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3 / 10
Overbooking is very bad at this...

"Overbooking is very bad at this hotel.

The Robinson Crusoe trip is over rated.

You pay for all foods.

I will never go back.

Our room was still uncleaned from last guests.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
'WOW' what a holiday. From the minute...

"'WOW' what a holiday. From the minute we arrived to the minute we left 'paradise'.

We arrived on Meeru after a 50 minute speedboat journey from the airport to be greeted and escorted to reception where we were given a refreshing drink and information about the island, we were then taken to our land villa, and we were situated at the end of the island near to the Asian wok very beautiful and peaceful.

The sand was white the sea turquoise. We went all inclusive well worth it the food was brilliant plenty of choice and rarely repeated.

The staff were friendly and nothing was too much trouble.

Plenty to do if you wanted lots of excursions, snorkelling, and diving.

We will definitely be back.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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8 / 10
We went to Meeru on our honeymoon and...

"We went to Meeru on our honeymoon and we stayed in a jacuzzi water villa, which was absolutely fantastic- outdoor jacuzzi which we enjoyed most evenings with a bottle of wine looking up at the stars.

The food was very good, but maybe a little repetitive. There were two other restaurants(not part of AI)- an Asian wok and an old sailing boat moored near the beach-fantastic lobster.

These are also open for cocktails till about 7.30 which was great for watching the beautiful sunsets.

The pool was lovely and never too busy and the waiters were always on hand to refill your glass-the iced coffee is a must.

Can recommend the boat trips, night fishing is fun, and the Robinson Crusoe island was unbelievable. Don’t recommend island hopping-too cramped and rushed.

All in all a great holiday on one of the larger islands, lots to do, lovely weather and beautiful quiet beaches.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
The island was amazing, turquoise sea...

"The island was amazing, turquoise sea and white sand, exactly how it looks in the book.

Every member of staff was so polite and very welcoming. The land villa that we stayed in was so clean and tidy and room service cleaned the room twice daily. It was about 20 steps from beach! Everywhere was peaceful and relaxing just what you need in a place like that.

The restaurants were lovely, we couldn't have asked for better food and there was plenty of choice. We recommend the Dhoni bar the staff were so friendly and funny and very chatty making you feel welcome, overlooking the harbour.

There is a great choice of excursions to go on the Seaplane was excellent flying over lots of other islands.

The overall holiday was brilliant we would definitely go again and have recommended to family and friends.

  • Holiday details: May 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
Love this hotel! We went to Meeru...

"Love this hotel!

We went to Meeru just after the tsunami and the staff on Meeru just could not do enough to get everything up and running again. There was not a lot of damage to the island but the work needed to clean it all up again for visitors was enormous.

The staff there are the friendliest you will ever find and we were made to feel like royalty.

Beaches were really clean. Restaurants had an amazing selection.

Baby sharks swim in the shallow waters which are totally safe to swimmers but great for watching also.

Scuba diving the best I have ever done. We saw everything rays, dolphins and turtles. A must for animal lovers.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Superb Island

"Went to Meeru last October for a weeks relaxation and boy was it perfect. We flew with Emirites via Dubai (mainly as i don't do budget airlines!!) as we had heard terrible things about Monarch and we were glad that we did as i can't recommend them enough. We also upgraded to a Beach Villa which was well worth it especially after seeing the standard accommodation, but i believe that the standard rooms are all being upgraded soon if this has not already happened.

The resort was perfect, we particularly liked the "no need for shoes" feel of the place and the staff were so helpful and friendly at all times. The beaches were always clean and tidy and the snorkeling in the lagoon was brilliant - especially by the health spa at the water bungalows.

The weather at that time of the year was mixed but it didn't bother us as it was always warm even in the thunder storms, and swimming in the rain is so refreshing (plus everyone runs for cover so it just adds to the desert island feel of the place.

The speedboat transfer was good and not too long (its about 1 hour) and there is always a chance to see some flying fish on the way.

I really can't rate this island enough and are actually returning to the Maldives in May 06 but we decided to try a different island to compare the two and have decided to go to Kuramathi Cottage and Spa this time. We travel a lot (about 3-4 holidays per year and many weekends away too) and never try to go back to the same place (other than skiing) as we like to try as many different countries and cultures as possible - but with the maldives i just can't wait to get back.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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8 / 10
Best honeymoon location ever!

"We recently went to Meeru for our honeymoon, in April 2006. After a lot of research into all Maldives destinations, we decided Meeru seemed by far the best for our budget (around £4000 for the both of us). After spending 10 days in paradise, I can definitely say we made the right choice! Here's a lowdown on the holiday:

First of all there was the flight - we booked with Emirates, what can I say, they were absolutely amazing! I'd definitely recommend flying with them, their economy class is like other airlines' business class. The seats are very spacious, you have your own TV screen on the seat in front with around 200 films to choose from, lots of TV progs, 100s of CDs to listen to, an interactive games console with lots of games, and best of all you can view the plane's forward and downward camera so even if you're not sitting at the window seat you can still see amazing views, weather permitting! The cabin crew were superb, giving you complementary drinks whenever you wanted, the meals were superb and they couldn't do enough for you. We even got complementary champagne and a huge congratulations cake just because we were on our honeymoon - it was such a lovely surprise! There was no time to get bored on this flight, their inflight entertainment was just second to none. 5* to Emirates.

We flew from Glasgow to Dubai which took 7 hours, then we had a 3 hour stop in Dubai airport, which was fine because the airport is worth a look in itself. It's absolutely huge, and there's so much shopping to be done! Definitely an experience. We then flew to Male, a 4 hour flight, then got the speedboat transfer to Meeru Island which took about 50 mins. The boat is fairly small, with around 16 seats on deck and a further 16 or so down in the cabin. When we arrived at the island, we were taken to the reception and each given a cold minted towel and a lovely fruit cocktail juice - how refreshing! We filled out our registration details etc then were given the keys to our room. By the way, the hotel staff basically do the job of the rep, we booked with Kuoni but didn't see the rep at all during the holiday and the staff told us all about the trips and all inclusive basis etc, which really should've been the rep's job.

The room - if you're going to somewhere like the Maldives, especially if it's for a special occasion like your honeymoon, you have to stay in decent accommodation. In Meeru, that would be the Jacuzzi Water Villas - total bliss! They really are something special, I'd say better and more economical than the Honeymoon Suites. Look up the Meeru website for more details of the different types of accommodation available and you'll see what I mean! Each room is allocated their own room boy, and they come twice a day to make your bed and tidy up etc, they're very good and take such pride in their work, but will respect your privacy if you fancy a lie in one morning.

We went all inclusive, definitely worth it (except for the white band you have to wear, you're not allowed to take it off the whole time you're there - very annoying!). Again, you're allocated your own waiter which you'll have for the whole time you're there, they get all your drinks for you. The choice of food was amazing. There is definitely something for everyone! The quality of the food was also very impressive, much better than any other all inclusive holidays I've been on. The staff take a lot of pride in their work and are very creative - the waiters make different shapes out of the napkins everyday, and the chefs carve different pictures out of watermelons - very unique and totally amazing! There is also a wee guy who is in charge of cleaning the toilets. They were always spotlessly clean and he'd stand there looking so pleased with himself, and every day he would write messages in the sand like "good morning" or " have a nice day", it really did make me smile! The staff were all so friendly and couldn't do enough for you.

Snorkelling - the fish you'll see are totally amazing. There are such a variety and they're so colourful. There's even reef sharks - don't worry, they're quite small and totally harmless - it's fine to snorkel in and around them, they're so friendly!One thing I would advise though, get yourself a pair of watershoes like trainers (covered with hard soles - not the sandals type), here's why - I didn't know this, but when we went in April, it is apparently the season when fish lay their eggs(?) and dangerous triggerfish came into the reef to do exactly this. No one warned us of this, and there I was snorkelling away when I was attacked by two of these nasty fish because I had obviously went into their territory without realising. I sustained nasty bite injuries to my toes (I was wearing open sandal watershoes) and to my legs, so if you go at this time, please be aware of fish protecting their eggs! Whilst we were there, about 6 people were attacked and badly bitten, but the staff at the island said that this was the first time anything like this had ever happened and it was very unusual for the triggerfish to come in over the reef, so please don't let this put you off, but just be aware of it.

There is lots to do on the island including Cat sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, tennis court, a golf driving range(?!), badminton court, volleyall, football pitch, diving centre, 2 fantastic Spas (you must go, the treatments are divine!) and of course the snorkelling, so you definitely won't get bored!

There is also a variety of trips you can go on. We went on the Sunset cruise and the Fishing trip because they were included in our all inclusive package. The sunset cruise was lovely, we went out from 5-6.30pm with only about 10 people to each boat, got a nice cocktail and saw lots of dolphins! They were swimming along with the boat for what seemed like ages, there was about 12 of them altogether, absolutely beautiful animals! It was totally amazing. The fishing trip was from 5.30-8pm, again only 10 people to each boat, with the local fishermen showing you how to fish using a very simple plastic coil and line. We caught loads of fish, and you could arrange for the chef you cook your fish for tea the next night if you wanted! The only thing I didn't like was they just slung all the fish into a crate, and it was pretty horrible seeing them all flap about for what seemed like hours on end. Also the barracuda seemed to make a screaming noise when they were caught, probably just the noise of the air coming out of them, but nevertheless not very nice. I've heard the Loveboat cruise is also totally amazing, but it was about $300 per couple so we didn't bother doing that. Definitely go on whatever trips are included in your all inclusive basis though.

On our last day, since our flight was not till the evening, we had a day use room which was a standard room at the other end of the island. People talk about a divide on the island, we'd never noticed as we spent all our time in Meeru Village (the north end of the island where all the jacuzzi water villas, jacuzzi land villas, honeymoon suites, and normal water villas are). But when we moved to a standard room, boy did we certainly notice the difference! The standard room was well, very basic, had a funny smell, and lots of ants crawling around. I would not recommend staying in this part of the island. We didn't see the normal land villas though, maybe they are ok. But even this part of the island doesn't seem as nice. The sand isn't as white, it's not kept as tidy, and it's definitley not as nice as the north end of the island. We realised how lucky we were that day, to have stayed in a JWV for most of our holiday, it was definitely the best accommodation on the island. Apparently they're knocking down all the standard rooms in May this year, and building better accommodation, trying to bring that part of the island up to the standards of the Village end and lessening the "divide" feel to the island. If you're staying in Meeru village from May onwards, from seeing the island, I don't think the bulding work will affect you as it really is quite far away from the Village end of the island. As we discovered, you can spend all your time secluded at this end of the island and not need to go anywhere else and have an absolutely fantastic time!

Weather - apparently May to September is the wet season, with the best weather being in December/January. When we were there in April, the weather was fantastic. Around 30 degrees constantly with an amazing breeze. It rained twice when we there there, and when it rains, it really does rain. Talk about monsoon - it's a spectacular show! It didn't last for long though and the hot temperature soon dried it up again.

Wildlife - Apart from all the fish, there are lots of other animals to see on the island. There are the little geckos (lizard type things on the walls and trees, harmless and very cute!), the mad fruit bats that fly about the trees which you see at all times of the day, the heron that stands in the same place near the spa in the village at sunset waiting to catch a fish, lots of different species of birds, the tiny little white crab like things with shells that run about the beach at night, and much more. I became very attached to all the wildlife by the end of the holiday, especially my favourite - the heron. He was so funny and provided such entertainment!

Overall, Meeru is such an amazing place to go to. It really is exactly like the image you get if you imagine the Maldives in your head. I did a huge amount of research into all the islands when trying to decide which one to go to for our honeymoon, this one came out top and it really did live up to my expectations. The whole holiday was amazing from start to finish (with exception to the triggerfish incident!) and it was the best honeymoon anyone could ever wish for. I can't recommend Meeru enough. We'd definitely go back, maybe for our 10 year anniversary you never know!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2006

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10 / 10
We flew from Manchester with...

"We flew from Manchester with MyTravel. Plane was a A300 so there was a bit of room on there we had seats 44 which were where the configuration goes from a 343 to 242 so we had the leg room for 3 people (if that make sense!) the flight was about two thirds full so most people who were at the back of the plane managed to get a row of 3 to themselves.

MyTravel are really clamping down on luggage and we were charged excess baggage for 4 kilos, which was £24 (£6 per kilo). MyTravel were advising some people to upgrade to premier gold, as it would have been cheaper.

Arrived into Male 10 hours 40 minutes later and it was 32 degrees! Cleared customs and luggage arrived quickly. We then went outside to the cafe. After about 30 minutes they called us and we boarded the boat, (we were later told the reason why we waited 30 minutes is because a couple had their suitcases broken into en-route and they were sorting that out - otherwise we'd have been a bit quicker)

Boat journey was ok we traveled on the Meeru Star, seats were a bit hard and there was a vibrating noise but apart from that it was fine.

Arrived onto Meeru - just as I had remembered it although this time I must admit there was no wow factor but it still felt nice to be here, walked along the jetty and saw 2 sharks and a stingray!

Was taken to Kakuni bar and had the normal peppermint towel and cocktail which was most needed! We were then told all of the Land Villas were full for that night so we were being upgraded to a Jacuzzi Land Villa for one night and we were give room 643.

On arriving in the room we noticed how cramped it felt compare to a normal land villa this was because there was a 4 poster bed in it an extra set of drawers (which are an excellent idea because there isn't much storage space normally) a sofa and a TV! The 'back garden' is out of this world lot of space and nicely presented much better than the normal Land Villas. We didn't unpack as we were moving at 11am the next day (which was a pain because we wanted fully unpack to settle in) We tried the Jacuzzi but it took ages to fill and then we turned it on to warm it up and the whole process took about 1.5 hours…

We ate in the Malaan and was really surprised as to how quiet and peaceful it was, we was allocated Hussain (who was our waiter from last year) and it was nice to sit wherever you wanted rather than being given a table for the full holiday. Meals were fantastic.

The next morning we moved to room 206 - right next to the Asian Wok a perfect location I thought, as you get the sun all day and drinks are only next-door! That night it started to rain........

It rained the next day............ (Wed)

Thurs, Glorious sunshine! We did nothing all day except sit in the sun!

It was crab racing in the Dhoni bar that night winner took 38 cans of beer, which was good as he wasn't all-inclusive.

Mark (Husband) started his open water diver on the Friday cost $691 including all boat hire, which worked out £411. But more on that later....

It was Maldivian night at the Kakuni bar, which was good. I bought a coconut cocktail served in a real coconut - I think it was $5.

Saturday once again glorious sunshine. Once again we didn't do much we had a walk round the island and sat in the sun. That night it was party night in the Dhoni, the music was really loud that night, we walked up to the Uthuru bar and could still hear the music! Wouldn’t have liked to have been someone staying in the low/mid 600's.

Sunday - We walked around the island fully today to have a look if anything had changed since we were there last (Nov 04). Last year we stayed in room 259 and the beach there was lovely, we noticed this year that there is a big step in the sand and a tree which was over the water which we used to sit in and watch sharks was now half way up the beach. You could see that a lot of the 400 rooms and 200 rooms have had new fronts and a couple have had new decking. There was a boat at sea pumping sand onto the beach as a result we noticed the beach has a lot more coral and isn't as nice underfoot.

The next week merged together as we were so relaxed!

We moved rooms once again on Thursday we moved to a Water Villa (room 525), which was one of Shareef’s allocated rooms, he was our room boy last year and he remembered us, which was really nice. He decorated the bed each night in a fantastic pattern and lots of flowers. We were originally told the room should be $130 upgrade per night but they could do it for $100, we bartered a bit and eventually got it for $65 per night. I would definitely recommend this as an upgrade.

On the Saturday (03/12) we went to Diffushi as we had bought children some gifts, we noticed on arriving there was damage caused by the Tsunami, the harbour wall was cracked and the house they used to take you to, and show you a typical Maldivian house was badly damaged. The shop windows looked like they had been damaged as most of them had sheeting over them whereas last year they were glass. The children loved their gifts and their faces lit up when we gave them to them. One boy accepted the toy car and gave me some shells as a swap; they are the most unusual things I have ever seen.

We had his and hers massage in the over the water spa which was fantastic! It cost $140 and was well worth it. Mark was a bit unsure but I would say he enjoyed it the most as it was very relaxing, we were given a lemon flavored water drink on arrival and ginger tea once the treatment had finished we were also given a bottle of Moet which was worth $90 so we got the massage for $50 for the both of us! We took the bottle to the Asian Wok and were given glasses and an ice bucket and we sat on the beach watching the sun go down.

On our return day (Mon 5th) Linda (Airtours Rep) called us to say we has a 3 hour delay but was still being taken to the airport at normal time so we would have 6 hours at airport (nice!) We arrived at the airport at about 12 noon and it was mayhem! When we booked this holiday we were told the flight on the way back was Male – London Gatwick – Manchester which we were fine about. On arrival at Male we were told the flight was stopping in Manchester first which was excellent for us but unfortunate for the London Gatwick people but there is nothing you can do really.

We were then told it wasn’t a MyTravel flight that has been sent out for us it was a Monarch as the MyTravel flight had gone technical. As the Monarch plane was smaller we would have to make a re-fuel stop in Bahrain for about 45 minutes. This was making the Manchester passengers 4 hours later than estimated time of arrival but London Gatwick passengers were due to arrive 7 hours later than they should have.

At this point I must say I was ashamed of some of the London Gatwick passengers and the way they spoke to Linda, it was totally un-called for, their language was disgusting. She was the only rep there and she took the brunt of a full plane full of passengers, she kept apologising (even though it isn’t her fault) but it was just not good enough for some people. What did they expect her to do? Build a 747 there and then?!

We were lucky as we had made friends with Wazeem from the Dhoni bar and it was his day off and he lives in Male, we called him and he met us at the airport and took 10 of us onto Male mainland for a sightseeing tour! It cost $3 total for the Dhoni boat to get there! We visited the big mosque, the fish market, indoor market and outdoor market and then he took us to a traditional Maldivian café, we spent about 3 hours in total on Male and it was fantastic – definitely recommend this, but I’m not too sure how much the Meeru excursion is. Wazeem then took us back to the airport and we only had about an hour and a half to kill before the flight left, MyTravel had organised complimentary drink & food at the airport.

The flight with Monarch home was ok, there were no screens in back of seats but to be fair to them they had lent MyTravel the flight at short notice and I suppose it was whatever they had available at the time. The crew were lovely – couldn’t do enough for you. Food was nice.

The stop in Bahrain was good as you could have a wander round and stretch your legs. Cigarettes were $12 for 400!

Special staff: Saud & Wazeem – Dhoni bar once again excellent

Shareef – Water Villa Room boy

Building Work:

They are converting the last remaining land villas to Jacuzzi land villas (low 600’s) didn’t really notice it to be honest, mainly hand tools being used and it is screened off.

Farivalhu restaurant – ½ of it is screened off as it is being updated – no disturbance at all, didn’t hear anything from it.

Something is going on behind the 400’s/high 200’s in the owner’s house; I think it maybe a pool being added as a waiter said it was. Could hear a bit of noise but nothing too bad.

All Inclusive v Full Board – We went Full Board this time (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) as we thought this suited us the best. Had we have gone AI the upgrade was £784 for the two of us for two weeks. We drank what we wanted when we wanted and didn’t think ‘oh we cannot have that because were not all-inclusive’ our bill for drinks at the end of the holiday was £324. In my opinion I was better going full board but not everyone is the same.

Diving – Husband did his Open Water Diver which his raves about! He visited the wreck, Chicken Island and also Manta Point. He said the Mantas were breathtaking and he is very glad he did it, apparently the mantas are only there between Oct and April, but they cannot guarantee this. He saw turtles at Chicken Island and saw 100’s of dolphins whilst on the diving boats.

We watched a couple of vowel renewal ceremonies they looked very nice any questions feel free to ask.

Them and us feeling? I didn’t feel this once and I ate at both restaurants.

All in all once again a fantastic holiday.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2005, Full Board, booked with Direct Holidays

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10 / 10
Brilliant holdiay

"Returned from Meeru two weeks ago after a brilliant holdiay

Flight: Flew with First Choice premier class (have to say didn't pay full price, only paid £90 PP)brilliant leg room, food OK, cabin crew no different to normal. Would fly with these again most definately because of the good leg room however I wouldn't pay the normal price of £300 - £450?? pp to upgrade as I just don't think it is worth it. The attendant on the premier check in needed some training on how to smile and be pleasant, she was the most miserable person I have seen and as we were one of the first through I dread to think the reception the people at the back of the queue got.

Male: Yep people are right imigration takes for ever and a day but once everybody is through and if your transfer is by boat you are straight off. They have a good procedure at the airport you are given an envelope with your room number and information sheets which you need to fill in, you can fill these in in the airport while you are waiting for your transfer and then you hand them in to your rep on the boat. This means that once you reach the resort you are taken straight off to your room and not stood in queues at recption. Transfer takes approx 60 mins on a speedboat (not Miami Vice style but they do the trick).

Meeru: Have to say didn't go WOW but hey I was tired. Taken more or less straight to room (standard,only one that was available when we booked)and that was when my heart sank, it was like being in a prefab building and it had a small indoor bathroom.I do have to be honest though and say that it was very clean. It was in the 100's so wasn't directly on the beach but it wasn't a hike to it neither. Asked for an upgrade but the island was full so there was no chance of that but they did move us three days later to the other side of the island. Room still no better if anything worse, but it had a semi open air bathroom and was directly on the beach facing the honeymoon suit. Used to shower with the lizards and gekho's and if your really lucky you to may get a tree hamster sharing your bathroom (at first was a bit scared but they are more frightened of you and it is there home and eventually I wasn't bothered especially as hubby caught the tree hamster and let it go outside the room). Room boys are brilliant (not the usual 10 mins to clean your room that it takes when in Spain or other European counntries)they take up to 45 mins + to clean your room and towards the end of your stay they decorate your bed, which I have to say looks great on the pictures but when you actually see it it is unbelievable. Clean towels every day and sheets changed every other day. Once again a big thankyou to our room boy. I would like to say a big thankyou to the honey moon couple who did entertain us, firstly by the groom missing the boat and falling into the sea and also to both of them the day after the storm when it took the room boy 45 mins at least to get them to their suite (I did want to phone reception but the people watching said I couldn't as it was entertaining and if you got into real difficulties they would get in the water and help, or I could phone reception. Honestly some people will do anything for a laugh, but hats off to you both you laughed at the end.Congratulations to you both. Bye the way should mention that the honeymoon suite is on stilts out in the sea and depeding on the tide you are taken over by a boat which you stand up on and the room boy uses a punting stick to steer the boat, or if the tide is out you can walk.


Shown to your table and introduced to your waiter for your stay, this was good because you could eat whenever and didn't have to look for a table. As every body says they get to know what you drink and after the first day they just serve you with your drinks. These lads work really hard, they are up early in the morning and finish late at night yet they are always pleasant, smiling and helpful, they love football and tennis and you often see them on their free period on an afternoon playing these sports, they also have a friendly game of football on a Sunday with the vistors and I believe they have only ever been beaten tiwce by us. Plenty of choice with food with a three week rotation, and something for everybody no matter how fussy you are. Big thanks to Jay Jay.

Beaches beautiful even if it was a bit coraly in some parts, sea crystal blue, fish colourful and pleanty to see.

If you want to see some excellent coral and fishes then do the loveboat cruise, out of this world.

Although I didn't get the WOW factor on arrival and was disapointed at the room I have to say WOW now.I know this is long and drawn out but I could carry on and make it even longer but I won't. I would recommend this island and hope to go back to the Maldives next March. I would go back to Meeru without any doubts but there are so many other islands to visit.

The service throughout our stay was second to none apart from the rep the not so delightful Wyndham Peters, who you never see and when you do tells you bare faced lies that your flight is on time and that you will be leaving on time when he knows for certain that the delayed Gatwick flight is going home on your flight. Come on reps have the courage of your convictions and stop lying, nobody begrudged the Gatwick people from taking our flight after being delayed 48hrs plus (hope you all got home safetly, we left two hours after you). Many thanks to everybody for a brilliant holdiay.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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8 / 10
Pure Paradise!

"We we just got back from Meeru a little over two weeks ago and I just want to go back.

I was so beautiful, everything I imagined and more, true paradise!

Right from the moment we touched down at the airport in Male people we so friendly and helpful. We boarded our speedboat to Meeru and after an exciting 45mins of watching flying fish we were greeted with the beatiful sight of Meeru Island, white sand, turquoise sea, green palm trees it was just amazing.

We spent the next two weeks just relaxing and getting tanned. It's not the sort of place to go if you need 'entertainment' although each night there was a planned event such as live bands, crab racing etc which were quite interesting.

The food was lovely, there was a wide range available each day such as spicy food, pasta, salads, rice etc and the puddings were to die for!

The service was incredable, the waiters in each bar and restaurant were polite, happy and helpful always checking to see what they could do for you.

I would definatly recommend going all inclusive as you are constantly drinking fluids due to the heat as this can so mount up.

The weather was perfect, the first couple of days were slightly cloudy but still around late twenty degrees and the rest of the fourtnight was mid thirtys! Although there were very hot periods such a midday it wasn't too much although it would have been for small children.

The wildlife was great, I saw dolphins, flying fish, fruit bats, geckos, herons, rays, baby sharks and all kinds of beautiful tropical fish.

This is the trip of a lifetime, not to be missed!!!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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10 / 10
What a plesant place

"My Husband and I have just returned from a weeks vacation at Meeru. We stayed from the 5th - 13th March.

We opted for a standard room as we didnt plan on staying in the room for the whole vacation (we went with a group of 10 people so only used our room for sleeping. Had we have gone on our own then i would have definatley upgraded to a jacizzi land villa)

The place is perfect. The staff are so friendly, nothing is too much trouble for them. The food was fantastic. we ate at the bufffet style restaurant most nights and could not fault this at all. As we are both vegetarians we usually have complaints about lack of choice but it was unbelievable there were so many dishes to choose from. I would even go as far as saying that it had the best choice for Veggies over any hotel that i have ever been to and yes i have stayed in 5 star hotels. I can not offer any comments on the rest of the food though (meat dishes ect.) We also dined under the stars at the Asian Wok and this was a beatiful experience and again the food was gorgeous.

Waiters are so friendly and helpful.

We took a few day trips. I would certianly recommend the sunset cruise. To see the dolphins was superb. I wouldnt bother with the submarine dive as you can see better fish snorkling. The night fishing was ok but i was a little freaked by the fact that they dont hit the fish over the head to kill them, they leave them flapping about the boat for nearly 2 hours to die which i found a little cruel!

Talk to the staff they are so informative about the way of life in the Maldives its fasanating.

We did not wear any shoes for the whole week, yes parts of the island were coraly but the whole island is made from coral so what do these people expect! We walked round the island every morning and every evening. There were people raking the sand all day long, the place is spotless.

They had some good entertainment on in the evenings, a couple of really good bands, a disco night, crab racing (was a little but disapointing). Ignore the bad reviews. This place is simple, if you like sand, sea, great food, great service and a little bit of coral you will love Meeru.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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10 / 10
Beautiful, even better than the brochure, GO!

"My boyfriend Matt and I visited Meeru Island on the 12th February for a week all inclusive.

Arriving at the island definately had the WOW factor. Infact I had a few tears as I walked down the jetty off the speedboat. What a beautiful place.

We stayed in a Jacuzzi Land Villa which could not be faulted whatsoever. I'm a bit of a clean freak and it certainly met the 5/5 cleanliness standard. 4 poster bed, CD player, TV, sofa, dressing table etc. Nice and spacious. Garden area also lovely - jacuzzi, great!

The restaraunts were very nice with a wide vareity of food. We tried both buffet ones as we were downgraded for our first night to a land villa and had to use the other one. (Apparently downgrading is a regular occurance so make sure you not only get your refund for the night, 90 USD Asian Wok voucher and fruit basket with wine. But have a trip or something too. We had a spa treatment and they more than made up for not having our jacuzzi for the first night, although it was annoying).The land villa was nice, but not as nice as the jacuzzi land villa.

The bar near the jetty was great. We didn't use the village one as we found the central one had a better atmosphere. The was a band one nigt etc. Amazing waiter who spoiled me with gorgeous birds and fish made from palm leaves. Very clever guy! Very accomadating and polite.

The Asian wok restaraunt was gorgeous. We ate on the beach which was lovely. Again, faultless.

The spa over the water was fantastic. Matt and I had the His and Hers Massage. GO AND HAVE ONE!! We felt like new people afterwards. We took our champagne back with us to have in our jacuzzi on the last night.

The waiters were also very polite - I can safely say everyone on the whole island was SO polite. What lovely people!

Snorkelling was fab! I loved it. Even if you don't want to go out far, there's fish everwhere. Take an underwater camera with you. Make sure you wear a T shirt though. You're only 3 degrees from the equator and it burns even if there's cloud cover. Balck tipped sharks and sting rays etc etc. Oh and very cool fruit bats!

Night sea fishing was fun as was the sunset punch cruise. We saw lots of dolphins really close up. It was great.

The pool area was spotless. I never got round to using the pool as I was more interested in the turqoise sea! But it looked lovely.

WHITE sand and very very blue sea. AMAZING! I still can't believe how beautiful it was. I didn't wear shoes all week. There was a bit of coral as everone keeps saying but what can you expect?! I was amazed that people rake the seaweed at virtually every wave, surely people don't think they're going to somehow clear the coral off the sea floor and beach in odd spots as well?

The place is spotless.

I could go on forever. Clean, friendly, good food/drink and range of excursions, beautliful scenery, gorgeous rooms (although I might be a bit disappointed with a standard room, but if you just want a bed and aren't planning on spending lots of time in your room they look fine) lovely people etc.


For people who get put off by comments from '5* downgraders' who say it isn't quite up to standard then don't. It's lovely. 4* at least and I was very, very happy with that.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2006

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