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Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis PO21 1JJ, United Kingdom
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Worst Holiday!

"Very disappointing time. The bedding was dirty when we checked in and had to ask to have it changed. The kettle stank, and the flat was messy. Also received very little support when my young daughter broke her finger in the soft play area slide which was supposed to be supervised. The Butlins employee supervising the slide let many children down at the same time and this was the cause of her finger breaking. Got an awful response from the department responsible for claims.. have zero incentive to come back again!"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
1 / 10

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What a load of Billy Bull***t

"We stayed at Butlins Bognor Regis August 2015 and I can categorically stat that we will NEVER be going back.

We stayed at a standard apartment at Oyster Bay. It consists of a small double bed as soon as you walk in and a kitchen area with a small t.v, all in the same room as your double bed! There was another room with 2 single beds and a bathroom with a bath and no shower or shower attachment.

When I was walking to our apartment, I thought I was in prison, there is no 'real' outside area of your apartment for the children to play and it is just rows of dormitories with metal railings.

The first thing that hits you when you walk in to the apartment is the smell, the 'proper' bedroom with the 2 beds was the worst, the table which was attached to the wall had cigarette burns in and a rusty metal leg holding it up, the walls were uneven and plain and the carpet had marks and stains all over it (I did not take my shoes off during my whole stay), the bathroom was dated and I could not wash mine or my daughters hair as there was no shower attachment. No plug sockets and no where to sit. I was woken every morning by a screaming child at the apartment next door at 5.30 as the walls are so thin ( you can hear your neighbors conversation even when they are whispering). No net curtains and the windows are really big, so the curtains were closed the whole time. NO VIEWS AND NO PERSONALITY IN THIS APARTMENT! Asked for an upgrade only to be told no other rooms available!

The fairground is small and dated, the swimming pool was good but changing rooms were dirty, and viewing area was hot, dirty, with marks over the carpet and dated,you could not even buy a cup of tea.

Main activity area was a glorified tent, not warm and enticing.

Evening entertainment was ok, but if you wanted to watch a show you need to cue at about 5pm to get a seat, otherwise you are standing, and the kids won't be able to see.

This is so overpriced it is unbelievable, I thought that everything was free, but you have to pay for crazy golf, the circus, bungee trampoline, go-carts and numerous other things. You can also spend £12.00 on a pie and mashed potatoes (although this is really smash).

If it rains the 'small' fairground shuts down, which forces you into the main tent, and this leaks!

Was bored after an hour, you just basically keep walking round in circles, and due to the condition of the room, you would not have gone back there unless it was really necessary,

Waste of money, waste of time, waste of my precious children lives!

  • Holiday details: Aug 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go
1 / 10

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Angelfish Room 9 Oyster Bay

"For a deluxe room with lounge this accommodation was pretty poor. The downstairs lounge had a connecting door to the next door lounge, this was not locked, just held shut with two small screws. There was a long dark hair in the bathroom stuck to the wall, the health and safety sign for the heated towel rail had been painted over. The extractor fan was full of dust and grime and the plaster was falling off the inside of the bath screen. Lastly in the bathroom there was no chrome on the taps.

We could not shut the bedroom door as the bed was in the way! Could not watch the tv in bed as it was fixed to the wall at a right angle to the bed and could not be moved.

We had to send our first meal at the Diner back because both burgers were over cooked (burnt round the edges) but were replaced without quibble and was very nice.

Could not fault the red coats and entertainment that was brill!

  • Holiday details: May 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: is deffinately a venue for families
  • Good For: Beach
4 / 10

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fab festive fun

"We stayed 4 nights 15th Dec onwards.

Checked in around 1pm and were warmly greeted with mince pies and mulled wine, we were told our room wasn't accessible until 4pm which was fine for us we went and looked around the skyline...there was a lovely puppet show on which captivated our 2 year old son instantly, we went to the sports bar and bought a holiday drink and let our son on lots or arcade amusements and soon enough we could access our room.

Trolleys are provided for luggage which is great, our accommodations was upstairs which was a pain having a little one who falls asleep in his buggy of an evening so was a bit dangerous taking that up and downstairs every evening...however i could see this couldn't be helped on a tots break so we didnt mention it as those with more needy and younger children understandably needed the ground floor apartments.

Rooms are basic, acceptably clean... not OCD clean.. dust under beds and splat marks on radiator etc so if these things really bug you and put you in a bad mood i wouldn't book a chalet Apartment. (I cleaned to my standard on arrival and was happy)

No microwave in room i am unsure if this should have been included, but again didn't affect us really we just used pans.

One thing i will be reporting to butlins is fire safety, i did not see a single call point on our block G, fire instructions say leave room and inform those close then press call point in block A...???? That in itself is a delay to raising the alarm and in my eyes a fire hazard...no fire blanket or extinguishers in room or on block...concerned me a bit. FRIDGE broke on day 3 replaced really quick on day 4, happy with the service there.

Entertainment was good. However Thomas show not tailored to the 'tots break' the 2 comperes dusty and rusty telling inane jokes for 30mins just wasn't a 2 or 3 yr old cup of tea and they were all getting fidgety by the time of Thomas' s appearance, a bit disappointing.

THE SNOWSTORM is amazing TIP-get seated inside the semi circle! (We attended twice)


the center stage opens at 6.30 and most shows start at 7 for an hour... then in 30mins they call time at the bar and pressure you to leave, a bar hand actually poured 2 full drinks bought at time away of ours as we were on the dance floor with our littlin...when challenged he did replace them and i expressed that i felt very pressured to leave very early..it was about 9.30/10?? After the Freddy act. Such a big venue only open for an hour seems silly to me..

No bingo or quizzes for those who wish to play...

Frosty frozen dome.... i would give a miss wasn't all that as entertainment goes but has a father Xmas picture at the end (payable) and you receive an unwrapped gift...we didn't wait as could see the books coming out our son already had.

Swimming pool is great or little one loved the dolphin slide and inflatable nemos that were everywhere!

Little tikes raceway is great!

Soft play becomes clogged with too many kids and pushy parents not allowing children exit as they barge through - this made our little one panic as he felt trapped as the exit hole was blocked by a large male shielding his young child who to me was too small for the equipment anyway.

Indoor fair is great fun for the littlins very friendly attendants whi ensure the kiddies are smiling.

Outdoor fair was too cold and wet for our use which was a shame.

Laundrette is pricey £4 a wash £2 a dry TIP bring washing powder/tablets/liquid as its £5 a bottle in spar!

Papa johns - great

Diner - great décor good food little over priced.

Beachcomber - great

Costa - great

Overall we have had a fantastic time with a few niggles...would definitely have a festive break here again!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont set expectations too high and you will be pleased
  • Good For: Beach
8 / 10

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ohhh shame on you....

"The Apartment was pretty unclean, the floors were littered (no hoover)

there was dust all over the furnishings, the cutlery/crockery was dirty/soiled yet in the cupboard & draw! The beds covers were stained.

I asked to be moved, they said there is no empty apartments for my family & I to move to, they said a housekeeper/cleaner would be over to clean up top to bottom.

However the guy did change the bed linen & that was it!!

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: no comment
3 / 10

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food poisoning

"Party of eight, we stayed in the Reef Boulevard Oyster bay silver apartments six and seven, there was blood on a mattress, the lounge door handle was broken, the oven was missing a knob which made it unsafe for the little ones, there were stains on the carpets and walls, a nail in the floor the bathroom, the key card didn't always look, very noisy door banging and people shouting

we all ate in the coast restaurant, my son was the first one to fall ill

he was realy sick, and he had to look after 3 small children on his own.

my granddaughter who is 10 months old had very bad diarrhea in the coast restaurant, it went all over her chair and the carpet under our table, some poor guy had to clean it all up.

my grandson who is two was sick later that evening in the central stage theater all over his dad and pushchair we informed the staff again about the incident, two guys came and cleaned up the mess. i am a foster carer for KCC and my two foster children have been sick several times as well as my self, the Doctor said it sounds like food poisoning. I feel really disappointed with Butlins when we arrived home i contacted Butlins, only to told there had been no reported sickness and i should write in to them. we paid over thousand pound this weekend never again !!!!

  • Holiday details: May 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: only go for gold accomadation and premium dining
2 / 10

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Disappointed with accommodation

"We stayed in Oyster Bay. We would not stay there again! The heater wasn't working in the kids bedroom or bathroom. Broken pan. Broken, taped bathroom window. Dirty pillowcase. Holes in wall. Big gaps in the door. Key card didn't always work. Damp bedding in kids room. Paper thin walls, very noisy door slamming & late night shouting from people coming home at 1am, so limited sleep. Cuts & scrapes from using flumes in the swimming pool (which was cold)

Plus side. Friendly staff & good evening entertainment. Felt Christmas. Some nice touches in the room like tea & coffee samples & washing up clothes etc, Santas grotto & present.

Cons: However too many arcade games & it rained mostly so couldn't go on many rides in the funfair. Didn't eat any food, so cannot comment on that.

  • Holiday details: Dec 2013, Booked Independently
3 / 10

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Worst holiday of my life!

"Went for four nights to an Irish dancing weekend at Bognor Butlins. The first apartment overwhelmingly stunk of sewage, it took two and a half hours of our holiday to sort out, then we got moved to a disabled room, the following day we were told this room was booked out and had to move again. I packed and unpacked our suitcases every single day of our stay and by the time we were sorted each day, the quality of the food at the Deck restaurant was disgraceful! During our stay, we experienced a terrible rain storm during which the roof on center stage started to collapse due to incoming rain and the evacuation was disorganized and positively dangerous. Various other issues with key cards not working, doors catching fire in the rain, my 8 year old being stuck on the slide in splash world for 30 minutes due to people being stuck at the top of the slide, filthy carpets, overpriced bar drinks. Letter of complaint basically told us to get lost..... It cost me £600 for this holiday, and we hadn't had one since 2005 so generated real good happy childhood memories for my children NOT...won't ever go back again and neither will any of my extended family or friends"

  • Holiday details: Oct 2013, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go!
1 / 10

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what a great holiday

"just got home from a week at butlins bognor with my wife and 3 children aged 16/13/11 and we had the best holiday we stayed half board in a silver apartment at oyster bay rooms nice and clean and the food was great kids loved the splash waterworld and all the shows the redcoats are brillant with the kids of all ages and the skyline gang make the holiday.all the staff are so nice we will be booking again thanks all at bognor see you all soon"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont listen to anyone else just go and have a great time we did
10 / 10

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"just got back from bognor omg what a brilliant time we had. i went with my partner and my 2 nephews who are 10 and 5, there is so much to do indoors and outdoors and everyone is friendly. we stay in oyster bay and the rooms was great every think you need in there. we are looking already to go again the night shows are great for all ages.

also the over 18 weekends are brilliant that ive been to on hen weekends

thank you


  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks
10 / 10

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lost camera

"Well.... I had just left butlins bognor regis and then about 1 hour into my drive home i phoned up butlins and asked if my camera was there and they said that my camera wasn't there , no one else had been there except the cleaning staff !! so ,what do you excpect??who else could it have been except for them?? bad service

beware and make sure you check your room before leaving to go home!!!

  • Holiday details: Dec 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: go to the sport activity!
  • Good For: Beach
8 / 10

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the best and worst of bognor

"i am a housekeeper from a large hotel in bournemouth .

since having 3 children we cannot afford to go abroad so have been going to butlins for 8yrs now.

if your looking for a cheap holiday with lots to do ,this is it,if you are staying in an appartment ,you may as well go standard as they are all the same except bigger tele's etc

the silver plus rooms with terrace are nice as you get a place for the kids to play,but as a gold card hold holder i personally prefer to stay in the shoreline hotel in a patio room as you get a lovely bit of grass for your kids to play on outside your patio.

the ocean rooms are very cramped with little storage and balconies that if it rains or someone spills a drink from above you get wet,a definate no for me.

the place to eat is the sun and moon pub,great value home cook food and puds.

all in all very good value for money

  • Holiday details: May 2011, Room Only, Booked Independently
  • Advice: dont always think the basic room is the cheaest...sometimes u can get hotel rooms for less
9 / 10

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