Holiday Village Turkey Sarigerme

Sarigerme, Sarigerme, Turkey
7.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Amazing. Too many stuck up reviews

"This place is awesome. A review above claimed there's too many people with tattoos hahaha what so people with tattoos aren't allowed to holiday? Too many stuck up people in this world. The food is awesome the selection is amazing. The staff are lovely the guests are lovely. Id recommend this place to everybody :-) unless you're a stuck up snob!"

  • Holiday details: May 2016, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
i loved every second and have now been 3 times

"So this hotel has had a lot of bad things said about it I would just like to say what a lovely hotel it is because for first the hotel rooms are very clean. about the food is amazing they have a big range of different food for anyone their like for breakfast, dinner they have a special part for kids to go to get there and get what they wont and if there is nothing their they can go to the main part and look their because they will have something that you like. also, with the pools they are very nice and kept very clean and the staff keep the pool sides clean and take dirty cup from you and what are laying around all day long so they try and keep the place very clean. the weather is amazing and very hot and the pool is just the right temperature to cool you down after laying in the what I would like to say that this hotel is one of the best hotels I've ever been to so if anyone is thinking of going there I think you should because it is one of the best holiday villages I've been to and I don't think anything could change my mind even reading what other people have said. Also,I'm going again this year."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
Dreadful mistake

"We are still in the so called Sarigerme Holiday Village but really wish we weren't . Miles away from anywhere, far too big, lousy food buffet style in a cattle market, disgusting, swimming pools to give you hypothermia, obviously never heard of heating. It has not stopped raining, not the hotels fault, but nothing to do when it goes so. We didn't get the rooms we asked for on booking this ie adjoining as I was with my daughter son in law and two small children, they were next door to each other. BUT last night the bedroom ceiling in one room started leaking, we reported it and we're told we would be given a room change. Yippee but just one room in another block and I would be left in the room I was in., we complained and said it was not acceptable and we should be given the adjoining rooms which they had but we're allocating it to people who had just arrived . We have been offered rooms separated by a cleaning cupboard and this is all they can suggest. Last night my son in law spent the night in one of the old rooms whist the rest of us were in another room. As it is again pouring we are trapped either in the bedroom or in the reception area which is packed and noisy. This dreadful place was recommended to us at a first choice travel agent and I wonder whether they were just trying to push it on us , we booked early and should have been given the accommodation we wanted , and probably we should have read the dreadful reports of this place, well deserved I might add. I have been to one other family choice holiday in Minorca and also Crystal Parc in playa de ls America , both excellent although crystal Parc was not a family holiday village it was excellent in every way. Would I come back here, never in a million years neither would I visit Turkey again. I shall also avoid anything that says holiday village

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  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Pull it down

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8 / 10
Not the best

"We arrived 14/7. Transfer around 20mins. It's a big, big place. The room consisted of bathroom, 2 bedrooms with sliding door separating the 2 rooms. Food wasn't great by any standards. Despite the other 3 restaurants. Waited in the Italian for around 40mins. Our table was left with dirty glasses the whole time. Was happy to serve them but not to clear them away. We eventually walked out. The main restaurant was like a cattle market. Instead of clearing old food away, they simply topped it up with 'warm' fresh food. The hotel staff work so hard. Heard some other English holidaymakers speak to them like dirt and staff were told to eff off. We ate out quite often in the town. We went to the market. Bad mistake. They grabbed my children & pulled them away from me. The FC staff were friendly enough. Got a feeling they didn't all get on and this was picked up on by other h/makers. The entertainment was dreadful. Along with the whole amphitheater thing, with having not seats, just wooden slats on rows of cement, soft drinks were split all over, which then attracted the ants, wasps & Mosquito. Some English don't know when to stop drinking. Luckily one man was thrown out due to his behavior. The biggest pain was when teenagers were pooing in bags then emptying it in the pools. The slide pool was closed up to 3 times a day, every day. Maybe the Turkish lifeguard should have gotten off her Harris & her mobile to try & keep an eye on pools. The hi light was my son learned to swim at the academy on the 2nd lesson. Razzmatazz was a waste of money. A razzmatazz staff member actually lost a child whilst in their care. It's our 3rd time at a HV. Its prob our last. We pay more to hopefully be with like minded parents, who want the best holiday for their children. Not the case. Adults swore as much as the teenagers."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014
  • Advice: Prob not to go

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4 / 10
Read these facts before booking with 1st Choice Holidays

"Our family of four (children aged 11 & 5) stayed at the holiday village between 24th May and 1st June 2013.


Drinks are only included in the all inclusive package between 10am and Midnight. After 12pm you have to pay.

The North Star Bar has a notice on the bar which advises customers that they can only serve each person two drinks per order. As such if you have say six people in your group you will either have to go to the bar in threes or queue three times to get six drinks.

The drinks menu in the North Star Bar lists 62 drinks and cocktails. Out of the 62, 35 of the drinks listed are not included within the all inclusive package. e.g. An espresso coffee will set you back 2.20 euros.

Tea and coffee making facilities are not provided in your room within the all inclusive package. If you require a kettle in your room this can be obtained through reception and is charged at 2.50 euros per day.

Room service is not included within the all inclusive package - for example a cup of tea will cost you 1.50 euros or a sandwich 3.00 euros.

Ice cream is included in the all inclusive package but only between 3pm and 5pm each day. If you want an ice cream outside of these hours you can buy them from a stall (selling either Carte D'Or or Ben & Gerry's) on the site for between 5 & 7 Turkish Lira which is approximately £2.00 & £2.80 per ice cream. Please note if you pay in sterling the exchange rate you get is generally poor so you lose out here as well.

The 1st choice website advertises the water slides which are good fun. However, during our stay these were closed between 12pm and 3pm each day - possibly to compensate for the free ice cream between 3 & 5pm.

If you want fresh juice for breakfast this is also not within the all inclusive package and is charged at 2.50 euros per glass. Also popcorn for the children is available but also chargeable.

As our return flight was at 01.50 in the morning, when booking I paid for a late check out so we could get some rest before departing the hotel at 10.45pm. I was notified by the staff that I would still have to vacate the room at 6pm and if I wanted to remain in the room later that would cost me another £10 which I reluctantly paid.

There is a well run swim club for children by the pool each day. Unfortunately this will set you back £15 per half hour for a one on one session or alternatively you can pay £35 for 5 sessions.


With all inclusive packages there is obviously a balance to be struck between what is included within the package and what is not. In my opinion 1st Choice have got this balance wrong. We did enjoy the holiday despite being disappointed at 1st Choice's efforts. The staff who work incredibly hard were very friendly and helpful. Would I travel with 1st Choice again? Definitely not.

  • Holiday details: May 2013
  • Advice: Book outside tours with the stall in town - ask for Kesh - he is a lovely man and his tours are exactly the same as the 1st choice but under half the cost. Don;t be concerned, the only place you will get ripped off is in the hotel

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9 / 10
Holiday Village sarigerme

"I am sure after reading the reviews on this site you are starting to doubt your choice of holiday, i too had booked and then read the reviews from this site with horror. I holidayed with my wife and 2 kids for 2 weeks in August and found the following good things first. The a la carte meals are superb you have 3 visits to these restaurants during your stay, we had italian, turkish and asian all of which was outstanding on service and quality. the food in the buffet is good not excellent but always something you can find with different food available each day you just have to search the massive buffet stations in both sides of the restaurants, the fresh bread is very nice. the pancake lady hut is a must you have to visit her and usually the wait is around 5 minutes but well worth it. the evening entertainment is ok not world class but the auditorium is good for the kids with dancing and singing etc its a decent night for the little uns. if you want to get off your backsides and make the effort to find out the schedules of things to do then you won't run short of activities. my daughter was 14 at the time of the visit and we only found out about Escape (kids club) 3 days into the holiday after that we really didn't see her much as she made so many friends. the pub quiz at nigh-time is really good i ended up on stage dressed as a women and had such a laugh i think he was called Paul the host very funny lad and we went to the bar almost every night for the quiz. overall the rooms were clean and a good size the television doesn't have much so take a small dvd player and some films for the kids we did so no problems when we went back into the room. the beach is very quite but it is a bit of a trek, we took bottles of water down to the beach so we had no problems with drink supplies, the beach is very hot so make sure you have a decent sandal or it can be uncomfortable. the massage experience on the site was out of this world so relaxing and i loved every minute of it, however for 4 of us it was around £170.00 then they tried to get us to spend more money after the massage so if you have the extra money to spend on a treat especially for the missus then you should book this my 2 kids 14 and 6 loved it also. The drinks were not watered down i drank lager and vodka whilst i was there and had no problems in feeling tipsy after a few, all in all this holiday is what you make it sure it is not perfect but you can make the holiday into a great relaxing break but you have to have a degree of patience like all trips abroad. now for a couple of not so good bits. The sunbed issue is disappointing you have to get up around 07:30 to get a good spot next to the pool past 08:00 am you will be in a walkway somewhere most days. To counter this i put towels on the private pools on my way to the big pools and if i got a good spot at the big pools i would remove the towels from the private pools. the glasses for drinks are not to big so i bought glasses from sarigerme and i used those when i went to the bars to top up they had no problems with this. the shops are very expensive save 50% of your cash and go into sarigerme its around 10 minutes on a little minibus. another point is not to book any tours from the hotel go to sarigerme and book with Basket travel and defiantly do the turtle beach trip OMG superb day on a boat and seeing the turtles amazing, the beach at the end of the trip was amazing. the 12 island boat trip is also an experience i will never forget simply amazing and reasonably priced. Defiantly do the trips from sarigerme they will make your holiday and it will break up the mundane sitting by the pool drinking and eating complaining about something or other. so all in all this holiday can be everything you want it to be but it will not be handed to you on a plate you have to organise trips and activities on the first couple of days to make your experience but it is well worth the effort. i hope you enjoy your holiday as much as we did we are returning next year to sarigerme but we are going to try the Hilton next door i believe it is another level up from the holiday village but it is also a stepped difference in price. Russell"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012
  • Advice: Take cash for the trips
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10

"i have just returned from the hv with my partner and two daughters aged 13 and 7. we were welcomed by friendly staff and our cases were taken to our rooms, the rooms are very clean and the cleaners were fab and friendly always full of busy. we found the pools very clean only problem was the sunbeds if you have young children like us you need to reserve a bed early to be near shallow water of the pool. the kids clubs were amazing my 7 year old loved it the staff were very friendly with a good variety of activities going on everyday till sometimes 10 at night. the i5live crew were great fun teaching the kids dances and songs my little one was well happy. we found the food great there was lots of choice even had a kids buffet serving burgers, pizzas, chips etc i would highly recommend the italian restaurant which you can visit once during your stay the waiters were very friendly."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: reserve a sunbed early !!!
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
butlins in the sun

"+Arrived and immediately noticed the tattoos covering nearly all guests including the women, most looked like they had escaped from a prison the night before.

The food was terrible, actually lost weight whilst there. If you like bacon and sausages for breakfast then you had better take your own as they are not served. You can have an omelet but be prepared to join a 15-minute queue as only 1 person cooks.

The lunch and evening meals were terrible, always the same school diner type muck, goulash with different meats was the main dish.

The noise in the canteen was excessive, reminded me of a building site canteen.

The a la carte restaurants were slightly better (3 visit allowance), however portion size was very small.

The drinks were all watered down and flat and served in plastic beakers.

Ice cream was only free between 3pm and 5pm, be prepared to join another long queue.

The entertainment was minimal; a camp guy talking about fisting was a particular highlight, even though kids were listening.

The rooms were very basic, tv kept freezing and unless you enjoy watching football there was nothing else to watch.

The beds were rock hard and the pillow were like a balloon.

The beach was dirty and a long way from the bar, no waiter service to fetch drinks.

The shop keepers in the hotel leer at wives, daughters and you can tell that they are discussing what they would like to do to the women as they walk past.

First holiday I can remember when it was a count down to go home, ticking each day off as if it was a task to endure.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: dont go

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9 / 10
Excellent, again.!

"Just returned from the HV in Turkey (with partner and 13 year old daughter) and, contrary to a lot of negative reviews, i could not fault it.The issues with the holiday, as i have found previously, were not of First Choice or the Hotel's making but the holiday makers themselves.The hotel was very clean, the rooms cleaned every day( apart from Sunday, i think).The staff were very helpful and friendly, which unfortunately was very rarely reciprocated by people.The food was good, with a good choice every day. Yes, there were chips,onion rings, bolgneses sauce etc.. every day but that is what a lot of tourists want unfortunately. The decent food was very good.The entertainment,. although not always my kind of thing, was good and the First Choice Entertainment Team were very good and very friendly.Always got a sun bed at varying times of the day( as late as 09.00 a couple of times). Admittedly not always by the pool edge, but nothing is very far away so i can't see an issue with that.The main pool area was closed once, quite late in the day, due to a child having an accident, but again that is not the hotel's fault.Due to the location of the hotel, there is not much to do uunless you go on a few trips( which are excellent), and Sarigerme town is a 20 minute walk away or 10 Lira in a cab.It is worth a visit.So, for the second time at HV Turkey, a great holiday."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with First Choice

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1 / 10
Holiday Village Rip off

"Have just returned from a 2 week holiday from this place and after day 3 wanted to come home. If you are looking for a Blackpool Holiday at an expensive price then this is the holiday for you.

A Family we travelled with had visited the hotel in 2010 and were so impressed they returned with us for 2011, but in 2010 the hotel was much larger and they realised the hotel has been seperated and made into 2 resorts (Pegisus Palace and Tropical Hotel) and you cannot enter either side depending on which hotel you are staying in.

Outside - very clean but expect to be up at 6am to grab a sun lounger and then sit on it until 8am to prevent staff from spraying the towels with water and throwing them against a wall hence losing your sun lounger. The other option is the private beach which is great but the sand was so hot it was like walking on volcanic ash and melted flip flops. Also a bit of a treck to the bar to get drinks. Also Staff outside are not managed so in the bar and food areas they were quite rude and lazy. They were openly sniggering and often leering at holidaymakers making comments in their own launguage. On a few occasions the children in our party went to the bar for soft drinks to be told they had to pay for the drinks and not given any. When parents questioned this they were told they were lying.

Hotel rooms - We booked a family room which was clean but very basic. The double bed was a pull out sofa bed and one side of it was all sunken and lumpy with the other side hard as nails. No drawers in room meant living out of the suitcase all holiday as very few coat hangers in the wardrobe. Constant power cuts and no signal on tv after 6pm.

Food and Drink - This has got to be the worst food and drink ever encountered on a holiday compare the food to a 1980's motorway cafe. Don't expect any seafood, beef or lamb. Its all chicken and veal wraps. The vegetables are served for breakfast the next day. The food is either under cooked or re-heated 3 times, full of salt, rubbery, dry. The a la carte restuarants were ok I reccomend the Turkish and Asian but the Italian was dreadful. All Alchoholic drinks and soft drinks have been watered down with tonic water so lots of fizz but no taste. If you want to get tipsy I reccomend Dolphon bar and restuarant which wasr very cheap in the town centre.

On the plus side i reccomend booking lots of trips, we booked 4 trips in total but do not use First Choice as these are 150% expensive for the same trip with the same company. In the town centre there is a travel company called Basket Travel who are fantastic, their trips and staff made our holiday!! You pay for the trips at the end of the day as they have a policy if you dont enjoy the trip you dont pay for it!! You can find them on the web and even on facebook.

To finish this off weather, pool and trips made our holiday the rest was rubbish, tomorrow I will be phoning first choice to ask them why they are ripping people off and will never use them again.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Book all trips with Basket Travel in Sarigerme
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
not great for teenagers

"just returned from a two week stay at the hv well what can i say, looks wise first class really picturesque lovely and clean well kept etc rooms very spacious with a seperate bedroom for tha adults maids were in daily to clean and change bedding and towels. the food was excellent im a very fussy eater and always found plenty of choice even after two weeks i still found something tasty althought the ala cartes were a very big let down id much rather have eat downstairs!! my biggest disapointment came in the entertainment side of it very boring for adults and as we had two teenagers aged 15 and 14 we stayed out of the ampytheatre as that was aimed at youngsters. strawberry dan is the only adult entertainment there hes quite entertaining but after two weeks of him youre ready for something else went to bed everynight with choco latta song in my head or failing that the please bring your pens right back song... these holiday villages are aimed at young kids id say up to 11 teens theres nothing for teens!!! i signed my son up for football (very expensive) shouldnt have to pay in my opinion if your all inclusive he went for one session as they were all little ones they definatly need more for teens and adult entertainment awful.. if you do a trip go to basket tours excellent and half price of first choice finally DO NOT buy from pandora shop i bought my daughter a charm for her bracelet got it home it doesnt fit so totally fake (altho they look genuine enough) wouldnt go to another holiday village vastly over priced poor entertainment and getting up at 6am to get a sun bed really isnt what i would consider a good thing on holiday.. also if you get bored on complex which you will theres very little outside a small town/street of shops."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"i had the time of my life at this hotel. the food was great and the pools were extremely exiting for th kids, the staff were very friendly and did not expect tips.people expet all inclusive holidays forthe food to be horrible. but frankly, the food was awsome and we didnt have to eat out once. my children were gutted when we had to go back. i would hassle the people in the shops so you can get a good price for goods also. there are a massive range of sports too! my children absolutly loved the archery and raft building! the pools were also absolutly huge with waterslides (which were open all day) there was food available all day inluding ookies and ice cream. the entertainment was great. there was bingo, caberet dancing, acts, stage spetaculars and alot of childrens entertainement. it is 2km away from Sarigerme. this was an absolutly fantastic holiday and i would definatly go back! the first choice staff were brill too."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by JunNev

    " The mud baths and boat trip were great fun "

  • by kati mackem

    " A boat & diving trip with the Sagrigerme Diving Centre, by far the best going! "

  • by debbie1234

    " beach turtles at night all reasturants in village fantastic "

  • by jessica brown

    " jeep safari "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " You have to see Sarigerme Public Beach "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Parasailing on beach was excellent and great way to get bird's eye view of the area. "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Good family holiday, affordable shopping and excursions "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " Not the best beach but make time to engage with the locals as this will enrich your experience. "

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