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Bottle of drinks stolen from the security on arrival

"The service in the restaurant was very good, nice food. The cabins were clean.

The staff in the dining rooms and bars were excellent., But every think else was a rip off. the drinks and the tours.

on embarking we were asked to hand over my bottle of sherry, they don't sell sherry on board. we we informed that when we leave the ship we would be given the bottles back, when we asked they could not find them in other words there seems to be a thief on board, make sure you put every thing in the safe.

there were only 100 British on board, mostly Italians and Germans, Belgium.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2016

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Well named ship

"We went on a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords in June on the Costa Fortuna. This is the second time with Costa, the last being on the Favalosa. The cruise itinerary was very good and the scenery spectacular, this cruise destination is much recommended, but maybe with another cruise line.

The Fortuna is well named as everything is extra. We had to pay 8.5 Euros per day per person for tips, which in 10 days came to 170 euros. But on top of that you have to pay 15% service charge on all drinks, and if you want water at the dinner table, you have to pay. You also have to pay for coffee at dinner as well, but not at lunch. The breakfast service was OK if you went to the buffet restaurant, but they did not have hot dishes only an egg station. If you went to the main restaurant, you had to be seated and always ended up sitting with a load of foreigners who did not bother to speak to us English, (in reality we were the foreigners). The evening meal service was sometimes very slow, although the food was quite acceptable. The entertainment varied. The first and last nigh we had a singer called Sury Boltman, who was very good but did exactly the same act on both nights. The so called comedy show was pathetic, we only managed to sit in there for 10 minutes. The rest of the shows were average, and not comparable to anything seen on British ships.

The tours are not very good value at all. Our biggest gripe was that we paid 130 euros for two of us to do a 3 hour tour. Due to the very poor organization by the ships crew in getting everyone off the ship by tender in time, the tour was cut short by 1 hour. When we complained and said we would like a third of the cost back, they said nobody else had complained so we did not get even an apology, never mind anything back. On one of the other tours, the guide spoke very good Spanish but little English so we did not get much information. Certainly in some of the ports in Norway, there was scope to go off and do some tours with local operators, at a reduced cost, (there was a city tour open top bus at most of the ports).

The general organization of the ship is very poor, which we did experience on the other Costa ship, but this was much worse. So we will never again go on a Costa cruise.

We booked this through Cruise Club UK and have to say they were excellent, everything they organised was superb, including the hotel in Amsterdam. We will (and have) book with them again.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2015, booked with Cruise Club UK
  • Advice: Be aware of the extra costs and look closely at the cost of the tours before you go. You could do better independantly.

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1 / 10
bad experience on costa fortuna cruise ship

"everything on board was extra and the service fee of 14 euros per day was disgusting, the food was like cafeteria food and not alot of choice, with over 3000 people on board sometimes only two people were at the customer service desk and the same went for the tour desk.

transfers to the airport were only two times of the day no matter what time your flight was departing and it was take it or leave it attitude.

you were forced to sit with the same people at the evening meals and most of the ship were rude, pushy itialians who pushed in line and hardly anyone spoke english on board.

the ship had a tacky look to it and there were so many smoking areas and in one room one side was smoking and the other non smoking but you could smell the smoke.

very noisey you could hear kids running up and down the corridors and there wasnt alot of entertainment on board, the excursions were so over priced and the bus in stpeterburg had no airconditioning.

very disappointing and i would never ever go on any costa cruise ship again, i couldnt wait to get off it !!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, booked with Direct Holidays
  • Advice: dont go on one, waste of money, rip off , hostile rude italians on board, awful food, noisey ,full of kids
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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1 / 10
Very dissappointed

"Interior decoration similar to that of a low budget Las Vegas casino.

Poor quality food and the coffee disgusting.

The excursions overpriced but pretty ordinary, a non air conditioned bus, the organisation not very good, for example having been to St. Petersburgh Russia and then docking

in Weinamunde Germany, you need your passport,the costa crew made no announcement of that and droves of people including an 82 year old had to battle their way back to their rooms to get them.

internet 27 Euros for 3 hours of slow internet what a rip off.

The service and tour desks are staffed by 2-3 staff for over 3000 people!!! expect to que for everything even for the horrible pizza.

As stated by most the drinks are a rip off, the evening meal does not include wine, tea or coffee.

the transfer to the airport I paid for was pathetic, for an evening flight, a 1pm transfer, gee I love waiting at airports as much as i liked being on this ship.

The staff were good but clearly overworked.

a one star cruise for a 5 star price, Costa please go back to shipping freight.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2012, Booked Independently

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4 / 10

"We booked through the paper for a 2 week cruise in the Caribbean out of Fort Lauderdale. The orginisation for boarding was poor. The food if you love paste was Ok if you don't like paster was average. The only passengers doing a two week look of the Carribean were the Brits. The seocnd week we found out why!! Everything & I mean everything was duplicated the second week on board. The food the entertainment was all the same as the first. DO NOT THEREFORE BOOK TWO WEEKS unless you like duplication. The organisation on leaving the ship was worse than joining the ship. Everyone was in the theatre to get a lottery number to get off. Things on board were not cheap & watch for the hidden extra the tip!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2011, Cruise, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Only do the one week

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3 / 10

"food was absolutly terrible and as a family we were surprised to finfd that at times was unavailable. had to eat leftover apples one night as we arrived at nine o clock in the lido and it was shut. terrible service and one day my wife qeued for 45 minutes for food. i felt that they were saving money on staff. this belief was also present when it came to embarkations taking a long time. we queued for 5 hours to get on the boat and this was treated as the norm rather than the exception. never again?"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: avoid,

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10 / 10

"We have just returned from a cruise on the Costa Fortuna (Bari, Katakolon, Santorini, Mycanos, Rhodes, Dubrovnik and back to Venice). Yes bar prices are high but most people know that before they get on board. My wife and myself were on our first cruise and we cannot praise the ship, staff etc for a wonderful experience. No complaintas at all .... brilliant from start to finish. If funds were available we would book again tomorrow.

Food very good and varied, cleaning staff again very good. Did not watch too much entertainment but 2 good late parties on deck.

Thanks Costa for a wonderful experience.

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: The cruise was excellent

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6 / 10
Think twice before choosing Costa

"To be honest, I expected more from Costa Fortuna, I can't say that the drinks are too expensive (the whole ship is a gigantic bar after all...:) or the waiting time to embark and all the formalities is wasting your holiday time :( but the feeling you have onboard, being caught into a big touristic "factory" very much alike to the huge hotels in Brazil or Mexico except that you can't escape the ship in this case. I think this feeling comes from the way this ship is managed, you can see that the staff is much more stressed out than in a hotel ashore or other smaller ships, sometimes they misunderstand you, they look tired and preoccupied, it's possible the ship is understaffed. Maybe I'm a little subjective (my previous cruise with Norwegian cruise line was really great) but what's missing on Costa Fortuna is the right approach towards customers - and when you leave with this feeling from the ship it's a pity, you've lost money and your precious holiday time. Learn Italian in any case before boarding :) and try to avoid the pools (I got a nasty rash - who knows what kind of cheap chemicals they're using... and this is a first for me even though I swim almost daily in a public pool (Bally Fitness Club). Overall if you can't get a better deal elswhere or it's your first cruise go for it, otherwise look someplace else.

Alex Brown


  • Holiday details: May 2009, Booked Independently

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7 / 10

"Costa Fortuna should be called Costa Fortune! Drinks - extremely expensive, everyone who books online without a brochure beware of the £6.50 per day per person, surcharge that includes people over the age of 16 and beware of the 15% surcharge on all drinks! Costa Fortuna is far to big in general and it could have been run more efficiency for example queuing to embark/disembark the ship, queuing at least 1 hour 30 mins to register your credit card in order to pay for drink etc on board and queuing for dinner. Don’t get me wrong i had a lovely time as the accommodation and ship was extremely clean, the service was very good (but not conducted well) The food was ok and had plenty of choice.

We was there on our 25th Wedding anniversary and the Capitan renewed our vows which was a memory of a lifetime.

There were hardly any English people on board (around 100 out of 3000)

I would go on another cruise but not with Costa Fortune and had a great time but i would definitely chose a more comfortable more friendly smaller cruise.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2009, booked with Kosmar

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7 / 10
Delicious food (deserves even a 9),...

"Delicious food (deserves even a 9), friendly staff. Pity that is was such a noisy ship (entertainment, many unsupervised children running all over the ship). Spacious rooms.

Itinerary (eastern part of the Mediterranean) was well chosen and the guides were very competent and seemed to love their job.

Maybe ideal for families with young(er) children, but not so for 55+

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Costa Fortuna Cruise Ship, booked with Cruise Travel, Netherlands

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8 / 10
Me and my partner did the Costa...

"Me and my partner did the Costa Fortuna first Caribbean cruise in Nov 2007. We had never cruised before, but really enjoyed it.

Our cabin was on deck 1. I was expecting it to be tiny, so was surprised by the space.

Food was really nice. There are 2 sittings on an evening, ours was 8.30pm, luckily, the first being 6.30pm, which is a little too early in my opinion.

Dress code was meant to be formal, as there was a lot of Americans, it wasn’t so! One extreme to another on gala nights, women in prom type dresses, men in dickey bows, then surf shorts and very casual t-shirts on other people! Rather bizarre I know, but to knowledge nobody was refused entry to the restaurant.

The staff were really friendly, especially the waiters. Receptionists could do with being abit more polite though, bit stroppy at times with guests with problems not being their fault e.g. key cards, computer systems going down during payments...

Entertainment on the poolside through the day kept you entertained, if not the crazy Americans having dance offs! There was a reggae band on most days they were really good, felt like we really were in the Caribbean mannnn!

Entertainment on a night wasn’t that brilliant, maybe me and my partner are in between ages, being 26,and 28.disco - for the teenagers, theatre - over 50`s?,lounge [where stage games like mr&mrs, and bingo]- families, Italians, ballroom dancers.

There is a nice piano bar were violinists were playing with a modern twist. The lounge was our best option!

I would definitely do a Costa cruise again, if only for the gorgeous fresh pizzas 24 hrs a day!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, Costa Fortuna Cruise Ship, Booked Independently

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