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Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship

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7 / 10
Considering that this was a last...

"Considering that this was a last minute idea and that we prefer the more intimate ships this was a pleasant surprise.

There is endless entertainment to wile the sea days away and it is at these times that it's best to find something to do cos you won't get a sun lounger! Oh no and they call our German friends for putting towels on them!!

Selfish people who don't come back for hours though maybe the staff are to blame for not enforcing the rules which are clearly situated for us to read.

The flow-rider is good watch as you get those 50 plus year olds who think they're teenagers trying to be clever but who end up making fools of themselves and those watching roll about with laughter at their expense.

There's crazy golf,rock wall, golf simulator, ice skating, kids name it and the Liberty has it in abundance.

Good food, nice staff and all in all a good quality (if a little noisy) cruise.

Oh and there are the karaoke booths where one can pick from hundreds of songs, enter the booth, and watch (and hear) yourself sing for hours. Great fun!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2007, booked with Cruise Maestro

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