Queen Apartments

Gun Donumu Mevki Halilim Cad. No 3 Bitez Bodrum, Bitez 48400, Turkey
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1 / 10
Worst. Experience. Ever.

"Well, where do I start? Yes, we all know that the internet is usually the first place people often turn to have a rant and moan about their bad experiences, but unlike most, I am also very ‘pro’ in writing great reviews about places when they duly deserve that praise. However, for this place I’m afraid there is no praise worthy enough to write about.

We booked this hotel from our home in the UK. We found it on the website ‘onthebeach’ and with all the glowing Tripadvisor reviews we thought it was the perfect choice for us. Us being, Me, my wife, 14 year old daughter, 4 year old son and 4 month old daughter.

We booked the accommodation and were really excited about visiting Bodrum as this was my first time. After driving about an hour from Bodrum-Milas airport, we found the area of Bitez then eventually found the hotel. I parked up while my wife was attending to the children and decided to go and ‘check in’ so we could unpack our clothes and do the things you would expect to do on arriving to a new accommodation.

I walked to the reception area and was met by a rather stern looking lady who said ‘Merhaba’ in Turkish. Now, I’m Turkish Cypriot myself so I decided to carry on the conversation in Turkish. After about 30 seconds, it was evident that the lady behind the counter was a weak Turkish speaker and was struggling to communicate. With this, I decided to carry the conversation on in Turkish and was surprised that the lady had a Northern English accent. She said “what’s the name for the check in” so I provided her with my details and said “here are the 5 passports” with that, she instantly looked cross and said “no, the booking with Cosmos Holidays is only for 4 people” at first I was a little stunned with the ‘Cosmos Holidays’ but then later realized that ‘beachfront’ just uses holiday operators to book hotels / flights etc. This being, Cosmos Holidays.

I explained that my booking was for a total of 5 people, if of course you counted a 4 month old baby as a ‘person’. The lady was not very understanding and said “well I don’t know what to do, this has never happened before, I must call my husband” with this I was a little baffled and asked what that would achieve as our booking was clearly for 5 people? She came across as if she really couldn’t be bothered to talk to me (and by this time my wife and kids who joined us) and kept giving me closed answers. I said to her “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I like your attitude” with this she snapped at me and said “Well, I don’t like yours, and I don’t need this hassle, I’m not checking you in”

My wife at this point was quite stunned by that comment and said “My husband is only asking questions for information that you really don’t seem to want to help with?” At this point she said “I’m calling my husband”

About 5 – 10 minutes later a rather happy looking man walked into the reception from outside and introduced himself as the owner of the hotel. He spoke to me in Turkish so I continued the conversation with him in Turkish and asked what was going on. He informed me that he had just spoken to Cosmos Holidays and they stated the booking was only for 4 people. I explained to the owner ‘Saf’ that my booking was for 5 people and I had the reservation details to hand for him to see. He said the reservation / booking slip I had was irrelevant as they only operate a two plus two system. Confused further more at this stage I asked what this meant. He replied and said they only accommodate for 4 people per apartment and any further people need to be charged for as his insurance was not valid. I explained that the ‘fifth’ person he refers to is a baby … a mere 4 months old. Someone who isn’t even taking up space, a bed or requires any food? He said “I don’t care if it’s 4 months or 40 years old, there is five people checking in” Stunned with his attitude I asked how this situation was going to be resolved. He informed me that I would need to pay an extra 40TL (£12.50 at the time of writing) per day for the ‘fifth’ person. This totals to 200TL which was about £62. I said that was ludicrous as the entire booking was only £180, how could he justify charging us an extra £62 for our 4 month old baby?

He stated there was a fifth person and that’s all he cares about. I tried to reason with him and explain that I’m not trying to pull the wool over his eyes or have him on, but there seems to be some confusion here with the booking I had made and the booking information they had received. His attitude was simply that he didn’t care about our booking and that we had to pay or we couldn’t stay!!

At this point, I was feeling very frustrated and annoyed at the attitude of both Saf and his wife (lady behind counter) and decided to walk downstairs to the restaurant area with my wife to discuss what an earth had just occurred. We both decided that the attitude of the owners were just not acceptable and that even by paying the extra money (although we shouldn’t have to), still wouldn’t have made anyone happy as that would be constantly bothering us for the stay whilst we were there.

Minutes later ‘Saf’ walked into the restaurant area and said “if you don’t want to stay, don’t bother, my wife has just told me that you said you didn’t like her attitude and I don’t like yours either.” He then went on to say “I’ve been here 30 years and you are the worst customer I’ve ever had”

I really couldn’t believe what he had just said and actually couldn’t comprehend what was going on. In all the years we have been traveling, I’ve never come across a problematic hotel owner / premises ever. This was something remarkable that both the owner and his wife were so negative and anti. I really do think that maybe we caught them on a really bad day … OR people just aren’t truly writing about their experiences on here and are maybe being paid to write good reviews??

I really struggle to see how this place has won two awards on TripAdvisor when this is their attitude.

With all that had just happened, we decided it was best to leave the hotel and get back into our car and find somewhere else to stay. After visiting another 5 hotels (all were fully booked) we finally managed to find another apartment / hotel venue about 5 minutes away. I will write a separate review about how superb this place was, but what a relief it was to speak to that owner. He couldn’t have been more accommodating if he tried!

I’ve since started a complaint / refund procedure with the website I booked this apartment from as I paid in full at the time and we clearly did not want to stay anywhere near this venue, let alone at the venue. I wouldn’t stay there if you paid me. But now, when I come to think of it … I remember in the reception area they had a few signs, one being “Internet access £10 per device” then “Air conditioning £35 per week” it was clear that this place is only out for one thing …. Ripping people off and trying to make as much money out of innocent holiday goers as possible.

My advice, steer well clear of this place ….. spend your money elsewhere and get the proper service you deserve.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with OnTheBearch
  • Advice: Don't go!

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10 / 10
Would definatly recommend!!!!

"Came for a Chill out holiday with my two girlfriends.

the perfect setting, ann and safette are the perfect hosts. they could not do enough for us. they arranged taxi's and spoke to locals they know to get us cheap deals, the also recommended nice places to eat. also a big high 5 to their eldest daughter on the pool bar. one of the nicest young girls ive ever met.

the staff are friendly and our room wa so clean you could eat your tea off the floor. (not that we did. We were given fresh towels everyday and our room was always spotless when we went back at the end of the day.

the pool was clean, the food was delicious and reasonable.

What can i say......its a fantastic place. thank u to everyone there who made out holiday so special.

love Sam

and Tara and Lisa xxxx

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, Room Only, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: yes without a doubt

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10 / 10
bitez holiday

"We have known Saffet&Ann about eighteen years & have stayed at the queen apartments on several occasions.

The apartments are exelant,food is exelant,service is exelant.

The staff are very friendly & Saffet&Ann will always advise & help you booking trips etc.

the resort has a very good beach & the sea is very safe for children.

This is a holiday we would RECOMEND to anybody.


  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10
LOVED IT!!! Been to Turkey seven...

"LOVED IT!!! Been to Turkey seven times and I love Bitez. Me and my partner actually got engaged on the balcony of our room in the Queen and this year we are planning on go back with our little baby. Cant wait. Beautiful apartments out of the way but still near enough to everything."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, Self Catering, booked with Budget Travel

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10 / 10
Absolutely brilliant

"I absolutley had the best time on this holiday. i have been to Bodrum a few years ago so knew what to expect but it has certainly improved!

The apartments were very clean, spacious and modern. We had a pool view. The bar staff, waiters and reception were very friendly and helpful.

We ended up going out clubbing/pubbing with them all after work. They knew how to have a good time and kept you entertained if you were just around the pool.

The pool was massive. Only thing i can say that was not great was that the sun disappeared from the hotel around 5ish because of where the hotel is placed. But i think that will get later the further into summer you are.

There were a number of families there as well so suitable for everyone. Just request an apartment away from the bar area, although the music is turned down and switched off about 1-2ish. The staff are great with the kids and would sing n dance with them.

I totally recommend this hotel and i would definitely like to go back!!

  • Holiday details: May 2008

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10 / 10
My husband and I have been going to...

"My husband and I have been going to Turkey for the past 12 years. We knew Ann and Saffet from their restaurant in Gumbet and went to see their hotel. We were so impressed we have stayed there 2 or 3 times a year for the past 4 years and have recommended it to friends and family who have stayed and re-booked for the following year. This year my husband was 40 and I asked Ann if we could hold a party for him at her hotel. It was amazing. We had a buffet - cooked by Saffet, belly dancing, folk dancing and even managed to have some of our friends staying there too. There were 50 of us at the BBQ and it was the best night ever.

Ann and Saffet went out of their way to ensure everybody had a fantastic time. The rooms are so clean and spacious. They are cleaned everyday. The views are amazing and as for the food in the restaurant... what can I say? Try the steak pie, it's to die for.

We went for Christmas Dinner last year and had such a fantastic time we are just booking our flights now to go again this year (2007). Listening to Christmas carols, eating Turkey with all the trimmings on Christmas Day, at the Queen Apart, over looking Bitez Bay, what more could you ask for!

If there were 12 stars on this site, it still would not be enough to rate the hotel, the staff, and most of all, the owners, Ann and Saffet, for the way they make you feel so welcome and make your stay with them the best ever so you just want to go again, and again, and again ...

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Room Only, booked with Independent

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8 / 10
a lovely small complex

"our family stayed at this hotel for two weeks and really enjoyed the stay.We stayed in the romantic apartments across the road twice before so knew the area.Decided yo book the queens for a change as we found the romantic ;although great for kids bit basic.Saffet and Ann are the proprietors and are very nice as are their staff.We ate at the hotel almost every night as the food was very good and very reasonable.Would definately go back ."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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10 / 10
I went to the Queen Apartments for a...

"I went to the Queen Apartments for a week at the end of June. I had a wonderful holiday there. Saffet and Anne made us feel most welcome on arrival. All the staff were very friendly and helpful.

The apartment was spotlessly clean on arrival, and cleaned on a daily basis. It was spacious, the beds were extremely comfortable- always got a good nights sleep!! Especially with the air conditioning which we were very pleased with- it kept the room nice and cool.. There was an amazing view from the balcony. It was beautiful. We also had a television in our room to keep us entertained.

The restaurant below served a very tasty Irish breakfast- it included everything!! I would highly recommend it. It was delicious, also at a very reasonable price but most importantly it was served to us in a very friendly atmosphere. The staff were very kind and courteous.

The swimming pool was lovely. The pool and the area around it were always spotlessly clean. It was extremely relaxing by the pool. There's a bar right next to the pool which was handy if you got thirsty from the heat and wanted a chilled drink. Also the reception area had beverages and crisps and chocolate if you were to get peckish!!

The apartments are very close to the wonderful Bitez beach. I found it very relaxing down there. There are also some lovely restaurants down there...

The apartments aren't very far from Gumbet. The local Dolmus which comes every 5 mins will take you down there. It is only about 4 to 5 mins away. The Dolmus operates 24 hours! Although we enjoyed the walk to Gumbet and usually walked (unless we had too many bags coming back from Gumbet!!)

I will definitely go back to Bitez again. I will most certainly go back to the Queen Apartments. It was a great environment to stay in, we felt very welcome and had a wonderful time there. I would definitely recommend the queen apartments to stay in.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Room Only, booked with Budget Travel

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10 / 10
My fifth time in Turkey and this is...

"My fifth time in Turkey and this is by far the best place I've stayed.

The apartments are very clean and well equipped. Only 14 apartments so pool is never too busy, in fact had it to ourselves most days. Everything you need is on site including a great restaurant.

Bitez is a short walk down the hill. Have a Turkish bath and have your hair and nails done.

The owners Anne and Saf made us feel right at home. Will definitely be back if only to taste Anne's excellent Irish coffee!

  • Holiday details: May 2007, Self Catering, booked with Budget

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10 / 10
Best apartments on the Bodrum peninsular !

"This is a really great place to stay in Turkey let alone Bitez/Bodrum area.The staff are really friendly and polite without being pushy.The owners Saffet and Anne are always on hand to attend to your every need with some great advise on gulet cruises etc. From the restaurant you have a magnificent view of the Bitez bay, which at night lit up is really beautiful.The whole complex is very clean, with plenty of fresh towels etc.

Bitez itself has everything you need and is close to Gumbet and Bodrum where you can explore the nightlife should you choose but can return at night to a more mellow Bitez.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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8 / 10
Just back from a great week in...

"Just back from a great week in Turkey. We stayed at the Queen apartments in Bitez.

Saf and Ann run a great show here, the place is spotless and the food in the restaurant is really good also.

Ersan will serve you local beer till the wee hours too if you fancy a late one. Location wise it was perfect for us. Bodrum is only 10 mins on the dolmus and gumbet only 5 (but you can walk it if you want). Gumbet is good crack but it’s nice to be able to get away from it too. Would not like to be staying in Gumbet, put it that way.

Bitez is lovely to have dinner in, The okiliptus was really nice, great atmosphere and then you can flake on the many bean bags provided to have your after dinner drink, (well worth a vist).

Great holiday from start to finish, will be back

P.S do the trip to Effesus, it’s a long day but worth it

  • Holiday details: Sep 2006, Self Catering, booked with Budget

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10 / 10
We stayed in the Queens last summer,...

"We stayed in the Queens last summer, and have booked again for this year. The apartments are a good size. with air conditioning (a must) you have everything you need to make your fell at home. The views from the apartment are wonderful. The apartments are will kept and everywhere is clean. The owners Saffett and Anne are always on hand to make your stay extra special.

The Queens restaurant produce wonderful meals.

We started going to Turkey in 2004 and it's so different to Spanish Holidays. Everyone is friendly and you are made to feel welcome everywhere you go.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, Self Catering, booked with Budget Ireland

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