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10 / 10
Saraya suites

"We were two weeks at saraya hotel and we really enjoyed our time there. I wanna thank all hotel workers and animation team for amazing time. Animation team is the best, we love you all guys! Omar , Sarah, Nastiya , all animation team you're the best. Thank you so much and I hope we will see again someday! Stay happy and take care. THANKS!! See you soon!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2012, Room Only, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
great place for a holiday

"Just returned from makadi Bay,Could not find fault with hotel.

Staff always pleasent and ready to help, Food good and plenty of choice, all guest areas clean, After long jouney check in great, cases brought to room so that we could go to restaurant to have a meal.

Nice stroll (7 mins) to private beach area with bar and small eating area. Not many british at resort best take Euros as British and Egyptian pounds not wanted by locals. My first to resort booked with Aquaris dive club for days diving, very poorly organised, tried Extra Divers for second dive, really good would recomend. I will be going back.

Stuart Holt

  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Lovely, great service, they care.

"All was just lovely. People at the hotel are great. They really make sure that all is nice. The restaurant, especially SunFlower is the best place to go in the evening. All is so forman and festive, nice drum show just in front of you while you are having your meal, great guys! The cooks were just fantastic. There was a fish and no lemon, so the guy went into the kitchen to cut me one and brought it on the plate, real nice touch dispite of the fact that he was busy with serving to other people. The swimming pool is lovely. The room was great......got us a suite by paying additional 30 euro as one time fee, the room was huge, cleaned every day. Went to sauna and jacuzzi with my girl friend, it was nice. The gym is pretty small but who cares, I found there what I was looking for and it was enough to have a good work out. Hotel stuff are just lovely. Everything is really clean. The only cons is people outside of the hotel. Personally, did not like Egyptians outside of the hotel. They don't take you for a human being, always moaning about something in Arabic and you have no idea what they hell he is saying, whether he is bad mouthing you or something else. A complete rip off from Mr. Fox, a guy who suggests horse riding and camels. Don't go for it. I love animals and it was a pity to see that the horse did not want to ride because it was hungry and wanted to eat some of the palm trees. The guy took a stick and wanted to hit it. I wanted to hit him after that. Just not a nice guy. People at the shops near hotels are nuts also, I mean, they never tell you a price, first tell lots of crappy stuff about their product and after than tell you that you will get a good discount from them, I ask how much it costs, they tell nothing, gosh. Tour guides from the operator want to rip you off. Okay, my suggestion: BUY ALL INCLUSIVE AND ENJOY YOUR STAY THERE. Stay at hotel but when you go out of the hotel don't talk to those vendors and people coming over to you on the beach and suggesting you to buy something from them. Some are okay but some are [--]. In general, thehotel was real nice, loved it, nice people, great animation, especially comparing with those from Belinda hotel in Side, Turkey where we stayed there also this same year. You will enjoy Saraya hotel or any other hotel in Makadi Bay, all of them are lovely. Choose the one which is a bit cheaper and you will not regret."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008

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10 / 10
Great Place for Vacation

"The hotel and the surrounding resort are a beautiful place to stay.The rooms are clean and the stuff is friendly and helpful. They all have a decent level of spoken English and we had no problems with the services.

Me and my wife were all inclusive and were very pleased with both the bars, pool services and the restaurant. The food was great, especially the fish and the fruits.

The animators and the entertainments were very nice.

The only things that bothered me were the difficulty with Internet access and the annoying shop owners in the resort.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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10 / 10
An Excellent Holiday At A Great Resort

"We arrived back in the UK on 29/4/08 after a marvellous 2 weeks in the Saraya Suites in Makadi Madinat. People always seem to comment on what or what is not the correct classification.

What is a Five Star? What experience do people base this on?

Well we have stayed in Dubai and that was Five Star so on that basis alone this hotel is an excellent 4 Star. But please if you are considering this resort do not be put off by some whinging Brits in other reviews. YES THERE ARE RUSSIANS! Suprise Suprise, and even Germans and Scandinavians. We where the only Brits we could find.........GREAT! If you want Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas, Go to Benidorm. This is Egypt. All of the people in this hotel where friendly. If they know you are English they will talk to you in English. Join in the fun and games, everyone is accepted.

This is the friendliest hotel we have ever stayed at, from the Waiters to the other guests to the excellent animation team. An upgrade will be offered on your arrival if they have availability, they will bend over backwards to help you.

All inclusive will give you access to two self serve restaurants, which have manned grills for some meat and fish dishes. The food is changed before the trays are empty, just time it right to get the hotter stuff. They have theme nights each day for a week which repeats in the second week. You can give up your main meal and get a voucher for 15 Euros per person and eat at any of four speciality restaurants and have anything you want from the menu's. There are pleny of places to drink up to Midnight if you wish from 10.00 in the morning.

They have two great pools you can use each with its own babies pool. You can also use the other facilities at any of the other 5 hotels in the resort. The beach is about a 10 minute walk through the other hotels but once there each hotel has it's own segregated beach which are signposted and have there own beach bars where all inclusive can be uesd.

They have a family disco for the kids every night in the outside square, our little 3 year old girl loved it, this lasts about 40 minutes then they have further entertainment. The gardens are superb and well laid out.

This hotel is great and worth a visit, we would certainly go back at the drop of a hat. Just remember this is Egypt not Costa Del England. Thank You To Sameh, Daria and all of the animation team for being so helpful and entertaining, ENJOY

  • Holiday details: May 2008

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10 / 10
Great relaxing Holiday - Never been before - would definitely go back

"We were looking for a nice warm break after a chilly winter. Disillusioned with the run of the mill Eastern Med we thought we would try somewhere different. Egypt - we were not disappointed.

The whole resort was brilliantly run, spotlessly clean and the staff service was generally first class.

The resort was predominantly filled with Russian visitors who I'm sorry to say we found to be rude and rather sullen. After all it costs nothing to say please and thank you in any language. We didn't notice a single Russian offer a tip for what we found to be exceptional service! I'm sure this is a generalisation, but speak as you find.

The Germans and Scandinavians were much more pleasant as were the Egyptian staff. Very few British visitors to chat to however.

Our room was larger than average, spotlessly clean, well furnished and comfortable beds and linen. (I don't know where on earth the lady from the UK who wrote a "1 star" report stayed but it can't have been the same place we have just been). We tipped the housekeeper the first day and following that he was very attentive to all our needs - extra pillows, fresh flowers and a new 'towel sculpture' every day.

Worth noting that tipping is well received but not obligatory. It's amazing what 'please', 'thank you' and a few Egyptian pounds will do. It costs nothing to be nice and the warmth of the smile and recognition of a job well done was payment enough in return.

Our favourite barman 'Basem' waited on us hand and foot at the Ibereotel Saraya Beach Bar during the day. bringing us complimentary fresh fruit, ice cream, beers, snacks and more in what seemed every few minutes. They all work so hard and such long hours you wonder how they keep smiling. The beach area was spotlessly clean and they even "rollered" the sand flat on an evening. The gardens too - how the staff get the gardens to bloom so profusely is beyond me but this resort is a true oasis.

The Buffet food was good quality if a little repetitive but the 'dine around' option where you can try different restaurants around the resort is worth the 5 - 10 Euros extra supplement. I'm amazed that not many other guests tried it, rather than eat at the buffet every night - I'm glad we did try it. On the whole the evening entertainment was pretty low key but we enjoyed a couple of drinks at the bar after our evening meal and a chat with the bar workers.

The weather in April was very nice not too hot and a gentle breeze kept you fresh. All in all - we were so relaxed after a week we nearly forgot to come home.

We are looking forward to another Egyptian holiday soon - maybe the Pyramids next time. The "true" Egypt.

Only down side to our holiday - the flight to and from the resort was truly awful - Thomas Cook Airlines - Aaagh!! - my advice is - choose another carrier. Sardines have more room. Surely packing this many people in a plane cant be safe!!

Hope you have a good holiday, where ever you go.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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10 / 10
Outstanding Resort and Vacation Experience!

"Our family vacation to this resort was the best we have ever taken. The entire experience from start to finish was more than I expected it to be. We booked an all-inclusive package through a local agent here in Sweden that provided everything from the time we left Stockholm until we returned.

I have to admit, I was hesitant when we were on our way to the resort from the airport, because many of the resorts in Hurghada were not very impressive. However, Makadi Bay is a separate area about 30 minutes away from Hurghada in a small area with nothing but resorts of the best quality.

When we checked in, the process was simple, efficient, and the staff were friendly. They all spoke English and all documentation was in Arabic and English. I noticed that they also cater to Russian and German guests with language needs.

Our room was awesome and had a great view of one of the five pools (3 large pools, 2 kids pools). There was a small kitchen, bathroom, dining area, bedroom, and "living room" that dubbed as a bedroom for the kids with two beds. A/C and Heat are in each room.

The package we had was all-inclusive and provided for every meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and ice cream all day at the pool-side and beach bars, all you can drink soda, BOTTLED WATER, and even local alcohols which were pretty darn good. The choices available for restararunts on the inclusive package were limited to two main restaraunts, but the resort and surrounding community had MANY to choose from. The buffet restaraunts included had a very good selection that seems to provide for all tastes, young and old, and from every culture.

Although not located right on the beach, the resort is located about a five-minute walk from the beach. The beach area is very nice with a bar, showers, bathrooms, and plenty of activities. Scuba and snorkling opportunities (I snorkled), paddleboats, horseback riding, etc. The Red Sea was fairly warm (22 C) and VERY CLEAR WATER. The snorkling was okay, but there wasn't as much color as I had expected. The biggest downside to the water was the number of jellyfish present. Although not very dangerous, they did leave a few marks on my arms after snorkling.

One of the best things about the resort is that they cater to all kids very well. There were a number of kids activities, play areas, programs, and entertainment. My children (5 and 2) had a complete blast on this vacation.

We also took a two-day trip to Cairo, which was well worth it, although quite a long bus-ride (8 hours). If you're that close, you have to go see the pyramids, but I would recommend a short flight instead.

The weather was absolutely awesome for the duration of our trip. March seems to be a perfect time to go. Temps were around 80F/26-29C every day with sun. The pools are all well heated so even if it seemed cool at times, it was still nice. The sun is very intense though, so you'll get a great tan quickly, but have to be careful with the kids.

Overall, this place was awesome, and I would go back in a heartbeat. It's very well worth the money and time. I would recommend it especially to families with children, but people of all ages and cultures would have a blast as well.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008

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2 / 10
Definately not 5 star

"I have just returned from this resort after what was supposed to be a 5 star break for a week, this is the first time I have ever said I am glad to be home.

This resort is advertised as 5 star but is more like a 3 star, I have stayed in Eqypt twice before and know what to expect from a 5 star resort.

Firstly I must comment on the fact that this resort is not geared up for English guests, the food was terrible and unfortunately we were all inclusive with meat , chicken and fish all being served undercooked and cold, my husband ate bread and rice all week.

The resort was occupied by 90% Russian guests so the food & entertainment is geared to their tastes. I have travelled the world but never felt so intimidated by hotel guests by their rude and aggressive behaviour.

The resort also advertised a private beach but fails to tell you that you have to cross a road and walk through another large resort to get to it.

The room was very basic and was cleaned daily however I used a packet of face wipes to clean the toilet and bathroom floor when we arrived because it was filthy, the cleaners needed to stop making towel sculptures on the bed and concentrate on the job in hand.

The resort of Makadi Bay has very little to offer, there is nowhere outside of your resort to eat or drink.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008

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10 / 10
Excellence from check-in to check-out

"I stayed at the Saraya in January, with my fiancé and two kids. This place is just a fantastic oasis of calm, friendliness, good food and pools. The staff was amazing, from check-in through check-out, the rooms were cleaned twice a day and the pool areas were beautifully maintained.

The restaurants were all good, but the dinner at the main restaurant was perfect for the kids. Every day has a different theme, but children will always find something "safe".

I really don't worry too much about security when I travel alone, but with children, it is another story. At the Saraya, the kids could move around by themselves without us having to worry.

We're definitely going back, as soon as possible!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007

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10 / 10
Superb Hotel

"a great hotel, with large rooms, ideal for families.

two pools, one noisier, the other more peaceful. Food very good with a choice of 2 all inclusive restaurants, with the opportuinty to eat at other restaurants in the souk makadi for 10euros / adult (children free).

All the staff very helpfull.

Wonderful beach with excellent snorkelling - pool shoes a must for young children, who will enjoy wonderful rock pools at end of the beach. Beach is only a 5 min walk through the hotel opposite.

Entertainment every night in the Souk was OK especially for the children, and the bars are included in your all inclusive package.

Only downside is that it is very hot for young children, and there was only one other English family at the hotel when we were there.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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8 / 10
Wish I could have stayed for a month!

"A two-night stay at this resort was included in the price of my Egypt tour and I was absolutely delighted with my room! I had a suite, which was huge, impeccably clean, and beautifully decorated. It also had two large decks with comfortable furniture and lovely views over the resort complex. The furniture was comfy and the bed was really good with nice linens. The pictures on the website don't really do the resort justice, as the plantings have filled in since then, making it a lot more green and lush than you would expect. The pool area is gorgeous, but then the whole place was really lovely. I hated to leave the place for any reason!

The buffet-style restaurant was very good, although slow to reset tables at breakfast, making it hard to find a table (we finally had to go and take napkins and silverware from the wait staff's stand ourselves).

The only reason I didn't rate it as excellent is that service here in general leaves a little to be desired -- it's friendly, but not always as quick or efficient as an American generally will expect. For example, the place is HUGE and it is easy to get lost, but getting someone from the staff to stop and help you find your way can be difficult.

Even though I generally feel trapped in these sort of all inclusive places with no link to the "real" world, I really enjoyed my stay here and I hope to return to this area again some day. It would be an ideal place to visit as a family or with a group of friends.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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10 / 10

"We arrived after travelling around egypt for 2 weeks. It was a perfect place to relax after all cities we had visit. The pool was well heated and poolarea was beautiful. We stayed in a junior svite and it was perfect!! We had a halfboard reservation and the food was great! The staff at the hotel were all great and very helpful. This is a place we will come back to again!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2006

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