciality restaurants (Asian, Steak and Mexican) were fantastic and we never had trouble booking in, even when we left it until 9.30am to book. We chose to go on a couple of day trips, one of them was the Speed boat Jungle tour from Cancun, which was one of the highlights of the whole holiday, it was fantastic. After driving our own speedboat to a reef we snorkelled there for around 40 mins and saw some absolutely amazing sights, thousands of fish in every shape, size and colour you can imagine. There are other places around the world that we want to see first but we had such a great time that we will definitely go back."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
The best ever

"this really is a fab hotel and a great holiday.ignore any bad reviews go and see for yourself.i The wife and i are about to go for our third time.we fly from BHX which is about 11 hours which can be a drag but well woth it when you get isgreat with loads of choices from burgers to steaks.To see a great video i made on last trip please visit youtube and search for johnwood0804 and please excuse my shaky video camera work but please belie3ve me when i say you will have a great time"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take insect repelkant

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5 / 10

"I have been to Mexico several times & stopped in a lesser star rated hotel though I wouldn't have said they were & although it was clean & lovely settings the food & the service was a big let down.

The food was mainly the same everyday, who wants burgers & pizza every lunch time, yes the fresh fruit was nice but the juice's were either watered down or not fresh juice more diluted. We got better service in the main dining room than in the ala carte. The best bar men were Arsenio & his guys & they made sure our glasses never ran dry but other then that the service & food.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
Amazing holiday

"Having stayed in Riu hotels in the past I hoped the Tequila would live up their great reputation.We were not disappointed, the hotel, it's grounds and amenities are nothing short of superb.Every member of staff without exception, were a delight and contributed to a wonderful stay.Will we go back? you bet,with the refurbishment due to be complete shortly I'am 2009 will be even better."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Would go back anytime

"This was the best holiday of my life.. the food the people and the room!!

no where could beat this place as it has it all, a bit of something for everyone the sports bar the pool bar the inside bar, there were plenty of games and activitys lead by the best holiday reps in the world, there friendly and do not bug you if you say no. over all would love to go back and am looking at bookin now for october next year... if theres one place in the world to go.. i would say mexico!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
Where do I begin! What an amazing...

"Where do I begin! What an amazing holiday, will 100% return here. This is what an AI holiday should be. EVERYTHING was included in the price, from food to towels and cocktails to icecream on tap. Staff here made our holiday. They involved us so much and there were sports and entertainment n all day, as well as different night time entertainment every night for 14 nights. There's also a night club! I really don't have any complaints. The beach is starting to erode, but this does not effect your trip to the beach, it is still well maintained. Although it is an hour from Cancun, it is very cheap to get the bus there and we got a taxi back for next to nothing. We are looking to return next year."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
this is the best holiday i have ever...

"this is the best holiday i have ever been on, i come for 2 weeks with my family rroms where very comfortable, we didnt see a drop of rain, everything was perfect the entertainment team where amazing giving you entertainment all throughout the day, everyone as favourites our's was Tony he's getting married to my daughter, but if you are planning on going to riu tequilla you will love every minuet of it and you wont want to come home it is truley amazing, it wa my daughters birthday while we where there they put out balloons, birthday cake banners and they even sang happy birthday to her in spanish, i would just like to say whoever dosent like this holiday there is something wrong with you becayse everyday is amazin even the beach there is plenty of things for the family to do, you can go in the sea and feed the fish bread and they eat out of yoyr hand, all swimming around your feet we went to swim with dolphins and it is really like living the dream come true hope you go and everything goes well for you ... you can even get all day drinks in the swim up bar and you can watch your favourtie sports teams in the sports bar on plasma television and you can have full access to the computers and internet for just a couple of dollers."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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  • by keithlwilliams

    " 5th Avenue in the old town is worth a nice stroll down to, modern shops and a change of scenery "

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