Blau Varadero Hotel

Carretera de Las Morlas KM 15, Varadero, Cuba
9  / 10
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10 / 10

"What can i say about his hotel...amazing, great food, great location, great people and great beach, i for one will certaintly be going back. Please do not be put off by any negative reviews there is no pleasing some people!!!!! Cuba is a fantastic place to visit and you will be more than happy staying in the Blau."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Fantastic Blau

"We are returning to the Blau in July for the third time and it will be our fourth time in Cuba.

I have found the Country to be a very safe place and the Cuban people very genuine and friendly.

The food is well presented and cooked well and I can't believe the complaints I have read on this site.

Most of the staff are brilliant but of course not all, which is the same in any hotel in any Country.

It is brilliant value for money and I think people forget this when they complain.

If you do have a complaint then speak to Roberto the Manager, who works really hard to make your holiday an unforgetable experience.

If you do return then you will be asked to the returning customer's dinner which is an excellent opportunity to let the Manager know your views.

As regards tipping, we do tip if the service is good which we would do anywhere. We have received gifts from the staff without looking for anything in return

So do visit this hotel and enjoy yourselves.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
fantastic cuba

"we arrived in cuba not sure what to expect,but now can't wait to go back, this was helped by the fact that we stayed at the hotel blau in Varadero. A wonderful hotel food was good, room service was excellent as was the staff who were very welcoming and the entertainment was fantastic!!.

We loved every moment of our holiday and we would go back tomorrow. we have had holidays around the world,and we found cuba absolutely brilliant.what a wonderful hotel where the staff want you to have a fantastic holiday and go out of their way to make it happen.

We went to Havana on a 2 day trip and while we enjoyed it, its all a bit of a rush but well worth doing. We went to see the dolphin show and ended up swimming with them. what a fantastic day,never to be forgotten.

The beaches are simply great well looked after and clean with plenty of beds and the water is crystal clear and warm and you can walk out in to the water on gentle sloping beaches.

The hotel is modern, very clean with great staff who always have a smile on their face. The pools are always clean and the pool bar is open at 7am every morning!The nonly moan Ive got about the hotel, the lifts take forever and are used by the staff to take luggage up and down as they is no service lifts,but thats my opinion and Im a grumpy old man so Im told.

I reccomend taking the red tourist buses that run along the front,it cost 5 pesos and you can ride them all day,plus there open topped and you get some great views,and another plus is they run all the way from one end of the pennisula to the other. we took £1500 with us and changed money as we needed it at the hotel we came back with £600 so we spent £900 but this included paying for all the tours and eating out a few nights.

If you do decide to visit cuba,you cannot go wrong staying at this hotel and we wish you a super holiday.

Paul & Chrissy

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: excellent hotel super staff
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"My Husband and I booked Cuba for our Honeymoon and was told Blau was a good hotel, boy did they get it right. We loved this place. Every day we would spend at the pool or beach we used all the sports stuff I was out on the catermaran (spelling?) every day and we ate at the outside resturant, I loved the ice cream.

The Evening started in the piano bar where we had table service and the live music was so relaxing, we would then go to dinner huge choice of food and drink, the musicians are amazing and will play anything you want one time they played sweet child of mine for my husband very funny.

Get a sea view it is amazing and will really make you holiday.

Loads of jelly fish were washed up on the sea one day and they had them all cleared within an hour, also the special resturants are great we got a bottle of bubbly as it was our honeymoon everything was perfect.

The Entertainment was interesting not my cup of tea but couldn't fault it. Don't miss the water Ballet it is brill.

Room very clean and service great, saving my pennies to go ago.

You will have a great time just relax and let Cuban life take over.

I would also recommend the open bus tour just at the bottom of the road from hotel, its a great way to see Varadero.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Holiday Place
  • Advice: Cuba is a magical place Havana is a must and chilling by the pool with the views was amazing.

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7 / 10
Nice holiday but.....

"Just got back from the Blau Varadero and I would love to tell you that everything was fantastic with it I can't, it definately isn't a 4 star hotel:-

The rooms are cleaned every day although they don't change the sheets on the bed for 7 days unless you leave a card on the bed asking them to change them!! but the rooms really are quite basic inside, yes they have a hair dryer in the bathroom (which is just one of those tubes that blows out hot air) it wouldn't even clear the steam off the mirror, oh and there is a bidet!! but the rooms all need re-decorating and the wooden furniture should be renewed,the edges of the cupboard that held the television were all broken and drag your clothes if you forgot about it!! - yep I did!!

The hotel food is basic and with it being a poor country you shouldn't really expect too much but when you are picking food in the hope that none of the resident flies have been on it it starts to make you feel quite ill.

Most of the staff are helpful and even more so when you tip them, expect to wait if you haven't tipped, the trouble is they change shifts and places they work in, so you are forever tipping if you want to get decent service.

My next point is that the rooms have a complimentary safe - USE IT for everything. I took extra tablets with me for my blood pressure and other health problems that I have and left them on the unit in the room, yes you can guess what I am going to say next, half of my blood pressure tablets went missing. I didn't report it to our rep because I started doubting myself as to whether I had taken extra with me, so I had to wait until I got home to confirm what I knew.( I only took extra because of the stories of people getting stranded because of the ash cloud, so I wanted to be prepared). After that I started leaving my tablets in the safe.

We were also told from other people staying in the hotel to check the amount of currency you were given when changing money at reception, a few people had been short changed as the girl who did it always failed to give them their receipt, so make sure you get your receipt and double check the amount you receive before leaving the reception desk.

We went to Havanah for a day, what an experience for good and bad reasons it really opens your eyes as to how poor the people are there and you experience the amount of begging that goes on - if you go on an organised tour expect to get hassled for money where ever you stop or go into, even one of the museums, some of the women who work in them act as if they are befriending you and try and get you to hand over money to them - just be very wary of every one, which is a shame as we did meet some lovely genuine people.

The Airport is another place to get robbed and I mean robbed - I put my hand luggage through the x-ray machine as you have to, and was then asked my one of the ladies who does it to open my bag as it had to get checked - she took everything out after having a good feel around with her hands and then put my things back including my purse and told me it had to go through the x-ray again as I had left a pair of tweezers in my bag. She gave my bag to a lady who was sitting behind her but who was slightly behind a wall so I couldn't see what was going on but my bag came back out and then she started saying that she needed my passport and then said she would speak to the man she had called over to see if I could just go through, I did feel very worried and all over a pair of tweezers. Anyway after talking behind her hands to him she gave me my bag back and told me not to open it while in the airport in case anyone else saw the tweezers - I thanked her and went on to the lounge where we had a few drinks and kept my bag firmly shut, but when we got on the plane it was as if someone had switched a light on in my head, I just sat up straight and said to my husband, oh no, did that woman put my purse back in my bag, even if she hadn't we were now up in the air, .... phew my purse was there but £20 had gone out of the back of it!! so please don't be nieve like me, be very wary of everybody even if they try to befriend you.


  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Wouldn't Recommend
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
The Best

"This hotel is beautiful, the staff are great, house keeping was excellent. We took the trip to Havana and stay in 5* hotel and the Tropicana Cabaret night was brilliant, highly recommended. Went into Varadero a couple of nights and had a meal and met a few Cuban locals which were really friendly. We travelled with Thomas Cook and couldn't fault any of the holiday. The guys on the beach brush all the sand off your sun lounger but politely we just tipped them 1 cuban peso but you really don't have to, its just a extra for them.

All inclusive drinks include basically anything from Champagne, wine, cocktails, bacardi etc.... Once the bar closes, the beach party start. Top up on your Mosquito repellant as there are quite a few especially if there has been a rain fall...only had 1 in the two weeks we stayed..Would definitely recommend and go back

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Absolutely beautiful
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Definitely recommended

"We gave the Blau a tough test. My partner has spent years in hotel management and on arrival we were both thoroughly fed up with our treatment at the hands of First Choice so not the ideal guests but the stay was outstanding.

We found friendly staff, no problems with the food and drink, overall a very impressive package even if some of the other guests (particularly the numerous Russians) clearly didn't appreciate what they were getting.

We docked the Blau one point for noisy evening entertainment, it didn't go on very late but was deafening close up and audible throughout the building.

We plan to go back to Cuba, partly to see more of Havana and also to do more diving, but for practical purposes our plans rule out the Blau, something we both regret. We are certainly happy to recommend the hotel to anyone who wants to visit Cuba.

However, one thing for certain is we will not use First Choice again, while their Cuban reps were fine their UK customer service is a disgrace.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
The hotel as you arrive is impressive...

"The hotel as you arrive is impressive to say the least, and stands out a mile on the strip of hotels the 'Blau' is situated on.

When you get into the lobby to check in you are really taken aback by the stunning interior! Glass dome lifts and Ivy leaves that fall from every floor.

We requested at booking stage, Ocean view and king size bed. We got BOTH!!! (Thank-you First Choice!!!) It was not only Ocean was Pool view, Garden view and Ocean view! Absolutely stunning! Words cannot explain! It’s something you need to see for yourself.

Food is great and the choice is plentiful.

Breakfast: Omelette, cereals, smoothies and full English is just a small selection of what was to offer.

Lunch: Served in the grill (pool side) Pizza, hotdogs, burgers, pasta, fish, chips, salad and rice, with ice cream to cool you down before sunbathing in the blazing sun.

Dinner: With different types of rice, potatoes, vegetables and freshly cooked meats prepared by the chefs in front of your eyes so you know its really fresh (turkey, duck, lamb, beef, fish, shrimp, mussels, squid, pork etc...) you wont go hungry! And are truly spoilt!

Desserts cater for everyone as well, from cakes to biscuits to ice - cream.

The pool is probably the best pool I have been in. It is not too deep at only 1.32 metres at its biggest depth but is huge in width. Also boasts an outdoor Jacuzzi which is just lovely to relax in! All in all a gorgeous pool.

There is also an all inclusive spa (Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room) which is perfect! Not many people know about it either so is usually quiet.

The beach is everything a Caribbean beach is thought of! Palm trees, white sands blue/clear sea. Breathtaking!!!!!!!!!! With plenty of sun beds, shade and aqua activities. It is a beach experience to remember.

The staff are so helpful, and all speak enough English to hold a conversation. The Inside Bar is impressive and the staff work so hard to maintain a friendly and clean atmosphere. Every tip given was well deserved.

Our maid (Dolores) was soooo nice and would always leave a little note saying ''enjoy your holiday''. Just another little perfect touch that makes 'Blau' an awesome place to stay. My nighty would be made part of the design Dolores would make with our towels every day.

Day trips are a must, highly recommend the dolphin delight, Havana and the Cayo Blanco seafari trip too!

One word of WARNING though. Take plenty of mosquito repellent and after bite lotion! They are out in force. At one point I had 21 on one leg. I was lucky as they come out smaller than a spot but they itch like mad. My partner had 7 on his head, 6 on each elbow, 3 on is back, 2 on his thighs and a few more here, there and everywhere, which were the size of a 5pence piece.

I cried when we had to leave. We both can’t wait to book again which will hopefully be next November/December time! My all time favourite hotel and holiday!


  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
this was my first time in...


this was my first time in cuba i also had mixed feeling, but when i got to the hotel and enter the lobby, i was amazed. the hotel was brilliant, staff were helpfull and so friendly, star rating five and would go again. oh i forgot we are in two years time haha

i must say the havana over night is a must and also the katamarang day is all so a must

we had a good day. and once again, the crew were marvellous.

so as i said will be going again to try the other tours.

foot note the entertainment at the hotel kept you happy so i recommend that you go there. what ever the occation

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
Our first time in Cuba and went to...

"Our first time in Cuba and went to the Blau on the recommendation of a friend who also came. Was not disappointed. The hotel made the holiday. From the friendly staff to the great food (though I was gagging for a Big Mac at the end of the Holiday). The hotel is beautiful inside and out and is very clean. Loved the cocktail bar at night and the kids stocked up on strawberry milkshakes all day. All in all very highly recommended whether its your 1st time or your 100th time in Cuba"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Full Board, booked with Direct Holidays

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9 / 10
Hotel was amazing and the staff...

"Hotel was amazing and the staff really friendly - especially the entertainment team from the towel hut. The buffet food was ok but as expected for Cuba however the restaurants were great! I became ill in the second week but not sure whether it was food poisoning or due to the change of climate, food etc.

Overall very chuffed with the place and Cuba is absolutely beautiful! So much so we are thinking of booking to go back next Christmas!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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3 / 10
Had two weeks at the Blau and would...

"Had two weeks at the Blau and would definitely not go back - not just to the Blau but also Cuba.

We had an enjoyable time but it certainly does not compare to the Casa Del Mar in the Dominican Republic which was superb.

We got to the hotel at around 9.45pm after an all day trip to get there. We checked in and waited in for our luggage to be delivered to our room. We were given no information at all about the hotel facilities nor was there any information in our room. Once the luggage was delivered and we'd changed, we discovered the restaurant had closed and as we'd had a very long journey we were hungry. Neither the reception staff nor the restaurant staff could tell us how to get to the beach bar (I only knew of the bar after reading the reviews on this site before I booked the hotel). We walked around outside but there were no signs for the beach. We then bumped into to an Irish couple who'd been on our flight who were also looking for the beach bar. We eventually found it and had some food.

The next day was spent getting to know where everything was as we received no information. I asked at reception and they said they'd run out of the information packs!

The beach was amazing, lots of sunloungers and plenty of shade for those who want it. The beach bar was not particularly great; it always smelt of rotten meat. However, it was quite handy if you wanted something to eat after the restaurant closed.

The pool area was nice but the pool itself was freezing. We only ventured in there once.

The food was ok but very disappointing for a 4 star hotel. We discovered quite early on that food that was not eaten in the evening (i.e. sprouts, spring rolls and even carrots) was put back out in the morning for breakfast and vice versa!

Some staff were really quite rude especially on the bar by the entertainment room. During the afternoon my Husband and I would play cards at one of the tables and we would have such a long wait at the bar to be served by one of the two miserable women.

However, the bar staff by the piano in the evening were brilliant and we wouldn't even have to leave our seats to get another drink, they would keep bringing over more.

The cleanliness was not very good. The toilets by the pool are disgusting, they always have a cleaner's trolley outside but no one ever seems to clean it - never walk in there without shoes. Also, do not use the lobby toilets before 9am as they do not get cleaned after 5pm the night before and they are in a terrible state by the morning, so much so that my Husband would go back to our room rather than use them.

The excursions are really good value for money. We went on a day trip to Havana (via the tourist guide in the hotel as we could go to the cigar factory whereas with Thomas Cook you had to go on the two day trip) which was great - the tour guide was brilliant. We also went on the speed boat adventure and deep sea fishing which was fun.

The main reason I wouldn't go back to Cuba is the tipping. It's ridiculous; everybody expects a tip for doing nothing. In Dominican Republic nobody was tipping and no one expected it and they are far poorer than Cubans. Most of the staff only pretend to be friendly and are constantly muttering things to each other in Spanish about the tourists (some other tourists we met on the deep sea fishing trip spoke Spanish so could understand what they were saying). Everything is such an effort, especially true with the reception staff - they were terrible.

I purchased an internet card but it didn't work. It took me several attempts for them to sort me out with another one. I made them aware that it didn't work in the evening; they told me the woman who looks after the internet is in at 9am the next morning. I went back to the desk at 9 and they tell me her bus gets in at 9 but then she has to have breakfast so won't start till 9.20! Eventually she turns up and gives me a new card - why on earth did I have to wait for her to do it?

The actual hotel is pretty amazing to look at and is very modern but unfortunately that is not enough. The hotel was very quiet in our first week and the service was ok, the second week was extremely busy and the service was non-existent. I ordered a sprite from 3 different waiters during one lunchtime but not 1 arrived.

As I previously said, I would not go back to Cuba but I'm glad I went to Havana and the cigar factory which was a real highlight. I definitely do not recommend this resort.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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