Sharm Grand Plaza

P.O.Box 340 Sharm El-Sheikh,Nabq, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
5.5  / 10
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10 / 10
Wonderful holiday

"We have just come back from Sharm. Stayed 2 weeks at Sharm Grand Plaza. It was the best holiday, beautiful hotel, staff were always polite and helpful. Rooms cleaned thoroughly every day, fresh towels, beach towels supplied fresh everyday. Good variety of drinks supplied on the beach (beach bar) even served directly to us on the sun loungers. Staff just couldn't do enough. I actually lost my purse on the beach and it had been handed in by a member of staff - Saeed. Please don't listen to the very negative comments by some people, I do not think they could have stayed at the same hotel.

The beach has lots of sun loungers and shade provided. There is a jetty right along the beach for you to use, there are steps going into the sea. Most people were going in and snorkelling. The sea edge has a lot of coral so it is better to use the jetty. They use the flag system, when the red flag is up you are not to go out.

We found it to be sheer bliss and are planning to go back in October.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, booked with A1 Travel
  • Advice: Book with confidence
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Hygiene leaves a lot to be desired

"The hotel makes very good first impression but later on you discover that it has got a serious problem with the hygiene, precisely with drinking water!!!! in other hotels in sharm you get bottled water and you are sure it wasn't opened. but in GRand Plaza you only can take water from dispensers. on the 3rd day we got seriously ill - we had a severe stomach ache and needed to get an injection:( we are sure it was all because the water and food. there were days when water tasted as if it was taken from the river Nile!!!!"

  • Holiday details: May 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
I Would Never Stay Here Again

"First let me just say the only nice thing about this hotel is the beautiful grounds and gardens. My family & I have been to Sharm many times, in fact we have our own place out there, which is where we stayed for the 1st week of our holiday, The only reason we went to the Grand Sharm was my hubby wanted me to have a holiday from the cooking and cleaning, Bless Him!!

This hotel says it's All Inclusive....... IT'S NOT..... There are 5 restaraunts, ONLY 2 out of the 5 are included, both are open at the same time, and serving the same food, The other 3, you have to pay for your food, and 1 of those 3 wasn't even open. The Food wasn't bad when it was being eaten, but by the afternoon of the 2nd day we were there, most of us were too sick to even think about eating..

The Bars Close at 11pm, Except For the Lobby Bar which is open till 2am, but you have to pay for your drinks in that bar, and 2 beers not pints i might add, came to nearly £7 ENGLISH. Most of the staff we rude, which i can almost understand as they are working 12 hour shifts, but thats their job choice, so they should be a little more polite, pushing past ppl and then giving them dirty looks is'nt good in country.

Our Room had a lovely view, but wasn't cleaned propley the whole time we were there, We had no clean towles for 5 days, My son cut his foot and put the towel on it so there was some blood on the towel, which was still there 3 days later.

We had an uninvited mossie guest the 1st night, which my 10 year old son squashed aginst the bathroom was, but it stayed there all week, our bath wasn't cleaned untill the day b4 we came home, I would also say if you do decide to stay at this hotel, make sure you use the safe, as i saw the cleaner looking through the drawes in another room...

We also had to pay £10 for what was called a coffee tray which had 2 cans of coke, sprite and fanta, 7 tea bags, 7 coffee packs & 2 bottles of water. In every other hotel we have stayed in water is always supplied in your room, along with tea & coffee every day..

The Beach if it can be called a beach is a joke, there are plenty of loungers & sand, but the sea is some what out of reach unless you are a very good swimmer, There is a very small portion of the sea you get to without walking over the protected coral, which is maybe suitable for about 50 ppl, the rest of the beach is off limits due to the coral and rocks. This is probably why it was almost impossible to get a sun bed by the pool, which i will say were nice, but need to be a little bigger, due to the amount of ppl using them.


  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't Wasre Your Money

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7 / 10
Beautiful hotel

"Myself and my boyfriend visited this hotel in 2008 and the hotel was beautiful. The rooms were large and very clean.

I think the biggest let down for us was the entertainment. There was very little and some nights no entertainment in the hotel, if staying in this hotel my best sugestion would be to go into naama bay at night,its about a 15 min drive and its only 60 eygptian pounds for a taxi return, which is about £6.

The beach is not what we expected, its very small and quite rocky but this did not bother us to much as we spent most of our days around the pool. The food was good but not much choice, we ate pasta alot of the time which was good. The chef cooked it in front of you and you could pick what you wanted in it etc. The people were friendly but some times they would come over to you whilst you were relaxing on the sunbeds or in the pool and try to sell you things, and they don't like taking no for an answer.

Also, i would not recomend this hotel for families with young children as their is nothing for them to do.

Apart from this the hotel is lovely and i would definatly recomend booking a trip on the quad bikes as it was fab! Although, make sure, if you are a couple and you want to share a quad that you make that specific so they don't charge you for two. As they don't give you the option to share they just tell you the price for two unless you say.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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9 / 10
Really good time had by all !

"Try not to take other peoples comments to heart. My partner and i had a lovely time here last september. The staff were so attentive the food was what you would expect from an all inclusive package (come on people you booked All Inclusive you know you are not going to be eating at the Ritz! give the guys a break!)but i must say the food produced was firstly edible and secondly varied. The roomes were cleaned everyday to a high standard and as a little quirk your towels would be arranged as a different animal every day.

The beach was well kept although not for novice swimmers at all as there are currents and access via a jetty is into very deep water! However if you would like to see a little of the see life without going into deep water there is a little depression in the reef top about 10 meeters off the beach that you are allowed to go to by foot, take a mask and snorkel and you will be amazed at what you see!

To sum it up, go there see for yourself and enjoy

  • Holiday details: Sep 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Great Hotel
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
Be careful - the hotel doesn't meet expectations!!!!

"Grand Plaza Resort/Shaba/Egypt (near Sharm El Sheikh airport) has qood quality of rooms, good pools and green landscape. However the quality of services is awful, staff is hostile and slow. Fitness and spa (one small building) are devastated, old, cramped, majority of fitness equipment is broken, shower area is dirty, bath curtains are handing broken, no rest zone. If you intend to visit a sauna, be aware that there is no place to hang/put your your close or rest!!!! You have to pay for an open-air jaccussi while in other hotels it is for free!!! Quality of food in "all-inclusive" is moderate, but variety is limited; the best restoraunts are not included in "all-inclusive", drinks are of bad quality and limited (tourists are quing up for water, beer or wine); silver ware is often dirty, often you have to wait until the desk is cleaned and served. The treatment of tourists in the pool or sea area is ugly; service man don't want to deliver towels, and often don't change towels. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND POOR QUALITY for a 5 * hotel!!!!"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Always ask for high quality service hotel of famous brands!!!!!Local staff is poorly trained

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9 / 10
Better than expected

"Had a weeks holiday here with my husband from 22/11/09-29/11/09.

Had misgivings at first due to negative feedback from others. Found the holiday to be great. we wanted a relaxing holiday and thats what we got.

Booked independently, which was a first for us. no problems at all. Was picked up and taken to the hotel as arranged.

At the reception you are given your key and a coloured wrist band to show you were all inclusive and your nationality. Ours was yellow. I did'nt understand the need for this personally as we were all inclusive.

Hotel itself is beautiful, very clean and spacious. The pools were well maitained. The lazy river shown in the pictures looks lovely but you cannot use it, it is for show only.

We read that the Russians were rude and noisy, but found this to be totally untrue.

All the guests were very polite with each other. And the staff were hard working and a credit to the hotel.

You are given a card to get your fresh towels for the deckchairs which you change everyday at no extra cost.

The food was not bad for all inclusive,(we have had worse) there was plenty of it and the waiters were quick to replenish the containers so that they were never empty. You have to queue up separately for your drinks but being November and pretty quiet it wasnt too bad, may be a problem in busier times though.

The hotel is right on the beach and unfortunately we were regularly attacked by the flies, they were annoying. I had to get some cream from the pharmacy for the insect bites which were quite itchy. I will be prepared next time.

At around 5pm each evening a man comes round with a spray to kill the bugs, you hear his machine before you see him, and the smell from the spray is quite strong but soon dissapears.

You can buy newspapers/magazines, but the man never has any change. Also there are camels and you can have a picture with them but the owner expects a small payment. I had mine taken with one called casanova.

The entertainment is geared for the Russian/Italian visitors but you are welcome to join in and you soon pick up on the dance routines. They also have pool games which are fun.

Overall we had a nice relaxed holiday. We wanted quiet as we have done Luxor and the sights before,so we had a pleasant stay,which all goes to prove that what is negative in a holiday for some may not be for others.

  • Holiday details: Nov 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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8 / 10

"After reading lots of reviews and negitive comments like most people we were slightly concerned but this was concern not needed. We have just come back and i would like to say a few words. The hotel was more than adequate. The room was clean and in good condition, the pools were great, the food was good, ok it was not gordon ramsays style of food but what do you expect. this is mainly a russian populated hotel and........we went to chill soak up some sun and relax and thats what we got. If people want to party till 2 am and be surrounded by brits then go to gran canaria. As for load music during the day please trust me it aint that bad. evenng entertainment was not your typical party time but we enjoyed sitting by the bar chilling in the warm evening air. yes they do have shows and an animation team and yes it is more for the russians but still a good laugh.. Yes the staff ask you for beauty treatments but a polite no handles it and they leave you alone. We found the staff to be polite and helpful. As for bad stomachs well i was fine, hubbys was a little dodgy but thats to be expected really, why dont people realise that sometimes a change of environment eating more food than normal drinking more than normal can upset the digestive system it is not always food poisoning.

if you want a good priced holiday with sun and fabulous sea (a different world under the water) then relax you will find it here at this hotel.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
horrible holiday

"my family which is my 2 teenage children me and my husband went to sharm grand plaza. when we got there we thought wow this is lovely but after the first day we realised it werent. my daughter cut her thumb open on the poolside because its dangerous as there is missing blocks on the poolside and she then fainted. the men out there in eygpt like teenage girls and always touch them so be careful if you have a daughter and if you are a lady do not go anywhere out of the complex on your own as its not safe. the entertainment if rubbish as all the animation team are russian and polish. rooms are very basic. the people who work at the massage parlour keep pestering you to get a massage. the food is the same in all the restaurants. also the fish, italian and chinese restaurents are not all inclusive. the pool table is not either but the table tennis is."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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6 / 10
Beautiful but stomach bug

"I read many of the reviews on this website before going to Sharm and I thought it would be helpful to report back in a realistic way.

General: the hotel has given itself the 5 star rating, so DON'T expect 5 star by UK or European standards. I would give it about 3-4 stars overall by our standards.

Rooms: big, clean and comfortable but the finish is a bit rough (e.g. bad grouting around the bath, broken remote control). Clean towels everyday.

Beach area: beautiful and big, but make sure you take good beach shoes and not just flipflops. The sand is quite gritty and the shore is a mix of sand, rocks and coral. The best shoes are the neoprene, wet-suit style ones (usual approx £5 here), but they have a shop selling them in the hotel if you forget. One negative of the beach was a large stereo-system pumping out dance music from 10am-2pm and again from 5pm. There is a quieter section on the left-hand side if you are looking at the sea.

The pier on the beach is amazing - take a mask and snorkel!

Pool areas: the pools were well-maintained and clean. There are quite a few areas for children. My partner and I found the pool by the accommodation section "Sea Horse" quieter than the others, but it is the furthest from the beach. At check-in you are given 2 towels cards (similar to credit cards) and these are exchanged each day at the towel kiosk by every pool for beachtowels. Make sure you get the card back before you leave or they charge you 10 euros. A small tip to the towel man (20 EGP - approx £2.20) can ensure he reserves your favourite loungers early in the morning.

Outside areas generally: the gardens are immaculately kept and beautiful. The whole place is very well done architecturally, but it is big, so be prepared for some walking between places.

Restaurants: There were 2 restaurants to cope with a total of over 1000 people. The staff are very helpful, but it is self-service for every meal - the food is laid out like a buffet. Honestly, the food was ok, but not very varied. You have to be realisitc - you are in a foreign country and they are trying to cater for tastes of lots of different nationalities. It's not going to be ham, egg and chips and roast beef and yorkshire pudding. There was always rice, chicken (usually grilled) and beef (usually casserole). They had a chef cooking fresh omelettes for breakfast, and fresh pasta for lunch and dinner as well as chips. The best food was the cakes and pastries. The salad bar looked interesting, but we avoided it.

Other Guests: There are a lot of Russians and Eastern Europeans - about 90% - but most are perfectly pleasant if treat them as you would want to be treated. But be aware that the Russian tradition of queuing is not as strong as it is for us Brits!

Excursions: We didn't venture outside the hotel as it was a long way to the front gate (with armed guards against terrorists) and then another 20-30 min walk to the shops. What we saw of Sharm from the transfer coach didn't tempt us to visit - it was just a neon strip with McD's and KFC. We wanted to go on some organised trips from the hotel (e.g. quad biking in the desert), but we didn't because of the stomach bug.


It is not all-inclusive - there are some bars and 3 restaurants you need to pay for. Only the pay bars have European/American brands of alcohol. All-inclusive bars only stock Egyptian alcohol (dire!!!)

Various sales people approach you when you are lying by the pool to try to get you to have a beaty treatment done or to go on an excursion (about once every 2 hours). But if you say politely that you are not interested, they will leave you alone.

The entertainment was poor and mainly geared towards Russians and Eastern Europeans.

There was a long power cut one evening when only emergency lighting was working, so no a/c in the room or tv.

Drinking water is in water coolers by each bar. The staff get very angry if you try to fill up a water bottle - you have to drink it from disposable plastic cups. It's worth buying some large mineral water bottles from room services at 12 EGP each (about £1.30).

Stomach bug - both I and my partner came down with a stomach bug on day 5 of our holiday. We were careful not to drink any tap water, but it happened anyway. Take Immodium and Dioralyte with you! Most people get something when they go to Egypt and there's not much you can do about it except be careful. I've heard it is much less common in the winter/spring.

Summary: beautiful place, extremely pleasant and helpful staff, but don't expect absolute luxury, be careful with hygiene and take some Immodium!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, booked with A1 travel through Teletext
  • Advice: An arabian Costa del Sol 20 years ago. Don't go for the culture!
  • Activities: Don't miss snorkelling in the Red Sea - off the hotel pier was great
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
stomach bug

"We booked this holiday as my husband is a diver. The sea was amazing. weather fantastic but that was where it ended. The hotel looked lovley but once you found out what it was all about there were many negatives for a 4/5 star complex. the food was 2 star. Entertainment 2 star unless you spoke russian and then maybe it would have been better. Hygiene very poor - we contracted a severe stomach bug on the second day even after using alcohol gel regularly. No soap in ladies toilet for two days despite compalining to the reception. We are still ill one week after returning and we are having to do samples to send off to the lab as our doctor feels its salmonella/ecoli! we used bottled water even to boil our kettle. the staff were very friendly if you tipped them. they were pests around the pool/beach area trying to book you for massage etc. I will not go back to Egypt until it is more developed. We are world travellers and would like to think we give people a fair chance but this is taking the p***. I apologise to the people that have booked to go. Also next door is a building site 7 days a week which in our rooms we could hear."

  • Holiday details: May 2009, All Inclusive, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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4 / 10
Worst holiday

"Let's get the positives out of the way first....the Sharm Grand Plaza is a lovely complex,very nice pool & beach area & absolutely excellent,very friendly,helpful staff....& that's it I'm afraid.My partner & I have just returned after a week here & would absolutely not return unless there were dramatic changes.The main problem is the quality of food,which for the British,is atrocious,a view shared by most of the other Brits we spoke to,resulting in my partner,& to a lesser extent,myself,being ill for most of the week(& I do MEAN ill),again,not an isolated problem as it a common theme with other Brits,many of whom chose to leave the resort to eat.This isn't a case of being narrow-minded just because the food isn't to your particular liking,it really was of a very poor & very limited standard.On the other hand,this didn't seem to be the view of the other,mainly Eastern European guests,Russians & Soviet states as well as Poles,who I must say were definately better catered for.The other negative of these guests is the sheer mannerless & self-centered attitude they possess,quite astounding at times.

The next problem concerns the almost complete lack of entertainment & variety on offer,bars closing at 11pm,1 disco which was free to get in, but you had to pay for drinks(& it was as big as your living room),& if your idea of entertainment is Russian karoake,you'll have a great time.We literally had one good night & this was probably only because of the audience involvement making it so,altho' it must be said that the Animation team are actually quite good.This complete lack of entertainment is all the more bewildering considering that a hotel not 10 minutes away offered 5 bars or more all open 'til past 2am(& discos' for longer,& ALL all-inclusive),a wealth of good quality restaurants & more besides,so what our hotel based their whole amenities on is a a complete mystery & very wide of the mark.

The whole all-inclusive thing just reeked of a complete rip-off,even to the point that considering the very high temperature & the advice to drink plenty of water,what was 'free' was warm & didn't include actual bottles,those you had to pay for.

All in all,what should have been a lovely,memorable holiday was a complete disaster & will be remembered as my worst holiday ever.

P.S.The scuba diving is fantastic & the hotel 'gym' should be closed under the trade descriptions Act.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2009, All Inclusive, Booked Independently

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