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"Not Great! but it will be"

"OK here goes.

We traveled on 02June, we knew the resort would still have teething problems, so we were prepared. I work for an airline so i had a really good deal, and as we all know you get what you pay for.

We arrived the same time as another family, they show you to the seats to get you checked in, the same as all other Almond resorts. The staff are very nice, but they seem very inexperienced, and can't really cope with several people checking in at same time. ie we were asked if we wanted drinks, the other family were asked if they wanted hot towels- they got the towels and no drinks, we didnt get the towels or the drinks, i could see them on the bar, they just didnt bring them to us, i did try to go and get them, but i was told off, cos they were trying to check me into a room.

After 30mins, they took us to the first room- unfort the workmen were still laying the floor in that one!

Went back to reception with luggage, they said they didnt have any other rooms avail. We were a bit hot, so i told them to take their time and we would go and chill out at the pool, they said they wud come and get us when a room was ready.

3 hours later i went back and saw Elaine the manager. It was now 7 in the evening. They took us to the "Himalaya"block-which i have to say will be amazing when its finished....we had the only room in the curtains, no bedding, no shower curtain etc. She admitted the rooms should not be used yet, but they didnt have any alternative.

Had to have a cold shower as there was no hot water to that block yet !

The room was habitable after dinner,

We found that teh resort fantastic, but at present the niggles are too great

No choice for dinner, only one rest avail, not much choice for kids. Only burger or chicken nuggets...all the adult choices were unfort too spicy for my daughter.

The swiming pools are great, the beach is water sports only boogie boards..

The next day, we had a storm that lasted most of the afternoon.

They had to close one of the two resaurants as they are very open to the elements...only a roof, no sides

The other one they had to squish together, so we could not get booked in until 2130 that night. Lunch finishes at 14.00 and there is no snack alternative yet.

The kids club (although i didn't go and see it) was being held in 2 bedrooms as not ready yet.

This is not geared up for a family resort at the moment, so we actually only stayed for 1 night . When i spoke to Elaine again, i asked if the village had rooms, she almost bit my hand off when i asked if we could move, and even paid for the taxi for us!

Sorry to waffle on....this resort will be fantastic, if you can get it at a good price, not too worried about the food, and you are going just for the rum punch the beach and the sun, you will have a great time. I've realised that a good deal doesnt make up for a finished property...We did however have a great time at the village and in Barbados itself..

6 / 10

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Almond Casuarina - A touch of Paradise !

"As you walk through from Reception through the well laid out pool/garden area and on to the beach pool and the beach itself the views become increasingly beautiful. The beach is stunning and we loved the cool breeze there. My wife and I had a lovely lunch or a barbeque there on 3 days on a free shuttle transfer from the Almond Beach Club - see the photo of our lunch table ! Very welcoming and helpful staff : thank you Teresa and Victoria !

The hotel seems almost complete with the last remaining work to be done on the Beach Block, Other work needs to be done to to add the finishing touches - but we spoke to lots of guests, and boy were they enjoying themselves !

Obviously when the 100 room Beach Block is up and running ( July 1st ?) the hotel will be busier - but there is lots of room to spread out.

Go and enjoy !

E mail us if we can advise further : Ashley.Shanahan

10 / 10

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A great start to the new Casuarina!

"We definately arrived on the right day! We arrived on the 24th May and everything was up and running! The new swimming pool was open and the pool/beach bar had just been stocked up! We stayed in one of the original blocks and the rooms are absolutely beautiful. Queen size beds with plasma TV's and EVERYTHING is brand new. The three restaurants were in operation. The wave restaurant for buffet style breakfast and evening meals (menu changes after 2 days) The seafood restaurant set on a 'Decking' style location on the beach and Enid's restaurant. There was also a beach bar-b-que on our last night.

For those of you that remember the 'old' Casuarina you will not be disappointed. Although re-done the old swimming pool and children's pool is in the same location and the new crescent shaped room block is where the garden's/beach were. This also houses the new pool, restaurants and bars and is absolutely beautiful. The beach is relatively private and the sunbeds still had traces of wrapping on them! They had different music entertainment nightly which was to a very high standard.

The staff were so polite and really couldn't do enough for you. The restaurant service was sometimes a little slow - but come on, this is the Caribbean!

We met several people who had transferred their booking to the Almond Village just in case it was still a building site and after spending the day at the Casuarina asked to be moved back!

If you are going shortly, I can assure you that you WILL have a fab time!

I will try and put some photo's up over the next few days!

10 / 10

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couldnt be more disappointed

"Went to Almond Casuarina Beach Resort hotel expecting the holiday of a lifetime and paid fullprice for an in complete hotel, with extremely limited facilites, actually nearly no facilities, building work, one day raw sewage floating at back of our hotel block, no watersports as per stated in brochure, only 2 boogie boards and a small catamaran, no spa, no fitness suite no billiards room, no hairdressers.Live wires hanging out of walls, no fire alarm system installled throughout when we arrived.Only one small toilet block at main pool area to service, pool, beach users, restauarant, bar and the staff, it was also being used by construction workers.At times no plumbing in several areas of the resort, 4 nights without a shower despite being reported repeatedly, no electricity in our room for 24 hours, was only offered candles as a solution, with no apology may i add.I could go on and on.

We were the only guests who had paid full price for our stay as far as we could find out, and everyone else had got cheap deals through working in the travel industry and had been fully in formed of the hotel being incomplete with limited facilites.We had never been given this info at any time.Customer service at the bars was excellent, as was the service at the restaurant at the beginning of our stay, however as more people arrived, the service at the restaurant was dreadful, and staff at times rude.We were refused food off the childrens menu, despite being told that we could get it by the chefs, and when unwell for several days after a tummy bug we were refused two plates of chips to take away to eat away from restaurant,by the restaurant manager on at the time.Gave up eating our evening meal at the restaurants due to unacceptable service and waiting times, would hate to see what it will be like when it is at full occupancy even when they increase

staff levels.I can only advise that unless you are getting a great deal do not go until later in the summer.

2 / 10

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Love the beach and food

"We booked Almond Casuarina for our weeks holiday but were very concerned about the reports read on trip advisor as the hotel only opened at the beginning of the month - we needn't have worried. The staff were extremely pleasant and helpful and we had a lovely large room overlooking the gardens. The bed was really comfortable and the furnishings really modern. Only 2 of the restaurants were open but we were told that Enids would be opening soon, and the food was fantastic. The Dover Grill is set right on the beachfront and is a great setting for dinner. Breakfast is still served a la carte in the other restaurant but the buffet should be opening soon. The beach is fantastic with soft sand and plenty of shade for people like me who are fair skinned. Overall, we were really impressed with the hotel and would like to go back next year to see the difference .We would really like to book one of the ocean view rooms as the views over the beach and sea are stunning but these arent open until July."

8 / 10

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still work to go

"We stayed at Casuarina for one night May 18th. Hotel seemed to be just airline staff, travel agents etc. Check in very slow, new staff.

All the pools are now open, only one restaurant open with limited menu, no buffets as yet. They did have a band at night and onl;y lobby bar not open yet. No kids club.

Rooms will be lovely when completed (no window curtain in bedroom and no pictures up). Corridors dirty (mainly from construction). Landscaping, plants only now growing so sparse and not great. There is alot of work to be done but it is going to be fabulous when finished. If anyone is considering going in next month be prepared to move to West coast unless you can handle hotel not finished. Staff are friendly and trying hard.

6 / 10

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Will be a great resort when it's done

"We arrived at the Casaurina on 6th May to find it not open due to water pressure problems. We were sent to the Almond Beach Club which was not very nice and definitely not what we wanted. The staff at the Casaurina tried hard, ringing frequently, sending us champagne and flowers, etc. When it finally opened on May 12th we were transferred by stretch limo and everyone tried incredibly hard to make us feel welcome.

The rooms are very nice though impersonal, with huge beds, the best sheets and pillows I've ever experienced in a hotel and widescreen tv.

The beach is fabulous and the pool complexes great.

The dover grill restaurant promises some excellent food though the other restaurants weren't open by the time we left.

All the staff are genuinely friendly and helpful and couldn't do enough for you. Frank, the manager, is around and very visible and approachable.

While there are still lots of workmen about and still some teething problems, ie, service in the restaurant is still a bit slow at times, it will be a very nice place to stay soon.

6 / 10

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Almond Casuarina is Paradise

"Just returned from a wonderful vacation at Almond Casuarina. This was our first trip to Barbados and we can't wait to return. The hotel and grounds are absolutely gorgeous!! We stayed in a renovated garden view room. The room was spacious and clean with beautiful bamboo furniture. The hotel is extremely convenient to The Gap (where all of the nite life is). I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful beach!!! It's like something out of a magazine. The staff was extremely pleasant and accomodating. I think my husband and I gained 10 pounds each with all the food and drinks we had. The food was awesome!!! We were even able to take a comp. shuttle over to the other 2 Almond hotels. Living in New York we have very high standards and the hotel definitely met every one of them. By the way, we even saw a green monkey (never knew there was such a thing)!!"

10 / 10

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It's a "soft" opening, but it's open!!

"We approached this break with some concern after reading about the building site report here in April but we were pleasantly surprised to find that the main bulk of the hotel was finished, although building work on the main accommodation block was still going on. This caused some annoying drilling distraction during the day when you were trying to relax by the pool!! As of last week there was only one restaurant open where you had breakfast lunch and dinner, so the food choice was somewhat restrictive and all off a menu so no buffet!! Still it was delicious food, and apart from repeating the dinner menu for two days on the run, we had little complaints. We got a free shuttle to the Almond Beach to get more variety of food and some guests!! There are now two pools open, but little other facilities. The staff were very enthusiastic, but couldn't really compensate for the gross under-occupancy of the hotel which left the evenings a bit soul-less, great entertainment was provided tho. If you want a quiet holiday, this will be perfect for you."

6 / 10

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beware if you have booked this hotel it is still far from finished

"we booked our wedding and honeymoon at the casuarina back

in may 2007 and we were assured that all renovations would be finished by july 2007. the completion date was then moved several times. in november i was told by a senior director at almond and by virgin that all the building work was complete and that there was only soft furnishing to finish. I then spoke to a friend who owns a villa close to the resort who informed me that in his eyes(he owns a construction company) and the thoughts of builders that he had spoken to at the resort that it could still be a year before the works would be complete. for eight months i called virgin and almond weekly and was lied to constantly by both partys about the building work. they will take your booking and then try to move you into the almond beach village at the top of the island or charge you more money to move to another hotel. eventually in january after hours of phone calls and endless broken promisses of return calls from supervisers and managers at virgin holidays they finally agreed to move us to the turtle beach resort next door at no extra cost, and that if any of our guests that were also booked in the casuarina contacted them they would also move them. when friends and family got in touch they were either told that the hotel was full or that they had to pay extra to move. by this time we had been it touch with the hotel direct and new that there was plenty of vacancies, so they all cancelled and either booked direct or with british airways (another lie by virgin)

on a positve note the turtle beach resort and all the staff were fantastic and we had an excellent wedding day no thanks to virgin or almond, who gave us nothing but stress and worry.

i have attached some photos taken on the 12th of april so you can judge for your self if there is just soft furnishings left to do.

also on our wedding day i paid the builders on the site $50 between them to stop work which they all did all 20 of them so there was no background noise. if every wedding party did this the place will never be finished.

a very very disapointed EX virgin client.

2 / 10

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