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10 / 10
I have been to this resort about 4...

"I have been to this resort about 4 times previously and this time was the best! If you can, just go B & B for best value. Breakfast is wonderful, all you can eat and lots of variations.

Stayed in the new deluxe Beach villa with plunge pool - again, superb BUT don't put your head under water as the water is not chemically cleaned and I got an ear infection. Most romantic place on earth that I have been to.

The water villas are great but are now second best I think. Scuba diving is very well organised and the best variety of fish that I have seen. You can dive without a suit as it is warm enough but I found the dive prices were very reasonable.

Plenty of options for eating - it's up to you but they all had something good to offer. Lobster night was good but book early and don't go if it's second sitting i.e. 8.30ish.

I really can't fault the place so I can't go to another island next year in case it isn't as good!!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, Half Board, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
The Hilton go all out to truly make...

"The Hilton go all out to truly make your dreams come true in what is a tropical paradise. They have thought of everything and the service is exceptional. Located on a small island, but due to clever planning it never feels crowded. There is a wide range of restaurants including the worlds first undersea restaurant.

Prices are cheaper than the UK. Also available, world class diving, water ports and excursions to enable you see other islands. Highly recommended.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently

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6 / 10
Honeymoon in scuba heaven

"I found reading the reviews on this site so helpful that I had to write one of my own.

The top tips i picked up from this site and used:

1) Book Koko Grill (excellent outdoor tepenyaki with seating for 8) before you go

2) Book wine cellar dinner (eat with 12 other guests and hotel sommelier in the cellar) before you go if you are into your wine

3) Have a private bbq on the 'sunset side' for the ultimate in romantic pampering - you get your own waiter and chef for the night. we booked this for the final night of our honeymoon and it was a perfect way to end our holiday

4) Don't take lots of shoes. Actually i saw this tip but did not abide by it. Am a big believer in shoes and thought that in the fine dining restaurants shoes would be a must. I took three pairs of flip flops, which i used (the bridge between the islands can get v hot) and five pairs of shoes, which i did not. i saw one girl strut toward ithaa (the underwater restaurant) in huge high heels and she looked rather out of place. flat or low slip on shoes are as flash as you will want to get really. the whole resort is covered with sand so you just wander round completely comfortably in bear feet (apart from on that bridge at noon). i actually got a blister when i put shoes back on after a fortnight! oh but remember trainers if you want to play tennis or use the gym.

5) Do try a deluxe picnic hamper for a cheap night in your villa.

Extra tips from me....

1) Don't take a hairdryer. I did and never used it. I used the one in the villa once (worked better than mine as the voltage is 110). The plugs are oddly enough the same sockets as England!! I even took hair straighteners too. ridiculous. never touched them.

2) Don't pick up any alcohol in duty free on your way over. You will have to give it up at customs in Male and pick it up on your way back. We had a box of wine, which was a real pain to cart there and back!

3) Don't worry about the seaplane. I am not the best flyers but the seaplane is fine. It is tiny but you do feel safe and the view over the turquoise ocean takes your mind off everything. you are given ear plugs. i saw someone with those big trendy ear muffs for their babies.

4) Do try diving if you are half inclined to do so. The dive school is EXCELLENT - the instructors are brilliant and come in all languages, the equipment is tops, and the diving is just amazing. totally amazing. do it! Manta rays, turtles, reef sharks, leopard sharks we even saw a whale shark. (all harmless by the way).

5) Do the island hopping day excursion

6) Do the night fishing

7) Try a chocolate martini/manhattan/endless love while you watch the film on the beach (thursday nights)

I could go on and on about this place, we just had the most wonderful time.

The only really bugging thing was the way they charge you to drink water with your evening meal, even if your are half board and the food is included. water is free for breakfast so why not for dinner? and when they give you water it is cheap cristal (which is absolutely fine, its water) and when they sell you water it is expensive evian. grrrr. oh and bottles of korona are US$12.


  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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10 / 10
A Paradise Vacation!!

"The whole Madlvies scene was amazing at Hilton Maldives. I went with my mom and my sister, we had a great time over there. We stayed at the water villa, and did some snorkelling around our villa, but you can just see tons of different fish and even sharks on your villa. It was the most relaxing and the most amazing trip I've had. There are different restaurants in the resort, all of them are very nice. All the staffs on the island were super nice and super helpful as well. Do try some fun water sports and excursions, they were awesome. The only thing I kinda don't like was there were a lot of ants on the sand so it's kinda scary for me !! But anywayz, the scenary was beyond words, the ocean so beautiful in the day you can't take your eyes off them, and the stars so bright at night you can stare at them forever with the sound of tidal wave. It was really by far the most amazing experience I've had"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2006

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8 / 10
Check out anytime ..Paddys part deux

"Well, It had rained again during the night on our second morning there. The wind had been almost storm force (seemed like that to us) and then died back to a gentle breeze during the morning.

We set out for our usual walk around both Islands,using the 500metre walk way instead of the Dhoni.

A word of warning, if you take your shoes off then carry some flips with you, the walkway can fry an egg its that hot!!

My feet actually burnt and blistered, my calfs suffered for the first days because of walking on the sand.

The enjoyment of drinking champers at breakfast after the walks were fab too. You pay $120 dollars for a bottle of Pol Roger in the evening but is available freely at breakfast !!! Thats if you like a tipple first thing ; o )

We never ate in Mandu( spa) restuarant (too healthy for my liking) but could have had breakfast.

When we upgraded to the Spa villas you get afternoon cups of tea thrown in(Mandu) so at 5pm we headed for tea and cakes ( dont feed the fish although very tempting) and watched to see if there was any lurking Dolphins !

It seems they tend to cruise during the early part of the afternoon and caught about 5 second video footage of them.

When the evening draws in,check all the night stars ( millions of them and so clear)you can even see one or two planets !

Beware of the walkways if you head home after midnight (500metre walkway) some of the lights do get switched off and it gets rather creepy across the bridge !

Night life in the Rangali Bar is always varied and the cocktail hour goes down smoothly ( 2 for 1 )

My wife drank the Cosmopolitan and I had the Girlie Strawberry Kiss (sad )

People tend to keep to themselves because most are Honeymooners but some (Adrian & Emily) we got on so well that they are coming to stay next month and share pics etc of the experience.

I need to check what I have put in Part 1 now cause i'm not sure I said about the Jelly Fish and the Turtle experience!

The snorkling is more than adequate at the resort and you do see thats of marine life , even the resident Barracuder !

The Manta was not under the bridge this time, that was a shame ! but nature has a habit of surprising you when you least expect it.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006

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10 / 10
Way above our expectations

"We stayed at the Hilton for 10 days in November after reading all the rave reviews on this forum. We have travelled all over the World and this has to be one of the best resort we have every visited and was well above our expectations.

We were lucky enough to travel out on Emirates in Business class on a 2 for 1 offer which gave us a great start to the holiday. The return was not so good as we had planned to travel back on the daytime flight via Colombo. Delay upon delay meant we missed our connecting flight in Dubai and had a 11 hour stop over. We eventually got Emirates to provide a hotel and we arrived back in the UK the following day.

We stayed in both a Deluxe Beach and Waters Villa which are very different and is a great experince. Both were excellent, but value for money the Deluxe Water villa wins as long as you don't mind having showers only as the baths are far to big to fill up. We found the beds in the Water Villas more comfortable.

We would recommend going Bed and Breakfast as we don't think you best value by going half or full board given the selection of restaurants. Breakfast in either Atoll Market Place or Vilu Restaurants is excellent and we didn't feel the need for Lunch. If you miss Lunch you can always or a snack from the bar next to the Market Place in the afternoon.

If you go have board you get 25% of the other restaurant. We decided to go B&B the second week and felt we saved money as we didn't have to pay the extra $50 for halfboard and used this to dine in the other restaurants.

Atoll Market Place has a great selection of food, best place for Breakfast.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant felt this was very expensive, so just had a pre lunchtime drink there.

Vilu Restaurant we felt was the best restaurant for dinner as it had a great choice for either half board or Al a carte menu.

Koko Restaurant was excellent and had a great evening under the stars.

Sunset Grill was OK , but had a similar menu to the Vilu restaurant. We had to sit inside, but think the experince would have been better had we sat outside.

Wine Sellar looked great, but there were spaces left so book this and the Ithaa before you travel to make sure you get a table.

Mandhoo Spa Restaurant - Didn't try it, although other people told us it was good.

We spent most of the holiday relaxing and went snorkeling most days on the east side of the islands on the house reef. I also went on two trips to other reefs which were excellent. If you get the chance I would recommend the Sunset Cruise on the Yacht, not for children.

All in all a great experince, one which we won't forget in a long time and will take a lot to beat. Was expensive, but worth every penny. The people were great and very helpful.

Happy to answer questions as we got a lot of advice from this forum before we went.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005

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10 / 10
Hilton Maldives .Check out any time you like but you can never leave !

"November 27th ...Day 1

Set off from Gatwick Airport to Dubai and then from Dubai to Male.

Anyone who has not seen the fanastic view as you fly over the Maldives is missing something quite awesome !

The runway you think will never be long enough to land on just appears a couple of kilometres from the main Capital - Male.

Once you land you feel and smell the humidity for a brief instance then its in your system. You go through customs ( dont forget get to fill in your temporaroly visa on the plane that is handed out or you will queue for a little longer at customs when you arrive)

Once through customs you see the Hilton reps gathering together like nervous kids going to school for their first day.

Once you are all together you get taken to the Hilton rest room to freshen up and have a quick drink.

Look at the people you get on the sea plane with as you r probably wont see them again all holiday ( unless you like to chat to people like we do)

Once you are all settled then you are wisked off to the seaplane with luggage weight etc.

Once on board these 15 seater crafts then you in the hands of the expert pilots ( who love to find the odd cloud to hit for a bit of an adventure)

You take off and then you know what sort of journey you will have .....Cloudy = bumpy Sunny = calm Rain = panic lol

This next bit is dedicated to the couple we later met on the Island and hope they dont mind this ...Adrian and Emily.

The journey was about 15mins into the flight across the Atolls and I could see heavy cloud ahead, remember Cloudy = bumpy ride ahead ! One loud scream sent shock waves through the plane as we hit the cloud and the plane drops (rollacoaster style) and then settles again.

Then back to clear skys and fab views of various holiday resorts on route.

We could now see the Islands and the new Spa Retreat that had been added on. Still with camera in hand I took as many pics as possible until we landed.


On our luggage we had noticed the words Repeater on them, and did we get the royal carpet on arrival.

Ann Krauss greeted us with so much warm I swear I got an instant tan off her ! she was wonderful to us and made us feel soo special, the bags were left and told us to kick off our shoes and enjoy a stroll around the Island to see what was new.

Ann had been excellant and helped with all the upgrades and made our stay most welcome. She took us to see Denzel ( who works on the Vilho bar on the water villa ilsnad ) who serves cocktails between 5and 6pm (free to guest who are on half board in the water villas)who recognised us again and was lovely to see.

We then sat and waited for our room to become avasilable (did not take long) and then went to our villa. The bed had been made up and said " welcome back " in flowers, which was a lovely touch.

We then headed out to order our meal for the evening in the Vilho restuarant (food and service is spot on) and again found somne old friendly faces who recognised us ) probably because im 6ft 5" and my wife is 5ft 3 !

Drink saving tip, if you mare asking for water = ask for Crystal which is about $1 .20 cheaper , and if you are on a tight budget can make all the difference.

Food saving tip

Club sandwich at lunch time and share it, you get chips and onion rings and this will fill you until dinner time.

Rangali smoothy ...stomach filler too.

The staff at the Rangali bar are all very friendly too.

Some spent lots of time chatting with us and another couple we were with.

One can make 50 different shapes out of 1 napkin including Rabbitts ducks etc.. amazing !

We played a few jokes on the staff and they seem to love it ....

We sang with the Guitar man until 3am who saounds soo much like Rod Stewart!

He is their Tue- Fri and will have a drink if you buy him one.


Underwater restuarant

On the night we had booked we had it all to ourselves for 3 hrs due to a party booking later that evening( The Hilton top guys had booked it)

I can honestly say you are ttreated from start to finish by 6 star service and although the food may not be to everyones taste , you should try it all. I cannot stand fish but everything they served I actually ate and found wonderful ( Red snapper = perfect)

We then chatted to the staff who had prepaired over months of hard work to get the taste just right ( head chef Ian and David ) these guys did a fantastic job and made us special all evening.

We even met the owner (saleem)who leases the Islands to the Hilton and even got a lift back to our villa from him at 3am in the morning after a sing song.

We ghad such a great night and I wish I could writew about everything that we had been told about how it was his dream etc....lovely guy.

This ends part 1 of what I believe will be an epic review of the Hilton resort.

Take a look at some of the pics !

Part 2 during the week !

  • Holiday details: Dec 2005

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6 / 10
Luxury in Paradise

"My wife and I spent a week in a Hilton Maldives Spa Water Villa at the end of October for my 40th birthday and our 20th anniversary, so, with our children back at home with parents, we headed off on our adventure.

We flew from Gatwick with Emirates via Dubai to Male and after picking up our bags spotted the Hilton Maldives transit rep who took our return tickets (which you pick up again on departure from the airport) and guided us to the Seaplane terminal.

On arrival we were taken away from the other people waiting for transfers to various destinations in the heat and taken to the exclusive Hilton Departure lounge with air-conditioning, fresh fruit, soft drinks and the mandatory cold towels. First impressions of Hilton were that their guests were special and this theme continued through the holiday.

Seaplane transfer took around 30 min and was uneventful, on landing at the Hilton we were taken to the separate Spa Reception on a small buggy where we checked in and our room was made available immediately (around 11:00 local time).

The information on the Spa Water Villas is not very clear and Hilton are underselling them as they are very large, well spaced and designed with great attention to detail. One pleasant surprise in the room was a bottle of chilled Champaign waiting for us. As part of our package we had one 55min massage each day in our own spa treatment room with a selection of massage styles available and we made full use of this.

The sundeck in the villa was large with steps down to the sea and an abundance of fish of all shapes and sizes; we spent most of our time on the sundeck or in the water around the villa. The bath is very large and opens up on three sides if you fancy some wind in the hair bathing. There is a CD/DVD player, Sat TV, espresso maker etc and the Spa Treatment room has it’s own CD player to relax you during your massage.

We had breakfast in the Mandhoo Restaurant which is part of the Spa Retreat and served very good quality healthy food with excellent service. In the evenings we would go to one of the many Restaurants with the Vilu Bar being good for bar snacks and the Vilu Restaurant being preferred for the quality of the food and wine. We tried the main Restaurant and although there was a varied selection of food types and the quality was good unless you value quantity we felt the money was better spent eating less of higher quality in another restaurant.

We thought about dinner at the underwater Restaurant but after reading the reviews decided $500 could be better spent elsewhere but did go there for the Champaign cocktails at $22 each which gave a good photo opportunity.

Service at the Hilton was first class and although I have stayed in Hilton hotels in major cities around the world this is the highest level of service I have found which given the location was a pleasant surprise.

We spent the week without shoes or worries and on our final day whilst having breakfast in the Mandhoo we even managed to have a co-ordinated swim past by around 30 dolphins popping in and out of the sea.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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4 / 10
Don't think about the extras, and you'll love it

"We spent 10 nights in a “luxury beach villa”, and had a great time. After 3 days, we had totally lost track of what day of the week it was, and were totally stress free! Staff and facilities were all as good as you'd expect for a 5 start hotel.

Room: Our room (number 134) had a private 10 meter swimming pool, but others had much smaller pools, so it might be worth asking if this room is available. The room was beautiful, 4 glass walls with great views of our private front and rear gardens. An outdoor bath and shower were an unusually experience, but great fun.

Food: Breakfast can be taken at either the Atol Market, or at the Vilu Restaurant on the other island. We prefered Breakfast at Vilu because it was a smaller more friendly venue.

We ate at every restaurant except the Wine Bar, so I think that was 6 or 7 different locations. All were excellent. The Wine Cellar needs to be booked before arrival It is only used once a week and only for 16 people at a time. This shouldn't be missed! The underwater restaurant is an experience of a lifetime. We saw stingrays and a barracuda while eating a fantastic meal. Don't forget the restaurant at the Spa, it seems under used but the "4 Elements" menu was very good and quite unusual.

Things to do: The snorkelling is great. There is a lot of coral and fish in water that is only 4 or 5 foot deep, so even if you aren't a strong swimmer, you will have fun. There are the usual water sports, but to be honest, we just relaxed and read books most of the time.

We were staying Bed & Breakfast, which was the best thing to do. If you stay "half board" the only place you can eat without extra charge is the "Atol Market" self service restaurant, which would get very dull after a couple of nights. The discounts for people already paying "Half Board" if they eat at the other locations were very low. You can expect to be spending at least US$150 per person per night on food and drink, so make sure you budget for this.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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8 / 10
5 Star Honeymoon at a 5 Star Resort and Spa

"Words cannot describe how awesome this Island is. The outstanding service started before we had reached the Island! From the moment we stepped into the Hilton Private lounge at the airport until we stepped out of the airport and onto our Emirates flight home, our every need and wish was catered for! We stayed for 2 weeks in a Deluxe Beach Villa No. 238 (brilliant one - prob one of the best deluxe beach villas as noone can see you from the beach and the plunge poole and villa are out of sight!

We hired the all day cruise ship for $418 with 5 crew all to ourselves. Throughly recommend this. It wasn't being used so we got a huge reduction from Simon, the german Island Host. Also,big game fishing with Farook which was brilliant. My husband did his PADI certificate and I spent 3 and a half days by myself topping up my tan. Lots of snorkelling and of course lots of treatments at the Spa Retreat and Over Water Spa. If you have a treatment at the Over Water Spa, book just as the sun is setting. It's fabulous and has excellent views.

The food is just to die for. We had a very expensive but well worth it meal at Ithaa, the underwater restaurant which was superb! Everything was magical. We couldn't fault a thing! Staff are the best! They deserve lots of tips! Work so hard for you! Sunset Bar and Grill is definately worth a few visits! The lobster is fantastic!!

We would thoroughly recommend the Private BBQ. Food is amazing. You your own private beach for a night time BBQ, private chef and private butler. We felt so special. Very romantic! We ate all our meals save for the restaurants we paid extra to go to, at the Atoll Market which is excellent. Lots to chose from, english, chinese, japenese, indian, italian buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We went full board but actually could have gone half board as we hardly ate lunch ever! Always full to the brim from breakfast!

I cant put into words how amazing the Island is. I just hope we can afford to go back again one day!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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4 / 10
bit of a let down!

"Just returned from one week in a deluxe water villa. Stayed in a water bungallow 3 years prior and just remember the whole place being fantastic - just not the same now!

Firsly, great dive centre! Everyone very friendly and

this is the one thing on the island which is not over expensive (the prices will be increased when they read this!)

The deluxe villa was actually pretty amazing. Is a very big room, starting with the massive indoor/outdoor bathroom. Ridiculously large bath (which can not be filled due to lack of hot water!), great 'dustbin lid' shower and double sink/mirrored area. Then you walk into the room itself which is pretty much all glass, with big wooden slatted electric blinds (the rooms are sheltered from the sun by all the vegetaion around), reasonable dressing/wardrobe area, large double bed and toilet (although why the toilet is inside i do not know, right next to the bed too!)

Then out to the rear there's a small pool which then leads to the beach.

No real problems with the room apart from the stupid room cards/keys which tend to never work which is very annoying at 1am when reception is 10 mins walk away! & our bedsheet was stained with blood when we first got into it!

The restaurants were all good, although try to book the Koko grill and Ithaa before you go as you will not get in otherwise, saying that, Ithaa comes as a set menu which is $200 each (no wine), which is well overpriced although your'e clearly paying for the experience, which will prob only come once, but we also did the cocktail morning where you'll see alot more fish anyway - and the food which is served in the evening consists of some very bad combinations, but you'll eat it anyway knowing it'll be the most expensive meal you'll ever eat!

This seems to be the problem in all the restaurants - weird combinations of food which just don't work, so your'e left with the main 'Atoll market' buffet, which serves pretty good food but just not enough variety for even one week, it just becomes a bit dull and when you're spending $55 each night per head (not including wine!) i'd expect alot more. We didn't eat in the Koko grill as it was fully booked all week and we didn't bother trying the organic restaurant (2 adults & one child with 2 glasses of $13 wine and a couple of juices worked out to $200 each night).

The pool has 22 beds at it's edge which is just not enough for a hotel with 140+ rooms. We had to carry a 3rd bed from the beach every day for a 10 year old as all the beds are in twos around the pool. Very annoying and mot once did anyone offer to help!

The so called "lucky dolphin" trip - now this is my 5th trip to as many hotels in the maldives, and i've taken this trip twice at the Kanuhura and the Coco palm hotels, so i thought i knew what to expect... Cocktails, a band playing music with some great food being served - youv'e got to be joking!!! We were told "it could get a little rough" before boarding the speed boat - the biggest understatement ever! Let me just say that i weigh 89kg and at several times during the trip it was not possible to stay on the seat, ie we were all being thrown around the boat with hardly anything to hold on to and no life jackets, even the crew were on the floor falling over! So you can imagine what the lighter people on the boat were doing, our daughter hit her head on a post on the boat (which i'm about to send pictures of the Hilton customer services) and there was a 4month pregnant mum onboard too - it was ridiculous, & there were no dolphins either! This trip was on the 5th November and if there is anyone reading this who was on that trip please get in touch.

Upon retuning to the hotel i complained etc etc and was told they were sorry and they would review the hotels health and safety procedures. Not even a mention of a refund, which although isn't the point it would have been a nice gesture. I even spoke the the deputy manager who again appologised but did nothing else. It is not until you experience something like this that you actully realise just how dangerous something like this can end up!

I could go on and on but i think all the cash that was spent on the refurb could have been used so much better.

Saying all this, we did have a great time, the staff are all very friendly, and the weather was great. But for the $3200 room bill and the $12k we spent on the holiday (2 for 1 cheap business upgrade on Emirates) i expected so much more. Everything is just so overpriced and can just not be justified by anything on the island.

I have so much more to say but i think you get the idea, and i understand there are lots of "amazing" and "great time" reviews here, but i have visited many 5* resorts in the Maldives and just expect a lot more.

Do yourself a favour and try the Kanuhura (just been refurbed too) or Soneva Fushi which will probably work out alot cheaper than the Hilton.

Almost forgot - a 10% charge is added to each bill, which i'm ok with, but they then leave the total open for you to add any extra and then ask you to put a new total! Is just very embarassing and just makes you feel like you need to add even more to an already overpriced bill! Never seen that before!

Any questions please ask!!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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10 / 10
Honeymoon in Paradise!!

"We enjoyed our perfect honeymoon at this fantastic island!

We stayed in the Deluxe Beach Villa, which was amazing! With every luxury you can expect, and more, from a six star resort! It is pure paradise.

AND, we even 'bumped' into Orlando Bloom while were staying there, and Jordan & Peter Andre arrived for their honeymoon the day we left!

A true holiday of a lifetime, the perfect start to married life and a honeymoon to be remembered forever!!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005

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