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1 / 10
just came back from staying in the Dynastic

"It was just a rubbish hotel with ignorant staff, food was always cold,it was easier to see a ghost than the director, yes we where all inclusive the so called superior rooms were a joke all travel agents should take this hotel off there books it should be classed as a 1 star, 2 max,, I am a chef so I do know about food and the way it should be cooked,"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2016, booked with Hays travel
  • Advice: Go out and pay for your meals that way you will get what you like

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1 / 10
An EXPENSIVE Christmas and New Year from Hell

"On arrival I was given a room with a lumpy mattress and only after 3 days, and asking to see the manager, did I get a change of room. If I didn't ask to see the manager about the change of room, I wouldn't have been given a new room. The receptionists were not helpful at all.

The food was greasy, cold and tasteless. All the food was done on the cheap, and I had to heat everything up in the microwave - which didn't work very well at all.

The indoor swimming pool itself was OK, but changing area and the disabled showers were very dirty and dark. There was no seat in the shower, and the shower head didn't fit into the fixed holder and so it sprayed over my head.

The entertainment area was much too small for the size of hotel and could not get a seat. There were seats available in the Piano bar upstairs, but right outside the bar was the children's play area and all you could hear were children screaming all the time.

The hotel tailored all their entertainment for the Spanish, and there was a large number over Christmas and New Year. The noise was unbearable from the Spanish holiday makers, even though there were signs in the Hotel asking guests politely to be quiet and to consider other guests.

One of the guests decided to have a poo in the lift, which a woman with a pram walked through - disgusting.

My holiday was £1200 which was wasted, as I have had better food, service and accommodation from a 2 star hotel.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go there.
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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8 / 10
One of the best hotels we have stayed in.

"I stayed at the Dynastic with my husband and we had a very pleasant experience,contrary to the reviews I had read before we went on holiday.I don't know why I bother reading them,all I can say is people just have to moan about something.The first night we arrived at 11pm we could get food and a drink,so we were happy about that,our room was on the fourth floor which I was glad about and it was spotless.Breakfast was brilliant.Staff in all areas are lovely and friendly.The Dynastic is in a brilliant location just 5mins walk away from Levant beach and all the entertainment and bars.But getting back to the Dynastic, we found that the food was really good,there was a good choice of everything from meat,fish or vegetable dishes.They had theme nights so it was something different daily.The downside is the bars, they need bigger bars,the entertainment staff do a good job but would do better in a bigger area.All in all we would definitely go back.We found the hotel better than the reviews,our room was cleaned everyday, even though I tidied up every morning,we had a fridge in the room so we had a cold drink in the morning.The bathroom was quite big with a bath, shower,toilet and a bidet, which came in useful for rinsing sand from your feet .Can't fault it, except for the bars."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: enjoy it
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Value for money

"After reading a review called Dynasty! I did not know what to expect? On arrival i looked at the furniture and yes the Orange chairs was off coloured but it did not help when the other chairs in the reception was Black One's!! Over the two weeks we was at the hotel the reception was always busy so the chairs take some Hammering!! (Not to mention over a season?) We found the receptionist very pleasant and helpful, On the way to the lift which was situated at the far end of the the hotel I had a good look around the ground floor and it was very clean indeed the lift we had to use was 3 side's glass and this was also clean. On to our bedroom (14th floor) 1 large bedroom 2 nice big beds, TV with BBC1 & ITV, a balcony with a nice view over benidorm, yes a mini bar empty! (but then you don't get ripped off when you fill it yourself?) Now the bathroom! very clean no black mould! Shower worked fine but if you didn't put the shower curtain up against the wall the floor gets wet! (or when the wife takes a shower!!) Needless to say the bathroom door at the bottom was black in the corner! (water damage) the taps worked fine but the Chrome had discoloured! The towels were a bit hard! But changed everyday. The room was cleaned every day by the maid (cleaner) and she even cleaned under the bed! I made our beds everyday and then the cleaner remade them again! I even cleaned the bathroom and the maid cleaned it again!.(I think there was something wrong with my cleaning & bed making!!) On to the restaurant 1 floor down from the reception I had a good look at all the food on display and the cleanliness of the place! (Iam very funny when it comes to food!) the selection of food covered a wide range! from salads to mains and as much as you like! there were somethings I didn't know what it was after all you are in Spain!! (but we never went without)If there was anything you found to be a bit on the cold side there was a microwave for your use. The staff in the restaurant were pleasant and it was very clean.The main bar is on the same floor as the restaurant and this is also the entertainment area? (very primitive! But you can always go out! You are in the home of entertainment!) All our drinks were served in glasses unless you went outside by the pool then the drinks are in plastic glasses for safety! We found the bar staff to be warm & friendly and they offered a wide range of drinks.

They also put other entertainment on in the piano bar upstairs! (or you can go next door too the Union jack they show all the football plus cash bingo for the Wife!! (Happy days!!) The indoor pool & fitness room is 2 floors down the pool is a nice size & the water was warm but you do have to ware a swimming hat!! The fitness room is well equipped. Over all we found it very clean and good value for the money!! We did speak to other customers on the complex with mixed reviews!! We will be back.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2012, booked with Travel republic
  • Advice: Enjoy the area.
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
new year in benidorm

"took g/kids for a christmas treat ,hotel clean ,staff friendly,food ok but mostly cold,tea& coffee horrible,nothing to entertain kid,s during day and only 30 min,s miniclub at night apart from so called disco dance played mostly spanish music .bar area used for entertainment too small.had the usual rubbish on ie higher&lower card game+card bingo and what,s in the box, won,t be staying here again.also had to buy swimming hat,s and flipflops before being allowed in indoor pool."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013
  • Advice: stay away
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"Just got back from this disgusting hotel please beleive what i am writing in this review the hotel claims to be a four star it is no more than a two at best it all starts as you walk in the door and the orange seats are black and thread bare arms the reception staff are very miserable when you get to your room your are even more disgusted the suppose to be walk in shower is over the bath with half a shower curtain the shower you have to hang the shower up yourself and it kept falling off the taps are all rusty where the chrome has worn off the sealent round the bath is black mould the towels are very rough and grey not white like drying with sand paper the bottem of the bathroom door was rotten and had a big hole in it the supposed mini bar had nothing in it , you then get to the restraunt well this is just a laugh the food was very over cooked and cold vegatables were just mushy the staff wore scruffy orange tea shirts that were all baggy and faded the bar staff were very rude the entertainment was nothing more than rubbish and the lady in charge of entertainment had no idea and when a man dropped his trousers she just encouraged him instead of telling him to stop she could certainly empty the bar with her silly little higher /lower games you can only have your drinks in a glass if your are sitting indoors every thing else is in plastic glasses and that includes coffee come on this is supposed to be a four star hotel i am sorry but faulty towers comes to mind"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
be careful

"booked this hotel for all inclusive, arrived and were told that we had to go to a diferent hotel up the road. this was a lower 3 star hotel, very basic and totally spanish orienteted. food horrible and cold, rooms poor bathroom lots of problems. apprently we were moved due to pipes being broken, but we heard lots of dif stories, ie overbookin being the main one, we also saw other people actually booking in and staying there with no problems! after two nights we were given a room there. pool small and not nearly enough loungers, wont be back. staff nice tho to be fair."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012
  • Advice: as long as u dont get moved u will be ok

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7 / 10
Value For Money

"If You are looking for Peace,Quite,and Sofistication then this NOT the Hotel for You.

The Dynastic Hotel & Spa has many good things going for it. The Superior Rooms are superb. Lots of space. Two large Beds, A Bathroom with Bath and seperate walk in Shower, plenty of hot water,and when required, Heating or Air Conditioning.

we were given the Superior Room without a suppliment, so I can't comment on the standard Rooms. The food We had no complaint about whatsoever,but it is true that warming plates,and keeping food hot would add to the Medal list. Much that is good about the DYNASIC is owed to the Staff. Their work rate,and pleasent attitude keeps this Hotel ticking over.

On the downside,the Entertainment Rooms are small and antiquated cosidering the number of People the Hotel holds,this results in the noise being horrendous at times leaving seating in the entrance hall as the only escape. This has comfortable seating,but with a Bar that is never used,and inclined to be cool and

unwelcoming. The Spa is available free to All Inclusive Guests and contains a superb indoor swiming pool.

Would I return ? I think not. We found it far to noisy,and tended to get to overcrowded for the facilities available. It is also quite a walk to the Sea for anyone with walking difficulties But it must be said it's still good value for money.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2012, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Ask for Room 405.
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
ex hotel good location

"25nov/ 2dec first time at this hotel and glad i went, on booking in rec staff very helpful i was booked in on the second floor bedroom clean and large with agood view, went down for a meal with hot plates and food with a good selection what more can anyone ask for,bar staff spoke with very good english and service during the course of the week was second to none as travling alone they would have a chat with you and a bit of carry on , entertainment in the piano room was ex, as having 5 to 6 holidays per year i tryed to fault it but could not find not a thing wrong i am now looking forward to my return"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2011, All Inclusive, booked with JetlineTravel
  • Advice: entertainment, night clubs realy it is a ideal holiday for all ages
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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8 / 10
girls weekend away in march

"Nice hotel near to bars and shops. Food was good but not wonderful but for what we paid it was great!! clean rooms helpful staff. Bar was not great so you do have to go out of the hotel for entertainment. I will use this hotel again."

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go oout and about to look for entertainment
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10

"the only good thing about the hotel was the room,aircon in hotel was never on.never anything for the kids to eat at dinner.crammed in like sardines at the pool.as for the lifts,they are a nightmare.this hotel is totaly geared towards the spanish.4 star? i would not give it 1."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont go there
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
family with young child

"hotel is a very clean, rooms cleaned and fresh towels daily, food ok although felt as though you were eating the same thing every couple of days, some bar staff can be snappy but overal staff were very friendly and chatty, entertainment was brilliant a show every night outside on the stage, and also childrens entertainment during the day and kids club was good, i wouldnt return to this hotel felt asthough there were alot of hen and stag party's . if you like to sunbathe by the pool get down to the pool early as beds go quick not enough for full hotel.lifts are very slow and if you are afraid of hights do not take a floor any higher that 4th floor! bearing in mind it goes up to 21 floors!! as i said before i would recomend taking young children! but if for a hen or stag party then defo! or young couples :)"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2011, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by smifff

    " If you can get over the high rise then you'll be okay. "

  • by nicola hunt

    " nice friendly relaxed place, loads of old age pensioners "

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