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8 / 10
10-out-of-10 for Effort

"I visited Meedhupparu for the first time over Christmas and New Year 2011.

The journey is long...but surprisingly uncomplicated! I was certain that something (or someone!) would go astray between the main airport/seaplane/boat but eveything (and everyone!) made it to the island and back intact. The logistics of this are not easy and I was impressed by the organisational skills which made it appear comparatively simple!

In fact, if I can say one thing about this place, it is that everybody is very helpful!

The staff are all extremely hard-working, friendly and polite...from the room-boys, bar staff, waiters, gardeners right up to management level.

If you have a gripe/problem, they will try to sort it out as quickly and effectively as 'manana-syndrome' here!

The resort itself is clean, efficient and well-run. The rooms are pleasant and airy and your room-boy visits twice a day to tidy up after you.

We had a chalet overlooking the 'Dreaded Sea Wall'...excuse me, but what is all the fuss about?? The wall is low, does not impede your view and has plenty of places where you can get into the sea (although mind the steps...they are very slippy!).

In fact, we preferred to be on the side of the island with the wall. The beach chalets on the other side are set further back and all-and-sundry walk past your front door...and then park their bums on the bit of beach outside of your apartment. No-one bothers to do this on the sea-wall side, so you can enjoy much more privacy!

The restaurants offer copious amounts of many different types of food...the only gripe that I had was that the hot meals were at best only tepid when served, so that by the time you got to your table, the food was cold. Having said that, the range of food on offer was quite astonishing and must take some doing! And they serve it all up fresh three times a day!

The evening entertainment was quite old-fashioned and aimed at the over-65's...which is fine but a lot of people there were not that old.

The management said that they are looking into ways to update it to appeal to the younger generation as well.

And if you fancy visiting over next Christmas and New Year, well, I can tell you, they pull out all the stops!

The food, decorations and atmosphere were brilliant. The staff worked incredibly hard to provide a good time for everyone and it paid off.

There are several trips run from the island. I can recommend the snorkelling trip and visiting the manta-rays, these were excellent. The Fishermans Island was also very interesting but the morning and evening fishing trips were very disappointing.

All-in-all it was a very enjoyable holiday and full credit to the hard-working staff for making it so!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"just back from a truely amazing holiday at Meedhupparu, my holidays here get better and better!! i keep getting drawn back to this island (7 times now)and its no wonder..the island is wonderful, friendly and clean, the staff are great and i made some wonderful friends. A big shout out for our rep Gerard who would sort anything including something as simple as a corkscrew haha. Hamza who always had a smile on his face when we went to the main bar, and dear Wasif who cleared away countless plates off our table (kids loved getting clean plates for just about anything)and who we came to be very close to, we miss you Wasif and we sure are coming back really soon!!!Everybody made our holiday worth while from the room boys to the gardeners,entertainment was refreshing and we all made an effort and had a good night everynight.Our boys Jack and Jordan enjoyed this holiday and xmas was made very special because Meedhupparu pulled out all the stops,nothing was too much, xmas eve was like New Year Eves amazing. A big hello to Jamie and Enrico (watersports)always polite and always smiling, a big thankyou to anyone ive missed out and i really cant wait to come back, always get to stay on the best bit of the beach (no wall) so no complaints there and loved playing vollyballa with all the staff.....very friendly and relaxing and at the end of the day a holiday is what you make it, and mine was the best. thankyou to everyone at Meedhupparu and we'll see you soon x"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: join in with everything you wont be disappointed
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Just Returned from Paradise

"Ian & Wilma From Scotland, Arrived 25th Mar Dep 8th Apr. 2011


After a long delay on the outward flight to Male from Gatwick we arrived approx 6 Hours late. We were then speedily taken to the Seaplane terminal where we off to Meedhuppura.


We were escorted to the main bar where we meet Gerard (First Choice Rep ) given cold cloths, a cold drink and a brief chat. At this point the Beach Bungalow rooms were allocated we were allocated room 173 as this was our first visit this to the island we did not know that the wall was facing us.

I immediately contacted Gerard and he said if we stayed there for one night he would try and re-allocate the next day as it was getting late anyway. First thing the following morning we were told we were being re-allocated to room 265 a superb bungalow on the south side of the island.

Restaurant / Food.

After being allocated a table in one of the wing sections of the restaurant, we did share a table with another couple no problems with that, it was nice to have a chat over meals. Our waiter Hamden / Huntey who was extremely helpful and friendly and nothing was too much of a problem for him.

The food in general was excellent with a host of choices at all meal times along with presentation and Quality and Quantity, including curry’s for breakfast if you so desired.


Five bars in total and the ALL Inclusive deal was extremely beneficial with a great choice of wines, spirits, cocktails and soft drinks as much as you can possibly consume. The Pool / swim up bar was our favourite morning / early afternoon with a special thanks to Dammid the Pool Bar Wiater who could not do enough for you. Main bar waiters were also very helpful to make your stay enjoyable with plenty of liquid refreshments.

Cleanliness & Friendliness.

The room boy visited twice a day to clean / tidy up once in the morning and one at night when he made a fancy design from the top sheet of the bed.

Also the cleanliness and friendliness of the gardeners and staff who attend to the daily duties of the paths, walkways and the swimming pool attendant who ALL went out of their way to say hello.


The snorkelling is awesome around the island and if this is your first time to the Maldives it is a must to at least bring alone a mask and snorkel, even for the amateur you will NOT be disappointed.


To summarise on this fantastic paradise island holiday there is only one thing I can say about all the facilities, the (First Choice Rep ) Gerard who will go out of his way to help in anything you may need and everyone on Meedhuppura who made our holiday a fantastic one to remember and all being well we will return next year.

Ian & Wilma.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Just leave it as it is
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Wow - Heaven on Earth!!!!

"Just returned from this resort last week and what a fabulous holiday we had. The staff are so friendly and cannot do enough for you. The food was excellent, I am a fussy eater and there was always lots to chose from, the puddings were exceptional!! Chef Guru is always around to make sure you are happy and if you fancy something which is not on the menu he will arrange for it to be made for you - that's how accommodating they are. One thing I will say if you are not happy with anything they will go out of their way to fix it! The beaches are lovely and the sea is like a bath. The snorkelling is out of this world and even if you are not a keen swimmer/snorkeler you can still see the fish in shallow waters and jumping out of the sea! The sea plane was a great start to the holiday. Gerard the First Choice/Thomson rep was amazing and even though we didn't travel with either of those tour operators he still helped us with many things - he is a real gem! Our room was lovely and the room boy cleaned it twice a day. At night you would come home to the sheets folded down into spectacular shapes and my nightie put on my pillow - nice touch! The last thing I want to mention is the sea wall - although our room was on this side it did not bother us, you can walk the whole island in 30 minutes so the 30 second walk across to the beach was not a real chore! Many people walked the wall daily including ourselves and it was great because lots of fish fed from the wall! Thank you all at Meedhupparu Island for making our holiday the best we have ever had!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Not many grips so don't be put off with old reviews

"Room: Room and room facilities apart from the A/C good. Room service very good. Score 6 is because of clapped out A/C that their maintenance Managers said was OK but you could not cool the room down anything like you would expect, and their offices and shops were the always much cooler than the room A/C could ever manage. Their A/C's where much newer too. One of their staff said unofficially that the compressors very getting knackered. You will need to cool off from time to time as the humidity is a bit draining.

Service: never need to wait more than 5 minutes. The bar/dining staff work hard for the most part. A lot of senior staff seem to do a lot of waiting around without doing much. But always friendly. If you have any problems you may need to keep raising it with them.

Pool always clean.

Dining: I am a beef fanatic so was well served but there was always good choice but dont expect hot food to be more than just warm unless it is cooked to order. Lunchtime bread is hot fresh and vg. Sweets far better than in any Med hotel I have been too. You never need to go hungry there.

Beech VG but if you have a sea wall side room try to get it changes as you get their. Rooms 100 to around 160 are beach side. Snorkelling better than the Red Sea and that says something. Suggest entering the water infront of rooms 150's just where the sea wall ends, swim out across the coral until you get to the drop off, then drift in the current to the right towards the jetty. Check tides publish each morning on a handout in reception. It may be too low to get across to the drop off when around low tide minimum. Just wait a couple of hours. Swimming the other warm against the current may be hard work unless you have flippers.

Amenities: Watersports -> limited and expensive

MUSTS: Always protect against insect bites they can be a pest. Fish feeding is always worth a visit.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
another day in Paradise

"We have just returned from a two week holiday in Meedhupparu.This is the most friendly resort we have ever been to.From top chef Gurru to all the gardeners.Our room boy eisa was a star along with our waiter Jamma.The staff cannot do enought for you nothing is too much trouble.The rooms are clean and airy.Our room 109 was prefect for everything and with the hotel being on30% full we did not have to wait for anything.The downside was the resturant had fans only which were so high up in the roof if did not make any difference,the bar does not have fans or aircon.It is so hot humidity 89 some days.Forget about your hair girls.The pool and beach beds do not have cushions and are very uncomfortable would advise investing on a lilo .Another thing is no shadee 2 brollys round the pool and none on the beach.My last gripe would be wine only served with lunch and dinner.If you get wine in the bar you have to pay for it and everything is expensive there so go all inclusive.Problem solved by asking the waiter for xtra glasses to take in the bar you can have as much as you want.Last of all the dreaded sea wall.I must admit i would have been pretty fed up if we had been put on the east of the Island as the wall if quite high.But all in all a good holiday for what we paid"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: yes
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Superb, and it is what you make.

"My girlfriend and I have just returned form the Meedhupparu Island Resort and cannot find fault at all. We took the all inclusive package and were not in anywat disappointed. From arrival to depature, the staff were courteous, amusing, helful and very friendly. We read some negative reviews, but hey, you get these with every resort/holiday.

Our independent tour opertor told us about the 'wall' and booked us into a room - 276. Amazing - right on the beach, and at sometimes only 8 ft from the shore line. The reason for the wall, according to the reception chap, and I can see why, is to defend the exisiting bungalows on that stretch from the sea - take a walk along the wall at early evening and you'll see that the westerly winds belt in and really stoke the sea. They are dreding at present to make a beach and eventually the wall will be buried beneath the sand.

The room was not 5* but nicely laid out and the outside shower is a blessing. The housekeepers take pride and will clean 2 times a day.

The bar - yes, we did have to wait a while for drinks, but this was only 5 mins at most at times. The lads were a good laugh and once they get to know you will have your drinks waiting, thus avoiding the aforementioned wait.

Food - yes, it may be samey, but you have to be aware of this - at lunch times, there is a chef's menu as well as the counters to help yourself - make sure you order from this seperate menu - included in the all inclusive, this is where you get your variety.

We were very lucky with the weather, only around a days worth of rain during the 2 weeks. I had a look at the Water Villa's but we had our own little bit of beach and to be honest it all seemed a little too ordered and systematic to ultimately chill out. We got offered an upgrade for $200 a day, but decided not too as I didn't see the worth. Remeber, the Water Villas do not come under the all inclusive package.

Stunning wildlife, beautiful seas, helpful and reliable staff, and a great room.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Holiday to be remembered

"Just back from a wonderful holiday.Thank goodness they have seen the light and changed the General Manager. Our first 10 days found the management to be unco-operative and non existent, thank heavens for the fab staff including the guys who sweep up the leaves whist you are asleep.

Had read many things about the wall and felt that the gap between wall and accommodation could have been filled...guess what thats what the new guy is going to do, will make lovely areas for loungers etc but will have to make better access to sea.

Sea plane ride was wild as a wicked storm arrived just as it was landing so the poor pilot had to ride the surf before it died down enough to more at the quayside.

Everthing was very clean, food had lots of choice and really the heat was 38C so volume was not an issue. Will be going back just to have another relaxing time and see the improvements. Would have liked to see the workings of the hotel but previous awful management were most unhelpful. Booked thru Marks Travel good deal was made. Have a great time.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: A must before you leave this mortal coil
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
life's what you make it

"Go out of season or treat the credit crunch as a blessing in disguise. This place is fantasatic for a week during which the island was 40% occupancy. The staff are brilliant - there seemed to be about one for every guest. A friendly atmosphere wherever you go; if you make the effort!!! Try the catamaran and the snorkelling. Don't start drinking too early and just lean back and relax. Unforgettable"

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: small but perfectly formed
  • Activities: the lunch menu makes a nice change
  • Good For: Beach

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5 / 10
nice sea beach shame about resort

"Just arrived back from 2 weeks at Meedhupparu,flight gatwick ok did extra leg room had a 3 hour wait for the sea plane not very helpful with imformation about what was going on.Resort was DEFINATLEY NOT 4 star tried to upgrade but were told nothing available staff member who finally came to sort out the safe was rude general service was not good ,had the sea wall view but not as bad as thought .Shared room with local wild life which was ok geckos ants and cockroaches .weather,Sea, beach, fish, snorkelling and diving all great. This was our 3rd visit to the maldives so we knew what to expect and we were disapointed with this resort ,had read the reviews but didnt think much about what was said but now have to agree with the bad bits so wont be going back .Managment need to look at their attitude to wards their guests and not rely on the good weather factor to put it all right!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: better resorts to go to

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8 / 10
our opinion

"After reading many bad reviews on Meedhupparu we thought we would tell of our personal experiences there.

We had a lovely spacious room which opened onto a most beautiful beach close to where the air taxis & boats berthed. Further along the beach - the other side of the jetty - the sea wall did prevent direct access to the sea but there was a stretch of sand between the rooms & the wall. The sea seeped through the wall & provided pools of water with lots of fish including rays & baracuda.

The restaurant served a great variety of food - something for everyone I would have thought with themed evenings eg. Chinese, Maldivian & Valentine's Day.

We found all the staff to be friendly & courteous. Everywhere on the island was clean & tidy but with a natural appearance where the gardens were concerned.

Behind our room was a maintenance yard (fenced off) creating some noise most days but not much of a nuisance. It certainly could not be considered as 'building work'.

Although when we first booked our holiday we were not allowed all inclusive, when we arrived we were able to upgrade. This is definitely necessary as all drinks (including water) & food are expensive.

Fish feeding, disco, pianist, live band & Balinese dancers provided entertainment along with pool & table football in the evenings.

Overall we had a wonderful relaxing time & were very sorry to leave. This was our third visit to the Maldives & we would say it was on a par with the other two islands - each being slightly different.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Cosmos
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Near to paradise

"Having read some of the other reviews after booking and before going, I was quite concerned about what awaited us. This holiday was our first long-haul exotic holiday and was to mark a special occasion.

The flight was fine (Monarch). Cabin crew were polite and efficient, leg room was OK even without paying for extra. Reception at Male airport was satisfactory with easy transfer to the terminal of Maldivian Air Taxi. We had to wait nearly 2 hours for our flight to the island, sitting in a lounge with a video on a loop about the island with some background music that nearly drove me mad! The sea-plane flight by Twin-Otter was interesting (a novel experience for us I mean.) The plane is rather noisy though.

Staff at the island were all very friendly, polite and helpful. Room was comfortable and clean. Only issues were a rodent living in the outside bathroom and some nail heads projecting from the room's wooden floor. Both were reported and neither dealt with though the rodent did disappear. Our "room-boy" Mohamed was charming as was our waiter who looked after us the whole time we were there.

Food was plentiful and reasonably varied. There are various curried dishes most days but also a variety of other dishes. At lunch, there was a choice of a buffet or a menu with several options. We chose the latter most days and the food was more varied, nicely presented and usually hotter. Often the food from the buffet was not very warm. If you are only half-board, the cost of food will soon add up as it is not cheap eg $12 for a portion of chips as a snack.(we were entitled to this free as part of all-inclusive deal along with local beer (which was OK if weak lager is your thing) and un-branded spirits.

There is plenty of room on the white sandy beach so you are not cramped by your fellow guests. Our room was on the north side of the island where there is no sea-wall and we could see the beach and sea from our veranda. The wall is round the west end and of the island. It is plainly necessary and though not attractive, I don't think it would have spoiled our stay greatly if we had had a room facing it.

There are plenty of fish to be seen snorkelling from the beach in the shallows over the reef. We saw a reef shark, sting-rays and a great variety of beautiful fish. The last three days the wind picked up and the sea was rougher and swimming from the beach was harder as the water over the reef is quite shallow. We took a couple of boat trips to go snorkelling elsewhere and though we saw a turtle and also a manta ray as well as many other fish, they were in deeper water and not so clearly seen. The trips were still fun but be warned, the currents can be quite strong and even with fins, it was necessary to swim quite hard just to stay still! The boat was always on hand to pick you up when you had had enough.

One matter I think people should be aware of; when you buy items eg souvenirs from the shops at the resort or even use the internet (or book trips)a 10% service charge is added to everything so a $70 excursion costs $77 and 10 minutes internet us costs $3.30, not the $3 they tell you. It was the fact that items bought from the shop (even things like sun-screen) also have the 10% added when you come to pay. Although the forms you sign for excursions do say there is a 10% charge, I do not recall seeing anything in the shops.

There is a water-sports centre with one catamaran, one jet-ski ($50 for 10 minutes), fins ($26 per week), snorkels etc for hire. There is a qualified dive instructor and sailing skipper (not that we did either of these activities).

All in all we had a fantastic, very relaxing fortnight. We returned to snow in the UK after a delayed flight (the plane from Gatwick coming out to us was delayed by snow).

  • Holiday details: Jan 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: A beautiful tropical island.
  • Activities: Snorkelling among the beautiful coloured fish
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by SPE

    " All inclusive a must, all extras expensive "

  • by Ruda

    " The fish feeding at 9.30pm on the North jetty is a must "

  • by Queen of Meedhupparu

    " If you can, take your own snorkelling gear. You can buy it there but not much choice and very expensive. "

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