Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort

Playa Pesquero, Holguin, Cuba
7.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Holiday at the Blau Costa Verde

"The hotel was all I expected from a Cuban hotel. This is not luxury class holidays by any means , but then you don't pay that much either. The rooms were clean, and kept that way each day, clean towels every day if you wished and beach towels changed every day if needed. The staff are excellent, very friendly and obliging, no beggars or hawkers on the beach, which can be a problem in some tropical countries.The beach is alongside a coral ridge which is now been re-claimed by trees and bushes and which runs out from this beach to give a pleasant walk to a quiet beach about half a mile along the coast. The swimming pool is large and cleaned completely every day and there is a large kiddy pool for the very young. Both bars are well stocked, the 24hr bar serves snacks all 24hrs, and has a no smoking area, the lounge bar is all no smoking with a smoking area just outside on the covered veranda, chairs and tables provided. both bars serve excellent coffee, even at 5-30 am. Cakes and sandwiches are provided on a help yourself basis mid morning and mid afternoon, very important when you only have three cooked 4 meals each day!! The night time shows are adequate, but then you don't go to a hotel with white sand, tropical seas and an enormous coral reef you can walk out to, for the shows. there are 3 Al la Carte restaurants , The Mar y Sol being the best with a special romantic meal by the sea, 5 courses. for a relaxing, sea/beach holiday with a little walking and snorkelling, this takes some beating."

  • Holiday details: Nov 2011, All Inclusive, booked with First Choice
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
Best Vacation Ever

"This was our third time this year going back and we have already booked our trip for April 2011. The service is beyond excellent, the staff is friendly, they remembered us from 6 months ago; even remembered particular food alergy. Beach was beautiful and the privacy and intimacy was really nice. Can't wait to return"

  • Holiday details: Nov 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: bring toothpaste, the poor Cubans are desparate for it, shortage in the country
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
can't wait to go again

"this was our 2nd time at the blau costa verde. most of the staff recognised us from our 1st visit a year earlier. very pleased to see us lots of handshakes and plenty of hugs. was like visiting friends than seeing hotel staff. the rooms are spacious may need updating but they are in the middle of doing that now. they are cleaned daily and the maids make swans & hearts ect from towels. all towels including beach are changed daily with no trouble. very good choice of food. can get fresh meat / fish and pasta cooked to order in the buffet room then plenty of choice from the buffet. they make the best cakes and ice cream. there is also a cuban and italian restaurants that you get booked into couple times a week. excellent food and service no extra cost. after dinner have a few cocktails and wait for the show to start. excellent shows with top musicians and dancers. dont miss aqua ballet in the swimming pool. all through the day there are entertainment staff teaching archery, water and beach volley, dancing lessons and much more. had an allergic reaction to my insect repellant. there is doctors office at the hotel with a nurse there all day. doctor was available within 10 mins. cant fault the medical service i recieved."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2010, All Inclusive, booked with the holiday place
  • Good For: Beach

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10 / 10
just returned fron the B-C-V Awesome

"we have just returned from an amazing two week holiday in this fantastic hotel, the food was great the staff were fantasic and the weather was outstanding.

the hotel was extremly clean was well set out, our maid was brilliant clean fresh sheets daily she made us smile with the designs with our bed covers.

nothing was too much trouble for any of the staff,the only thing that was wrong was that there was hardly any lights down to the beach disco at night so take a mini torch, also spare a thought for the security team as they are not allowed to leave there posts so take them a drink from the beach bar it doesnt have to be beer but it does go down well at night ;0), on the whole the place was great so when we read so of the feedback of the previous guests on this page we were shocked... i hope that you will give this beautful country another go before the americans try to change any of this stunning place

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours
  • Advice: simply amazing you have to go
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Entertainment staff great.... but that's IT!!!

" After going to Cuba since 1999, from north to southi have to say this hotel is not for Us...

we went with friends who have not been to cuba before, and as we stayed in the area previously we wanted the sol melia rio de luna y mares or PLAYA costa verde( both highly recomended!!!) but both were havin work done, so availability was limited to the amigo( def not for us again!) sol the blau costa verde it was...

Well bad start as we requested rooms close to each otherwas interpretated as 1 on 1 side of the hotel and the other in the CLOSING down side yes youread it right closing down eventually sorted out after 2 days ( july seems to be the timethe canadians dont go on hol so they scale back lots of the basic facilities) which extends to food and drink. Forget the swim up bar and the beach restruant the beach restruant was open 4 times during 2 week period( not good food anyway)

If you like the first breakfast/lunch/dinner then your in luck.. it's same all holiday!!! but it varies in temperature and amount. the italian food is good but it's al a carte and 1 booking a week.

The bars vary depending on the staff, from sullen to warm and friendly so pot luck as to what you'll get. not a great stock and coctails can be a real chore for some staff... mojito's being the most difficult thing in the world to make .

The entertainment staff really make the effort , working hard all day and good shows in the evening. and realy go out of their way to get everyone involved in the activities... excellent work by them all

The rooms are ok, it's got what you need from a room basic but useable, let's face it it's only there to sleep and wash in. However lock up everything,regularly check for shoe's dresses shirts etc, as they do tend to wander, particuly on the last 2 days, this is not isolated incidents . the rooms are cleaned 'man style' i.e around beds,chairs tables etc and the bits moved to under beds, out of sight. the wind should clear balcony.

Bathrooms are cleaned when the bin get full, or when asked for some cleaning fluid so we could do the bath ourselves .. we asked at reception instead of getting the maid to come and do the job,, they actually sent up someone with cleaning stuff for us .

All in all not recomended for anyone other than students

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Pay the extra for Playa costa verde, or Sol Luna Y Mares, Pesquaro

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1 / 10
The worst food ever had

"The food was horrible. I think, the staff in kitchen, the don't know how to cook.

And they serve the save food over and over.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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4 / 10
Just returned from staying at the...

"Just returned from staying at the Blau costa verde Aug 08.

First impressions at the hotel is the coulor scheme stands out a bit. Inside bearing in mind that we were in Cuba, its not quite got the same feeling as a 4 star hotel or even a good 3 star. The bell boy was very pushy about getting a tip for trolleying our cases 50 meters and showing us our room door. I only had english 20 notes on me and i sure wasn't going to give him one of them. Even though he asked for a tip and showed me english money I then resented him for this.

The room service seemed great at first as the maid was making swans out of the bed coversand putting flower petals on the beds, then as time went on we reallised that this was all she was doing and not cleaning the floor or the bath the whole 2 weeks.

I got bit qite bad on my legs and arms not from mosquitos but from little black flea/fly things which were in the room too.

The food was ok buffet each night is more or less the same and the flys were really bad whilst eating your meal.

The pool was very good but we struggled to get a sun lounger with some shade each day.

The tours we took were reasonable, we planned to go to Havana for an overnight stay with Thomas Cook for 325 cuc (convertable pesos) each (£210) which included a domestic flight, what they didn't tell us on top of this when we got to the airport we had to pay another 46cuc each which is about another £70. Havana was really nice.

One of our other trips was a sunset cruise on our last night. The trip was cancelled and we were never informed and wasted time getting ready 45 mins waitng for the transport then 15 mins trying to get through to Thomas cooks office for a reason but couldn't get through. When we asked the rep the next day he said he let the hotel know it was cancelled. I know that he didn't as i had the hotel staff at reception trying to call Thomas Cook for me and they told me no cancellations had come through at all that day.

They provide beach towels but be aware its hard to get clean ones. We tried for three days before getting some

The staff at the snacks and drinks bar were different. There is a couple of really grumpy ones, then one really good one which smiles and actually acknowledges that your there.

Overall our final impressions were we are glad we went but we would not go back

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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10 / 10
my entire family (5ppl) went we...

"my entire family (5ppl) went we arrived the air port and met nancy our rep she was with us all the way through we had a lovely room and it was clean and fully stocked.

the food was amazing somthing new every night on the menu with entertainment throughout. the waiters were so lovely they even knew what we wanted to drink before we sat down.

the youngest was only 7 and treated extre special with the waiters making her up non acholic beautiful looking and tasting drinks 'just for her' the trips that we went on were excellent and as 1 of the party was studing politics they arranged a special trip 2 days away privite care tour guide and seperate driver food and accomadation to see the grave of che and it only cost for 5 ppl about 150-200 pounds amazing we saw loads on the way too. we swam with dolphins all arranged easily by our rep in the hotel and felt safe enough to leave our stuff while we went on trips. the shows were brilliant as were all activities offered in the hotel would go back again any day and hope to do so

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
What a fantastic holiday, the best...

"What a fantastic holiday, the best Caribbean holiday been on, Cuba sums it all up.

We booked it with Airtours and flew Thomas Cook out of Manchester, now both the same company. Took off on time (makes a change) and a good flight overall. We were lucky had three seats for the two of us, could do with serving more drinks over a ten hour flight.

Arrived in Holguin airport went through immigration control ok, to be met on the other side by sniffer dogs as you collect your luggage off the carousel, if you have nothing to hide they don t bother you.

Oh there is one thing you should know if you have Sat Nav on your mobile phone then you have to declare it at customs. This is a new law which Cuba introduced last September.

Once you leave the airport you are met by a rep who will direct you to the awaiting coach that will whisk you off to you hotel, takes approx one hour. As you travel through the countryside take a look at the houses the locals live in you'll be amazed huts on sticks, and transport horseback and cart.

Once you arrive at your hotel, you collect your keys at reception, leave your luggage as the bellboy delivers them to your room, and give him a tip a £1 coin. We had the room we wanted, emailed the hotel before going. We were in block 6 level 3 had a pool and sea view.

The hotel complex is big there s a pool bar, a swim up bar, beach bar and a disco bar (this is only open at night) during the day it is a restaurant. There are another three Cuban, Italian and the buffet. The Cuban and Italian are a al carte in the evening which you have to reserve in advance in the main foyer.

The Italian is best although it’s what you like; there is a good choice of food something for everyone even if you are a fussy eater. The main restaurant is excellent with a carvery mostly every night.

All the staff are very friendly can’t do enough for you; they are on so little money that tipping is very much appreciable; we don’t know how lucky we are. They don’t have luxuries so take extra makeup, toiletries, and clothing also exercise books, pens, pencils for the local school.

Catch the bus from outside the hotel or take a push bike visit the market is a great time to spend a morning and a few pesos. Back to the hotel, there are two pools, the big one, and the kiddie’s pool. Plenty of sunbeds with lots of room. There is also a gym to keep fit, try, or your hand at shooting and archery.

Go down to the beach where you have free towels to use but don’t loose them or you will have to pay for them. They also have beach games, and the sand is powder white. You can walk out into the sea a fair way and take a couple of bananas to feed the barracudas. When you return from the beach think of the guard on duty it’s very hot so take him a drink.

The rooms are a good size with a balcony, English Channel t v and a mini fridge stocked daily. The maid cleans the room daily and change of sheets every three days so tip them before going home.

So that’s it, we are going there again in September just great cant wait. If there is anything else you would like to know let me know, worth going.

P.S watch out for the bull frogs at night.

Where ever you go have a great holiday.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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10 / 10
This is and was a fantastic place to...

"This is and was a fantastic place to be for the 2 weeks holiday we had. I can’t fault it at all; you have to remember you are in Cuba that’s all.

Don’t expect the Ritz and certainly don’t expect Fawlty Towers. Everything you want and need is on this resort.

The food is great; there are no loud nights with yobbish behaviour, just pure bliss.

The pool is great as too is the service you get. The rooms are very spacious and basic and they are cleaned every day by the maids who work hard for very little pesos per month.

The beach.... wow what can I say about that other than... you won’t I’m sure, experience a beach or sea like this one, and besides its only the holiday makers from the Blau that are there, apart from the staff who work for the Blau, and again they go out of their way to make your holiday just that, a holiday.

All right the outside of the building could do with a lick of paint, but then so could my house, not only that you have to remember that the weather there is most hot during the day and when they get a thunder storm at night the rain comes down like cricket balls and batters the place.

You're probably aware that there is a hurricane season, but have no fear if you are there, they have the best possible hurricane contingency plan ever to put into place if need be, we had no hurricanes when we went, but there were the most amazing lightening shows at night, something to watch while waiting for the show to start, they too are very good, and the animation staff are also very friendly.

The Cubans will ask you for nothing while you are there, but out of politeness we gave them a tip every 4 or 5 days, just 2 pesos (£1 English money) and boy do they show you how much they appreciate that, they remember you, and when they see you going to dine your drink is on your table before you get there, a service you can’t get here.

There is so much I can say about this place (all good) that I would be here for a week.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Airtours

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3 / 10
Our holiday at the Costa Verde hotel...

"Our holiday at the Costa Verde hotel was nice the staff was great and did what they could to make your holiday fun.

The food was good and plenty of it. The holiday was ruined by the amount of bites everyone got from the mosquitoes we put repellent on but it didn’t work.

The flight by Thomas cook could be a lot better if staff on the plane served you with drinks more than once in ten hours and we was told we couldn’t have tea as it took ten staff to see to an incident on board(someone was taken ill) so we had to go without.

I think the service was terrible. We booked our seats when we booked the holiday only to get to the airport and told this was not done which caused more upset.

I won’t be travelling with Thomas cook again but I shall go back to Cuba, as the people and country are great.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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5 / 10
When we first arrived at the resort...

"When we first arrived at the resort we were very disappointed, it was very tired looking.

The first room we got had a horrible smell coming from it and it was very damp, we then got moved to another one which wasn’t much better, but at least it had a king sized bed.

The food was okay but nothing special, the staff where great.

It was not a four star rating as everyone had rated it in the brochure. If it’s for a special occasion don’t got to this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2006, Not Specified, booked with First Choice

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  • by Chief Tony

    " Take advantage of one of the cheapest dolphin experiences around, also the horse riding/ fishing trip (half day) "

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