Grupotel Mar de Menorca

Cala Canutells s/n Mahon, Menorca 07712, Spain
7  / 10
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8 / 10
Just got back from 11 days at Mar De...

"Just got back from 11 days at Mar De Menorca, our 4th time to this hotel. We have never written a review before but are tired of reading negative reports about this hotel.

This is a good but basic hotel, ideally suited to younger familes who need a break form the rat race we all live in.

There is always good reviews about the pool, the people who comment on it being cold, do they realy expect any Mediterranean outdoor pool to be heated!! If the weather is hot the pool is great.

The food is a good standard, all edible, we do sympathise with those that experienced the alleged food posioning, but we have never heard any complaints like that before.

Those that critise should bring thier children up to eat a variety of foods.

Breakfasts can be either hot or cold, with an excellant range of fresh breads, rolls, pastries, cereals etc. The hot buffet will always have 3 choices of eggs, boiled, fried, and scrambled.

For Lunches and dinners, there is always two choice of soups, fresh breads, salads, cold meats/cheeses, and then a selection of hot foods.

More often than not a fish dish, meat dish, and two sorts of pasta's.

How can that range of food twice a day be considered poor.

The microwave in the restuarant was an excellant idea for heating babies milk !!

The rooms are adequate, not luxurious, but always clean, with fresh towels etc 5 times a week.

The entertainment staff are hard working, and try to cator for all ages. The hotel has a tennis court, football court, sand based volleyball court, and mini golf course. There are two small childrens play areas. Up stairs they have pool tables, table tennis, games machines, bouncy castle and a basic fitness suite.

This is an isolated hotel, the beach is poor compared to other major resorts. The best way is to hire a car, take your driving licence, approx £60.00 for 3 days. Go to Cala Galdana, Son Bou and Cala n Porter, all less than 40 mins drive for great beach days.

There are only 3 local shops selling food (Spar Mini Supermarket) souveniors, clothing and inflatables! all adequate, not overpriced in our opinion.

The "Chepas Bar" is a privately owned English bar, nothing to do with the hotel.

There are two car hire firms.

We have seen the same management team over the last 4 years, with the same staff behind the bars and in the restaurants, all very friendly and helpful.

Hope the weather is kind to you, enjoy the break !!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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5 / 10
After reading various reviews we were...

"After reading various reviews we were very sceptical about this resort, well its not as bad as some people say, but certainly not somewhere we will go again!

First, the good points:

• Rooms are cleaned regularly

• Staff are friendly and helpful

• Entertainment staff are extremely enthusiastic and work hard.

• Pool is large and suitable for all ages

Now the bad points

• The food was barely edible, luke warm, and in our opinion, any restaurant that feels the need to provide a microwave should be viewed with some suspicion. There was a wide selection of food but if your idea of variety is different battered concoctions and various brightly covered slop masquerading as dessert, then I wonder what you might eat at home! Many days a packet of overpriced crisps from the local Spar was viewed with unseemly delight by our 6 year old. To its credit the restaurant does provide fruit and salad.

• The resort is out of the way, and the free bus does not appear to be running. The local beaches are picturesque fishing coves, but not somewhere to sunbathe.

• We visited Cheppas bar, the only local bar, and were aghast to be charged nearly £5 a pint (but then this shark has a captive market!)

• We were led to believe that the rooms included cooking facilities, but the gas cooker was “gas-less”, and kettles only available for hire.

In short we would recommend you hire a car if you visit this resort, as this will be your only option for seeing the island. If Butlins in Spain is your idea of fun then Mar de Menorca may be for you. If you are a little more discerning then perhaps not!

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Expedia

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1 / 10
Just got back from Mar De Menorca and...

"Just got back from Mar De Menorca and what can I say - well it was awful!! The food consisted of salad, chips and rice!!! and then cakes and ice cream for dessert! twice a day!! plus came down with food poisoning and so did others during our week away!!

Location not very good stuck in the middle of nowhere!!

The entertainment staff work very hard.

Certainly would not go back or recommend.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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1 / 10
All I can say is don't go to this...

"All I can say is don't go to this hotel - came back 2 days ago - went down with food poisoning so did others in hotel!! You are in the middle of nowhere!!! Beach terrible - never had such a bad holiday."

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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7 / 10
I came on this site before we were...

"I came on this site before we were due to go on our holiday and must admit i was a bit apprehensive, obviously the holiday had been booked and there was nothing i could do about it now anyway... Here is my review and i am being as honest as i can.

The hotel is very much out of the way... when we read the reviews we didn't think it could be that bad, but it is!! trust me. There is one superSPAR shop, one gift shop and bar called Chepas on the resort... i advise you not to go to the Chepas bar for a pint, you will be paying (euro) 4.80 for a pint!!! My husband only paid this as he needed cigs, but to use the cig machine he had to buy a pint first. There is nowhere else to buy cigs on the resort, unless you go into the town which is also a very pricey place. The cig prices were quite good though... 45 euro for 10 golden virginia and 25 euro for 200 cigs. If you want to go to the port of Mahon it is all down hill and then a steep walk back up.

1. The Food - There is a fantastic selection of food for you to choose from, there are 3 sections for you to choose from, a salad bar - which consists of lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes etc... Another Salad bar - This consists of potatoe salads, and meat salads etc... and the 3rd on is your Hot Plate - This consisted of alot of what seemed half cooked food... don't get me wrong, we all ate what we could and what looked appetising and none of us became ill but i can understand that if you are a bit picky about your food why you probably would end up eating chips the whole time you were there.

2. The Beach - WELL!!!! What beach is all i can say.... first of all you walk down a steady hill and when you finally get down to the bottom you are greeted by a..... dirty, tiny, cramped beach.... which has ducks in it. If you ask me is was more like a lake rather than a beach, and i'm not exaggerating. This meant that for the whole holiday we did not get to the beach :o( I will explain more on that in the next part.

3. The so called FREE bus to the different beaches around Mahon - HAH! This service is no longer on... if you want to get to a beach you have to get a bus from the resort at 9am, it's either that bus or you have to wait till 1pm for the next bus as they only come every 4 hours and then you have to travel to Mahon bus station, you then have to wait for another bus which will then take you to the beach... the best beach we heard of was Boa Beach, but unfortunatley we never got to visit it.

4. The Entertainment Staff - Absolutley Fantastic, they really work so hard and such long hours. They really go out of there way to keep the kids happy and the adults. They're lots of fun and really help to liven up a dull day.

5. The Apartment - Lovely, Clean, Spacious, the maid came each and every day, if you needed clean towels you just had to ask but the used ones were replaced with clean ones each time the apratment was cleaned.

6. The Pool - Lovely big pool... but the water was freezing cold! Maybe in peak time it wouldn't be such a problem, but in May time when there is a breeze you can really feel the chill and it is so hard to get warm. lol.

Overall the holiday was ok... a few things could be done with improvement's though.

We will deffinately be booking All inclusive for our next holiday, but it won't be in this resort.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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10 / 10
Me & my Parner & 2 boys 10...

"Me & my Parner & 2 boys 10 & 13 went here last year, we was a bit nervous having read some of the others reviews, but we was really pleasantly surprised.

The rooms were clean, the food was lovely & a great choice always someone to great & seat you on arrival to dinner, the area was beautiful, the staff were friendly, helpful & always around.

The entertainment for the kids was really great, even the adults was really good, something different every night, there certainly was'nt any bingo every night like someone wrote !!.

The swimming pool was lovely not over crowded & clean.

We all really had a great time and will be returning in the very near future.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice

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7 / 10
Hi after reading the reviews on here...

"Hi after reading the reviews on here last summer i was a little nervous of going to this place on holiday!!! but after being i can agree with some points but totaly disagree with others! This hotel is a imaculate hotel, with well kept gardens. The food can be repetitive but i am a very fussy eater and always found something to my satisfaction (although sometime i used the kids buffett). The snacks are dissapointing or lack of in the other hand! i would deiscribe this place more full bourd with coffe and tea than all inclusive! I enjoyed the fact that it was particullary quiet as i had 3 young kids with me (9months, 1yr 9months & 5yrs) but if you want a lively holiday with places to go this is not for you. This place is also very German most holiday makers were also geman! The front desk staff were ok on a good day!!! other words 1 could understand you and if she was working you were fine but if not the others had very poor english (it took me 5x of contacting before they deliverd baby cot to next door). but overall we enjoyed ourselfs but dnt think i could have been there for 2 weeks 1 was plenty!!! BUT HEY A HOLIDAY IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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8 / 10
A clean well run hotel in a quiet...

"A clean well run hotel in a quiet resort with a small beach/inlet about 300m down a hill. The pool on site is great and rooms spaced out in blocks with well kept gardens. I recommend hiring a car as the island of Menorca has a lot to offer and we particularly enjoyed the tiny resort of Alcafar.

We have visited Menorca every year since 1997 and would use this hotel as a base again. The meals were varied and buffet style in a cellar type restaurant. A good family friendly experience. Entertainment is child centred leading to a show usually put together by local reps on a well known theme.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomson

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4 / 10
Please don't go here unless you are...

"Please don't go here unless you are either hiring a car or love to be really out in the remote area.

Buses - a free bus to a different beach is provided daily but they visit Son Bou 3 times out of 5. It's a beautiful beach but beware of sun lounger charges ( 17 euro for 2 beds and 1 brolly ).

Other beaches offered were bad compared with this one. The bus into Mahon leaves at 9am, around 1 and then at 5.15pm. That is it. The latest you can come back on the bus from Mahon is 7.15pm and most shops shut on an afternoon till teatime. ( it's just 1 euro 35 for the bus and around 20 Euros for a taxi ).

Food - all inclusive, but couldn't make a meal, lived on chips, rice and potatoes. Snacks available but you have to be dressed ( no beach stuff ) and dry, and you have to sit in the restaurant to eat them.

Complex - really clean and the pool is fab.

Beach - really pretty but smelled so bad that we left after 45 mins as we couldn't take it anymore.

The only good thing is that this is so remote that it is virtually impossible to spend a lot of money.

I wouldn’t' recommend this resort to anyone, there are far better out there.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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10 / 10
I have read may of the other comments...

"I have read may of the other comments for this hotel, and before I went I was quite worried about the prospect, but can I say the worse ones do not so it any justice. I have travelled the world and am normally the worse critic of poor hotels, but I find it difficult to criticise this one.

I went with my wife and two children aged 5 and 3. Yes the hotel is a distance away from anywhere, but the hotel have this in mind and offer a free daily bus service to different beaches around the island. I can recommend Son Bou!

Also, the entertainment was outstanding! The team worked extremely hard, and may I say that Carlo and Paulina are starts of the future. Also, with tennis courts, mini golf and a great pool there are plenty to keep you occupied.

I realise some people find food an issue, and are upset when there is not enough English food on the menu. May I say that the hotel worked extremely hard to cater for all nationalities and there was a balanced choice from all countries. For those who wish for more English food may I suggest Blackpool!

The rooms are very clean and well serviced, and the cleaner was happy to come back and clean later if you were having a long lie in or an afternoon siesta.

The hotel manager is excellent and really understands about trying to make sure people are happy on their holidays.

If you are trying to avoid teenagers noise and unruly tourists, this is the hotel for you.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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10 / 10
We just returned from a great holiday...

"We just returned from a great holiday last week, it was a really relaxing place with lovely views and really nice pool.

The rooms were on the small side but as we were only going to spend a few hours there to sleep it was not a problem. The only this that was a bit of a problem was the lack of thru ventilation, it got a bit warm at night so after the first night we hired a fan from the local bar, very reasonable at 15e for the week.

The hotel was all inclusive and we found the food reasonable, obviously they catered for about 800 people, no easy task. The drink was a bit of a letdown for any one that like a "Real" drink, only unknown brands were served.

The bar also closed at midnight and the resort kind of died all but for one bar located below the hotel, "Chepas". We used this nice bar/eatery allot, It was a pleasant place with friendly people running it, really helpful and always good for a bit of banter. Always a good place for a breakfast if you oversleep as we did on many days.

Almost forgot to mention the decent beers and brands you knew too.

There is not allot else in the resort, 2 car hire outlets, a mini market, 2 gift shops. The beach is only about 300yds away and is pretty, there is a fish restaurant overlooking it but the British girl here was unfriendly and the Spanish owner not much better, they were not really interested in the holidaymaker, only the locals.

If you visit this resort I would say you really needed a car unless you really only want to swim and laze around all day. The bus service ran about every 4 hours, not very good. You could hire bikes but not a good idea as the sun was so hot and the roads so wiggly.

This was our first time to Menorca and we wondered why we never came before. It is the loveliest place we have ever visited. See you next year.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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10 / 10
Well I just come back and I had a...

"Well I just come back and I had a great time.The staff were very helpful and it was very clean.

I had my bed changed 5 days out of 7 but the 2 days they did not change the beds was their rest days.

The food was great.

I can not wait to go back.

Yes it is in the middle of nowhere but if you walk you can find one beach and you can see a lot of nice views.

It is good place to go if you have young children.

Yes you do have to pay for something like games for the children at night but you are on holiday so why not.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Direct Holidays

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