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FACTUAL review...

"Just back from my trip yesterday so thought I'd write a review to give people FACTS rather than opinions.

Here goes...

Booked mini cruise (Newcastle - Amsterdam) through "Hot Deals UK" at a cost of £79.00 for 2 of us.

Our trip was Sunday - Tuesday.

Arrived at the Port around 2:30pm. We were one of the first people there and the booking office opened at 2:45pm. Booked in straight away without much waiting around.

Boarded the Ferry immediately. My case wasn't checked but my partners was. We had packed alcohol in my partners case which was seen during the check but nothing was said and we were allowed to take it on with us. I also carried on food and snacks in a carrier bag which wasn't checked. You ARE allowed to take on your own food and drinks but only to consume in your cabin.

We had a "Sea View" room which was two single bunks with a window overlooking the sea. Cabin was fairly small but had a nice enough shower / toilet room. Was enough for the 2 nights we were on there.

Ship was supposed to set off at 5pm but still was still waiting at 6:15pm. Then we had to wait for another ship to leave first which took another 30 minute wait. Finally set off around 6:40pm.

Took a walk around ship and priced up the food and drinks so we could plan our activities. Alcohol fairly over priced (I've added a pic of one drink menu). Soft drinks definitely over priced (4 Euro's for a large coke which wasn't even real coke). Food extremely over priced (40 Euro's per person for a buffet meal!)

Took a walk in the duty free shop. Actually really expensive! Most aftershaves / perfumes were dearer than they are in shops here. Alcohol was around the same price as supermarkets here. Cigs were more expensive than buying at the ships bar! (we don't smoke - we heard someone who was looking at them say).

Asked information desk for an iron so we could get changed for the evening. Had to leave a passport as deposit. Asked to bring iron straight back as there is only one available to loan for the entire ship!

Booked to watch a film in the ship's Cinema. Cost 11 Euro's each which included price of the ticket, a bag of popcorn and a soft drink. Please note that the "cinema" looked like an old store room with a few rows of chairs arranged. A member of staff came in and started the DVD which showed the movie on a screen too small for the projector - costing us around 15% of the picture.

After this, went to one of the bars where a live band was playing. Didn't stay for drinks due to the prices. Retired to our cabin around 10:30pm. Spent the next hour whispering to each other as the walls are really thin and the next cabin had banged on our wall for us speaking!

Bad weather during the night added another hour on the journey.

Arrived in Amsterdam around 11:50am the next morning (nearly 3 hours late). Spoke to information desk to see if we would be allowed extra time in Amsterdam due to the late arrival. Staff said late arrival was due to bad weather and we still had to leave at the same time. Pointed out that we were already 1.5 hours late WITHOUT the bad weather. Staff told us our only option was to contact DFDS in England as we'd booked our trip through the England office.

Disembarking the ship was a bit of a joke. Only one exit for all foot passengers. Luckily we were near the front so got through passport control fairly quick.

2 coaches waiting for foot passengers. Please note that you can only board these with your booking confirmation sheet you should have printed out. 2 people left theirs on the ship and had to pay to get on the coach.

People off last had to wait longer for more buses to arrive as the 2 buses waiting weren't enough to transport everyone.

Bus journey took around 40 minutes. Dropped off outside a hotel at around 1:20pm. Told that we had to be back between 3 - 3:50pm to board the buses again. This only gave us around 2 hours in Amsterdam which was the whole point of the trip.

Went through passport control and was searched by 2 male security guards. No female guards so they were checking each male who was boarding with bags. Had a full body search but they didn't actually check my bags...?

Coming home, had a walk around the casino. Minimum bets on all games were £10 per time. Didn't bother going into any of the bars - Again, felt that it was just too expensive. Early return to our cabin and had a drink there (listening to the music which could be heard from the cabin next door).

Toilet stopped working. Reported to information desk and was fixed within 20 mins. Got a ticket for "ONE complementary coffee" for our inconvenience.

Arrived back at Newcastle next morning around 12:30pm (1.5 hours late).

Same hustle and rushing to get off. Longer waits at Passport control as they are stricter when you're returning to the UK than when you are leaving. Also had 2 police officers stopping people 10 foot AFTER passport control re checking passports again?! Only seemed to be younger males they were stopping and kept using the "counter terrorism" excuse.

Overall, ship was clean but nothing to do on there unless you're willing to spend an obscene amount of money. Trip was a waste of time as the whole point was to visit Amsterdam and we only got 2 hours there. Wouldn't do it again - would rather fly there and spend a full day and night in Amsterdam. Didn't experience any "chav's" and all other passengers seemed nice (even the groups of lads). Maybe the comments on here about such things are coming from the older middle/upper class passengers who were on board and seemed like money was no object.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Take your own food and drink on board.

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1 / 10
Stag and Hen Parties ruined our Trip to Amsterdam

"Me and my Husband have travelled with DFDS several times to Amsterdam, however recently we were shocked by the behaviour of stag and hen parties on board the ship.

Firstly we went to the bar for a quiet drink however the mayhem at the bar was unreal. There was fighting, people being sick, urinating, broken glass, ice being thrown and drugs being taken right in front off us. Me, my husband and other members of the cruise could not bare it any longer so we retired to our rooms however the fun doesn't stop there.

Around 3am in the morning my husband is awoken by dripping water from the ceiling so we alert staff right away, it so happens that a group of drunk idiots to put it politely had set the sprinklers off in there cabin and flooded the floor below.

Needs to say me and my husband will NOT be travelling with DFDS again as they NEED to have more control of who they have on board.

  • Holiday details: May 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: No where.

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2 / 10
Haarlem mini cruise ruined by Stag and Hen parties.

"Haarlem mini cruises only depart on Friday night. Haarlem would have been a lot better if our Friday Nights sleep had not been ruined by alcohol fuelled youths being allowed to run riot all night and keep people awake.

Complaints were met by a suggestion to avoid travelling on Fridays, even if you want to do the Haralem option.

Food and drink is highly over priced. There are no quiet lounge areas, the only comfortable seating being in the bars where you are deafened by over-loud pop 'music'. Being an overnight ferry the cabins are never going to be anything special.

Disembarkation is a farce with only one narrow gangway to get 600 people off.

Mini cruise with DFDS - never again. Taking the car over - maybe but will take our own food.

  • Holiday details: Mar 2012, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Avoid Friday sailings

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10 / 10
whats up with the gangway?

"myslf and my partner got home from the amsterdam trip from south shields, the trip was fantastic, as usual, the food was wonderful, but the alcohol prices are stupid! just off 20euros for 2 25ml double vodcas and a can of coke! the husband nearly had a heart attack! 2euros just for the coke! my god! anyway, we had to depart from the car decks becaust the gang way was ********! that slowed things up something cronic, the traffic was terrible so we actually only got 4hours in amsterdam! all the young chav kids were kicking off! the language on the bus was terrible! but i just want to know what was up with the gang way cos i cant find anything about it on the internet!"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: relax and enjoy! thats what your there for!
  • Good For: , City Breaks

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7 / 10
mini cruise to amsterdam

"Having been on this route several times in the past, when a small group of friends fancied a weekend away i quickly suggested this.

This is a different boat that the one ive used previously,

food is cheaper if booked online when you book your trip. recomend for diiner, not so much for breakfast.

staff were all friendly, helpful and very attentive. i really felt for them as they did get some hassle from drunks.

rooms, we had 2 rooms booked a twin, on floor 6 was lovely, perfect for what we needed and exactly as expected. the other rrom was a quad with 3 people in it on floor 4, bit tight for space but again expected. both were clean, beds were comfy. the top bunks can be heavy to pull down, and generally took 2 of us. and im told the top bunks can be a bit scary as theirs no safety rails.

our big complaint was the drunken stag/hen parties on board and the behaviour allowed on the friday night especially.

the old boat had a night club and the bar/dancefloor so in the past everyone could enjoy the bar/dancefloor and the drunkeness and loutish behaviour contained to the nightclub. but their is no longer a night club and meant the bar/dancefloor was full of loutish shameful behaviour, broken glass everywhere. and naked drunks. it really put us and many folk off. the saturday ngiht the band only did relax music so we still couldnt get up and dance.smoking is another issue, as smoking is seeming allowed in the bar/dancefloor area.

drink is expensive but again expected. shop did have a good range, but why the london souvinears?

in conclusion, its a great service the newcastle to holland ferry, very useful for taking car to europe, mini cruise are a great deal. but they need to seriously look at the behaviour allowed on board.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2011, db&b, Booked Independently
  • Advice: prebook dinner, aviod friday nights if possible

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1 / 10
unreal prices

"having used dfds ferries for some 14 trips on motorcycle trips i cannot undrstand why in 2011 our trip went up £100 in price food and drinks up to prices that are a joke sandwich at bar 8 euros can of carling or john smiths 4.10 euros from a supermarket its 83p a can !!!!!! breakfast 14.50 euros if and i mean if i use it again we will be taking food and drinks on with us be warned"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: take own food and drinks

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The ship is rather dated and the...

"The ship is rather dated and the cabins very drab and depressing.

The prices were extortionate and the quality of the food very poor. £7.90 for a sandwich and £11.80 for a buffet breakfast which had a very poor selection of hot food - scrambled or boiled eggs, baked beans, cocktail smoked sausages, and bacon which resembled pork scratchings. There was a limited choice of continental food.

Drinks were very expensive almost £10 for a double G&T, over £4 for a small bottle of beer.

The "casino" comprised of two tables one for black jack and one for another game - hardly a casino. The ship arrived late in Stavanger and we only had one hour to spend there - very disappointing. I won't be repeating this experience, nor will others in my party.

Other people, who won a free two day mini cruise at bingo, ripped it up and said no thanks, never again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, booked with DFDS

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1 / 10
We have travelled with DFDS many...

"We have travelled with DFDS many times before on the Newcastle-Kristiansand route and have, in general, been happy with the service provided. Now that they have cancelled that route and offer the Newcastle-Stavanger-Haugesund-Bergen route instead we had no choice but to take that to visit family in Norway.

The trip started badly with a 4 hour delay. The man at the gate at Royal Quays was rude and unhelpful, and there was no suggestion of getting meal vouchers or other compensation for the delay. Loading then took ages, much longer than with the old ship.

On board the food was mediocre, and while most staff were pleasant and helpful some were surly and rude. There were dreadful queues, there was little choice of food on board, and prices were high. We were turfed out of our rooms 2.5 hours before arrival so that they could be cleaned, and there was next to no support for those of us with accommodation problems as a result of the delay getting to Bergen. Disembarkation was slow, with a long delay to get off the boat, and lengthy queues for passport control.

It was a depressing and dispiriting journey, and we are dreading the journey home. Having enjoyed years of travel to Norway with our car we are now facing the expensive and less sustainable prospect of flying and hiring a car as I don't think we'll be prepared to travel on this ship again. I don't know why they have done it, but DFDS have ruined this route.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, MS Princess of Scandinavia Newcastl, booked with DFDS

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6 / 10
The trip was fantastic, the staff...

"The trip was fantastic, the staff were great and very helpful, meals are fantastic as always and the cabin was very clean and tidy.

What more can you ask for apart from a few less grumpy toffs!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2005, MS Princess of Scandinavia Cruise S, Booked Independently

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5 / 10
We have travelled many times with...

"We have travelled many times with DFDS (Scandinavian Seaways as was) and all of the other ferry companies that cross to various parts of Europe from Gt Britain. Until now we have found every trip to be pleasant and enjoyable every time.

We have just arrived back from a mini cruise to Bergen with DFDS and can honestly say this trip was close to being a nightmare!

First of all, there were enormous queues at check in--- some people had been there for hours--- yet there was no attempt to speed matters up by putting on extra staff. Little did we know that this waiting around was to be par for the course throughout this trip.

On the way there were queues for every mealtime and although we were only affected by this once many people, especially those with young children found this difficult. Also, on more than one occasion, food was running out at breakfast and at least two couples we spoke to were unable to get the breakfast they wanted and were offered vouchers for later meals in the day.

After a reasonably pleasant voyage over to Bergen via the fiords. A good meal and some expensive booze, it was really intolerable to be turned off the boat at 11.00pm to have our passports checked. We finally made it back on board at 12.30am.

After our very enjoyable day in Bergen getting back on the boat was again slow--- even allowing for increased security there really is no excuse.

More queues for breakfast!! We were getting used to it by now!!

We had paid extra for an outside cabin which was not cleaned during the whole time, nor were the bins emptied (maybe once!) and two wet towels were taken but not replaced during the 3 days we occupied the cabin.

Also, I seem to remember (I might have this wrong!) that toiletries were provided in the past, this time just a soap dispenser.

Someone we met on board was woken up at about three on the morning by cleaners hoovering empty cabins and they had to go to the reception desk to have it (and the slamming doors) stopped.

Can it get worse? Yes, sorry to say. First of all we eventually arrived at Royal Quays in North Shields and docked 2 hours late at 10pm local time. This was put down to the dense fog over the North Sea. However I was awake at 2.30am when the boat was leaving Stavanger--- already at least 1 hour late.

And guess what--- we had to queue to get off the boat, a good 30 minutes. We then had a four hour drive home, still in dense fog, and arrived back at three in the morning, three hours after we had expected to get there.

Some more general points--- there were too few sitting areas on the boat and on the decks. The sun deck bar remained closed, despite obvious demand for drinks.

There were even less quiet areas devoid of music, singing and dancing, the sound of fruit machines etc. It was expensive for snacks and beverages, although the Buffet, I have to say was, as always excellent and represented good value for money.

All the staff we saw were extremely hard working, polite and coping with things that were somehow beyond their control. Perhaps there were just not enough of them!

I know I sound like an old grouch but I was quite disappointed with this trip. Many other people were angry too and lots won't be travelling with DFDS again. At present I'm undecided because of the good trips we've had in the past.

I'd be interested to read other reviews for this trip.

How is it that this company which used to be leaders in this type of travel seem to have lost the plot on their Bergen trip?

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, Not Specified, booked with DFDS Seaways

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9 / 10
This was one of the last trips to...

"This was one of the last trips to Sweden from Newcastle as DFDS have sold the ship and closing the route. Which is sad to say, but maybe the Bergen route will be just as good.

The trip was great value for money and voyage very calm. Weather was fairly cold but then it was the north see.

The ship is great and staff very welcoming. The bars are well stocked and the entertainment laid on is well entertaining. Dancing girls, a band, a cinema and a disco as well as a casino and some fruit machines and plenty of places to eat.

Great value and highly enjoyable, shame there's no going back.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Gothenburg Mini Cruise Break, booked with DFDS

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10 / 10
I have traveled on the DFDS Princess...

"I have traveled on the DFDS Princess almost every summer of my life and I am satisfied with the food, service and accommodation with each journey.

I would recommend it to anyone who is after a value cruise or simply just transport to Kristiansand or Goteborg.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2006, MS Princess of Scandinavia Cruise S, Booked Independently

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