Sharm Grand Plaza

P.O.Box 340 Sharm El-Sheikh,Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
5.5  / 10
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7 / 10
My experience of this hotel was...

"My experience of this hotel was fundamentally different from the other more negative comments posted here. I booked this hotel for a fully inclusive break for myself, husband and two teenage children. Given the comments it was booked with some trepidation!


We found:

The rooms to be spotlessly clean and well serviced by delightful cleaners.

The hotel site and gardens were kept to the same high standard.

The staff were very friendly and went out of their way to ensure we were well looked after. The only surly treatment received was at the hands of the people serving alcohol in the hotel restaurant and at the free beach bar. However the treatment was not reserved for the English they were equally dismissive to all nationalities!

On the subject of nationalities we DID find the hotel to be full of Italians and Russians. As a consequence the entertainment was in Italian or Russian. Obvious really that they would cater to the majority. This was actually quite a relief as it was possible to tune out of the awful "animation" team antics. However if you are the sort who likes the kind of entertainment provided by hotel reps then you will feel excluded.

Again on the subject of nationality if there was anything that made the holiday objectionable it was the behaviour and attitude of the Russians - downright rude and with no concept of the great British tradition of forming an orderly queue! The only way to get drinks or food was to behave in a similar manner and use elbows, bare faced cheek and total lack of manners.

A real downside to the holiday was the total lack of any evening entertainment. Most evenings saw us playing cards in the poorly lit free bar with bed by 10.00pm!

The upside was the AMAZING snorkelling available straight off the beach. The sealife is absolutely jam packed into every inch of the hotel beach. Due to the coral I strongly recommend the purchase of coral shoes at the start of the hols. They are on sale on the hotel beach for the equivalent of £8 but you can buy them for £2.50 at the supermarket just outside and opposite the hotel. The only downside to the snorkelling was the jellyfish - many small pink jellies which do sting but just like a nettle sting so not enough to stop you risking it - and the strong current off the end of the hotel pier over the reef.

Again on the plus side there were plenty of clean towels every day, enough sunbeds by beach and pool for everyone. The beach attendants were all helpful and courteous.

There were several delightful members of staff and I mention them purely on the offchance that their bosses may read this and it may do them some good...Amir (aka Mari) on the quad bikes was delighful, Mohammed in the restaurant looked after us well, the regular guy on the pool bar was very polite (sorry don't know your name).

There is so much more I could write about the trips and the tips, the massage and the meals but I won't bore you any more....except to say we did use all of the immodium we brought with us and we were very careful with not drinking tap water, ice etc. Didn't spoil the hol tho'

Have fun and if the other reviews achieved anything it was to keep the Brits away from this perfectly good hotel!

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Excel

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4 / 10
Hopefully a balanced review

"I would begin by saying the staff were tremedous and the vast majority made us feel very welcomed. The resort was clean although one can question whether the rating of 5 star is jusitfiable. We felt the food was bland and was not to our liking but if you like pasta and rice with chicken then go for it. I must add that we are not of the burger and chips culture but although willing to try egyptian ciusine found that the food was aimed more to the pallete of Italian and Russian guests. The same could be said for the entertainment. We booked through XL and they failed to advise us of the building works being carried out on a site next door to the hotel so you will be subjected to building site noise. There was the daily ritual of the 'on site' massage, beauty shop, diving and excursion sellers which became very tedious as they do not respect your right to privacy and will interupt your relaxation to try and sell their goods. You must accept that there are cultural differences between arab countries and what we enjoy in the UK but i would encourage you to explore these differences. Do not expect to be able to enjoy a pint of best or a range of wines as you will be dissapointed but go with the flow its an experience.

Would we return? maybe some time in the future but the hotel is new and still has a lot to learn. Be aware of the problems with water and although you are likely to succumb to abdominal sickness the pharmacy on site is very good.

  • Holiday details: Apr 2008

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7 / 10
I am afraid that I have to disagree...

"I am afraid that I have to disagree with the majority of the comments posted on this site re the Grand Plaza... I had a enjoyable stay at this complex.

The staff were extremely freindly and tried they best to master the English language... I think some people need to appreciate that you are going to a foreign country whose first language is not English... it is only British arrogance that would expect all locals to be fluent in English.

Food was slightly repetative however there was a chioce of Chicken, Beef and fish on all nights and the staff were also willing to prepare fresh pasta. Poeple need to remember that this is Egypt and the cusine is a little different to the UK

I agree that the hotel is predominantly Ukranians and Italians and as such entertainment is targeted at the masses... however you can generally pick up on what is going on.

For those who do not wish to stay in the hotel on a night there is a shuttle bus that will take you into Naam bay for about £1.20.... where there are plenty of bars shops and restaurants.

I had a fantastic time at the Grand Plaza my room was extremely clean and the setting is idyllic

For those people who have complained about the food, staff and Italians I would say that next year i would recconmend you stay at Butlins where you can get your fish and chips and Morris dancing

  • Holiday details: Mar 2008, All Inclusive, booked with MyTravel

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2 / 10
This is not a 5 star Hotel. The only...

"This is not a 5 star Hotel. The only thing it has going for it is it is new and sunny. It is not a hotel for the British, the staff are rude and dissmissive, they only have time for the Italians, which if there is any entertainment at all, is in Italian and very very very loud.

We have been to Sharm before and knew what to espect, but were very disappointed with the standard of food and hygeine in the restaurants in this hotel. The food is the same every day and served luke warm, 2 days into the holiday the 3 out of the 4 of us got the runs with painful stomach cramps and even after taking copious amounts of mediciation it took a week back in Britain to start feeling normal.

A holiday is for relaxing but even in the hotel grounds they allow you to be constantly harrassed by masseurs, hairdressers etc all touting for custom. They not only invade your personal space, touch your wife up, do not take many polites no's as the answer, they then walk away and insult you and then send a colleague back half an hour later to go through the same routine, in a hope to wear you down.

I also had a gold bracelet stolen from the room, after leaving it on the dressing table for half an hour, upon noticing it was gone, I notified the reception staff who seemed to be more interested in staring at the floor than helping, they had no idea of what procedures to follow. The Thomas Cook rep was no more helpful, eventually when it was taken seriously the Hotel Manager failed to turn up twice when appointments were made and when he did, treated me as a criminal.

If we hadn't gone to this hotel with friends we would have insisted on being moved, we made our own entertainment and found the 'all inclusive' status a bit of a laugh, we ate out most of the time, prefering the hassle outside rather than food poisoning from the hotel, the thought of eating in the hotel made us want to vomit!!!

Be warned I am not a person to complain, I have travelled the world and went to Sharm for some winter sun, this is the last time I will go there and will make every effort to put people off. All they see when you get there are pound note signs.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
Hotel claims 5 star status and barely...

"Hotel claims 5 star status and barely meets 3 star quality. The hotel was staffed by mainly curtious & friendly emplyees who were efficiant & willing to cater for the customer but there were occasions that their own needs came before the paying clientel & this manifested in some rude & uncurtious behaviour especially to females. The all inclusive package barely provided for the basic needs of the patrons, food was poorly prepared, provided little choice & left many people with dysintry, leading to the obvious conclusion that they have serious hygiene problems in the kitchens. We were only able to get our all inclusive drinks & snacks at specific bars & restaurants, that although satisfactory during the day left us excluded to the more obscure unfriendly & cold corners of the hotel during the evening. If you required anything exotic like "diet coke, an earl gray tea bag or tea & coffee making facilities in your 5 star room this encured extra charges". Whilst the weather was idilic laying by the pool all day had its hazzards - constant hassle from the marketing staff ALL DAY LONG attempting to force you into use of the beauty parlour, hairdressing salon, massage, al-a-carte restaurants, jaccuzzi, diving, submarine trips etc, etc. Whilst I appreciate patriotism for your coutry i feel that the monopolising of the bar TV's to watch constant football covarage by the waitors is not what hotels provide TV's for. I will say that the general cleanliness of the hotel was outstanding boardering on obsessional. The final complaint I have is that the main patronage of the hotel comes from Russian holiday makers - be wary these people have little regard for the feelings or happiness of anyone but themselves & were on the whole rude, offensive & ill mannered."

  • Holiday details: Feb 2008, All Inclusive, booked with XL Holidays

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5 / 10
In general, the standards applied at...

"In general, the standards applied at the hotel fell far short of what we have come to expect from Thomas Cook **** rating (Official Rating *****). Also, we feel the description “All Inclusive” to be at best inaccurate, at worst positively misleading.

With particular regard to the “all Inclusive” Aspect, upon arrival we were given a letter detailing the facilities available to us. This indicated availability of pool bars Nino and Luna 10.00 am until 11.00 pm. also, Layalina Café from after sunset until 11.00 pm.

It will be appreciated that after sunset the temperature falls sharply therefore making the pool bars less of an option for evening socializing. This left the Layalina Café as the only feasible option for all inclusive socializing during the evening. The letter did not mention that this bar was indeed exposed to the elements having only a slatted roof and ill fitting doors, extremely cold in the evening. The ONLY indoor bar available in the evening, i.e. the Lobby Bar was excluded from the all inclusive package. The Disco Bar did not open until 11.00pm so was effectively excluded also. The Luna pool Bar was quite close to our room so we planned to take a pre dinner drink back to the room. We found this bar to be closed after 5.00 pm on the several occasions we tried it.

The total lack of any indoor facility for as much as a cup of tea or coffee, would appear to make a mockery of the “all inclusive” description and we approached the Representative who advised us to fill in the Customer Relations Report which we duly did. The rep. reported back to us several times that things would be sorted out by his manager and the hotel management, there was no evidence of any progress.

Matters came to a head some nine days into the holiday when it rained, not only were the all inclusive facilities cold but wet as well. A number of guests including us, approached the hotel management via Reception. After some discussion, it was agreed that the Disco Bar would be opened to us until 11.00 pm. We felt this a reasonable compromise and it solved the problem for that evening and the following one. During the following couple of days, Oil filled radiators were installed in the Layalina Café, also two television sets and a music system. However, the absence of any roof, ensured that the heaters just were not effective as heat just dissipated. The very best description that could be applied to the facilities available to us would be perhaps “Part Inclusive”

With regard to the * rating, the rooms were of quite a high standard and kept nice and clean.

The food could only be described as mediocre at best. It was poor choice, repetitive, poorly cooked and quite often cold. Several guests suffered stomach upsets including myself. Cutlery in the restaurants seemed to be at a premium as you were expected to use the same knife and fork for all courses. No teaspoons. At breakfast there was interminal queues for omellettes and fried eggs but only one cook to prepare them. He also had to cook pancakes.

Away from the restaurants, drinks were served in plastic or cardboard cups. The Layalina Café did serve in glasses of varying sizes which were very poorly washed, simply run under the lukewarm tap and wiped with the same cloth all the time. If at any time guests wished to take a drink of coffee or wine etc. from the restaurant to the lobby area (for indoor warmth), they were expected to use the plastic or cardboard cups. The other option of sitting in the restaurant for drinks after finishing our meals was frowned upon. Evening entertainment for British guests was non existent.

In our opinion, the poor facilities available were worthy of 3 stars at the very best.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
bored bored bored!!!

"After reading the reviews on this site about this hotel, we were worried about going. but the hotel itself was nice and clean and the staff were friendly. the food was ok. although we are fussy with our food, I actually lost weight!! the only downside was that there was no entertainment. The all inclusive bit was a joke, the only bar we could use at night was cold and no atmospher, We would go out about six and have a few beers before dinner then when we got back there was no one in the place and nothing to do so we ended up going back to our rooms. We did not book this hotel originally. Thomas Cook transferred us to this hotel. Watch how they wash the glasses in the one bar that you can drink in after dusk. I think I may have got a stomoch bug from that. so went onto paper cups. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone unless you just wanted a quiet week away and I mean quiet!"

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008

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2 / 10
worst hotel ever DO NOT GO HERE

"After reading these reviews and finding out my wife had booked us and the kids in I was pretty worried. But like most I thought well a few unhappy people. They were right. This is the worst hotel I have ever come across. The food is terrible, unsafe. The service is poor, if you are british they do not want to know. I waited almost 30 minutes to get a coffee. The all inclusive is pointless. You can sit by the pool and have a couple of beers. I have no idea why companies such as Thomas Cooks use this hotel, they clearly care more about money that peoples wellbeing.

If you complain you are in danger. After I complained about the food I had been told to keep quite or else... We all spent most of the holiday with the runs, I have never felt so ill in my life.

All in all, just do not go here.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008

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2 / 10
run for the hills before its to late.

"we booked to stay in the grand sharm in march of 07, then in november thomas cook said there was building work still going on so we were moved to the concord-el salam or so we thought.

just ten days before departure we had another letter stating the same, more fictional building work, and yes just like the others we was dumped at the Grand Plaza in Nabq bay. I tried in vain to make contact with Thomas cook and refuse this hotel after reading the reveiws but to no avail five hours i was kept on line waiting to speak to an advisor and several other wasted attemptson the phone, we had no choice other than to go or lose our money but i can assure you that would have been a better solution that what we endured at this hotel, Why or WHY does thomas cook insist on sending british holiday makers to the hotel it is clearly not intended for our use or injoyment at all.

There was no entertainment at all or none that we could understand, and as for all inclusive facilities that was none

exsistant unless you call a very dimmly lit windy shed with no

music, entertainment or comfort the place was bitterly cold

and so was the service , i would never recommend this hotel to

anyone even if i loathed them it was an absolute nightmare

and the ruination of an eagerly awaited holiday.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008

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7 / 10
We had previously heard of very bad...

"We had previously heard of very bad reports on holiday watchdog from people staying at this hotel and after speaking to the hotel staff and the local rep. we decided to see for ourselves what this hotel had to offer.

We booked an all inclusive break and found that although this type of offer was new to the Grand Plaza that you could manage to drink in the restaurant bar and two other bars up until about 11pm each evening.

The Food was reasonable and there was plenty of it but one should be aware of eating well cooked items like eggs etc to make sure that deli belly does not occur. The staff were extremely well behaved and customer focussed and if you did not like something or thought that things were not being done to your satisfaction then they were interested to hear those comments so they could improve.

At this time of the year it is worth noting that jumpers and coats should be taken with you since the high winds tend to create a chill factor in the late afternoon and evening.

The social scene had a lot to be desired unless you were Italian!

And the hotel has taken it on board to organise more activities for the British and organise some musical entertainment on a regular basis and as far as the outside discos were concerned that they would look at turning down the base a little to allow other guests to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep if required.

There is a lot to do during the day and evening if you wish to take advantage of the trips that are available and I certainly recommend the flight to Cairo to see the pyramids and the trip to Luxsorto visit the Valley of the Kings etc.

The Diving and snorkelling is great and Gammels can organise excellent good value trips in small groups which we preferred to take advantage of. For those who really enjoy Snorkelling and Skiing a short taxi to the Crowne Plaza hotel ( £10.00 return)is an excellent day's trip since the marine life by the jetty is superb and the water is calm to water ski all day since there is an off shore wind there. The Gammels team will be only too pleased to assist there.

We used the hotel as a base and enjoyed visiting the sights and contrary to other reports on this holiday watchdog report we will definitely return to see how much more progress they have made.

  • Holiday details: Jan 2008, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook

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2 / 10
You have been warned

"This hotel was a disaster from when we arrived in dec 2007.

Originally booked in to the Grand Sharm which was still being built, we were offered this hotel & told it was a better hotel.

we could not use the main bar in the hotel (not inclusive)

we had to drink in a windy wooden shed freezing cold drinking out of paper cups.

Only Two restuarants to eat in which served below basic food.

we did not get the standard & quality we had payed for, our

original hotel had 6 restaurants.

i had stomach upset three times , caught a cold.

little problems like no tea spoons , one chef cooking eggs

in the morning with almost a dozen people waiting.

entertainment was in italian , no entainment for us brits.

i would give this a three star.


  • Holiday details: Jan 2008

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2 / 10
BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID, you have been warned !!

"To put it simply, Do Not stay at this place, it is RUBBISH. The "all inclusive" is not all inclusive. The food is less than average. The drinks situation becomes frustrating when waiting to be served you get pushed and barged out of the way by some rude Russian and Italian people ( everytime) and then get ignored by the waiter serving. The beach is small and cramped and windy. Snorkelling off the jetty is dangerous because of the strong currents and chop of the sea. The day we were leaving i asked a member of staff i it would be ok to leave our bags in our room until we were to leave, he told me "no problem", i then checked with him later on to make sure again he said " no problem". Upon leaving the rude Manager told me i had to pay 165 le which is about £15 for leaving the bags in the room. I explained that i had asked before. He then demanded we paid and we went on to have a blazing argument for about ten minutes. I have been round the world twice and have stayed in many places. I have never been so badly treated. We came away from Egypt thankful that we had had some sunshine but really upset about the resort. ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH. Any travel agent etc should be ashamed sending British people to this resort. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED."

  • Holiday details: Dec 2007

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