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41 Parthenopis Str Arapaki, Rhodes 85100, Greece
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What a fantastic hotel. Our...

"What a fantastic hotel. Our apartment was very clean and very comfortable and we had all the basics for cooking etc. The hotel management and staff were all wonderful and went out of their way to help as much as they could and they are a very family friendly hotel which was a big bonus.

The pool was cleaned daily and was a main feature of our stay, also plenty of sunbeds and yes, a small charge but still much cheaper than the beaches where you pay more than 3 euros’ for one bed.

The location for us was perfect in a very Greek residential area, away from all the tourist noise which was great for us. Taxis were very easy to get and cheap so if you don't like walking that’s always an option.

The food in the hotel was outstanding and just down the road is the most amazing cake shop and also a local taverna that is very cheap. Adam the barman was a star and made our holiday complete with lots of fun in the bar for old and young alike.

Rhodes is a beautiful island and this was an ideal base to explore it from. I'm off to book the same hotel next year what more can I say.

10 / 10

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I stayed here for 4 days at the...

"I stayed here for 4 days at the beginning of my allocation on arrival 2 week holiday with Olympic. I can recommend the Panorama hotel without any hesitation. It was spotlessly clean (special thanks to Smaragda the cheerful maid). Lisa at reception, who can answer all your questions and Anna, who serves the best buffet breakfast on the Island.

In the evening there is always a special along with a set menu, so no need to go far. For a small charge of around five euros Lisa will call a taxi to go into town for an amazing night out in the walled centre. For the romantics, after the shopping spree walk out to the harbour where there is an endless choice of bars and family places to have your late drink before your taxi return to the Panorama.

The pool is good with plenty of comfortable loungers and the much needed sunshades. Of course you could take a bus into town for 1 euro but be aware of the mystery timetable. At the bus terminus you can take a bus to Kathilea/Lindos and many more destinations for a very small charge. Be sure to get your tickets from the ticket booth as the drivers always say they have to keep to a schedule.

I wish I had booked the Panorama instead of Allocation on arrival but I shall be back at the Panorama next year.

10 / 10

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I am in total agreement with all the...

"I am in total agreement with all the negative reviews, and fail to understand how anyone could have a good time at that hotel, based on the rudeness and constant charging of everything (The manager even tried to charge for the local map which are free around town!!).

The only plus was the two ladies who worked very hard by the pool restaurant, gave us some friendly survival tips- wake up at 7am and book a sun bed by paying for it!! I did not meet one happy guest during my 2 wk stay. I tried to complain to the Olympic rep. and you don't get anywhere as it needs to be done in writing after you get home.

The old town was beautiful and had lots of restaurants and shops, this was once you had the 20min trek going and then another trek coming back or daily taxi rides. I have to say the hotel put me off Rhodes for a while, but this year I have given it another chance and made sure I booked 4* plus as I didn't want to be so disappointed with Rhodes again.

Good Luck to anyone going to the Panorama, I can safely say this has been the worst place I have ever stayed in. If you enjoyed it, good for you.

1 / 10

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Just came back from rhodes, having...

"Just came back from rhodes, having spent the week at panorama hotel, apartments self catering. i have to compliment the entire staff at the hotel for the friendly and helpful nature through out the entire stay.

The hotel is aprox 30 mins from rhodes old town which is one of the most amazing old towns i have ever seen.

The food at the hotel is of good quality mainly english based with several greek dishes, the hotel has 2 pools one small and round for the little ones and one larger one. The staff are great and friendly.

The Room we stayed in was sufficient for our needs although air conditioning is available this has to be paid for separately, the electric in room is only activated by your key and not on 24 hr per day.

The room was kept cleaned every day except sunday, and the remaining hotel staff, work 7 days a week.

Bottom of the street is large supermarket which has everything you need,

I would recommend the above hotel to everyone as it close to the new and old town, the local beaches, but at the same time is in a quiet area.

9 / 10

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I haven't recorded any previous...

"I haven't recorded any previous holiday comments before, but after our trip to Rhodes I felt I wanted to, if only to clear up some small doubts we had before we arrived.

We stayed for one week in the hottest week of the year for them so far! We had an apartment at the top of the building (which is what we'd asked for) and as far as we could make out had the best room in the whole place. Room 502 had the best view of the castle, marina, ocean and the acropolis. We weren't overlooked and were far enough away from the evening's entertainment not to be bothered by it. Perfect for lazy morning breakfasts and late evening drinks.

The location was our biggest worry after reading previous comments but after being there for a day or two and getting our bearings it didn't give us any problems. Yes it's a walk into town, probably about 30 minutes, but if you don't fancy it the receptionist was happy to order a taxi for 4-5 euros.

We always had our evening meals in the Old Town and got a taxi back from there with no problems at all. We did eat in the hotel for one morning and one evening and on both occasions were really impressed with the quality of the food, the service and the price!

Service at the hotel was just what we expected, friendly, polite and helpful. Rooms were cleaned daily and fans or air conditioning available for an extra charge. £28 for the weeks air conditioning which for us was much needed as the daytime temperature was 45 and evening was 32.

All in all we would go back again for another week, but only if we could have room 502 again!

9 / 10

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What an incredible place. Rhodes...

"What an incredible place. Rhodes offers almost any kind of holiday you could want. If you want peace and quiet, you’ll find it on Rhodes. If you want activities and night-life, Rhodes has got it. If you want to explore history and culture, that is there too. The island is clean, the locals are very warm and friendly to tourists. English is spoken everywhere and most signs are in English too.

We particularly wanted a holiday that gave us that get-away-from-it-all feel, with a relatively quiet beach on which to do some snorkelling. Nightclubs and discos were definitely out! At the same time we also wanted to see some of Greece’s history, do a bit of exploring and meet some of the locals. Rhodes gave us exactly what we wanted.

Rhodes Old Town is a medieval marvel. Its ancient narrow streets are lined with small shops and restaurants that make you feel as if you are in North Africa somewhere. The other main tourist destination is Lindos. It too has narrow winding streets that ultimately lead up to an Acropolis. You can walk up to this, but the five euro donkey ride is definitely worth it.

Definitely hire a car or a moped – even if it is only for a day or two. With Seven Springs, Valley of the Butterflies, Kamerios, Prassonissi, Ialyssos, Profitis Ilias, beautiful old churches, many coves and beaches... we ran out of days in which to see everything!

9 / 10

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Hotel consists of 2 blocks, with pool...

"Hotel consists of 2 blocks, with pool & bar/restaurant facilities in front of block 1. We occupied 4 berth s/c app. with 3 adults, located on rear floor 4 (note lift). View typical. Greece overlooking other residential apartments but could just see sea.

Location is to South West of old town (rear exit Parthenopis) with ancient stadium immediately north.

Cleaning excellent, 6 day/week (exc Sunday), apartment very good with all basic facilities.

Pool small but good, with sun loungers always available (1 euro).

Restaurant and bar very good and well stocked. Prices generally lower than in town.

Staff (inc.cleaners) very good & helpful.

As brochure states the location is in a residential area with approx. 20min walk to wall of old town. This was the one drawback, that this walk has very little of interest. There is the odd taverna / small supermarket near hotel, but the hotel does cater for those simply wanting a lazy holiday.

In conclusion, best accommodation we have had in Greece (note we always s/c, & eat out). particularly so close to an area such as the old town, and we have visited a fair number of places.

10 / 10

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After a long journey, arriving at the...

"After a long journey, arriving at the hotel was very upsetting, I took one look at the pool and was heartbroken. Poor green fuzzy felt was laid around the pool side, no room to walk safely into the main building. The manager and staff were disgraceful and rude, the food was extremely disgusting and undercooked.

On the last day we booked a days safari with Olympic, after having a great day we were refused to have a shower, and had to change in the toilet.

We did ask if we could have a room, but I was told to shower outside by the pool in front of the rest of the holiday makers.

Every other hotel guest we spoke to hated it and advised us to go elsewhere for food and entertainment.

It was such a shame because Rhodes itself has a lot to offer, but this hotel unfortunately hasn't.

You have been warned!!!

1 / 10

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From someone who has not done a great...

"From someone who has not done a great deal of travelling, and was looking for a quiet place to get away from it all, this was perfect.

The hotel, rooms and staff were fantastic. The night-time chef was amazing, and I had some of the best seafood I have ever tasted. And all at a very cheap price. (highly recommend white mullet if available). As I visited off-season, the hotel was pretty quiet which is what I was hoping for, and all the guests I spoke to absolutely loved it. The pool was cleaned every morning, all the staff were very friendly and I thought the overall atmosphere was superb.

Only a 10 minute walk to the old town, which was breathtaking, and the market was fabulous. A little bit more expensive, but well worth it just to sit and watch the world go by. All in all it was just what I wanted, and look forward to going back. And I must mention the night time barmaid Vanya, who has the sexiest voice I have ever heard.

10 / 10

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From the first moment myself and my 3...

"From the first moment myself and my 3 other friends arrived we were greatly disappointed. The size of the pool was shocking for the number of guests in the Hotel.

The room was clean and quite nice although to say that this room was supposed to be catered for 4 people the kitchen appliances were bare.

At the beginning of the holiday the manager’s attitude was poor and doesn’t seem to have any time for his guests. On the 2nd day we were unable to get into our room and when we told the manager he told us off saying that we had cost him 300 euros for breaking an already faulty lock (we were not told at any time about this lock being faulty).

The hotel charges for everything.. Ordering a taxi from reception, 1 euro for a sunbed, a 15 euro Deposit for a remote for the TV.

As for the sunbeds, you have to be up very early to get one and even though there are plenty of spare beds stacked up you are not allowed to put these in most places! The gaps between the sunbeds and the pool was ridiculous and you’d often find yourself striding over peoples feet to get to the other side of the pool. The flooring round the pool was a discrace, this was like a green pool table cloth that was ripped all over and there was a rip at the top of some stairs that we saw many people trip over, one woman also fell down the stairs and badly hurt herself but despite this happening the flooring was not even taped down or made safer.

The food was nice at night where a chef came in to cook, but in the day the food was not up to scratch and again the attitude of the staff was poor and we would often find ourselves standing around for a while at the till before the 2 women acknowledged us.

Again the attitude of the cleaners was even worse. While my friend was happily swimming in the pool one morning one of the cleaners started to shout angrily and pointing at him, we finally found out that this woman was screaming at him because she thought he wasn’t wearing any swimming shorts!! My friend was totally embarrassed by this whole ordeal and was not even apologized to.

There were many families with children at this hotel and I have never seen kids so bored in my life, there was no entertainment apart from 1 Greek night in the whole of 2 weeks!

All in all I would never go back to this hotel and would not even recommend this to anyone unless you are prepared to be insanely bored and disappointed. I really think something should be done about the poolside conditions before someone is extremely hurt.

2 / 10

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Before I even get to the attitude of...

"Before I even get to the attitude of the manager of this hotel, I wouldn’t recommend it purely for the condition of the rooms and the pool. The room plugholes with bared wires and the shower when used, the water came up through a drain in the bathroom, which then smelt awful. We were booked in until the 28th and although we were leaving in the early hours we were told we could use the room. The manager then informed us at 11.50 am on the morning of the 27th that we needed to vacate the room at midday. When we asked him why he made out he couldn’t understand the dates and threatened us with the police. I find this totally unacceptable for any hotelier to have this attitude and will not recommend the place or indeed the tour operator."

2 / 10

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Hotel We have recently returned from...


We have recently returned from a 2 week holiday and had an excellent time apart from an accident where I hurt my head sightseeing in a church believe it or not.

If you are looking for a large hotel with standard food and impersonal staff not typical of Greece then this is NOT the place for you. The hotel has a very personal feel with many great characters working there, they make you feel very welcome and enjoy making conversation, but at the same time they are not in your face. In the daytime there is a lady originally from the UK that works and is very helpful with a great sense of humour. At night the owner works in the restaurant along with a lovely Greek lady and a very professional chef.

We went for the bedroom self-catering option - the room was large, very clean and even had a TV, which is unusual for Greece. I did watch CNN now and again, but I was in Rhodes for a holiday. TV was free, but if you require a remote control it’s 15 Euro deposit. Didn’t need Air con as the climate was just right when we went, but the option was there.

The room we were in had 2 balconies, which overlooked part for the town residential area (not rundown), which extended across with a distant view of the sea. The catering facilities were typical of Greece, limited, but the food is so cheap we only use it to have breakfast and lunch.

The swimming pool was very clean and has an extra section attached which for children, great for parents. There is a bar inside the reception area and one outside.

The restaurant prices in the hotel were very cheap and food was excellent, everyone we spoke to all enjoyed the food too. It’s 6 Euros on average for a main-course, and about 8 Euros for the swordfish (14 Euro in the town), which I would most definitely recommend. The chef also did daily BBQ’s.

The hotel is about a 25 minute walk, which once you find your way is a nice way to do a bit of exercise, failing that you can get a taxi which ranged from 3 to 4 Euros, put your seat belt on as they drive very fast.

About a 5- 10 minute walk from the hotel towards town (it’s the route where you go down a narrow one way road), there is a lovely restaurant which is not touristy at all, the food is delicious and the owner is very passionate about his food, I highly recommend this place, I think the name is ‘Ta Marisia’, but don’t quote me on that - the building is yellow with blue window frames, it’s small with tables outside and ivy growing over the court yard.


The old town is lovely, amazing building which have been well preserved; it is touristy, but has not destroyed the area, which is nice. Food is more expensive in the restaurants there, where as the new town is cheap, probably because this is where the Greeks eat. We drove around the entire island and I felt we picked the best resort as it gave us the diversity we wanted, we had the option of beaches, nice restaurants, shops, or just a chill out area at the hotel, other resorts in my opinion were more restrictive.

I was unable to make the most of visiting the island as I had concussion from my accident and couldn’t do too much. The owner of the hotel took me to the hospital and spoke to the doctors for me, which I greatly appreciated and I didn’t think you would find this in many hotels. I will go back to the island to finish off what I missed and will probably stay in the same hotel.

10 / 10

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