Ascos Coral Beach Hotel

PO Box 61415, Paphos 8134, Cyprus
7  / 10
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Closest airport: Pafos (PFO) (11 miles)

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Stayed for two weeks at this hotel,...

"Stayed for two weeks at this hotel, had a great time. Food was excellent with plenty of choice, and plenty to drink. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Rooms were kept clean and were a good size.

Hotel pool was the best we've ever used. Plenty of sun beds and never a rush to get them. Entertainment staff were brilliant all were excellent singers Robbie was the star though. Would certainly go to this hotel again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, Full Board, booked with Thomas Cook
10 / 10

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My husband and I had a fantastic time...

"My husband and I had a fantastic time at the Ascos Beach. Food was plentiful and very nice, and we enjoyed the all inclusive drinks as well.

Staff were all very friendly and it was nice how the bar staff had our drinks poured for us before we asked for them! (or maybe that shows we were drinking too much!) Entertainment was fabulous - well done to Rob, Gemma and Helen! They have amazing voices (particularly Gemma) and did some wonderful shows.

My husband and i thought it the best entertainment we have ever seen at any hotel we’ve been at and it made this holiday for us. Also its wonderful having no kids there - very relaxing by the pool during the day. We’ll be back.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
9 / 10

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Could be better but not bad. We got...

"Could be better but not bad.

We got given one of the bungalows on arrival ( i say bungalow, its 30 odd rooms split from the hotel on top of each other ). But we were given a top floor room which had a full sea view and was very spacious. The air con was excellent, the bathroom wasn’t as bad as people made out and overall the room was nice with a superb view.

The food was ok-good, obviously not 5 star quality but i was happily surprised with it after reading these dire reviews about it (The breakfast was a bit bland but lunch and dinner were quite nice). They did a few Greek style dishes during the week also like moussaka and lamb kleftiko and the food was varied quite a lot during the week (There was always chips for fussy eaters too!) One thing to note though was the tables for eating dinner on were very close to one another and it felt like you were listening in on other peoples conversations (which was slightly awkward).

The staff were friendly enough (except one member of staff who just seemed rude all the time) and they would try and help you or point you in the right direction straight away.

The coral bay area was quite nice, the beach was very nice although it is a good 15-20 minute walk to it. There aren’t many shops round there, a couple of souvenir shops and supermarkets, a few jewellery shops and that’s it. Although the buses aren’t too bad and you get one straight to the harbour where there are thousands of shops. The local bars are not too bad either, quite a few cocktail bars and superb restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. The hotel is in a fairly quiet area overall though.

The entertainment in the hotel, well, there was always something to do in the day time as they kept doing little competitions and games every couple of hours if you wanted to join. But the night entertainment was just the worst I’ve ever seen in a hotel before.

All it was, were the 3 Thomas cook reps every night doing something different. I wouldn’t mind, but they cant sing, they are not funny, they look like they’ve just come out of nappies and the shows they do are just terrible. Also you have bingo every night and a quiz; now if that’s your thing then book now, but being a 23 year old I think it’ll be a couple more years before I’m into all that.

Overall the hotel was quite nice, peaceful and in a nice location although if they only had some decent entertainment, something apart from those annoying reps, then i would of rated this hotel higher.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
7 / 10

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The hotel was very comfortable....

"The hotel was very comfortable. Well-equipped rooms, spacious and good quality, friendly staff.

That’s the only thing that stops the rating being below 4/10 because the rest gets a flat zero. This is Butlins but in a hot climate. Perhaps I was hoping for too much, but I certainly wanted some local food, not the English variety that was churned out all day. When I asked a waiter if the hotel ever offered local food, he told me there was no demand because all the guests were English; call me old-fashioned but I thought that one of the joys of going abroad was being immersed in the local culture.

I was also unaware of the 'entertainment' that was forced upon the guests all day up until midnight; I like some peace and quiet when I go away but that was shattered by loud music playing most of the day (again, English pop rather than local) which meant that if you like a siesta, it was impossible.

This was coupled with bingo, quizzes, and loud singing until midnight .... the only thing that was missing was Ted Bovis and the knobbly knees competition. Go here if you like going abroad but don’t like foreigners and you can't be doing with that foreign food ... otherwise stay away.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
4 / 10

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Having previously stayed here in 2002...

"Having previously stayed here in 2002 I have to say that the hotel management seems to have taken its eye of the ball and standards have definitely slipped.

Overall a good holiday but silly little things spoiled it, like the key card would not work to let us into the room on arrival, having to sign for your drinks at the pool bar every time was a real pain in the butt.

Andreas on the pool bar was a star man as always, the rest of the staff were friendly whenever we had to have any dealings with them.

The food was good with a choice of at least 4 meat dishes in the evening.

The towels and bed linen were changed everyday and the courtesy beach towels were changed whenever needed.

I would use the hotel again as it’s a very quiet and relaxed holiday especially with no screaming kids about.

In 2002 I would have given it 10/10 but it has gone down a little bit

A very relaxing week chilling out in good weather.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
8 / 10

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Sorry but this place isn’t even...

"Sorry but this place isn’t even worth a 2 star award!

The hotel has obviously not been looked after for the past 9 years. The room well you might as well put a cooking hob in it and call it a very poor self-catering holiday. The staff were rude and unhelpful. We had to change room because the first one had burn holes and rips in the duvet also the air con didn’t work the bathroom looked like it had been in a war and also had ants crawling across the floor and the shower area had the tiles falling off the wall so much so that the water leaking through the gap was causing damp on the other side of the and the paint had fallen off.

Towels didn’t get changed and in the first room the hand towel had bloodstains on it. The food I wouldn’t give to a starving dog. The whole holiday was ruined by the hotel. We were told such wonderful things about Cyprus but after staying at this dump I wouldn’t go back again ever.

I beg you please don’t book a holiday here you will regret it. Oh and the entertainment was the Thomas cook reps and lets just say a tone deaf monkey could sing and entertain better.

For the money you pay you might as well save it and go on a Butlins holiday you will get better food entertainment and room with helpful staff.

  • Holiday details: May 2005, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
1 / 10

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I visited the Ascos coral beach with...

"I visited the Ascos coral beach with my father and his partner who had been the year before.

On first impressions I was very impressed. The room was very clean and tidy and of a high standard even though the bathroom needed a refurbishment.

The staff some were helpful some were very miserable, especially the women. The best was an English guy behind the bar who did a great job.

I found the food to be excellent but my Dad said it had been cut down a lot compared to previous years.

The pool area was gorgeous, plenty of sun loungers, good sea views and a nice garden area even though the pool was freezing.

Lifts were unreliable but I used the stairs a lot to work the food off.

Overall I was impressed and had a really enjoyable holiday. It is advisable to have a car though due to the location and coral beech is worth a visit

  • Holiday details: Nov 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
7 / 10

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I have just returned from a great...

"I have just returned from a great holiday at the Ascos beach hotel in Cyprus and was very disappointed to read some of the very unfair reviews which have been written about this hotel.

Yes, the hotel is full of mature people (I am 25 I should point out) but this is made very clear in the brochure. It’s a shame that some of those who have complained about this do not have the ability to read a brochure!

Food - top class and by no means boring or ‘much of a much ness’. We had a great variation everyday, with the choice of at least 3 different meats at lunch or dinner, cheese and biscuits, a great range of fruit and salad and loads of desserts. By no means bland or boring, and trust me, I am very fussy about my food!!

Room. Yes, we had ants in our room. A few, but come on people, this is the Med. What do you expect if you leave a half empty (and sweet) glass of Gin and Tonic in your room?? As I found out from the receptionist!

The only complaint I have is that the woman who work there are, for some reason, very miserable towards patrons. But that didn’t bother us, in fact, the more you drink, the more funny it becomes.

And as for the so called ‘silence’ by the pool, we never experienced this. The kids were all playing fine (although it has to be said this is not a hotel based around children).

All in all, a fantastic, relaxing holiday and just what my girlfriend and I wanted. If you want noise and clubbing I suggest you go to the Costa Del Sol or Ayia Napa, if you want a quality 4* hotel and a nice relaxing break near the best beach on the west side of Cyprus go to Ascos Beach.

And to those who have complained about the aspects of the hotel which make it unique to the others - READ THE BROCHURE IN FUTURE!!!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
9 / 10

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Very Peaceful, adults only hotel...

"Very Peaceful, adults only hotel would go again in the future. Accommodation is starting to look a little tatty and could do with a refurbishment. Staff are very friendly in and around the hotel. Food was varied and a good choice of cuisine. Overall entertainment in the evening was good, one night being a themed Cypriot evening.

In and around Paphos is very interesting with lots to do to suit all ages.

**** recommend.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
8 / 10

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No complaints about the tour operator...

"No complaints about the tour operator or Cyprus Air the carriers both excellent value for money.

The Hotel is really 3 star with one falling off, probably due to it being ready for a make over after eight years.

The good points are the pool area, the day time entertainers and the reception, dining, bar and cleaning staff who all gave of their best and were extremely friendly and helpful.

Food whilst not cordon bleu was plentiful and generally to most peoples taste.

A minor bathroom fault and a Greek language only television, reported twice, took until day 12 of the 14 day holiday for the latter to be fixed. The bathroom shower never was.

We only overlooked the sea at a diagonal and the balcony was not used due to the strong smell of sewerage from somewhere nearby.

Evening entertainment, well there was always Coral Bay itself .

Would we go again, yes but let’s hope they take note of the comments from previous guests.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2004, All Inclusive, booked with Mercury Direct
7 / 10

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Having just returned from this hotel...

"Having just returned from this hotel I was eager to read the 'watchdog' reports from previous hotel guests!! The hotel is definitely not 4 star!!. I had taken my partner on a relaxing holiday and for his 50th birthday and so was very disappointed from the outset. The flight was not up to standard. The stewards/esses looked very tatty. The stewards were dressed in their faded pink shirts, no ties and one had long, greasy hair (male). My seat was decidedly shabby and, if the person in front of me moved slightly, the tray in front of me fell down. This was very annoying during a 4-hour flight!!

Once we arrived at the hotel and found our room I didn’t feel much better. I was shocked at the shabbiness of the whole room. There were iron burns on the carpet, scuffmarks all over the walls, the curtains were not properly attached and the bathroom had definitely seen better days!! The room had only two plug sockets, one that was for the kettle provided and the other for the TV!! The TV only worked on the Greek channels and if you wanted to watch anything, the remote could be purchased from reception for a refundable deposit. Some guests had asked about the remote only to be told that it was a waste of time as the picture wouldn’t be any better with it!!

The food was very repetitive and recycled. The evening meals were no better. The tables were set out in long rows just slightly offset, which made you feel as though you were in a school-dining hall. Meals were served until 9.00pm but if you hadn’t collected your sweet by 8.45pm they would start clearing away the trays! The pool area was ok, although, if you didn’t get up for breakfast by 7.30am there wasn’t a hope of getting a sun lounger. Building work has started next to the pool area on the adjoining piece of land; from 8.00am the diggers were at work and dust spread across the pool, sunbathers and bar areas!!

My partner enquired with the rep (on Tuesday) about making reserved seat bookings for our flight home so that we could sit together. There was an additional charge of £5.00 per person for this. When we went the next day to make the bookings, she told us we were too late as the numbers had to be sent through on Tuesdays!! When we explained that we had enquired on Tuesday and she hadn’t mentioned this at the time, her reply was ‘‘well, you didn’t ask'. After a long and heated discussion, she agreed to phone and fax our request through!

During our stay the evening entertainment was appalling. The young team there, who were doing there very best, kept trying to keep things going (all credit to them). One evening the arranged entertainer didn’t show up so, Neil, the resident entertainer did an Elvis show and he did brilliantly. The Greek evening and BBQ was appalling. There was insufficient seating arranged outside and we had to wait in a queue. Eventually, we were shown to a table and just as we were ordering our drinks, a screaming woman came up and we had been shown to her seats, she had been getting her dinner!! In prime position a group of tables had been set together and 'reserved' for special guests. The hotel manager had his birthday party during our BBQ evening!! His guests arrived, the wine flowed and then the fun began. A couple of his guests, who included the dining room managers, decided to hold an impromptu cabaret evening, ALL IN GREEK!! This really killed the evening off. Holiday guests had their meals and then left, leaving the 'Management' to enjoy their evening, lighting alcohol on the floor!!! All the tables had been set with napkins, tablecloths etc, but ours were removed after dinner. Theirs were left. We felt like poor relations that had gate crashed someone’s birthday party!!

Finally, and to end off the holiday, we had paid £20 to retain our room as we had a night flight. The cleaner arrived in our room at 10.00am to change the towels and bedding. We explained that we had the room until 6.00pm. She knew that but had to change the beds for the next guests. After speaking to some other guests about this they said that, when they first arrived to there newly made up room, they found their bed had already been 'used' by the previous guests!! All in all, I’m glad we were only there for 1 week and unfortunately this holiday didn’t give us a very nice experience for our first trip to Cyprus. Definitely 1/10

  • Holiday details: Sep 2004, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
1 / 10

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Could have been holiday from hell!...

"Could have been holiday from hell!

The Ascos Coral Beach is certainly not a four star hotel, nothing like it. Unless you class a four star hotel as having filthy rooms, so filthy that you end up trying to hover and clean it yourself, insect eggs collected behind the bed, cracks across the filthy walls, burns, grime and iron stains in the carpets, grime in the bathroom. Need I go on?

Ok then, lifts that break down when you’re in them, ants pouring out of the drinks machine when you pour yourself a drink, filthy carpeted corridors. And it may not allow under 16 yr olds but it does not have a problem with 18-30's type holiday makers blaring out dance music next door to you till 4 and 5 in the morning.

The restaurant choice is stark, and you’ll love it if you like the school canteen feel where you sit on a long table with about 18 other people.

Romantic break? Forget it! The most awful hotel we’ve ever seen. So bad in fact that we paid another £1000 to get out of it to another hotel, B & B instead of fully inclusive, within 24 hours. We moved to a 5 star to be sure we would be ok, and what a difference!

Too different in fact. As I said, there is no way on this planet that the Ascos Coral beach is a four star hotel. Do yourselves a favour, don’t go there! I had to give it 1/10, because there is no option to give it zero, but zero it most definitely is.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2004, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
1 / 10

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