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5 / 10
If it's peace and quiet you're after....................................

"The best description of Tisalaya Park is Basic.

Basic accommodation, basic meals. If meals are included in your holiday, you get a Continental Breakfast. You can get a fry up, but have to pay for it. When the dessert course is advertised as 'Fruit Of The Day' that is what you get. One banana or one orange or one apple. But the meals are adequate.

Staff are friendly though.

Tisalaya Apartments are situated in a residentual area miles from anywhere. However taxis into Playa Del Ingles are very cheap at 4 euros a time and public transport is cheap too.

Places to eat in the area are extremely limited.

There are apporox. 80 apartments, numbers 1 to 48 give a pool view. Need to be up early to get a preferred sun bed though.

You do get a ticket which entitles you to a free bus into Maspalomas Beach and these are at hourly intervals mid day. Same with return journey. The beach is worth a visit but watch for Africans trying to force their wares on to you.

Rooms are tidy enough and cleaned every second day. Alcohol isn't cheap but that applies throughout the area.

You expect to pay for a security box but to have to pay 2 euros a day for the television is a bit much.

The Market is worth a visit on Wednesdays and Saturdays and it is less than a 10 minute walk from the Tisalay.

There is a 'Holiday World' within 200 yards which is a large centre, which houses restaurants, a small bowling alley, gaming machines, and a carnival for the kids, including dodgems, Ferris Wheel etc.

Fortunately we managed to get a reasonable price for this holiday and as such did enjoy the stay, but if we had paid full price I would have expected much more.

If it's a quiet laid back holiday you're after, this would certainly serve the purpose.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, HALF BOARD, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Be prepared for a quiet holiday.

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6 / 10
Honest Review

"Myself and my partner stayed here at the end of September 2011. After reading some of the reviews previously i was wanting to cancel however I emailed the Apartments the day before we left and requested an upperfloor room with a poolside view, they got back to me almost immediately saying that this would be fine.

We arrived at about 12.45 lunchtime to be told our room would be about another hour as it was being cleaned. We werent to happy but had some lunch and eventually got our keys to the first floor poolside apartment number 10. It is basic but it was clean, 2 hobs for cooking (15 mins to boil kettle) but to be honest i have stayed in much worse and the price you pay is what you get. The fridge was an under the worktop fridge which had a small freezer compartment, perfectly suitable for storing food and drink items for 2 people. The bathroom was clean and tidy.The upper apartments have a balcony in the bedroom which is great for getting air into the room when you are in bed at night. The downstairs apts only have a window and you wouldnt leave that open during the night. People in the apartments opposite our room were complaining about the noise coming from the road right behind thwir bedrooms so take earplugs just in case you end up on that side. As previous reports say there are lots of cats. This isnt a problem as if u ignore them they wont come near you, however get eye contact and feed them and they are your friends for the full holiday, they are actually quite well looking and in good condition for the feral life they lead and the kittens are adorable. They really werent a problem for us as we are cat people anyhow. The maid was in every day cleaning and changing towels except for a Sunday, i actually had to chase her a couple of times as the room really didnt need done so much. The bedroom had 2 single beds which were ok and we definately did not get any flea bites as other feedback suggested. I did find one cockroach in the living area but hey its a hot country and if the veranda door is open then theres bound to be some insects get in.

The poolside is pretty dated - umbrellas and sunbeds definately need replaced and this area is deperately in need of a good power wash !!! our feet were filthy if you walked in this area and we had to wash the sunbeds down before we used them as they were pretty dirty. The pool itself is in need of a retile and a good scrubdown, however the pool guys were in every second day treating it and keeping the water germ free.

There are no real amenities around the complex, it appears to be in a residential area, there are 2 supermarkets close by and a market on twice a week which is good for some bargains. You can walk to Holiday World in 5 mins but its really just a theme park and quite small however it has a couple of bars and eating places.

Maspolomas and Playa Del Ingles is quite a walk away in the heat, probably about half hour to each so its easier to get taxis which are about 4 Euros a time depending if you get one at the Apts or at Holiday World. This adds up tho as if you go out each night then thats about £50 on top of your holiday purely on taxis based on a 7 night stay.

We enjoyed our holiday but I wouldnt go back to the Tisalaya as it was so far away from everything :(

Overall view is it needs some basic TLC .... Happy Holidays and remember and feed the cats !!! :)

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, self catering, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Fleas/cockroaches/ants, not optional extra!!

"Booked two weeks, Tisalaya Park, Gran Canaria. Checked out of Tisalaya Park after just 3 nights, worse hotel ever stayed at. Booked under impression (missold) that it was a 3 star, discovered was just a 1 key. Had the minimum basics, 2 electric rings to cook on, kettle minus the whistle (electric kettle, optional extra). It took water, just enough for two coffees, minimum twenty minutes to boil. Had small fridge with a small ice making compartment. Two of the hardest beds ever, riddled with fleas and bedroom backing onto a 24/7 busy motorway. SLEEP IMPOSSIBLE between noise and being eaten alive by the fleas. The bath was also badly stained and shower curtain was covered in dirty black damp marks. Their energy saver lights were caged into ceiling lights (two way, containing just 1 bulb. FURTHER ENERGY SAVE??). Later discovered was also good idea we asked to be upper floor, ground would have included (FREE) number of cockroaches and ants, other guests were complaining about.

We ate in the onsite restaurant night of arrival. MISTAKE! When our food arrived, so did 2 black cats (2 of many living onsite). They came begging for food, way they do, when I instantly noticed one had a badly infected eye that was running and oozing. I felt physically ill, so couldn't face the food after two or three mouthfuls. Put my partner off his food when he realised also why I stopped eating. Woman who served us food saw that the cats were begging so tried tempting them away with scraps, to behind where they serve ice cream from, YUCK! Wouldn't go so picked them up (infected eye cat also), put them by the scraps (by ice cream) to eat and went on to serve a customer, without washing hands. Had she served us with unclean hands also?? Certainly wouldn't be returning to this restaurant.

Whilst there we were not the only couple complaining to reception. They were the most unhelpful staff and available between 9am-2pm and 4pm-9pm only. Their response being when all asking for refund being of their poor response was "contact your travel agent."

Their Extras (1 week): E=euros

Fan 15E, Air con 60E (1 single ventilation, lounge), Kettle 12E, Toaster 12E, Sandwich maker 12E, Microwave 25E, Carry cot/Maxi Cosi pushchair 50E, Twin pushchair 50E, Special pushchair 35E, Feeding bottle heater 20E, Normal pushchair 20E, Baby walker or phone 20E, Baby cot or shower 20E, High chair or baby sunbed 20E, Steriliser or beater 20E, Boogie board 12E, Radio cassette 15E, Radio CD 20E, Steam iron or ironing board 12E, Umbrella beach or pushchair 12E, Hair dryer 12E, Hair straighteners 20E, Room heater 20E, Car seat or Maxi Cosi Baby 20E, Movil phone (think means mobile) 40E, TV 21" 50E, Video camera 40E, Playstation (inc 3 games) 35E, DVD or video or TV 14" 30E, 1 Walking crutch or stick 15E, Walking frame 35E, Wheelchair 50E,

New promotion - home cinema DVD player and 6 films 30E.

I wish their looking after the hotel and dealing with customers was efficient as their paperwork for extras are. Don't think there's anything they haven't added on as an optional extra. Let them know if they have, sure they'll enjoy adding it on!!

Checked out and moved into a 2 key for the duration of the stay. Toaster, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, iron, radio and large fridge freezer came free with room. There was no cats, fleas, cockroaches and ants to bother us and their cleanliness of the bungalows was astounding (pool area cleared and scrubbed daily). No huge damp stains on shower curtain and stained bath. They had non-caged in lighting and as many bulbs as the light fitting required. The restaurant area was immaculate. Whilst Tisalaya staff were unfriendly and unhelpful, the staff here were cheerful, very helpful and friendly, plus available 24/7.

I wouldn't recommend Tisalaya Park to my worse enemy and there's a massive complaint on way to TRAVEL AGENT plus ABTA. This hotel does not even come close (100%) to that of a three star. Is marked 1 key by their door, but I've actually seen better ungraded hotels. I personally counted around 8 black cats on site. Other guests claimed more than that (probably where fleas came from). We remained in Maspalomos, just different hotel from).

I had to have the bites checked out as they were itchy and painful. The first aider asked if I had pets as they were animal flea bites? Was sent to pharmacy to buy some creams to prevent infection and ease itching. SOME HOLIDAY!!!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, self catering, booked with A1
  • Advice: Close place down or at least fumigate. Employ new helpful reception and good cleaning staff.

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10 / 10
Basic but very pleasant

"Two 19 year old females, stayed here in July 2011. Found the lady at reception to be perfectly helpful and spoke good english. Had no problems there, rented a safe for the week for €14 + €10 deposit which we got back at the end of the week.

Yes there were lots of cats hanging about but we barely noticed them as they never hung around the pool itself.

Thought the grounds themselves were gorgeous, well kept with lovely flowers and lawns. Pool was also lovely. Yes there were a few broken sun loungers but we never had a problem getting one.

The appartment itself was perfect for us and met our needs more than adequately. Good open spaced living area and bedroom, cleaned thouroughly most days, bathroom and shower was also fine, no problem at all with shower water temperature. 2 hobs in the kitchen with plenty of bowls, plates, cutlery, saucepans. Microwave would've been handy but hey, we survived.

Only ate in the restaurant on the last day, ahd pizza and it was lovely and fairly cheap.

Found Maspalomas pretty quiet which we expected but very pleasant all the same, we enjoyed walking to it one of the days, bit of a distance though. Free beach bus 3 times daily and tickets could be got at reception, be at bus stop early though as it does be pretty full.

Walk from Maspalomas beach to playa del inges beach is a must, absolutely gorgeous views. Waves in playa del inges are much better for boogie boards etc.

We went to playa del inges most nights, fantastic night life there but be prepared to be pestered a little with buying tickets for pub crawls, boat trips etc. Some will try to scam you so be very weary of this. If you have a ticket for something, do not listen if someone tells you the meeting place is elsewhere, they just want to get you into their pub.

Taxis only 3-4€.

Would stay in Tisalaya park again if we went. It was a little out from most things but we still saved loads even after including taxi fares.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
Good 10 day's with our friends

"short and sweet.

apartment good clean.

friendly staff.

Got to see the entertainent on a Sunday-Tusady-Thursday what a laught i will say no more.

couldn't get a sunbed for love or money.

a lot of restarants add a 10% charge after 9.00pm but fail to tell u

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: You get what you pay for, Cheap
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
value for money

"returned from tisalaya apertments with my 2 kids and grandchild on the 24th of november 2010 found the apertments and grounds spotless pool area was clean and plenty of sun loungers, at first thot it was a bit out of the way but ideally situated a taxi only cost 3 euro to get into town and beach and 4 euro to the water park (if your taking young children to the water park most of the kids stuff is closed for matainenence not worth 18 euro for them)the only downside of the appartments as being self catering i thought there would be a microwave and toaster in them but you have to hire them and pay a deposit didnt agree with that but otherwise great would use it again ."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, self catering, booked with JetlineTravel
  • Advice: a good cheap base for a relaxing winter sunshine break
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
It started well......

"Arrived as the world cup final got under way. The whole island "exploded" and there were a lot of locals watching the TV in the cafe area. It was good and to be fair, what country wouldn't react if they, had just won the world cup??. Reception was very friendly and helpful. The appartment was a balcony overlooking the pool area and was clean BUT it really could of done with a lick of paint. The thing is, you do get what you pay for, if you want better, spent more and it was clean and adequate for our needs. The pools.....The large one, it was (and I really do mean past tense) okay!!! The middle island has many missing and broken tiles and I personally saw three people with large scratches on their legs, my daughter being one of them. The middle pool, okay and with far more tiles in place. The small pool, crowded!!!. It was hot and cold water to dip in is always very welcome and in such case, a pool is a pool. On our fourth day we saw 3 large terds in the large pool, we saw a local bloke 'fish' them out and they all carried on as if it was nothing!!! We didn't get in and didn't use the pools again. The pools (the whole place, in fact) were completely and utterly dominated by the locals. They had to be, at least, seven appartments taken by them.........some looked 'owned' and lived in!! Some of the staff stayed too. BUT, there was, at least, a dozen families and all with young and teens and Mums and Dads and Uncles and Aunts and.........The weekend was utterly unbearable. If you don't mind kids playing football and cycling around the Park at 3.30AM and then at 8am all sunbeds 'reserved' with many occupied and only the broken ones left for the guest. They are rude, arrogant, intimidating and bullies. We had a local family, staying below us, having a right go at us for making too much noise............It was 10pm and we were sat on our balcony playing cards!!!! I was with my teenage daughter and her friend and it is absolutely true, I swear. We did have a meal there and it was okay and the bloke who served it (the 'barman' and one of the staff that stayed every night and in appt 1) was actually very friendly and helpful, he also had a dog, but he was not the only one. There were Six dogs, all the same breed but differing ages, small yappy terriers and boy did they know how to bark/yap. Cats.........Hope you like cats. There are over twenty of them,. Four very young kittens and Five not so young kittens and Four older kittens and about Six adults.......what does that make?? There is internet in the reception but it was in constant use.......I think you must be getting the picture by now..... Perhaps we were just unlucky and picked a 'bad' week..............I don't think so.... Football, Volleyball, mini golf and childrens play area..........awful and.......AWFUL. They do not 'exist', where they are supposed to be does, though!!! Neglect is far too kind a word to describe it all and even the locals didn't 'use' any of it...

We still had a good time though, after all, a holiday is what you make it. We did stay away from the appt far more than we planned but the beaches are good and the shopping centres are fun and there is plenty to see and to do, on the island. DO NOT LET ANY AFRICAN WOMEN, IN TRADITIONAL DRESS, TALK TO YOU OR ANY OF YOUR GROUP!!! Please be warned.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Appartment, booked with Lowcostholidays.com
  • Advice: Not for families.....or human beings with any sense.
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
what a disappointmant

"arrived approx 10pm 19th december 2009 for 2weeks. on the booking confirmation it stated a pool view .we were given room 25 but for the pool view we had to look under the stair that went to the room above ours or take a few steps to the end of the patio and look to our left and we could see the pool.the room was in shadow all the time because of the stairs .next day i asked to change room but was told no one is promised a pool view and no more rooms available.the next week i asked again and was told the same.when irequested a room people had just left i was told that room had been booked 12months ago .so if you book a pool view dont bank on it.this spoiled our 2 weeks stay .the staff in reception not very helpful on new years eve went yo reception to change some money told they had none try over the road but over the road had none.had to get taxi in to town"

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: think twice

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1 / 10
What an awful place

"Arrived approx 11pm to be met by a horrible arrogant spanish man- no cot in room- 10 month old baby-told tomorrow that is all he could say tomorrow! Apartment was awful plugs hanging off the walls and being held in by tooth picks-sold as self catering to enable you to cook in the so called apartment you had to hire everything a real rip off. The staff were very unhelpful reception closed at 2pm and did not open again until 4pm then closed again at 9pm DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE PLEASE IT IS AWFUL. SHOULD BE RAISED TO THE GROUND. Nothing to do in Malpalomas you have to get taxis everywhere."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
was lovely would deffo recommend

"Hi There, me and my boyfriend stayed at Tisalya Park for 2 weeks in Sept 07 and I though I would defend it against some of the bad reveiws. We arrived at around 9.45pm due to our flight and the resteraunt closes at 9ish. Got to reception to ick up our keys to find out that they had kept the resteraunt open for us so that we could get our evening meal (we went half board) which I thought was very generous as they had to keep staff behind.

Got down there and lifted a couple of menus to find out that we didnt get to choose off the menu and had a choice of 2 meals for each course. Food was ok, soup was all ways good and if you ever have an option for something else other than ice cream for dessert take it, as the whole stay it was basically ice cream every night. some meals were weird as would offer full size pizza or spag bol as starter! If you are a fussy eater as I am the younger barman was really helpful as if you didnt like it he would go out of his way for you to have something else unlike the old barman who didnt really care (which want very good as you were paying for it) Breakfast was not that fantastic mainly toast and muffins, ham, cheese and stale cereal every morning but once again was the older grumpy barman and he didnt seem to put any fresh food out.

The apartments were nice enough space, kitchenette, balcony all the basics needed and plenty of privacy, rooms were cleaned just about everyday, fresh towels, even did the dishes haha. the pool was nice and the gardens around and the bar was lovely too. was in an open area was very relaxing.

During week days pool was quiet and plenty of sun loungers but at weekends was full of locals on their weekend holls and they kinda took over whole pool and sun loungers but didnt bother us much as were out most of the weekends and they were friendly enough anyways.

There was a hourly free bus too beach but have to get bus pass from reception which once again was an oler lady and a younger one and the younger one was very freindly and went out her way to try and help you iwt any problems or queries. there is also a market on twice a week which was about 5 mins walk away and also faro 2 which is a big shopping centre with loads of resteraunts and bars too so there was lenty of places to eat.

Also 5 mins walk away was a big bowling alley, rides and resteraunt (very good food) and a bar but watch out for the drag show as not very funny and basically attacks the crowd, was hitting people with doll and pulling/messing up their hair (did not find very funny and did not want to be next so left) was open till late and the yumbo centre which was like 2-4 euros in a taxi which had lots to do, lots of shops and entertainment at night, drag shows, kareoke bars etc

also back at the resort a woman came round ad told about excursions which seem like a good deal eg catamaran and would deffo say to try but dont pay for the extras eg paragliding,jetski just take advantage of the free ones as over charge you and dont have time to go for dip in the see or eat but that didnt really have anything to do with the hotel

overall was a great hotel with little bits here and there that could do with being improved but please remember that is a 3* and people expect to pay pennies fo a hotel and expect 5* to be honest i would say is better than 3* and was alot better than expected would deffo recommend.

hope this was helpful, know have ramled on a bit but wanted to be as helpful as possible

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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6 / 10
BASIC basic basic

"I'm not even going to waste much time writing this. We love GC and adore Maspalomas, we knew where this was, so no surprises there. We also knew it would be basic, but as it was an 'extra' holiday we didnt care.

Would not recommend this to anyone as their main holiday.

We spent a lot of time in the car to get out of it!

Got exactly what we paid for here ;-)

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008

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4 / 10
The apartments were in need of some...

"The apartments were in need of some serious painting they were a dull grey with paint peeling off etc. The pool was o.k gardens nice . when we arrived at about 11.00 pm there was no 24 hour reception like it said there was , the man that was supposed to be a security guard was very rude ignorant and at times was agressive, we asked for a fan which you could hire but he wouldnt give us one it was so hot . There had been a few break ins too , The complex was full of spanish who also didnt make us feel welcome we got the feeling we wasnt wanted there, w e didnt feel safe out of the complex at night the british were getting lots of verbal abuse off the spanish, and some were been threatened it was not a place to take children. The complex was alot further from places than it said, my children didnt get much sleep as the spanish were allowed to party till early hours but the rest of us were been watched by therude security guard who kept looking at his watch . We had the worst holiday ever ."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with MyTravel

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  • by Shaz and Billy

    " take earplugs in case you get a room on the roadside "

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