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6 / 10
Worst Buffet Ever Experienced

"We traveled on the MSC Preziosa, the ship is amazing, very clean, good cabin stewards, from there on in it gets worse. The buffet is just one big mess with all ages struggling to carry food from mid ship to back of ship. Even the soup is cold, too many choices and and the quality suffers. We took the drinks packaging prior to boarding which was a good choice, as most drinks including bottled water were included. Some of the bar staff are good, especially in the evenings. In the day they are not bothered if you have a drink or not. We went to the restaurant on one occasion, which was ok, food was very bland and the wine appalling. The ship becomes a ferry because every day there are people dis-embarking and embarking, and it was full of Italian load mouthed children, which we were not aware of when we booked the cruise. Guest services and Reception staff are very unhelpful, when I inquired about dis-embarkation times, the attitude was not good and also they were unable to give me a breakdown of the 8.50 euros per day service charge, so I eventually cancelled it and tipped the staff that had helped us through our stay. On the day of departure we were taken to the airport just after 9.00am for a 3.15 pm flight. We have cruised with many lines over many years and this was the first time with MSC - it will probably be the last also. The itinerary was very basic, with only a few hours in some ports, which pushed towards using the MSC trips etc."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Be aware of school holidays, unless you are taking children with you.
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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4 / 10

"Went Cape Town to Walvis Bay on our first ever cruise. Departure was delayed due to high winds in Cape Town and we were advised timorously. Then the horrors of embarkation! Truly atrocious as you had to stand in the sun for hours in absolutely chaotic circumstances. Boarded eventually, seated on sun deck, fighting our way to the bar with indifferent service.

Eventually to cabin, fortunately a superb Verandah suite, kept immaculately clean by cabin staff!

Now for the gripes :

Few toilet facilities on board wit no toilet paper - iI had toilet paper only once - otherwise you had to reky on hand towels.. Can this be good for water flushing system?

Service in bars poor - you had to wait to attract attention of waitperson and then waited... Cocktails differed in taste even if you ordered same one from different bar!

Food in dining room really not impressive, although service was excellent. Kingklip turned out to be frozen baby hake,

Vegetables either canned or pre frozen and overcooked.

Ice cream was nice.

Buffet too crowded, unless you went just before closing. Difficult to find seats.

Coffee at breakfast horrendous. Brown colored dishwater at best.

Food too cold.

We did not make use of other eating opportunities, but what we were offered, was maybe 3 star standard (if generous in your rating .. I do not mean Michelin stars!!!)

Shows very good.

Excursion bit of a rip- off.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2015, Booked Independently

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7 / 10

" I recently went on a cruise to the Mediterranean on board the Msc opera the ship

Was nicely decorated staff were very friendly the coffee shop aroma was DELICIOUS

Sadly the entertainment was poor our cabin was very comfortable embarkation was very simple

The children's club was very bad for a 10 year old like me the kids club was to babyish

3-11 was the ages disembarkation was easy but you have to wait a long time to get off

The swimming pool I didn't. Like because it was salt water the food was exceptional

Soooooo yummy the waiters were also very kind I do recommend staying in a hotel

In Southampton The night before due to traffic on roads I recommend the premier in hotel it is very cheep and

Right opposite the docks the drinks package is also amazing

I do recommend going on the opera

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The shopping

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8 / 10
msc opera

"Just come back from a holiday on board msc opera. Overall a lovely holiday but there are areas that could be improved. Not enough entertainment on board when your at sea. Children's club good but could be more for over 10's to do. Buffet food very boring and not enough choice. Wasn't the standard that i have seen on other cruise companies.

The other restaurants the food was ok but not as fresh as it could be. Some of the staff not very helpful and were rude. But some of the staff couldn't do enough for you. They need to improve a lot on entertainment and quality of food. Still enjoyed the cruise and we didn't let it ruin our holiday. I do recommend you go with the Allegressimo package as drinks are very expensive

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book the Allegressimo package drinks are expensive

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3 / 10

"On arrival was a nice ship.staff did work hard,cleanliness couldn't be faulted.ambiance not all all a shabby valance that was ripped at the bottom of the bed.This was our second cruise.But sadly I should have went with last years company celebrity but you got to try was greatly disappointing.The food is what appeals to me but not from opera these meals not to die for on my third night a really was wanting to miss dinner there was clearly nothing to tease the taste buds.Also when visiting ports we were mostly back at the ship for half past two,It was like a bus travelers getting off from port to port and new travelers arriving.Clearly not the itinerary was not specifying times from ports visited but this was a big let down.Felt like the captain was just wanting to ship on and ship off why did this happen there was no need to really spend mornings out and rush back.Children go free on this ship so if you want a swim in the pool or a little sit in the jacuzzi forget it its for the kids,blinking terrible wont be back MSC."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
MSC Opera

"This was our first cruise, and it turned out to be very disappointing. The vegetarian options for my wife was far from satisfactory, and despite prior suggestions and ongoing reminders things did not get any better. Our ship also turned out to be a charted cruise which catered exclusively for passengers from one particular country. We were not informed of this and consequently lost out on excursions and entertainment. In other respect, the cruise was generally ok but I won't be rushing to book with MSC Cruises again.

Since returning, I have written my concerns to MSC Cruises, but 2 months on, there has been no response. I have sent follow up letters, several emails and even wrote to the UK Managing Director (by recorded delivery), but still no reply - not even an acknowledgement. That says it all for MSC customer services. So, if you decide to travel with MSC cruises and enjoy it, then good for you, but if you have concerns and decide to write to customer services, then good luck . Believe me, you will need it.

  • Holiday details: May 2014
  • Advice: None

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3 / 10
MSC Opera 19th July 2014

"We have just returned from 10 days aboard MSC Opera which sailed from Southampton on 19th July 2014. First impressions were good, the sun decks, bars, cabins all looked good. That was where the positives ended. First day in the morning buffet trying to find breakfast was like a cattle market, people pushing and shoving, all trying to get to their preferred breakfast option. When you did finally get food and a table, it was not of a standard we would expect on a cruise ship, more like a weekend at popular holiday park which is fine if you have paid weekend holiday park money.

Rules were not policed on board by the many staff in white uniforms who patrolled their designated areas.

Dress codes were a joke, formal nights found some people following the code and dressing for dinner and others also in the dining room in shorts and football shirts, so basically NO dress code.

Our favorite moan, the sunbeds. MSC supplied towels which were allocated to your cabin and if they weren't returned then your cabin would be charged. The "rules" said that after 30 minutes the towels would be removed and taken to reception until the people they belonged to arrived to retrieve them. On one particular occasion 6 sunbeds all together in one spot were "saved" for over 4 hours with no one in sight. Nothing was done to stop this, therefore, in order to get a sunbed you had to be up at the crack of dawn with your towels at the ready.

Tanoy announcements were impossible to hear and organization on board was poor. Toilet facilities on all decks were in short supply and the elderly relatives we were traveling with found it very difficult to plan their evening and the toilet stops.

The bars were very short on staff and trying to attract attention to order drinks was frustrating.

Entertainment was poor at best. The shows were all by the on board entertainment team, who at best were good karaoke singers. Nothing to entertain you all throughout the holiday which was very disappointing.

We have never left a negative review on a holiday before, but felt that this one had to be written. Our previous cruising experience with "a rival cruise line" was far in front of the MSC experience we have just endured.

The waiters in the dining rooms however did work very hard and our waiter was outstanding and he was the only highlight of the holiday.

All in all a very disappointing annual holiday which was for a special birthday and which had been booked and planned for 11 months.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Always upgrade to all inclusive drinks package as the drinks are very expensive

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4 / 10
So disappointed

"If this had beef my 1st cruise, I would never cruise again. This was supposed to be a taster cruise, absolutely nothing to entice you to ever cruise again. One of our group had booked to go in September on a 2 week Caribbean Cruise and was seriously thinking of asking for their deposit back.

The 2nd evening dinner service was good. The rest of service really bad and bar staff rude and we were given disposable plastic glasses with our drinks in.

To be charged a service charge was an insult

  • Holiday details: May 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: None

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2 / 10

"If this had been my first cruise, it would have been my last! There is very little to recommend an MSC cruise. The best rate if were compared to a hotel would be two start. The food was extremely bad - if a chef cannot fry an egg, what hope is there??? The fried eggs were raw every day. The main dining room for evening meals was dismal. On our first night our choice of chicken breast arrived - a chicken breast - nothing more. When we asked if there was not more to the meal, the plates were return with HUGE helpings of rice added - nothing more. When we asked if there was no sauce - two bowls of tomato soup were brought to the table!! We decided to eat in the terrace dining area - on one night during our cruise, the potatoes were cooked - every other time they were half cooked or half raw - your choice. The pasta was inedible - also raw and tasting of flour. Guests were allowed into this dining area in wet swimwear - leaving the padded seats wet! The whole ship needs a revamp - the carpets in the cabin smelled, the mattress on the bed should have been replaced years ago. In general, things were very badly organized. Leaving on a pr ebooked optional outing was chaotic - long lines of people in no order whatsoever. Disembarking was another situation without any prior knowledge. We had pre booked transfers to the airport - on the day before departure we found we could have booked a visit to the local aquarium but as we had pr ebooked the shuttle, could not add this even though we had the time to fit it in. In general, the staff were friendly and tried their best.

Would I recommend this line? NEVER!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013

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1 / 10
Msc is the worst company ever!

"The incident happened in Civittavechia when we were late for the ship by a fault of a third party.

18:30 was all on board time, and 19:00 supposed to be the departure time. We planed to leave Rome and be in Civittavechia one hour before the all on board time, but we missed that train as it left 10 minutes before the time it was written in Roma Termini train station. We took a next one wich supposed to be in Civittavechia at 18:18. This train stopped in middle of nowhere, between two stations, and we stayed there one hour without electricity, with doors blocked. Couldn't go anywhere and helpless. As soon as train stopped, we called emergency numbers on MSC cruise cards (both numbers we called). At first nobody answered the phone. When we reached them, they told they are going to wait 5 minutes. We had 3 years old baby with us, it was 9 of us. We were in touch all the time with ship, we told them the whole situation and baby pissed it pants. We ordered taxi who picked us up at next station, and when we called for 15th time already (19:20) to let them know that we are driving in taxi, and that we are 10 minutes away they said they are not going to wait, and in few minutes they sailed out.

We drove back to Rome, to take rent a car at Airport, but didn't get the car. Than we went to another train station, where we had a train to Genova. We got to Genova at 6 a.m. with no sleep, driving at old trains with illegal immigrants and drug addicts. 3 years old baby will probably have traumas for life! When the ship sailed in Genova, they didn't let us in for next 45 minutes. Furthermore, the staff of the ship dropped out the passports in Civittavechia, of Israelis and Russian people who were with us. These people were not informed that their passports stayed in Civittavechia, so when they reached Genova they couldn't go back home.

Upon our arrival in Genova, we came to reception, and requested to speak to manager. A young lady from Italy (we don't remember the name) spoke to not politely, and she said she doesn't care, she said we need to pay our bills and leave the ship because other guests will be coming on board.

It seems to me we had problems with silly company who doesn't care about their customers, and not with world renowned company as MSC. Completely unprofessional, rude and careless way of treating human beings. First of all, all 9 passengers had 4 cabins with balcony which costs around 2000€ each. Furthermore, we spent big amount on board (around 6000€) in their services which were low quality and extremely expensive! We spent around 500€ on different transports after we were informed about ship leaving us. We spent big amounts on our phones, speaking in roaming, trying to get 10 minutes extra from their unprofessional staff. We were told that ship was waiting us until 19:20, but the ship was late in departure in every single port (15 to 20 minutes) so there was no waiting! In Tenerife, ship decided to leave one hour before schedule, and brought that decision when already few hundred people left the ship. So if they could change schedule for one hour, they could have give us 10 more minutes.

Day before Civittavechia, a drunk man was trowing glasses around the restaurants, walking around our table pushing chairs around and there was 10 security people walking after him, doing nothing to protect us, and asked us to leave our dinner tables and restaurant. Even MSC security staff is terrible!

We will never go to any other events organized by MSC and we suggest other customers wishing to go to cruise trips, not to chose this terrible and unprofessional company! They will rip you off and leave you like dogs! All they care about is money! You will regret it if you make mistake and chose them like we did!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Sold the wrong holiday, not sooted for Disabled person.

"Thomas Cook sold us the holiday cruse on the opera,we asked them first if it would soot my disability . They ashore me it would,and I could take my mobility scooter with me and use it on the cruse and execution and I could not. I struggled to get on and of the couch,I had to sit twisted in my seat very painful. I felt I was a prisoner on the cruse and could not use most of the amenities. I was so upset all I wanted is to get home,I was not the only one disable on this cruse and they were unhappy and had the same problems. When I contact Thomas Cook they said I had to complain to M S C. But they sold me the holiday but they don't care as long they got there money. M C O. Only offered us £100 when we book a norther cruse with them. I would not take another cruse ever with them again. But I have contacted papers and I won't stop there, I am fighting for us the Disabled. The holiday company should check to see if the cruse would soot the disabled and not just take there word."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Help the disabled more, use modern bus or coaches built to make it easier aces and seating for the execution. It would be nice to have swimming pool safe for us.

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1 / 10

"MSC OPERA Chef has decided to refuse to cater for my sons special diet 11months after booking and agreeing to it at time of booking, now just 6 weeks pre my departure they tell me this and just say they gonna cancel our cruise and refund!!

REFUND 6 weeks before departure date???

my kids and i have saved for years for this holiday of a lifetime!!! This is disgusting treatment, all the efforts MSC have put in to UK consumers recently and they casually treat me like this???

Its Discrimination and totally unacceptable!

Its a very common diet dairy egg wheat and soya free

he eats all meats potatoes veg and rice

i offered to provide prescription pasta and bread, i dont understand??

I cannot take a cruise with another ship as none of the fleet aside from the opera depart from uk!

all the effort research and planning that has gone into booking this cruise for my family is incomprehendible and a refund is simply not acceptable to me, its july peak season there is no affordable or practical way of booking something now.



  • Holiday details: Jun 2013, booked with CRUISE.CO.UK
  • Advice: dont have food allergies

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    " Use the main restaurants to eat in, not cafeteria. "

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