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4 / 10
Not Great!!!!!

"Myself and my boyfriend spent 2 weeks All Inclusive at this hotel, first 2 weeks in August.

On reading all the reviews on this hotel we were slightly worried to say the least.......

We arrived by taxi at the hotel at about 11.30pm and though first of all that the Irish centre wasnt as loud as we were expecting so that was quite a surprise. We checked in and asked the reception if our room was facing the front and his reply was "if you would like to change your room, we could come back down in the morning and do so", we thought this was obviously a frequently asked question by his response. We went up to our room and were pleasantly surprised they were far nicer than expected. That night the Irish centre came alive and it was pounding music, far louder as the night went on, we decided to go to reception in the moring and got ourselves a new room with no problems what so ever, this was far better.

Dining Area;

This was extremly small for the size of the hotel and the choice for breakfast was the normal, although 1 toaster that took about 10 mins to toast was of no use at all. Lunch and dinner in our first week was terrible with only a couple of choices and these choices were far from being hot, therefor using the microwave on every occasion, i heard from alot of guest that were complaing about the food and this did seem to get a bit better on our second week with far more choices being put on but the food was never very hot.

Pool Area;

The main pools water was very dirty again on our first week but this was cleaned by our second week and we could actually see the bottom of the pool by then! The surrounding gardens seemed to be getting worked on throughout our holiday and they were very nice but I wasnt keen on the gardeners leaving their large cutting tools about the pool as they did ther were alot of children running about that could easily have gotten hold of them. The bar pool was a very small hut with only 1 member of staff on and they had to go to and collect food from the kitchen leaving the bar un attended alot of the times, this was the only pool bar and there were 3 pools plus a baby pool!


The cleaners were very nice and came every second day. Our towells were changed 4 times throughout our 2 weeks, this I thought should have been done, if not every day at least every other day.


Well what can I say apart from THERE WAS NIL ENTERTAINMENT!!!! We,as I said at the start were All Inclusive and this is usually a big part of All Inclusive, we made our own entertainment and lucky enough we met a great bunch of Irish guys and had a good laugh at the pool at night. Having no entertainment was a big let down. The All Inclusive drinks also finished at 11pm and the bar then shut at that time to, so there was no option on buying a drink after this time! There was a list of drinks available on arrival but only actually serving, whisky,brandy,beer,soft drinks, banana liqure, vodka and sangria, so not a great deal to choose from, when questioning the "list" their answer was this was all that was there for the time. There was no kids clubs either and for the size of this hotel with a very large number of kids staying, this was also a big let down.(for families).

Checking Out;

We were getting picked up at 8.30pm and enquired about keeping our room on as we were told to be out for 12 o clock, this was answered with a bit of a smug "no our hotel is full", we then asked if there was a shower room were we could get a showered before being picked up and was then told that they had no rooms available for this either, this resulted in us having a wash at the showers by the pool and getting changed in the toilet, totally disgusted that again a hotel of this size could not have a spare room for their guests to shower in!!

My over all opinion of this hotel is Good if you are going self catering and you get a room at the back,but a definate no no if thinking about half board/ all inclusive, we had to explain to a couple who had booked this hotel (the first all inclusive holiday) that this was a very poor standard of all inclusive.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007

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4 / 10
Definitely a place for the young and...

"Definitely a place for the young and lively!! I’m only home from there and I was away with a group of 11 girls and 8 boys aged between 18 and 22. Definitely the place to go for a mad holiday.

The apartments were spacious and clean. The pools however were filthy and were not cleaned in the whole 2 weeks we were there.

Staff were uncooperative and we had several run - ins with the police so any young people going - don’t annoy them and be very quiet in this resort when returning home cause reception will not hesitate to call the policia.

We were glad to see the back of this apartment block at the end of the trip. Definitely not a place for families!!

Anyone going - check out Scruffy Murphys located right underneath the apartments!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Stein Travel

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6 / 10
We enjoyed our stay at hotel our ages...

"We enjoyed our stay at hotel our ages are 44, 45, 20 yrs old. It was noisy but we were at back of hotel over looking pool. We didn’t here any noise from Irish centre. It was a busy resort, if you want to relax this is not for you.

The all-inclusive was not that good as they would not serve you food all day you had to pay for snacks if you missed restaurant. There was one bar manager very strict, he did come around when he got to know you, and he was stressed out in our first week, due to short of staff.

It was so hot, no air con in hotel, tried opening door for air, as it was in the 50s, but he shut doors, it was like a sauna, no joke, unbearable.

We were thrown out of bar at 11, due to bar closes. No entertainment at hotel. Food was ok, but got fed up at end of our 2 weeks. Chinese next door was good; eat as much as you want for 545 euros.

Staff were friendly once you got to know them. We met nice friends, went to the bars around us. Missing holidays already. It is not cheap for drinks at bars, glad we went all-inclusive.

There were 4 pools they all were lovely, always found a sun lounger. Went to Porto Rico, nice to visit, we went on a boat to see dolphins, saw hammer head shark, flying fish. Went on yellow submarine it was good.

We would go back, and stay here as it was central, as we had last min deal, would not like to go self catering, as we would have spent a bomb.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Med Hotels

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1 / 10
What a dump!! Cold water for my...

"What a dump!! Cold water for my entire stay which was scheduled for 9 days however I could only manage 4 nights and booked a flight back to England.

I have been to Gran canaria before on numerous occasions and due to the school holidays I was limited in my accommodation, I found these apartments on Expedia and will not come back!!

In the day it is quiet and relaxing, 10 metres from the Irish Centre, then from 8pm until 6am its drunken yobs aplenty, the hotel has a nightclub on the ground floor which closes at 6 am and the music pounds the he entire complex from open to close, after that you then have the drunken tourists leaving, shouting, screaming glass smashing and then the people finding their way back to there rooms.

I managed no more than 2 hours consecutive sleep on any of my nights here.

Cold water from the taps no matter what time of day or night. The apartment itself was ok I suppose for the money it is just let down by its location, cold water - constantly and the god damn nightclub on the ground floor.

Not for people wanting a real relaxing holiday, it’s a shame to cut my break short but I need some rest at night!!

Stay away if you do not want to be disappointed.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Self Catering, booked with Expedia

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8 / 10
Nice, But SO Loud!

"We've just got back from the Jardin del Atlantico after our annual week in Playa del Inglés.

We arrived at the hotel after our First Choice flight at around 9pm on a Monday evening. Our initial impression was that the hotel was quite nice, if a little dated.

We were greeted by a kind receptionist who spoke good English and confirmed our reservation, we were given a key each (insted of a key per room), which was hugely convenient, and set on our way.

The hotel is extremely accessible for disabled persons, it has two lifts, ramps, and is easy to get around. There is a mini-market in the hotel, and a supermarket opposite. There are also some other stores within the hotel, selling Jewellery and souveniers, and it has a beauty salon and a snack bar by the pool.

We were staying on the first floor, with two rooms, both of which were one-bedroom apartments next door to each other. The rooms were initally clean, however they were EXTREMELY hot. *The bathroom was a bit cramped and the "bath" was very small, there was also no hot water, which I found to be quite appalling.

* The bedroom was quite small and not very airy, we had to have the door open to keep it cool in there, it was facing the main road so if we had the window open it was very noisy. There are two single beds with a bedside cabinet in between them, but these can be shifted around to create a double bed if you wanted.

* The wardrobe came with a safe which was €14 for the week, 4 draws, and 10 hangers. It was a fairly large wardrobe and there was enough room for us to put all our things.

* The kitchen was very basic, with two hobs and a few utilities. As we didnt ever eat at the hotel this was OK for us.

* The lounge area had a "sofa bed" but it wasn't a pull out, so basically a sofa which you could sleep on. I didnt find it to be very comfortable so wouldn't recommend you sleep more than 2 people to a room. There was a pay-TV but it did have 14 channels, only one of which, however, was English, that was CNN.

* The rooms were cleaned twice during our stay, but the towels were only changed once, the first time they cleaned the room they just folded up the dirty towels and hung them back up thinking we wouldn't notice. I didn't think the Maid service was up to much.

There was one main pool with a kids splash pool and a snack bar, then two smaller pools in seperate areas. I don't think there was half the space they needed for a hotel this size. There were very rarely any sunbeds available, and on the first day this was made worse because one of the smaller pools was closed for maintenance work. The areas were clean and well maintained but I have seen some much better.

The hotels location is perfect if you're an Irish group who don't want to sleep until 6am. Other than that, don't bother! The noise in the nights was absolutely ridiculous! How some companies can offer this hotel for families is beyond me! The music from the Irish center blasts out until about 4-5am, and even then you get drunken people singing and shouting outside until 6-7am. This didn't bother ME as mcuh because I'd be out until 5 anyway!

It's a short walk the beach and the nearest restaurants and shops, but to get to the beach from the hotel there are a lot of steps involved, you can however, get a taxi for €3-€7 depending on whether you want Playa del Inglés or Maspalomas beach. Personally I prefer Maspalomas beach, it isn't as crowded and it's much nicer!

The hotel, as said, is across the road from the Irish Center, It's then a 5 minute walk to the Tropicana & Kasbah, or a 10-15 minute walk to the Yumbo & Cita. It's also about 15 minutes away from the Sand Dunes (if you're going to walk across these, remember your sun lotion!!).

Playa del Inglés as a resort is very 18-30 orientated. I'd recommend families stay down in Maspalomas when you're only a €4 taxi ride away, or even go to Puerto Rico which we visited and found to be a beautiful resort.

I wouldn't return to the hotel, don't get me wrong, it's good value for money, but it's too loud and the maid service is dreadful. I know plenty of hotels in Playa del Inglés that I'd sooner stay at over the Jardin del Atlantico. And for you families, avoid it like the plague!

However, if you do wanna stay here, it's available as a package holiday through Airtours, or on numerous internet accommodation only sites.

If you do want any further information, just gimee a shout :)

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007

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8 / 10
No Constant Hot Water

"This is a very honest review and hopefully will help anyone who wants to stay at the Jardin Del Alantico.

My wife and I, with my best mate and his girlfriend travelled to Grand Canaria. We arrived at Las Palmas shortly after 23:35 hours. Our Taxis transfer took us to the hotel which was approximately a 25-30 minute journey.

Once at the hotel we got out the cab and was surrounded by loud music from across the road coming from the Irish centre.

We were given rooms facing the Irish centre and the music was unbearable even with the windows closed.

I went straight to reception and complained that when booking the hotel, I asked for rooms at the rear of the hotel to be away from all the noise as my wife was pregnant. The reception staff were very polite and said they would change the room for us, the next morning when rooms became available and apologised.

The next morning I went straight back to the reception and asked for the new room I was promised. I was told that rooms will be available from 2pm as people checked out by 11am and the cleaners would need to clean it before it was given to us. I was called at 1pm and was advised that my change of room was ready.

I was given a room on the ground floor a the back of the hotel, room 118. This room was perfect as it was away from the noisey enviroment at the front. Also the living room doors opened out onto a large square area where you had an outside dining area and a sunbed . This area faced onto the swimming pool area which was a matter of yards away.

All in all the room was a good size room, the cleaners came round once every day / every other day. My only gripe with this room was that there was no hot water only luke warm water, even after complaining numerous times the problem never really got solved. The tempture of the water only minutely increased making it slightly warmer then luke warm which was not constant. My friend next door had the same problem. On speaking to the hotel manager she informed us that the whole block had the same problem. The manager told me that machine that gives the hot water to the rooms was set on 37C, meaning the water should be very hot. This was not the case, I was also told by the manager that the week before the hotel spent £400 sorting out the problem and could not understand why it was not fixed. The water would defetnitley not be suitable for a bay.

The beach nearest to the Jardin Del Alantico hotel is crap, there our no other words that would describe it better. However if you take a number 90 bus aswell as many other bus numbers from around the corner from the hotel it takes you to Masplamous beach which has numerous retail stores near by. I would recommend to by your perfume/aftershaves from here, they are better priced then the duty free stuff. The beach here is much better aswell.

The other beach to cheack out is ALMADORES beach, the number 90 bus also take you straight to this beach, other bus take you only upto a certain way and you would have to catch another bus.

The bus prices our very cheap and defitnetly that way to get around, the cab prices are aslo reasonably. We used to take a bus to our destination and a cab back to the hotel, which worked out really good.

I would say that Playa del ingles is defitnetly the place to stay, as it has many restraunts, shops and other amenities aswell as many pubs/bars a short walk away. I travelled around the Island and was happy to be stayiing at Playa Del Ingles as it was very easy to get around from here. For food shopping its a must to go to the SPAR supermarket around the corner, food is priced very reasonable there, better then most places.

On the Jardin Del Alantico hotel I would say, the atomesphere in the hotel is good for couples and familys. The reception staff are very welcoming and helpfull. Especially the lady with short dark hair, cant remeber her name. She lives local herself so can give you good advice on where to go and eat and what beaches to visit and her advice is spot on.

Avoid the Jardin Del Alantico if you are a couple/family looking to travel towards the start of July through to August as this is the hotels busy period with a younger crowd who are in the least to say very lively.

I hope this has been usefull and this is a very honest and accurate review.

PS. Our rooms were self catering, but I saw other rooms within the same hotel that looked 100 times better, I dont know if those are the rooms for the full board people or jus more expensive per night rooms.


  • Holiday details: Jun 2007

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4 / 10
Very Noisy

"We stayed at Jardin Del Atlantico week comm 24 March. First night was awful. We were on front of complex and the noise was unbearable until about 4 in the morning. Bleary eyed next morning we told our rep who immediately got us a new room at the back of the complex which was perfect. No noise and its own little garden, so make sure you ask for a quiet room if you're a light sleeper.

Otherwise weather perfect, beaches beautiful. Would return but perhaps not to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2007

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4 / 10
What a nightmare - would never go back!

"Myself and my partner stayed at the Jardin del Atlantico for a week in Sept 2003 - thank god it was only a week, we were so glad to get home and get some sleep!!! The hotel was actually nice, the rooms were a good size and nicely furnished and the pools were nice although you couldn't take inflatables into the pool with you. However when the evening came around the noise coming from the Irish bars across the road was just unbearable! We were situated at the front of the hotel and if we had our bedroom window open we might as well have been trying to sleep in the disco! It wasn't much better with the window closed either! Also a word of warning DONT GET A HENNA TATTOO done as if it comes off on the bed linen you get charged for it, I can't remember how much it was now but it wasn't cheap to pay for a new bed spread - ouch! Also something to note if you are going to Playa del Ingles is if you go to the Kasbah centre and see a group of Africans avoid them like the plague - before you know it they grab hold of you wrist and burn a wrist band onto you and demand money for it and wont let go until you pay them - it is quite terrifying!! We also spoke to some people staying in the hotel who had the same experience - so beware!! In a nut shell we would never return to Grand Canaria again and if we did for any reason we wouldn't go back to Playa del Ingles!!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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8 / 10
Fantastic Apartment

"Stayed here at end of January beginning of Feb 2007 - after reading reviews was terrified about staying here - but it was great. Went for a chill out holiday with my mum (girls only!!) had a brilliant time - apartments were basic but fine - just what we needed a bed and a fridge!! no kettle or toaster but just ask at reception they will give you one immediately (within 10 mins we got ours!!) pool fantastic - one hot water one which you need at that time of year others were real cold!!! weather for us was fantastic - i got burnt!!! and managed to come back really brown - how can anyone complain about that in Feb!!! Girl who did amination at pool was great - she had me just wanting to watch the crazy welsh boys!!! Rest at top of the road was great - just opposite the crazy golf (which my mum beat me at!!!) can't remember name not malmasion but other one - great food and quick - you will see what i mean if you go!!! Apartments opposite Irish bars - for me or my mum not a problem but if you have young family - they will not sleep!!! Ask for a quiet room if you have the option - if not you have been warned so just join in!!! Be aware if you go to Yumbo centre they will bother you to buy stuff - just be firm!! one guy did grab my arm - just do not be scared of them!!! Overall had a ball - our apartment had a great position - we got the sun at night whilst enjoying a drink or two!!! if you are not bothered by noise then this is a great place - so close to all centres and never ever a problem to get a sunbed!!! go on go - all year round sun and great great nightlife - even for us older ones!!! (i am 28 and my mum...a bit older!!!) fab place wish i was still there and i have been back a month!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Mar 2007

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3 / 10
This was a late booking, I found it...

"This was a late booking, I found it difficult to find any selection even at twice the price. I wish I had found this site before booking there, as the comments regarding this aparthotel being opposite the Irish centre, yes it was a killer, very, very noisy live music till 12 and just as loud pipped till 4am, my room was on the ground floor.

I landed on a Sunday (I came from Tenerife) and had ordered a transfer, it did not arrive, found a bus and a map, that I could hardly read, from the information box in the airport, nice girl, well, I could almost guess the street names! Found the right stop, found hotel, I found the receptionist was ok and friendly, but I do speak some Spanish, the room I found somewhat tired although clannish, my hate are dark bathrooms, there was one saver bulb, there was no mold around the bath, the water was just luke warm, the maids were lovely and came 3 times in my I week, changed towels and washed up.

The resort, for Nov was busy, I can see why some comments talk a lot about the Germans it was difficult to hear an English word, there is a very large TUI complex 20 mins walk away I know I, got lost in it? The Yumbo center was buzzing at night, I found even at a German bar all the staff were very friendly, complete change from Tenerife, the eating places, well that is difficult for many Brits even today, I had on problem finding very good restaurants most of the time, you have to look at the prices and then wait to see the food before sitting!

Back to the apart, the pool, I did not use, but my room had a nice sitting area just for me, was ok, I noted that the far block had another pool on the far side looked better, only spotted from the road.

Although the resort was a little tired looking I found it lively and pleasant I will go again, I would like to go to the capital it sounds nice and drive around. Oh I did get my transfer back, it was on time and yes all Germans but again their rep came to me, in English to direct me to my check-in no complaints there. The reason I have given a very low score is that as an independent booking £310 for the week is very expensive I am sure it would only cost that in 4* hotel with a tour operator, English or Germans!

  • Holiday details: Nov 2006, Self Catering, Booked Independently

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10 / 10

"What can i say! BELTER! This was the best holiiday ever! 9 Derry boys went here in august for 2 weeks! Not many problems except that you wernt allowed to jump in the pool!

Has a great location, about 20 feet away from the irish centre and about a 5 min walk to "The Plaza", where cream and all the big nightclubs are. Its about a 20min walk to the beach but its worth it! Good views on the walk to the beach. If your irish you would have better craic staying arounf the irish centre! These loads of bars that give you free bottles of peach snapps! Drink is cheap too! The fiddler niteclub last until 7 in the morning, so advisible to go there, although you may not mind much!

The accommadtion and service was great! The cleaner was around every day! Thank God! This place would not be advisible to familes in the summer months as there is lound music from the irish centre, but it is a great location for the 18-30 crew!!

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006

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10 / 10
Fantastic !!!!!

"We got back 2 days ago, totally didnt want to come home and i'd go back again today if I had the money !!! Absolutely brilliant !! After reading a few bad reviews I was nervous, but the hotel was brilliant !! The rooms were spacious and clean. Everything you needed was in them. They were cleaned everyday (providing you were awake to let the cleaner in).

The location is fab, as its right opposite the irish center - they play every type of music and you ask for 1 drink and the give you 3 for 3euros !! Round the corner are all the clubs, china whites, eden, cream etc etc - i'd recommend booking the bar crawl for 15euros as you get free entry to all the clubs for 3 nights !! It's a 5 min walk to the beach where there's jet ski's, bananna boats, doughnuts etc. You can get a bus for 1 euro from round the corner to the waterpark and the market. The hotel is surrounded by restaurants to suit every taste, and most importantly the shop - 1 ltr of vodka for 6euros !!

I'd still recommend this hotle to families as there is a lot to do in this resort and the 3 pools at the hotel are really good. I was suprised at how many families were staying at the hotel. Definately ask for a room at the back of the hotel though as the music is pretty loud until 7am.

Overall 10 out of 10 !! I'd definatley recommend this hotel and would go back for sure !!!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2006

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