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3 / 10
Beware buying a caravan at Craig tara Ayr

"My sister who is pensioner that takes care of her brother and sister who are also pensioners but with special needs .bought a three bed caravan in February she paid 21000 for it . She had to pay site fees plus buy a ramp for wheelchair access that cost another few thousand .She got a leaflet through her door about an upgrade to a caravan with double glazing and central heating at a cost of 41,115 they were going to give her 19000 towards trade in (after owning it for less than four months)so we went down to see this new caravan I checked online before I went and the caravan was on sale for 38,350 (2,795 saving)when I pointed that out to salesman (craig) he said he would speak to his manager (whom we asked to meet but never did does he exists )Craig came back and said if we got the caravan 38,350 he was only to offer her 16,500 trade in price What a con she was conned the first time round as she paid site fees and on the web page site fees were included"

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, Booked Independently

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8 / 10
review of the park

"Just to clarify, this is a review of the park and not the site caravans. We have used those in the past, and found them slightly disappointing, but they did come very inexpensively, so taking this into account it wasn't too bad.

So now we take our own touring caravan, and having been there now yearly for some 8 years, all I can say in response to the negative comments, is that our children have loved the facilities on-site, and the nearby town of Ayr. They especially like the swimming pool, now better with the improved changing rooms. To me, a holiday is what you make of it, and Craig Tara has enabled us as a family to have many fun times.

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Look past the dirt and see the gold :-)

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4 / 10

"Dear who it may concern on my holiday we had a good time but there was a health and safety issue with the security at the club as my friends little girl got stuck and locked herself in the toilet and we went to security and they came to toilet and stood and said we can't climb over there then walked out toilet leaving myself to deal with this situation with a extreme pancake I did not hesitate to attempt to climb my self as I started to climb security came back and did not even stop me from climbing over they just stood and watched me I struggled to get over but eventually managed in the process of hurting my leg very bad which has lead to a very badly bruised and sore leg and at this severe time of being pregnant as well. My boyfriend and I made a complaint to security and a form was filled out got told head of security would come to see us at the caravan the next again morning before we left at 10.00 to make matters worst no one came and they where no security to be seen the next again morning as we went to look for them before leaving the caravan site. This issue has really stressed myself out and gave me a very badly bruised and very sore leg and has severely stressed my partner as I am pregnant with his baby in case anything happens to me. He is very tempted to go to a legal agent and take matters further for this health and safety issue and put a article in the paper about the lack and poor health and safety of the security. We don't really want to do this but we would like something done or compensated in some sort of way or we shall have no option but to take legal action."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2014, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Be very careful

"We booked a caravan privately at Craig Tara to make sure we got a veranda for our 2yr old to play on & was asked for a £100 deposit paid via pay pal which is refundable after caravan is checked & left ok.Two of the owners checked over caravan while we stood & watched & told us all was fine & we would receive deposit into bank account on our return home (never heard this before) needless to say it didn't arrive but following day a phone call from K McIntyre the owner to say they had found stains on the mattress & we would have to pay to get it cleaned - I asked why they didn't tell us while we were there & not 234 miles away & had already checked it anyway. They kept our £100 & said they had to buy a new mattress. I was advised by Citizens advice to take it to small claims court after 3 recorded letters received no response. They never corresponded at all except an email telling all sorts of lies - I would not trust them again. It's an easy way to keep your deposit & although I was sure I could have claimed it back through the court, having to go to Scotland would have been a problem & costly. PayPal offered me £50 compensation which was decent of them as they didn't have to so I decided to accept that and forget the con merchant K McIntyre with all her lies & deceit. This totally spoil a lovely holiday & we would never return unless we booked with Haven who would not try pulling a stunt like that"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Book through Haven

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1 / 10
Holiday nightmare ( stay away )

"Went to Craig Tara on 5 July with young family baby 10 months boys 8&10 they put us next to walkway all the drunks and needs shouting all hours all the rubbish from the park lying about spoke to staff who said paid people off but still wanting more work. Went to eat place cleaning fish fryers out and cooking at same time everything all black dots. Whole family got sick ! Wife gets smashed on leg with a broken swing that was fixed to days earlier by a guy who picks up rubbish if it was done professionally this wouldn't had happened ! Could have been a kids head ! Kids get burned on the slides they shut it down 2 days later ! But most of all owners having devil dogs plus 14 people in one caravan ! Leave them in van when they go out they would just jump out the window and roam park kids were terrified to go out ! And they tell you lies like we will move you ! We will wash all your bedding ! Etc so if I was you, you should stay away from this nightmare holiday resort they just walk by you and take as much money off you they can but when you have a problem they just. Cover it up and tell lies ! Especially Jan and Tracy at Bourne Leisure I'm going to speak with John Dunford soon and that take them to small claims court ! Thanks Mr. B"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013
  • Advice: Don't go near it !!!!!

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7 / 10
my kids enjoyed it!

"Let me start with the service, I think they did a good job. No problems in checking-in, it was fast and efficient. We had problems with the caravan like the heater and the toilet which needs repairing and they sorted that out quickly. There were lot of activities for children both indoors and outdoors that the children would love. Nightly entertainment was average. Park cleanliness was good. I had two issues though one is, the caravan was not properly cleaned, it stinks with cigarette. Cigarette buds and empty drinking bottles were left and during our stay there were yobs that frequently hung out near the beach access route near the caravan we are staying. My suggestion to the park management would be for security personnel to rover this areas more frequently. Overall we enjoyed our stay in Craig tara."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Plan your travel, get weather update daily so you can plan which activities your family can indulge for example if weather is miserable book indoor activities and if it is fine then spend more time outdoors.

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1 / 10

"I went to Craig Tara from 9th Aug till 12th Aug. We paid £280 for a dirty disgusting filthy caravan, my list is endless to the faults, dirt and mess that we experience and we contacted the cleaner to re-clean? Waste of time, reported it to the reception - waste of time, no one came near us and we also reported our experience again to the Customer Service Manager, and she also hasn't go back to us!!!! The swimming pool is absolutely filthy there is dirty and missing tiles and green gunk everywhere? Worst experience ever !!!! I have been to many Haven sites but none of them have ever been as bad as Craig Tara. I had to take my son to the doctor on our return as his skin all broke out after spending time in our filthy dirty caravan.


  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently

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1 / 10
Disgusting Filthy Park ..... Do Not Go !

"I booked a long weekend at Craig Tara from 9th Aug till the 12th Aug. The caravan was absolutely disgusting / filthy? I couldn't even enter it, the smell was that bad ! There was a bucket of cigarette ends at the entrance door, the lino in the kitchen was lifting and all bubbling, toilet door lock was hanging off, cigarette burns everywhere, hadn't been hovered, enamel peeling off the sinks and taps, cobwebs on all the windows, splashes of drink and food all over the units, cooker was all greasy and the caravan stank of dampness. It was utterly disgusting. I reported this to reception, no-one came near our caravan. I grabbed a cleaner and asked her to re-clean the van to which she replied "yes these only get a quick once over as these are known as the Council Caravans" I was livid at this comment especially after paying £280 for three days !!!!. The swimming pool is totally disgusting do not go in it unless you are willing to catch something. I have been to plenty Haven sites but never in my life have I ever had this experience. Haven Craig Tara - stay away its a filthy, dirty hole DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. I am still waiting on the Customer Services Manager contacting me to discuss my awful experience, and I suppose I will still be waiting this time next year !"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Clean it !

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1 / 10
Pay money for a nightmare

"This place is shockingly bad, we had to leave on the first day, not snobs at all, not clean freaks either, £100 a night for a dirty stinky hell hole is not what we expected, avoid this place like the plague, even rats wouldnt stay here."

  • Holiday details: Jul 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Dont go.

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4 / 10
Family holiday

"Myself,my wife and our 3 young daughters aged two, four and six enjoyed a 3 nite stay at this haven complex in Ayr Scotland, During the busy September weekend period. All in all we had great time, tho this was spoiled somewhat when our oldest daughter was knocked over on the dance floor by a group of teenage girls fighting. My daughters lip was burst open in this fall. My daughter was ushered to a medical room at the main reception area, upon being cleaned up and given a plaster. We then left the medical room only to be met with scenes of sheer violence and fighting between the same thugs who thought it was expectable to start a fight on a dance floor full of young children. Needless to say this terrified my children! Management seemed uninterested in our complaints! A fun few days completely spoiled by selfish immature teenagers and the brawling mothers!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently

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7 / 10
great holiday

"just returned from another haven holiday No3. Craig Tara in Scotland with family kids 6 and 10. We were half board which turned out to be excellent value for money the staff were very friendly. the list of activities was endless we sampled the archery,climbing wall and the water walkers. The night time entertainment was also great with the kids kept busy by the funstars.

We never heard the children say they were bored for the severn days we were there.

The pool was the best we have seen yet with multi level and plenty of slides and the waterworks at the bottom. All in all the best one yet.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: half board is a top tip at this park

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7 / 10
Best Caravan Holiday!

"The caravan was ok. It smelt of old smoke at first but you get used to it. The single beds are comfy but are very narrow so you can hardly turn over.5:30am every morning the seagulls wake you up with their sqwacking and stamping on the roof.

The swimming pool is really good. Three pools on three levles. Suitible for all ages with different depthson each level.

The entertainment was fantastic. All funstars can either sing or dance really well. The funstar live show 'The Best Of' was absouloutly fantastic!

The food was nice in:The Mash And Barrel, Pappa Johns and The Chip Shop were nice, but The Chinnise van wasn't very nice but very expensive.

The beach on the park was nice. The activities were good at a resonable price. The Funshop and Roary Land were very expensive. Id reccomend this camp to everyone! Best Caravan holiday ever!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, Booked Independently

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  • by barginhunter

    " Good idea to buy supplys in town to keep costs down. "

  • by not a fan of craigtara

    " Crossraguel Abbey, Culzean Castle "

  • by lainegee

    " go off peak! if you have young children "

  • by Iain Fraser

    " Book sessions in airspace the day you get there as they book up very quickly "

  • by adelev

    " look at the whats on guide at start of your hol so you dont miss out on the best of what the park has to offer for your... "

  • by Barbara Meek

    " Half board was good value however plenty of places to eat on site "

  • by campbell1

    " Look at activities if going in peak and book in advance for things you really want to do. "

  • by Mary Mcphail

    " Try and find out where you caravan will be situated will make huge difference! "

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