Holiday Village Turkey Sarigerme

Sarigerme, Sarigerme, Turkey
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1 / 10
very very bad holiday

"were do i start we looked at this holiday after having it recommended by my local travel agent who had been there last year there was me my partner and 3 year old daught who went all inclusive we looked at the bad /good reviews. we didnt take any notice of the bad reviews as we thought the good made up for the bad WHAT A BIG MISTAKE departed luton on the 30th after having the flight delayed from 4pm to 8pm ( had been at the aitport since 10.30 am) no comp for food drink very rude thompsom agents. after arriving in turkey at 3:30am 1st july we get told that are all inclusive had stoped as of 12 pm (no food and drink) and told if we wonted food drink we had to order room service and pay for it ( was not an option as had no money as we had paid £1400 for all inclusive and didnt think we would need money) well my 3 year old had to go to bed crying as she was hungry .We had a family room which was very nice cleaned/ bed changed daily to high standard after looking around resort thought we had hit the jackpot all entainment looked really good well happy soon brought down to earth when we were told by staff we had to pay for these (Activities such as archery, aeroball - a combination of trampolining and basketball, Raft-building, Canoeing, Minigolf, Climbing and Highropes off-ground activities, 4 tennis courts - floodlighting and equipment, Ten-pin bowling cost a bomb we ended up having to with draw cash from a atm with in a week we had gone though £800. All that you can do as part of the allinclusive with out been charged is lay by the pool which we did all week very boaring the resort is in the middle of no where no where to walk to.the shops on site are very very expensive cost £10 for a bag of haribo and a bag of crisps after 3 day of being there by daughter fell over in cat poo which was where they serve the food buffet (not impressed) when we where sitting eating breakfast we see staff eating food while serving to guests and one worker even stood behind counter picking his nose then started touching pancakes reading for quests to eat by then we had had enought and left we were also told shrek and others where there for quest to meet and greet what aload of rubbish we went every night at 7-8 as told by staff so my daughter could see as she is shreek mad and not once did they come out it came to the departure day 7th july at 7.30 we were ment to be on the coach at 7.45 to leave for airport well the Characters came out at 7.40 so my daughter had a very very quick 5 minutes to see them my partner was very ill with food poisoning the drink is well and truely watered down i was drink beer from 10am till 10pm and did not fell any affect of alcohol if i was you i would think twice before going to the resort i cant see why there are good reviews on this place people must think paying allinclusive then haveing to pay extra is normal we have made a complaint to tradeing standards and well as the travel agent"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: by not going full stop

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5 / 10
holiday village june 2011

"we have just returned from turkey such a lovely place to go on holiday but i would'nt go back to the holiday village.

Our room (number 4030) was nice but was so nosey after midnight with people arriving, cleaning trolley going passed walls are so thin you can hear people talking quitly, was a nightmare, had hardly any sleep.

the sun lougers were few and far between, unless we got up at 3oclock every morn to put towel out!

the people were very nice and friendly. very hot out their 35! we took 50plus sun cream for our 3 children and the still burnt slightly so be careful.

the beach was a disappointment sand so hot we could'nt walk on it but was windy blowing the sand in our eyes but very quite if you need some chill time.was over all a good holiday and will defenatly go back to turkey in the future. the food was good loads of choice, bottled water avalible all over the complex. the rooms were very clean. the best thing was the pancake house never tasted pancakes like it but some time the que can be half hour long! but well worth it.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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10 / 10
Holiday village tropical side

"Have just returned from our fantastic holiday and would totally recommend to anyone. The hotel was amazing, totally clean and staff really friendly and welcoming. I had read some reviews before going and had my reservations but was put at ease almost straight away. Pools were stunning and both my children ( 8 and 12) were in at least one every day, except for one day when some little idiot of a teenager thought it would be funny to go to the loo in the main pool!!!!! And we not talking a wee here, the pool was closed with immediate effect and we were told it would not open for a few hours. Which I thought was good as no one enjoys being ill on holiday and I liked the fact they were being very cautious with it. Also they found the person who did the deed and he and his family kicked out. Rooms very clean and roomy, even being outside of the amphitheater once we closed our doors we could not hear a thing. We did find the shops on site pricey but it's a stone throw away from town so if you wanted to get certain things cheaper you could. Food amazing and as my family are fussy there was never a problem with finding something, the entertainment staff were also fantastic and I would like to say Adam made my daughters holiday,, the guy was brilliant very funny and very entertaining, to be fair all the staff work very hard and really did make our holiday. We would go back tomorrow and will most definitely be booking again next year... Just to clarify there are two hotels they were one but have now been made into two, from what I could gather the other side is not as good as tropical by far.."

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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9 / 10
Excellent family holiday

"We returned last wk from the holiday village. We were a party of 4 adults and 3 children ( 11mths, 2 and 7). We really wish we hadn't read any of these reviews before we went because it made us very apprehensive but we shouldn't have worried. This is the best all inclusive we have been on and we try and go somewhere different every year and never go less than 4*. The choice of food was brilliant even my husband was impressed and he's a fussy bugger. Snacks were available almost 24/7 and not just limited to the restaurant.

The hotel was spotless and spillages were cleaned up practically before they hit the floor.

We stayed in a jacuzzi suite which was quite spacious. Our son went to the football academy which he thoroughly enjoyed. The coaches Donna and Katie were brilliant with the kids. He also spent alot of time at the kids club. The programme was varied and he got to try a lot of new things.

We found the hotel staff and first choice reps very helpful and friendly. The daytime entertainment was good. We didn't see much of the evening entertainment but what we did see was ok though would probably get repetitive. Some nights there was entertainment around the pool bar which didn't start until 10pm and was quite close to some of the rooms from a noise point of view.

None of our party suffered with ear infections or diarrhoea. There was only one pool closure during our 2 wk stay and that was due to a child being sick in there.

Sarigerme town is small but worth a visit - make sure you haggle. The onsite shops are good but you can get everything in the town for slightly less. Most UK brands are available I.e. Pampers, Huggies. Don't hire a kettle from the hotel they want silly money we bought a travel kettle in the town for around £3.

The only gripe we had were the sun beds, to get a bed around the shallow end of the main pool you will need to have your towels ready at 6:30am! With very young children it's the only place you can enter a pool without a drop/ledge.

The beach at the complex is ok but nothing special, there is one through the town that is more child friendly but you have to pay around £1 for entry (in Turkish Lira only) and the facilities around the beach aren't great. This is the only place that didn't accept Sterling but be mindful of the rates when you are using sterling as change is often given in Lira and they can be crafty.

The second week of our stay it was getting busier and the peak times in the restaurant could be hectic so not sure what the height of summer would be like.

Basket tours in the town are much cheaper for excursions.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Turkey and would certainly recommend this hotel to those with children. We would have no hesitation in booking this hotel again.

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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3 / 10
horrible horrible cheap and nasty

"never wrote a review

but feel i had to try and save at least one person some heartache/ time/ money

just got back home after 11 days [thank god]

2 children with ear infections

2 adults still with the runs

dirty horrible place

not even a 3 star

please please dont go there [especially if you dont like the turkish hotel workers leering at your wife and teenage girls]

and asking them to go for drinks with them?

dont waste your money on this glorified butlins

ps everythings fake including the cigarettes and tobacco

Room Tip: go some where else

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: go some where else honestly?

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10 / 10
Absolutely Fantastic

"Where do I start! If you are looking for a family holiday in Turkey then look no further. Having seen bad reviews for the HV in the past, I was somewhat sceptical about going, but I needn't have worried. What a fantastic hotel, clean ( to the point of being almost too clean, with people cleaning around your feet as you sat/lay/enjoyed ), great food, lovely polite staff, nice location, reps who cared about you and simply awesome pools. We went with our 7 yr old son, and he was simply devastated when we had to leave. Will certainly be going back, and will probably book last minute. below are a few things that I saw/would recommend.

1: Aircon in blocks 1,2 and 4 were controlled centrally and appeared not to be working when we went first week of May. We complained and we got upgraded to a Jacuzzi Suite with individually controlled A/C FOC.

2: Book excursions with Basket Travel in Sarigerme, much cheaper than the ones from the reps.

3: Hotel is now just the 'Palace' side of the complex, so you can't use the 'tropical' sides facilities (not really an issue)

4: Make sure you goto see the pancake lady, anyone who has been before will know what I mean.!

5: Ask for apacked lunch before you leave as prices at Dalaman airport are ridiculous.

6: Food now checked with temperature probes, pools tested with kits, all staff wear gloves whether cleaning or serving food. No-one we spoke to became ill whilst there.

7: Make sure you haggle when buying in the shops at the hotel.

8: Make sure you have a FAB time. We did.

Jamie and family

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Best holiday we ever had ...::))))

"Just returned from a fantastic holiday at the Holiday Village Sarigerme. ıt was certainly a great choice as we were a large familly of 4 adult and 6 children cos hotel was set as a familly hotel with lots of activities making the kids busy all day long...

Hotel was spotless, all staff and reps ware great, always on hand. We had the Jacuzzi room with a great wiev of a huge pool. On sunday we had a walk to sarigerme village for shopping in the turkish market and it was a great value for money also we could find all we look for.

We booked three trips throught BASKET TOURS cos they had been highly recommended by the other families staying in the hotel. They charge nearly half for trips than the First Choise and they dont waste your time in the shopping centres. they do just tours and their best to make sure that you spent good time on the tours.

We went on mud bath, jeep safari and 12 island boat trip with BASKET TOURS. and all in all they were fabulous and good value for money. Find them just at the entrance of the sarigerme village and let them make your holday ::)))

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: mud bath, jeep safari and 12 island boat trip
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Family Holiday

"Just returned from a weeks holiday with a family of nine people ( 3 kids). Before we went to Turkey this hotel was in the press with stomach bugs etc. So we were very worried. On arrival spoke to Rep who said they where not aware of any problems.

The hotel was brillant very clean, the food was excellent and a massive choice. The staff friendly and as a large group we had a really good time.

The Entertainment for Kids and Adults was also of a very high standard.

My only complaint was people where placing towels around the pool very very early in the morning and then not coming out until much later in the day.

The 17 pools where perfect clean and well maintained.

A great holiday will go again.

The Barton's

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: The beach is stoney , the rest is great

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9 / 10
excellent place for familes

"Wright family

just returned from 2 weeks at the holiday village. this is the 3rd time we have been. hotel very clean and food excellent. Kids had great time. So relaxing. Whilst we were there we never heard of anyone being sick. the only time people would probably be ill, is when they have overeaten, as people were at the snack bar eating bugrers and chips at 11 and also adults dring alcohol very earyl in the day. The place was spotless, pools clean and things were tided away very quick. staff very polite and helpful.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, Breakfast Included, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: excellent place for familes

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9 / 10
Quite Good.

"Hi All,

Ive Been to this resort twice now,

i got to say the first time was better but still it was really good !

i didnt see one person ill,

there was a panic about having ear infections and that the food was undercooked.


the food was brill except for a couple of nights all i ate was pasta and rice and chips but apart from that the hotel is amazing, an that the place was spotless and overall beautifull.

the reps for the kids clubs and stuff was really good,

plenty of activities for the kids,

an the entertainment is decent.

Shame that people get drunk and leave their kids going wild, but thats the only down side that people can get wasted and they dont care,

but overall great holiday. !!!

ive recommended it and would go back for a third time.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Its Excellent.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
great holiday

"a really enjoyable holiday,only two downfalls....we got sick of the massage people from the wellness centre bugging us for more massages that were £70 a time.and also the night entertainment,amanda and mike aka-sass and brass were very repetetive,simon cowell would have ripped them to pieces without a doubt,they sang mustang sally and abba every nite,ok to start with but after two weeks i could of shoved the micophone up amandas ****.i couldnt work out which was the worst....her songs or her clothes!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: great family resort

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10 / 10
tropical side

"Great holiday ,entertainment fantastic what are great was out of this world and so were the staff.Only problem was some of the holidaymakers who were pigs and just read signs about not eating around pool and not taking a bit of care with there children.will book again....."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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