Aphrodite Apartments

Agios Gordios, Corfu 49084, Greece
7  / 10
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10 / 10
Best holiday ever!

"Wellll, we read the reviews on this website and were quite dubious about the whole hotel, no toilet paper thing. We got there were still quite like oweeeeeer. We got a stella from the bar and from then on it was the most amazing holiday of my whole entire life, the bar staff are amazing the music they play by the pool is that of ledgends. I went with 4 of my mates we are from Liverpool and we all agreed it was the most amazing 10 days of our lives. I would totally reccomend it to everyone. Best clubs ever (BUZZ, Atlantis & DJ Mad****ers bar with the Haribo Head****ers was immense one swig and your game as a badger). EVERYONE GO really though its a ledge. Woop x"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Just accept the hotel for what it is!
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Exactly what we paid for!

"To be honest after we read the reviews on here we were freaking out! Thought it was going to be dirty etc.

We worried over NOTHING! It was basic but clean. The apartment was ground floor (which as two girls travelling together we werent sure would be okay) but seemed very secure- we had the only view-able set of keys and the terrace bit had double doors to lock. We never felt unsafe. The only thing wrong with the apartment was that the shower head holder was broken so you had to hold it when you showered. Annoying but hardly a deal breaker.

Don't go here if you aren't easy going or a total party animal. We weren't looking to party (only went out one night) but made our own fun with restaurants etc but the apartments are right next to Snobbs bar which plays loudly until 5am- too loud to sleep through even with earplugs. That said, by the 3rd night we DID slept through. If you arent as easygoing about sleep as us you'll find it a challenge. Other groups that were looking to party had no problems with this cause they were OUT till 5am.

Pool area is nice but you do need to pay for sunloungers- though the free water you get with it waas much appreciated in 30 odd degree heat! Pool bar had decently priced food designed for hangovers.

The local area isnt culture central but we found the beach nice, its easy to get to corfu town and there is the odd actually good restaurant- greek tavern (which has greek dancing and good food) and tex mex (where the food was genuinely awesome and the staff lovely).

  • Holiday details: Sep 2011, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Bring earplugs and mak your own holiday

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1 / 10
never ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"what a hell hole!!!!! i'm no snob but this is just beyond diabolical!! this is not an exageration. our room was filthy not bein cleaned at all, all week. no clean towels os sheets our whole stay and we were forced to wash our own. we weren't provided with a kettle or a toaster and had to buy our own toilet paper. we had a mouldy drain in the middle of the bathroom floor which bubbled up with sewage everythime the tap is turned on! we knew when we were nearing our hotel as the smell of dirt and sewage coming from our hotel hit you. it smelt that bad we couldn't even bring ourselves to enter our pool area and had to get to our room via the back entrance. kavos is just one big smelly, dirty town and i will not be coming back or recommend it to anyone. would much prefer a week in war-torn afganistan!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: don't bother

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5 / 10
Afrodite Complex, Bar Street, Kavos

"Afrodite Complex, Bar Street, Kavos.

Kavos is a place with two sides and two personalities. On the one, during the day it becomes and almost ghost town and somewhere to wander through that could be anywhere else abroad. The pubs are open and so are the restaurants and shops but everyone is in bed sleeping off their hangover or at the beach. But at the night-time, Kavos comes to life and the music pumps through the streets like the lifeblood the place depends upon. The streets flood with people and because of the open air clubs, at times, it feels like a carnival. There is little to do during the day other than sleep, eat, drink, swim or bathe; but if you want a holiday where you can get drunk every night, be with people between the ages of 18-21 and enjoy a clubbing experience like no other, then Kavos is the place for you. If you want a quiet or family holiday, then this is probably not the best place to go.

My friend and I booked our trip to Kavos about six weeks in advanced from thomascook.com, leaving on 06rd and returning on the 13th of September. It cost £235 each excluding in-flight meals but including transfers to and from the airport. The week we went was the last week of everything major happening, from the big club nights to the booze cruises and major excursions. If you are planning to go, then I would recommend going before 6th of September but not after 13th as the place winds down and you may end up paying more to go to what is essentially a ghost town.

When we booked with Thomas Cook, the deal we got was part of the 18-30s packages which meant that we would have an 18-30s rep and an opportunity to take part in any of the excursions. The excursions were optional but included planned day time events from Monday to Friday, with club nights and bar crawls on the night time. Day time events include trips to the waterpark, a booze cruise and club games; with night time events including a foam party, a neon nights party and a silent and school disco. The cost for all of the week’s entertainment was around 230 Euros but other packages involving less of the combined activities range in cost from 50 Euros to 75 Euros depending upon what you choose to do and exclude. Some activities such as the waterpark may work out cheaper if you book them via an operator on the resort as this is usually less and works out at 37 Euros per person, which is cheaper if this is really only what you want to do and are not fussed about everything else. IT is worth noting that other than eating and drinking, there is not much else to do in Kavos and trips to the pool and the beach can become boring if you do them everyday, so it may be worth looking into different things to do that do not cost a lot of money otherwise your budget may go out of the window (as mine did within the first three days).

We arrived at the airport in Kavos and was met by our 18-30s rep who was easy to spot and a nice guy. He directed us to our coach and we set off for the hour and a half scenic route to the resort of Kavos. The bus journey is the start of the holiday and as well as listening to music and playing games, it is an opportunity to take in some of the most beautiful scenery that Corfu has to offer. Depending upon where you are staying will determine which part of the ‘strip’ which you are let off at, but you will be taken to your hotel by your rep (except ours was not available but we were directed).

The Afrodite Complex is self catering and basic, but it has everything that you need. The apartments contain two single beds, a wardrobe, mirror, dressing table and a kitchenette consisting of two hobs. There is also a fridge and a small freezer, a kettle, some pots and pans, plates and cutlery. As you walked into our apartment the bedroom was off to the left hand side, the kitchenette off to the right and the shower room straight ahead. In the shower room was a mirror, a sink, a toilet and a small shower. There is also a bin in the bathroom for toilet paper waste as you are not allowed to flush anything other than human waste down the toilet, with everything else going into the plastic bin to be emptied by the cleaners everyday.

Our apartment had a front door but instead of windows have patio doors that were covered by green shutters (both of which could be opened). We did not have a balcony but as we were on ground level did not need one, as the yard opposite the front of the apartment has tables and chairs that means you can have a drink outside under the lime trees whilst listening to your music and having a drink in your apartment. The apartment had a light outside above the door which illuminated the patio and along with the two neighbouring lights meant that you could sit outside comfortably and contently.

The Afrodite Complex has a large pool (that was scarecely used when we were there), as well as sun loungers and a pool side bar. To use the sun loungers there is a 2 Euro charge but you get a bottle of water and as long as you want. You are not permitted to take your own food and drink around the pool due to Greek tax laws, but you can purchase food, drink and cocktails from the poolside bar. The pool is open from about 9am up until 10pm and the hotel bar is open from about 5pm until “late”, which depending upon business, can be 4am. The bar does serve reasonably priced food and drink but for convenience, the cost is worth paying. The bar plays some decent music and it is a really good atmosphere and facility to have when by the pool. There is also access to the internet from the pool bar for a charge in case you need to check e-mails or update Facebook. There is also a public telephone located just off to the side of the poolside bar so that you can call and check in with anyone from the UK.

The Afrodite Complex also has a reception that is just off from the pool and part of the near-by building. This is where you can check-in, check-out and meet your rep for any queries. It is also the place that you will find out about what is happening that week and the departure time of your coach and its location. The apartments are cleaned daily by the owners which can be a bit annoying when they wake you up at 11.30am and you didn’t go to sleep until 7am.

Overall the Afrodite Complex is what you would expect but be warned it is on the strip and about a minute walk to the main clubs. This is great if you want to have a drink and dance on the patio…but not so good if you are a light sleeper or planning on having any early nights. The complex is also about a five minute walk to the beach which makes it ideally placed for nipping to and from. Opposite the complex is a nice Greek restaurant called the Olympic which offers a Greek welcome with a variety of both English and Greek food. For 1 Euro a glass you can enjoy the house Rose wine or for about 3 Euros, get half a litre. For 5.50 Euros you can buy a nice and filling two course meal or if you want to splash out more, you can. The restaurant food is top notch and if you order a pizza, it might be worth sharing it as they are huge.

Walking out of the complex you come on to what is known as the ‘strip’. This is exactly as it sounds: a strip of roads with clubs, pubs, restaurants and shops either side of the road for about half a mile in each direction. The main clubs, “Venture”, “Atlantis”, “S E X”, “Futures” and “Buzz” are all located on the road opposite the complex within a minutes walk of each other. If you walk left for about two minutes there is a twenty for hour store, “42nd Street” ( a night club) and you begin to head to the outerpart of the strip which has more bars and clubs. Turn right out of the Afrodite and you come to the majority of the restaurants which are all located within walking distance of each other. The strip is mainly a straight line but there are diversions and side streets where some of the quieter but nicer bars are.

There is everything you need within walking distance of the complex and there are PR people outside every club to try and entice you in with food or drinks offers.

There are Australian Style Pubs and Restaurants (“TKD’s” and “Rodney on the Road”) which offer good food at expectable prices; or there are places such as “The Fountain Bar” or “SOS” Bar which offer you the chance to have a beer and watch the soaps or “Only Fools and Horses”. There are small clubs to get drunk in and dance the night away or there are some quiet places to just sit and be social. Kavos really does cater well for its visitors and whether you want a Greek experience or just to party in a different place, then you will find it all here. There is even a Geordie pub called ‘Legends” which shows “JackAss” and “Dom Jolly”.

Tip number 1 – When you first walk down the strip, listen to the offers that are available for food and drink but do not jump at the first offer as the next bar may be able to better it and save you money. Some of the PRs are good at talking about the bar and food but cannot really offer you a good deal but others will give you some fantastic drinks offers that will get you drunk very cheaply.

Tip number 2 – There are drinks called ‘HeadF******’ which pretty much do what they say on the tin. They contain fourteen shots of seven different types of spirits and they are really strong and a nice drink. The average price is around 5 Euros for a decent one but be wary of any club offering them at less than this as this means that it is likely that they are watering down the spirits. JC’s Bar, located on the outerpart of the strip and beside “Snobs” is one of the only bars not to waterdown their spirits so it means you pay slightly more for cocktails but it is worth it. It is a nice bar with a mad DJ who plays good music and if you are tired of all the clubbing and want a bar open until about 4am+ then pay them a visit.

Tip number 3 – Use your vouchers! When you arrive in Kavos, if you are part of the 18-30s package you should receive a booklet with vouchers in. This booklet gives you an idea of places to visit and means that even if you go out during the day when it is like a ghost-town and few people to offer you a discount, you can still get on with your vouchers.

Tip number 4 – Visit “The Barn”. This is both a complex and somewhere to have some food and drink. It is off to the right of the strip out from Afrodite but you cannot miss a huge sign telling you that it is there. At “The Barn” you can go bowling, play pool, play arcade games or have some nice food at cheap prices. It is open until about 4am depending upon how busy it is but it is part of Kavos and a must visit.

Tip number 5 – Watch a film. There are a few bars that you will see that show normal British programmes as advertised on chalk boards outside, but there are also some that show films that have yet to be released over in the UK or are currently in the cinema. This means that for the price of a beer you can catch films that you would usually have to pay at the cinema and all with the Greek heat.

Tip number 6 – Go to Corfu. From the only bus stop in town next to The Fountain Bar, you can catch a bus to Corfu town. It is 4.10 per person per way and the bus leaves every hour (as displayed by the electronic sign which counts down the minutes until the next bus). The journey takes about an hour and a half but it is worth doing for a quieter day of self discovery. There is not much to really do other than take in the few and have a drink, but it is a nice day out.

Corfu Town, as you will see, is like a mixture of Milan, Paris and Barcelona with its various architecture and backstreet shops. It has a park that would not look out of place in New York and it is the cosmopolitan heart of the Islands. It is easier to feel more Greek in Corfu than it is in Kavos and you really get a sense of the culture when you are wandering around.

Tip number 7 – Visit the 24 Hour Cinema Pub. This is self explanatory but what is good about it is that there is a Wii, a PS 3, a Pool Table and various arcade games, as well as nice, comfortable and relaxing chairs to watch the TV or the film that is being shown.

Tip number 8 – Try the local beer. The local beers are “Amstel” and “Mythos” and they taste like “Budweiser” and “Fosters” respectively. But the difference between the local beers and the imported ones is the price. For a pint of the local it is about 2 Euros on average, whereas if you go for one of the imports, you may end up paying about 4 Euros for a little bottle.

Tip number 9 – Try the cocktails. Even if you are not usually a cocktail drinker, try them. Not only can you get incredibly drunk on a variety of drinks that do not taste alcoholic, but the cost is usually worth it and in some cases cheaper than some beers.

Tip number 10 – Buy a crate of beer. For around 11 Euros you can buy a case of 24 cans of local beer (“Eidelsberg” or something similar sounding) and this means that you can have a drink in the apartment and have a few cans before you go out.

Tip number 11 – Do not go out early. In Kavos, the earlier you go out, the less likely you are going to have a good night and the more likely you are to spend a lot more money. If you are going to go out, I would recommend going out after 1am. Most bars stay open until about 5am anyway and the later it gets, the more likely you are going to get better drinks deals.

Tip number 12 – Be Careful! There are no paths in Kavos so you will always end up walking on the road. The cars come from nowhere and do not use the horn and the buses are even worse. If you are walking out and about, especially at night, be careful. I saw someone get knocked over at about three in the morning and it is not a good thing.

Tip number 13 – Get some medical insurance. You can get basic medical insurance from the government and get a card that entitles you to basic healthcare for free. It means that you get the equivalent healthcare to the locals and is important as it proves your EU entitlements. It does not however , cover the cost of getting you back home or serious injury and so additional insurance is definitely worth it…especially as the number of people at the airport coming home in casts and on crutches was unbelievable.

Tip number 14 – Report any repairs on the first day. Accidents will happen and sometimes in the apartment things will get spilled or knocked. However, the hotel takes a strong and expensive approach to any repairs that need fixing in the apartment that you have caused. If you damage anything, you will be charged and this ranges from 30 Euros for a sheet up to 400 for a freezer. It is worth noticing this price list when you check in and reporting any damage as soon as you arrive so that if you did not cause it, you will not be billed for it.

Tip 15 – Enjoy Yourself!

Kavos, for me, was like nowhere I have ever been before. I did not know what to really expect from the resort or from 18-30s and I was pleasantly surprised with both. When me and my friend went we were both 25 and although that is not old in reality, sometimes on the resort I did feel like a teacher at a youth club. Once I got over the noise and got into a sleep pattern, I really began to enjoy it. We didn’t go majorly clubbing or take up any of the rep’s events but we made our own fun. Split between having drinks on the patio and hitting the strip at two am, we usually ended up in Buzz Bar, The Barn or JCs and because we had drank in the apartment we did not really spend more than 25 Euros a night each. That said, we ate out every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and although it is cheap, we did spend a fortune on food. We went in the pool, went to the beach and to Corfu town; as well as eating in most of the restaurants (including the really worthwhile “The British Restaurant” and “The Olympic”). We went red, we turned brown and we had a fantastic time and it is only now that I am at home writing this that I realise how much I enjoyed it and how I felt a million miles away sat with a beer in my hand on the patio.

Kavos is what you make it but you cannot make it something that it is not. Because it caters for the 18-30s, if you fall into this bracket you will probably have the time of your life (and I hope you do), but if you don’t and you still want to go, I would recommend staying in a hotel that is on the outskirts of the resort so that you can walk to and from the complex and have a decent sleep if you need one. Your holiday is what you make it and we made the most out of ours with the money that we had and if you go wanting the time of your life, as long as you are careful, that is what you will have. And so begs the question…knowing what I know, would I go back?

That’s a difficult one. I probably would but choose to stay somewhere else out of the resort. I enjoyed being in the centre and being able to walk to everywhere but the lack of sleep did catch up on me. I would also take a lot more money and a lot more food so that we ate in, as well as a plan of things to do during the day. Other than that, I think I would go back. The only other thing I would change is getting rid of the sewage smell around the resort but this is down to the drains and not really anything that could be changed without major upheaval.

I hope that you have found this review helpful and if you have any questions, please contact me on daryl_lee_taylor@yahoo.co.uk with the subject ‘KAVOS’ and I’ll happily help if I can.

Have a good holiday, be that this year, next year or in a couple of years time.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
When we first arrived in kavos i...

"When we first arrived in kavos i thought oh my god wot a total dump wher the hell have we been brought to?! tried to think positive lol but as we checked in, are room was not ready. the cleaner (who did not speak a word of english) ushered us out of our room on arrival so we had to sit by the pool bar for over an hour, when we finally got into our room it was like an oven!-seriously-no air con when the tour operator had told us we would be guaranteed this when we booked so we had to pay an extra 20euros for 2 crappy fans that did not work properly! The reception(i wouldnt even call it that) was a seperate room outside with a young girl working on who was rude and seemed totally not interested in any of our concerns.

The bathroom was a digrace, we did not even have a toilet seat! we reported this quite a few times for them to sort it out and bring us a new one but they never did. the shower was solar powered so ad to have freezin showers after dark. they never changed the towels or bed sheets all week. the cleaner did come in every day however and had a quick clean round.

Wasnt bothered so much about the loud noise, we were out most of the time getting hammered, quite a few really good bars but they all seem pretty much the same. snobs bar was really good, right next to the apartment.

The pool was nice and the bar served decent drinks reasonably priced,spiros(the lovely barman) played good music and we had a laugh with him. stella,the escapades rep was nice too.

overall i think the aphrodite complex is ok if you dont care about cleanliness,hygiene and value for money, yeah its ok to get your head down for a few hours and people might say well its self catering what do you expect!! but personally i expected much more than that compared to previous self caterering holidays iv been on.IF YOU HAVE STANDARDS, DONT STAY AT APHRODITE!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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4 / 10
supposed to be going to tenerife,...

"supposed to be going to tenerife, seguro went bust so ended up paying an extra eighty pound for this holiday. at the time of booking we were not told this was with escapades the thomas cook equivalant of 16-30, as a result of this we were placed rite on the strip thenoise kept us awake an went on early hours into the morning, definately not an ideal surrounding for a couple holiday. the appartments were dirty, the cleaner only came in to empty our bins an we got no clean sheets all week and had to ask for clean towels and tomake it worse she did not speak or understand english. the bathroom was disgusting, the shower curtain was covered in mould an smelt of dampness. i would not recommend this place to anyone."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
an amazing holiday. apartments were...

"an amazing holiday. apartments were basic but we got what we paid for. in a fantastic location, walk out the hotel and your right in the middle of all the bars and clubs. everyone keeps winging about the 1 toilet roll thing.....its self catering, it costs next to nothing to buy some. the rooms were cleaned daily however she did let herself in when u were sleep. i got a few frights.

best to have a shower before it gets dark due to it being solar powered.

the snack bar was good...some good toasties. however we spent most of our time along at agnes hotel. this wasnt because there was anything wrong with aphrodite, just we met some great ppl at agnes.

i recommend that u spend the money and get the air con. the 1st night we were roasting then once we bought it, it was like the arctic.

i would go back for def.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
The apartments are in an ideal place,...

"The apartments are in an ideal place, right over the road down a side street from the main club, was lucky enough to be here when Kate Lawler played and it was a top night! Best night of the holiday. Rooms are basic, you do only get 1 toilet roll but you get 2 big towels and a hand towel, and rooms are tidied/cleaned pretty much every day. The pool was a good laugh during the day, has the sun shining on it all day too. The poolside bar served nice food and plenty to drink, even milkshakes. Was noisy but i had no problem getting to sleep, the music never kept me up. That bit below about an old man is true though, he appears out of nowhere and finds something to complain about, for us it was "no boys in room, 2 people per room" and "no loud music" even though we were directly behind one of the loudest bars. Even if you're not in your room, he comes to the pool. One of us had to pay 30 euro for a broken wall lamp that only needed glueing back on, breakages/losses prices are abit pricey so try not to do anything involving them. Safety deposit boxes are 10 euro for a week from reception, but we never used ours, rooms are safe although the balconies aren't, got my towel nicked. Overall good holiday though, would definately do Kavos again!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with AirtoursEscapades

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9 / 10
Forget any of the comments below from...

"Forget any of the comments below from the idiots complaining about it being too loud and only having one toilet roll. They need to sort themselves out! lol.

Toilet roll costs about 1 euro... so get a grip! and too loud.... you're on an 18-30 holiday... so noise is a given!! I can tell you now I had no problems sleeping at night/morning, I drank loads and passed out when I got in! ;-)

The apartments are basic.... but what do you expect...?? I spent no time in my room other than to sleep.

The atmosphere by the pool is awesome and everyone there is up for a laugh and friendly. We made mates with a big group of girls and it was quality! Spiros behind the bar is ace, he makes awesome cocktails and plays quality tunes throughout the day! and the food and drink is reasonably priced at the pool bar!!

The night life is amazing! there are so many different bars to go to.... we didnt go to them all!! Tangos and buzz are good places to start off ur night! atlantis is a good club and is right opposite aphrodites so its an easy stumble back to the apartments! lol. Make sure u do the reps bar crawl because its a quality night, you go round loads of bars then finish off at a club with a free bar! Also make sure you go to atleast one foam party because they are a right laugh. Probably the best night we had was at a foam party! The boat trip is supposed to be good aswell... although we didnt do that because we lost track of what day it was! lol.

The touts are pretty annoying trying to get you into the bars/clubs etc. but just tell them you have already been in, if you dont want to go in, and they leave you alone!

If you're up for a laugh, want to go out and get leathered every night, then you wont regret going to kavos and staying in aphrodites!!

Quality holiday!!!!!!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Just got back from Kavos yesterday...

"Just got back from Kavos yesterday and it was the best holiday ever! The rooms were basic but good enough.. The pool had a great atmosphere, met loads of awesome people there. We didn't get the chance to go to the beach well i went once at night because we heard it wasn't that good. The nightlife out there kicks [--] though, started to struggle towards the end of the hol cos of been out till like 8am every night but managed to have another massive night the last night.. Go to tango's the bar its a quality place to start the night. The people who work at the apartments were idiots, well i think it was the owner some old guy who had a massive go at us because we had one of our chairs stolen because he thought we had done something with it. When we were leaving he charged my mate 15euro for a sheet he had spilt something on, he seemed to thing it costs 12euro for them to buy the sheets! Spiros who works behind the bar is a quality character! dead funny! Id recommend this holiday to anyone who wants to go an get leathered every night cos you wont be able to sleep with the noise anyway!! Not for the lighter weights!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Room Only, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
This was an awful hotel. The rooms...

"This was an awful hotel.

The rooms were small and dirty. We booked a 3 bedroom room and on arrival the tour operator couldnt find a room for us so we ended up getting moved around all day and only got a 2 bedroom even though we paid for 3 beds. The bed was broken, and we fell through it hurting my neck. The mattresses looked vile. We had no clean sheets or towels and the room was not cleaned all week. We had only 1 toilet roll all week so had to buy our own. There was no hot water all week. The whole hotel stunk of sewage all the time. The toaster and kettle had the british 3 plug so we had to buy an adapter plug to use them.

The reception was hardly open and when it was, it was run by a little girl that didnt know anything when asked and was very unhelpful. The pool was very small and the pool bar was far too expensive. The hotel is directly behind the Snobs bar which played music so loud, it made the hotel walls vibrate. It started at about 9pm going on till 6am. We had young adults banging on all hotel doors for hours in the early morning, with no hotel security or recpetion staff to stop them, so sleep was impossible.

The mintue we left the hotel, we were accosted by promotion staff constantly trying to get us into their bar or restaurant.

All in all not a pleasant holiday and i would never ever go back.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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1 / 10
Apartments were good, not bothered...

"Apartments were good, not bothered about buying bog rolls like every one else is.

Didnt spend too much time round the pool as it was full of soft southern shandy drinkers giving it large.

Some off the staff were nice, some gloomy and surly. the reps had at least about a 2 second attention span,so dont expect any intelligent or witty banter as these people had head up their own backside.

Too many chavvy places such as macdonalds , why on earth would anyone go on holiday to greece to dine on a vile piece of junkfood that is readily available in their own backyard. also to put you in a further holiday mood you are treated to endless episodes of only fools and horses which you will find in most bars.

Dont forget the touts these people are totally irratating and annoying best to ignore them and give em a wide berth.

Apart from that i was drunk every night coz there was bugger all else to do.

  • Holiday details: May 2008, Self Catering, booked with Thomas Cook

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