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2 / 10
Bad bad bad

"It was a bad holiday there was an incredibly LOUD family. A woman called Emma who kept shouting 'BILLY' or 'CHARLIE' that did my head in."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Jetsun
  • Advice: possibly

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6 / 10
very good

"the first day we arrived at 11 at night so there was no food on but we had a chineese in our room but it had liver in it so we didnt eat it we asked for toasties but we got sandwiches witch were disgusting but the rest of the week was great the room cleaners were great the brekfast,luch and tea were really good but if you didnt like anything from the dinner there was all ways something for a snack the entertainer and DG was good he was called ben there was allways acks on a night time witch were good the people in the hotel were really friendlyck theread to choose another holiday i would go back there it was great but if you were on the bottom floor never open the patio door because there was a woman walking backwards and forwards 4 times looking to get through your house (so bring a fan with you for night time but we left ours on all day every day)"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: i think it is a very good place for kids and familys
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Great Holiday

"Have recently returned from a 14 day holiday at this hotel. I was really impressed with how clean the hotel is. Only problem is the sunbeds round the pool are impossible to get unless you want to sit at the pool from 7.30 every morning. Pool not very big for the size of hotel either. Did not have food there, chose to go out to other places especially the Rovers Return and the Corner Bar. Great prices for food and drink. The most we paid for a pint of local beer was 3 euros and that was on Veronica's strip. Will definately go back to Tenerife but probably not to the same hotel."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Best Holiday Ever

"My husband and I took our teenage daughter and son for 2 weeks in july 2007, our friends took their 2 teenage daughters and we had a fantastic holiday. Only complaint was that the shower only provided one hot shower in the early evening, but apart from that we'd love to return. Is appealing to all ages and Cara and Bobby are lovely and do a great job. Great value for money - loved it !!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2007, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: you will have a great holiday here
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
excellent holiday!!!!

"I am just bak from a week stay in parque de la paz. I went with my partner, my son and my neice (both 10yrs old). We had a really good stay. When we got there we upgraded to allinclusive, it cost us 99euros a day for the four of us. The food was good, freshly cooked infront of u, for example...the bacon in the morning and the chicken, steak, turkey etc in the evenings. After breakfast in the restaurant the food was then available from the allinclusive area at the poolbar. It was a little repetitive everyday, but there was always sumthin available. The drinks were good for the kids...fizzy juice, still juice and non alcoholic cocktails from 10.30am-11pm! They also got icecream included, but just the one kind. The local beeer for us was tasty, but we had to drink out of plastic cups all the time as glasses were nt available for allinclusive guests.U had to be up b4 7 inda mornin if u wanted a lounger at the pool, which was a bit early for me. The entertainment started around 11am for the kids, ben and van (the 2 entertainers) were very good at keeping them entertained with water volleyball, water datrs, crazy golf, bingo, quizes and lots more. Entertainment at nite was also 2 an excellent standard, it went on till around 12.30, so if u hav a pool view it can be a bit noisey!! No matter wat time u went to bed at, u wud always find a maid cleaning!!!!!!!! Our beds were made everyday and our towels changed daily...but they did smell a bit damp..not that nice wen u cum out of the shower. The place itself is central 2 everything...if u are looking for a gud home cooked breakfast try the hole in the wall directly below the hotel. The chinese beside it is also very tasty, and u gt a free blt of wine with ur dinner...and if u are good, a free shot (which is a full brandy glass size) afterwards!!! The designer shops are sooooo expensive, but the cigarettes are so cheap...18euros for 200 lambert!!! We will definaley be bak. Susan, stephen, jack and emily x x x x x"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, self caterin on arrival, but upgrad, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
summersunshine i miss you ♫

"in august/september 08' my mum booked a holiday for, her, me, my friend, my auntie, my brother and my step dad, we had never been to tenerife before and when we arrived at our hotel i was really surprised at the apartments, in the brochure it had sayd it was very basic, but they were clean,spacious and well situated with an onlook to the large pool with an large balcony also, we were really happy about the service which we recieved from both the hotel staff and our thomas cook rep, the hotel consisted of, vending machines, computers with internet access which was handy to check emails, a large reception area, 2 pay phones, a large pool including a small toddlers pool and an elevator which stops on all floors, the entertainment was extremely good, the hosts, BOBBIE AND CARA made everyone feel welcome to the hotel, the entertainment is the same both weeks but that gives you a better chance to go out and explore and if you miss anything you can see it again the following week, my stay in the apartment was great the maid was in cleaning everyday except one with clean lineing and towels, i didnt see one cockroache in my whole stay there, as for my stay there it was fantastic and i would defianatley go back if i had the chance, everyone has there view depending on the holiday you like to have but i would defiantly recommend it to a group of friends and family,go to PARQUE DE LA PAZ!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: fantastic hotel, book now!
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Perfect Hotel

"I really enjoyed my stay at Parque De La Paz.

The staff is helpful and answer any questions you may have, and there is several people responsible for entertainment throughout the day such as minigolf, water gymnastics, pool-volley, bingo, word-quiz, singing etc.

As for the rooms i was very pleased, they were clean and had this cosy southern-europe style. The best of all must have been the big balcony with entrance from both the bedroom and the livingroom. If you get the choice, and travel while the hotel is not fully booked, i would ABSOLUTELY recommend asking for a room facing the pool-area.

The food was absolutely ok, we chose to eat out most days as we travelled several people together living at different hotels. But the one day we ate at the buffet, i was very pleased. The whole food-bar is decorated with pretty formations of fresh fruit and vegetables! There wasn't a whole lot food to chose from, but you won't suffer.

They have different dishes every day, and when i went there a lovely cute spanish cook made the entrecote right in front of you! So the meat wasn't laying there just until someone went to get some, she only made it when someone wanted it. So fresh meat and fresh fries.

I was very hungry and asked for the fries that was finished, and she just said "nonono, they are cold hun!".

She was really nice and obsessed by the costumers beeing pleased.

When it comes to the pool area, i read online on the webpage of the company i travelled with that the pool area was big, but kinda worn. I absolutely didn't think it was any more worn out than any other pool areas at 4 and 5 star hotels! The pool area was also very pretty with green grass and trees getting maintenance pretty much every day. The only negative is that you have to pay for the madrass you but on top of your sunbed. But we are only talking about 1,20 euros for really comfortable madrasses! You can of course use the sunbeds without madrass and use it for free.

Although the webpage of our tour operator didn't specify if the pool was heated, it was heated but it is still pretty cold! I just don't want anyone to expect 30c water, and everything higher than 20 degrees is "heated".

The only negative experience i had was noise. Personally i don't have a problem with it, and i could still sleep.

Everyone reading this review has probably already been to - or read about playa de las americas. The place is known for lot of entertainment through the entire night, but living at a hotel with its own entertainment you will also have to listen to that.

Most people experience problems with cockroaches or ants in Tenerife, i couldn't see one cockroach while staying there but as most other hotels there was a lot of ants.

So just make sure you sweep the floor after eating, and don't keep food laying around without being in it's package. I couldn't really see this as a big problem, but i've travelled a lot and i'm used to a lot.

So for first time-travellers: This is not a sign of a cheap hotel with bad cleaning habits, it is absolutely normal and it is hard to avoid.

Maids were quick and professional, cleaning 5 days a week. But they came as early as 9.30 one day, and as late as 16.15/4.15pm another day.

All in all, i had a great experience here at Parque De la Paz, i would absolutly go back and so would the 3 others i travelled with. When i look back, there's nothing obviously negative about the hotel at all, and oh, the location is absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend this hotel, enjoy your stay!

  • Holiday details: Mar 2010, Room Only, booked with Apollo
  • Advice: Fantastic either you are a senior, family, couple, teenagers, with kids etc.
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10

"Brilliant from start to finish. I celebrated my 40th birthday here and will always remember it for all the right reasons!!!!! Very clean hotel, fab food and there was something for everyone and entertainment was great too. Not the best acts in the world but they made us laugh and thats what its all about. Well done to cara and bobby for doing such a good job enteraining us in between acts, you made us all feel so welcome and cant wait to come back and see you again!!!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: its clean and tidy and loved every minute
  • Activities: siam park is a big must
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
brilliant holiday!!

"Myself and my partner stayed in Parque De La Paz for 7 nights. Hotel was lovely and very clean. Sunbed situation was rather annoying, however you get this at most hotels, you had to be down ready for the sunbeds to be unlocked to get a place around the pool in the sun! Was suprised by the amount of children for end of september!!

Our room was at the front of the hotel facing the andorra hotel, which was having a lot of work done at the time of our stay, which was VERY annoying at 8am in the morning or if we wanted a few quiet hours on our balcony as all we could hear was banging!!

One of the downsides was, as we (and the majority of people in our hotel) had a late flight home, we were hoping to extend our room, however the hotel was fully booked and we had to check out at 12pm. However there was no where to leave cases except in the lobby!!!

Evening entertainment was very good, Bob and Cara were very good. Bingo every night, which was expensive, but you cant complain when you win! Johnny Circus was by far the best act we saw and comes highly recommended to anyone visiting! All in all a very good holiday and excellent apartments in a very good location!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: excellent location and very clean
  • Activities: Boat trip to see dolphins and whales, highly recommended
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
!!!!Really Good Holiday!!!

"Me and my boyfriend (aged early twenties) have just arrived back from a week at Parque De La Paz, 29th sept to 6th oct 09, had a lovely time, the apartments are massive got a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, table and chairs, with two large sitting/ pull out beds, also a very big balcony. The room itself was very clean on arrival and staid the same the rest of our week, the maids came 6 out of 7 days to give clean towels, bed sheets tidy a little etc which was more than enough. Plenty of cutlery for self catering customers and a decent sized fridge also. The bedroom has a large wardrobe space with limited hangers, also the safety deposit box is placed here also costing 31 euros a week but you get 21 euros back at the end of your stay. The air con is not included in the room and costs 10euro per day, which is way too expensive, we had to grin and bare the head for a weekly unfortunatly i wasnt going to be stupid enough to pay 70euros im afraid. The hotel itself is rather large, large reception (friendly staff, good english speaking) also a good sized pool,the water is very deap as others have indicated before, so i would take care, please note the sun bed cushions are 2euro each a day, which we gladly avoided the man when he arrived to collect your money and im glad to say we got away with it for the week:),found that we had to be getting up around 9-9.30am each morning to get a good spot in the sun and also obtain enough sunbeds, wasnt a problem getting up as the ferry which came in every morning around 8am made a lovely loud noise for a few minutes waking myself just in time (thanks for that). With regards to food products and drink at the hotel, they are a bit pricey, with a chicken burger chips was roughly 6euro and a drink 3-4 euro, we didnt use this a lot and opted for buying food for in the room. The hotel itself was really full considering it was so late in the season, quite a lot of young ( school age) children also. I could imagine this hotel to be very roudy during peak season and would not be suitable for families, as it was slightly for our week of stay.

It is approx 10-15 min walk from the main strip, depending on which way you go:), i would suggest when leaving hotel grounds turn left, follow road till you hit the columbus hotel, turn down that road, follow it right down and go to your right, you should see the strip straight ahead. If you fancy a quiet night, there are a few bars facing the back of the hotel, theyre to your right when you leave the hotel grounds, short walk down the road and to your right, the end british bar on this strip of pubs does lovely english meals( decent priced). Throughout our stay the weather was more than acceptional, i was worried it was going to be quite cold and cloudy, but not a cloud in sight and i was never freezing really, other than the night it go slightly nippy.

Also with regards to noises, you do hear around 1-2 times a day the local ambulances heading towards the hospital, which is on the otherside of the road a bit further up, this didnt both us as they where quick to disappear. Overall i feel these apartments are well-worth the money and the rooms are more than acceptional, clean, tidy, with basic settings, just what you would expect for this rate of hotel. I would return again, but when the euro has risen slightly for value for money, not unexpected but is priced pritty much the same as your average food, drinks at home. Overall an enjoyable, relaxing a fun holiday.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
great holiday

"I would definitely recommend Parque De Paz. The room was big and had a full size fridge, which was a bonus.The cleaners were working non stop to keep the hotel spotless. Great power shower and clean towels every other day. The rooms were cleaned 5 days a week and sheets changed weekly. Lovely gardens and pool. We never had a problem getting a sun lounger every day, even at 11.30. It was quite amusing to watch people rush down at 8am and stand guard next to their neatly laid out towels waiting for the sunbeds to be unlocked. I don't think they realised that if they went to the many sun terraces, the sun beds weren't locked there.The staff were friendly and very helpful, and Bobby and Cara's entertainment was great. Suitable for all ages. I enjoyed the parrot show too. The resort was classy with lovely shops. It wasn't over run with wild teenagers either, though I hear there was plenty of bars and clubs just up the road for them. There were so many restaurants and bars to go that we were spoilt for choice. Found a lovely restaurant called Littoral on the sea front. The food was amazing.For snacks and great cocktails, Mack's bar is the place. An English run bar. I sat there one day, cocktail in hand. I could see an amazing view of the mountains to my left, and the sea to the right whilst parrots flew overhead. Perfect.We booked 2 trips with our rep. and although they were very expensive, I was glad we went. Siam Park is a must. Not as big as I imagined, but a fantastic day out. Lorro Park too. Fantastic dolphin, whale and sea lion shows. (tip, it only cost 4 Euros for taxi to Siam Park, so much better than the bus, even tho' bus was free). If I had to pick any fault, I wish there was air conditioning in our room, but we hired 2 fans which was fine. Also I would have liked to hear a bit of Spanish music round the pool, just to have that extra 'holiday feeling'. But that's nit picking as it was a fantastic family holiday I would recommend to anyone."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Great hotel and resort for families, old and young ...well everyone really.
  • Activities: Littoral restaurant and Macks bar were great for food. Siam park is a must.
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
hotel basic

"just returned from tenerife 3 days ago,and had a lovely time.Accommodation is as stated in brochure basic. we stayed half board. Food very nice plenty of choice but some of the dinner plates had seen better days and were chipped.sun loungers were locked up until 9 oclock each morning but by 8.30 people were by the pool standing waiting so if you not down by 9 you didnt get a lounger.Pool area is not big enough for everyone who wants to be there this time of year and you felt on top of each other also no entertainment at all during the day not even back ground music.Only rubber rings aloud in pool as not big enough for anything else.Evenings had 2 shows plus bingo every night,some good some terrible.great location to bars and shops and beach all only minutes away.I agree with previous reviews about the towels they did smell and only got changed twice weekly which is no way near enough and showers didnt stay warm enough for four of us to use so had to wait for water to re warm or have cold showers due to room having a water heater bathroom wasnt very clean either..This is not a hotel for any one who enjoys luxury, we made most of what we got but wouldnt stay here again."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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