Center Parcs De Kempervennen

Kempervennendreef 8, North Brabant 5563 VB, Holland
8  / 10
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8 / 10
5th time in de kempervennen

"Firstly I must confwess we are addicted to centre parcs. We've been to Eemhof, Heijderbos, Vossemerem, Meerdalas well as de kempervennen. Travelling all the way from Swansea(Wales) to go to De Kempervennen must either mean we are nuts or theres something worth returning for. Whilst I may be nuts it is also worth the trip. We stayed in one of the new Eden 4 person lodges with walk-in shower and jacuzzi. There was a bit of a smell of damp in the bathroom but not too bad. our lodge was 763 and whilst a 10 minute walk away from the facilities, it was in the location we wanted. I can cycle through woodlands to work so Walking through them instead makes a nice change. we spied rabbits red squirrels etc on our way to the dome. By our lodge we had yellow tits, jays , magpies rabbits and the odd duck. The Eden lodge is very spacious and the beds whilst very soft gave a fab nights sleep for all of us. We stayed half term week and were amazed to find that there were as many brit cars as any other nationality except for german cars which were suprisingly thin on the ground. Perhaps it was still school term time for them. Normally I've found you need to be in the aqua-mundo at 10.00pm sharp to get a table but there were still good places by 11.30 any ideas why? Maybe the extra hour time diffence means a lot of fellow brits turned up to the pool a bit later? What we did find was that the zipwire and climbing activies were fully booked. Normally we have no problem booking these on arrival so I can only assume germans prefer the pool and brits like to climb stuff. Living in wales our half term week is often different to england(not this time) so that may have made a difference so the situation. Adult sized pancakes did not seem to be be on the menu but as there was so many other delights to savour was not a big problem. The food is simple but tasty and filling not exotic in any sense but by far a big improvement on what you can be presented with in the uk. We all stuffed ourselves but did'nt put on any weight due to the execise we had. You don't realise how active you've been and it doesn't feel like a chore. The midweek break we had seemed to last much longer we did so much yet were so chilled out.

so to sum up an excellent break and most likley another visit as some point.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Absolutely Fab !

"As a family with our friends we started visiting De Kempervennen when my daughter was 4 yrs old and she is now 15 yrs old. It is the best Center Parcs in Holland. So much to do - all my children have learnt to ski there. They love the activities and the Aqua Mundo...

We always stay in the basic villa right opposite the ski dome, it suits us perfectly, it is always clean and tidy when we arrive. We always take our own sheets and duvets - especially as the duvet provided for the double bed are two singles.

We will be back again in October 2011, we have just visited De Eemhof for Easter 2011 and it was an absolutely fantastic holiday. Totally different to De Kempervennen but just as good. It was made even better by the fantastic weather that we enjoyed for our 10 day stay.

I would highly recommend all the center parcs in Holland and Belgium as we have visited them all over the years and never been disappointed.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Good For: , Skiing

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10 / 10
First Impressions - Great

"We arrived at Kempervennen Yesterday and this site was well worth booking. We priced up a midweek break at Sherwood for the week upto Good Friday and quoted not much chsnge from £700 for a 2 bed lodge for 2 adults and a 6 year old. We booked a 2 bed VIP villa with a sauna and delivered breakfast daily for less than 400 euro. Even booking the boat from Hull to Rotterdam there was not much difference in cost. We booked a ski course for our daughter for £50 and this was half the price if she had gone to our local xscape. We have booked inclusive skiing for less than £50 each, fantastic... If had hadn't been 24 degrees at easter week. Unbelievable. So basically today we cycled about 8 km, skiied for 2 hours and spent a lovely couple of hours if the pool complex, oh with the odd Beer on the terrace. One downside is the current exchange rates makes Holland more expensive than it used to be at 1.1 euro to the pound. Cant blame that on centre parc though. Would highly recomend this place. First Centre Parc in Europe having brrn to Sherwood, Winfell and Elvedon. This so far is my favourite."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Do E check in, the gates will open at 13:00 instead of 15:00
  • Good For: Beach, Skiing

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4 / 10
De Kempervennan Smells

"I wish I'd listened to Mrs O'Donnell. Her review was spot on. The accomodation stinks of smoke and the beds are in poor condition. The floor and sofas were dirty and in real need of a proper upholstery clean.

It seemed there was a bomb scare in the local Primark judging by the people in the Market Dome...chav central.

The activities however are great, especially the Snow Centre. Cycling in the surrounding countryside was wonderful.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, self catering, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Accomodation smells of smoke

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10 / 10
Go De Kempervennen

"my family and I went to De Kempervennen last August, for one week, there was lots of stuff to do. we got our bikes which were a great, fun way to get around the park.

we did the 2day ski course, it was very good but hard to do, the high adventure, it was great fun but very scary, exspecially if your afraid of heights and if your not you probly will be afterwards :P, scuba Diving, this was one of our favourite activities, it was very fun and a great experience and wild river rafting was amazing fun we wanted to do it again.

The aqua Mundo (swimming pool) was really nice and great fun, theres two water slides which are good fun,a scuba diving pool were you could see lots of fishies and rapids which are amazing but cause alot of bruising but dosnt stop you wanting to go again and again.

The house we stayed in was a 4 person premium, it was very comfortable, spacious and there was sattilite tv which was very good. we were right beside a lake so the ducks would come rite up to our back door.

i would strongly recommend De Kempervennen it is a amazing holiday, we are even going back again for 12 days as we found 7 wasnt enough. :) 10/10

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: its a great holiday for familys
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"We stayed at the Kempervennen in August for just under two weeks with our two children and had a wonderful time. We have previously been to Elevden, Longleat and Sherwood, and would totally recommend this one. To be walking round in shorts and relaxing on the beach in the morning to then ski-ing in the snow centre at -5 in the afternoon just doesn't compare to the english sites.

We all went ski-ing/snow boarding at the Montana ski centre, having never attempted anything like this before we were all somewhat scared. However, the teachers spoke fantastic english and made us feel as ease straight away, by the end of the lessons we were all ski-ing from the top! - definately suggest you hire the snowsuits and gloves, only 6 euros a day - a real must if you don't have any snow wear of your own.

We kept ourselves busy by doing one booked activity a day, which was more than enough, what with cycling around the park, swimming and fitting in lunch and dinner.

We also got a cycle map from the reception, which showed us all different cycle routes that we could do with the children. We had a leisurely ride out for a couple of hours, stopping on the way back at a lovely Pancake house called "de famillie suykerbuyck" literally 5 minuits if you turn right when leaving the park.

Everyone who worked here were extremely pleasant, helpful and caring. It really was a wonderful holiday that i'm sure you will enjoy.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Bed & Breakfast, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Very flat, good for cycling with young and old
  • Good For: , Skiing

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4 / 10
i have recently visited center parcs...

"i have recently visited center parcs De Kempervennen and we stayed there for 12 days. when we got there i was exited and saw all of the animals just wondering about the parc. however when we arrived at our chalet i was quite disapointed as the rooms all smelt of smoke and everything was damp. All my bed sheets were damp and it made me feel uncomfatable to sleep in. i was really exited to go and see the pool but when i got there,there seemed to be lack of slides as there was only one,and one rapid. the bikes were alot of fun but i had to take mine back 4 times as the lights and chains kept on breaking. The only thing that didnt seem that bad was where we ate. we ate in the market dome and the food seemed quite nice and the waiters were very pleasant. the Activities were amazing i enjoyed them so much. we done a three day ski corse aswell which was ok exept i was on my bum more than my feet.

overall the holiday was boring once you had done the activities and in my opinion you should stay there for 5 days max as you run out of things to do and you start doing them again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
We stayed at kempervenan centre parcs...

"We stayed at kempervenan centre parcs for twelve days far to long in my opinion.Four days is plenty as the park is small and is not that much to do once you have done an activity for the day,the site itself was clean but was very dissapointed with the accomodation it stunk of smoke so bad i had to take my inhaler twice in an hour.The shower flooded the bathroom every time we used it, and the sofa and beds felt damp and were smelly.The sheets did not tuck in the bed properly and we had two seperate duvets on the double bed.My advice would be take your own bedding and towels and if you dont like smoke then dont go because even in the fresh air you can smell smoke.The pool was fun but again very small with one rapid and one slide.Eating was not too bad in the market dome but the entertainment was poor and boring for adults not sure for young children as we have a teenager,so dont know what goes on for the younger kids all in all i would not go mad over this holiday seemed alot of money for what we did!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with centre parcs

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8 / 10
Fab Holiday and Wonderful Site

"Well this is our first experience or Centreparcs. Lots of friends have visited the UK ones with mixed reports but De Kempervennen was just the best.

We travelled from Newcastle to Amsterdam by overnight ferry, and it was only about 2 1/2 hours from the ferry port, ideal when you are travelling with 2 small children (3 & 7)

The weather was not the best for the first 2 days of our stay but it stayed dry the rest and warm all of the time. The rain did not stop us doing anything as there is so much to so we could of stayed another week and still not done everything.

We stayed in a 4 bed villa, very nice with all the equipment and more the only thing we were short of was wooden spoons for stirring etc. Clean and very comfortable.

The site has a fab snow centre, as I non skier this was one of the things that I wanted to do I was not disappointed our instructor was great and very encouraging, we also tried the water skiing, climbing wall, tennis, badminton, bowling, the swimming in the aqua mundo, pedallos and the various parks for the kids, all organised to the highest standards. And all the staff were exceptionally helpful to beginners, and they all spoke english very well and they are all really keen to improve the their English.

Kids clubs were great, ours did wanna be a cook and wanna be an indian, both got great reviews the only down side from our 7 year old wa there was not much english speaking kids but the organisers both spoke very good english.

We did not eat out much, we did use the main cafe area in the Dome and the Pizza takeaway was good and we ate in the Pizza nd pasta restaurant the last night as my parents in law were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversay. The staff were brilliant totally focused on the celebrating couple and made them feel very speacial and also sung a speacial song to them in Dutch and presented them with a lovely platter of puddings all decorated which was complimentary The supermarker was well stocked and sold nearly everything you need, if you want to cook in your villa get in early as the meats go very quickly. We found it very reasonable as we were 650 euros for all our provisions, food and all our activities for 6 adults and 2 kids.

All in all a fab stay in a fab site. Roll on the October holidays.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008

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10 / 10
De Kempervennen and others

"Center Parcs Junkie - 25 various visits so far (UK/Holland)

I have been with my family to De kemp 3 times and found it excellent. If you ski there is a reasonably big real snowdome with kit hire in the price plus in summer there is a PADI scuba diving course in the lake where you can obtaqin your basic licence

The prices are good especially if ours and the dutch half term dates don't match (as in this coming October), you can always Google it to find out. As for the massive difference in prices, the company that runs the european villages is NOT the same as the one that runs the UK. There is a bit of grudging co-operation between the two, but not much. At one time the european villages were in the same brochure. You have to use the link or to book or order a brochure in English. They used to add a small premium to the cost owing to issuing the documentation in english, but this seems to have stopped. Been to De Emhoff as well, its good but a bit smaller, booked for Het Hiejderbos this Oct, the price is 25% **£££!!!!!!!! of Sherwood for the same week. Even adding in the Hull-Rotterdam ferry price, the total is still only about half. If you live in the south east, Ryanair flies from Stansted to Eindhoven, which is only 25 mins from De Kemp via Valkansward. I tried this once but the four hour overnight drive from Manchester meant we were all very tired the next day.

I find the Dutch sites more relaxed, if you want to go down the slides in a train (the signs say you cant) but the lifeguards dont seem to mind. Plus when was the last time you looked out of the patio to see a huge mother pig and her 11 porky pigletts looking in through the window (they turned out to be useful organic waste disposal units), makes a change from the ducks.

The restaurants are much cheaper even though some of them are not open all the time. The Parc markets are smaller, with not as large a range of goods, plenty of beer though which is the important bit, plus most items are in dutch. It took me three attempts to buy fresh orange juice (men never ask) but my wife discovered the nature of the fresh meat by asking using animal noises !! turned out to be horsemeat so we quickly switched to the beef MOO! well you have to improvise.

Let you know how the next trip goes.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008

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9 / 10
My family and I (husband, 9 year old...

"My family and I (husband, 9 year old and 7 year old) have just returned from a week long holiday in De Kempervennen. This was our second trip, we last visited in 2006, and we have had a fantastic time!

We hired basic family accommodation, which had been updated since our last visit and seemed clean and newly decorated. We loved the feeling of quiet privicy the chalet offered, we were woken by ducks and chickens on our patio.

The park itself was clean throughout and smoking is no longer allowed indoors anywhere on site, so the dome was fresh and smoke free. The children loved the cow, goats and donkeys wandering the outdoor areas and I felt happier about letting the children ride freely as the no-cars policy seems to be far more strictly applied than during our last visit.

The snow slope was one of the main reasons for our visit and proved good value for lessons and was completely empty in the evenings. The ski-restaurant offers very good value basic snacks, although is not smoke-free, quite a shock after becoming used to the smoking ban!

All members of staff were friendly and helpful and we were able to book clubs for the children when we arrived. One tip, the most popular "Family Grill" restaurant needs to be booked in advance as it is full most evenings.

Overall, we found the holiday good value despite the euro rate being less favourable. We would consider flying to Eindhoven in future, as a seven hour car/train journey is a strain. Other than that, very enjoyable overall!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007, Self Catering, booked with Booked direct

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10 / 10
Cheaper than England, but no corners cut!

"Me & my friends had a lovely time at this Centre Parcs.

We are a mixed group of friends in the age region of 21-24

One of the main reasons for choosing this parc was the price and the snow dome.

I am amazed at how cheaply we had our trip. We stayed in a 3 bed VIP villa, which was in an amazing location close to the snow dome, market dome and sports centre. We paid £80 each for this, plus Ryanair flights totalling £42. AMAZING... I took £200 spending money and didn't have the need to take anymore money out and was able to do everything I wanted to do.

The instructors all speak fantastic English... only downside was the language barrier when it came to reading certain menus and tickets. But this was minimal. We wasn't told and couldn't read that the receipts including in our check in pack were for the swimming pool and we ended up throwing them away. The charge is then €15.00 each per day to use the swimming pool, so we bin raided to find our tickets!! So make sure you don't make the same mistake we did!!! :-)

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008

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    " Always book the sking - speak to the Montana Snowcenter directly as they will give you all the up to date information that you... "

  • by swansea lad

    " stock up at albert hein corridor24 valkenswarrd before arriving them drive directly to your chalet with your goodies. "

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