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10 / 10
looks really,really good

"I have never been to club mac but been to hotel close to it hotel over all looks really good going there this year I recommend it."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: trip to water park

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2 / 10
Misleading joke of a hotel

"Booked via the web site which is very misleading! Booked a "premium room" based on the photos and description they advertise online, which states that all premium rooms have a double bed plus a bunk bed and was refurbished in 2014. Great or so we thought as we have a 5 year old. When we arrived and got given our room in the Marte building, we found that what we got was far from what was advertised and what we paid for! The room was basically the same as the standard room with a double bed and a very uncomfortable pull out sofa bed.

Went back to reception and said that this wasn't what we paid for given what they advertised online. To my amazement they really couldn't have cared less as they took no notice despite showing them the description and pictures of the premium rooms on their website. All they kept saying was that, as it has a TV and a fridge its a premium room! Then we found conflicting information saying there was no premium rooms in that building then suddenly for this year, they only have the 1 premium room in that building! Eventually gave up on the room issue as they clearly didn't care.

Next issue was the lifts. 2 lifts serving the whole 6 floors, not really an issue you may think? Until one breaks down for the second year running takes almost a week to get sorted before breaking down the next day leaving 4 people stuck inside terrified!.

All inclusive food and drink not bad but the drinks are served in tiny plastic cups and a limit to 4 at a time and its taken you 15 minutes to get served.

On the plus side, there's plenty of pools and the grounds are well maintained. Hotel offers a nice free beach bus as well as free access to a water park across the road. Just a shame its let down by the attitude of the hotel staff.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2015, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Getting up early to get a sunbed and having more then one person getting the drinks
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Great holiday

"We went to club mac in 2012 a friend had recommended it so we where really looking forward to it !! We arrived at lunchtime checked in easily we had booked a double room when we got to our room it was very small so we asked could we upgrade to a family room which was no problem the family room was great loads of room and my two boys where delighted with their own room with a bunk bed !! We ate in the Jupiter every night as it was the biggest of the three restaurant couldn't complain there was so much choice hot food , salads and fruit and deserts my kids both ate great for the ten days we where there !! The water park was so close straight across the road we went 9/10 days as my boys really loved it all I would say is my two boys have not stopped talking about it great holiday"

  • Holiday details: May 2012, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Go to restaurant early and also get your seats early for entertainment

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1 / 10
Crap crap crap

"Horrible filthy noisy rundown germ ridden place.

Stayed there 5 years ago and payed to come home early. Complained with pics of dirty place. Cosmos didn't want to know!.

If you are not a person who doesn't look after your children properly then don't book it!

  • Holiday details: Jun 2010, booked with Cosmos
  • Advice: Don't go

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10 / 10
Fab time

"Myself and family total of 6, 2 adults 3 children all loved this hotel. My sister and her family came with us( this was her 3rd time also loved it! We went June 2012 and have booked up again for June! Looking forward to it. The food was nice always hot and fresh with plenty of selection.All the staff were amazing, chocolate was the best! Water park was good, only bad thing was you had to pay for food,drink and your beds which should be included when you pay for it with your hotel. The beach was amazing both day and night.Rooms were nice cleaned every day, it was the best holiday, I agree with another post don't go on go carts which were next to Bellevue hotel were a rip off 20 euro each child for about 15 mins, the actual port was amazing. The market was good although I would recommend getting a taxi! Overall had a great time. Don't read all the bad about club mac as you always get the picky people, I did before I went and was dreading going but loved it!"

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomson
  • Advice: Enjoy it!

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7 / 10
that guy who wrote that statment/book review must be mr perfect. between me and who ever reads this he is a well kept mummys boy fud. just saying....

"This guy who wrote that statement/book about club mac must be Mr.Perfect. a well kept mommy's boy he sounds more like. the guy should either man up or get his wee wife his put his napkin back on."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: pool

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1 / 10
The Jeremy Kyle Experience: Chavs, Louts and Scumbags.

"If you are the type of hard working parent who enjoys both the relaxing part of your holiday (sun loungers and a cold drink and perhaps a good book), whilst of course mixing it with the kids swimming happily in the pool with water games and occasionally having a family play as well, and also if you are the type of family who do not in any way resemble both the character and the aesthetics of the typical Jeremy Kyle guests then please please please, for the love of your God avoid Club Mac altogether, this is not the place for you.

Before I begin, I think it’s important in a case like this to understand a little about the writer since I have come to the conclusion that all the good feedback on Club Mac is either written by the hotel staff or Chavs, Louts and Scumbags usually associated with eth Jeremy Kyle Show. Now I’m the type of man who likes a right good laugh and doesn’t mind noise unless its rattling my inner ear drum, I consider myself an extremely patient man with respectful values and morals so I reckon I can take a fair bit of crap before I start to shout about it, our kids also like a good laugh but one thing they are not, is disrespectful, arrogant and loud mouthed. Also I don’t generally offer up feedback unless it’s really good or really bad, either way it’s really important.

Firstly I have to say that a lot of that blame here rests squarely on the shoulders of the Thomas Cook representative that sold us this nightmare, originally we asked Thomas Cook to find us a 4 star all inclusive holiday for our family of 4 which included kids programs and a place where we can happily lay by the pool and involve ourselves in some of the activities around the resort. So Thomas Cook had come up with Club Mac and the offering of double bedrooms etc. so we booked 2 Double bedrooms (2 room with 2 double beds in each room) and had been told by the rep that we would be staying in the Jupiter Hotel.

As you can imagine we were very excited as any family would be who work hard to save their cash to go on holidays, however, when we arrived at reception and signed in, they had allocated 2 Twin Rooms (2 rooms with 2 single beds) in the Mars Hotel, and after much arguing and trying to explain our predicament to 3 different people, 3 separate times, the Hotel left us with no option other than to put us into a Family room (1 double bed and bunk beds for the 2 kids), and so after much deliberation I had made the decision (since there was no onsite rep available at the time and my wife was close to tears and the manager was nowhere to be seen) to take the room and argue later, so I accepted the change under pressure and with the added fact that I could not get the room keys without signing a document at reception which stated I was happy to alter my booking and that I would not seek future recompense in any way from the hotel. The lesson here is that you absolutely cannot book your room with Club Mac or the tour operator up-front; it’s all allocation on arrival …… so good luck but expect to be disappointed!!

And so we put our bags into the room and off we went to the pool to calm down and figure out what happened, it has to be said that the brochures and the online video of this place seem to be grossly misrepresented (we learned this in the first hour), for a start the swimming pool at the Jupiter hotel looked as if the Titanic had just sank, the amount of people in the swimming pool was absolutely incredible, with no space to drown a cat, we also found out later on that the other pools are exactly the same, if not worse, and this lasts the full day …….. Yes the full day until the pools close. While I am on the topic of pools, the website states that there are 9 swimming pools, I only counted 7 onsite unless the Alky Chavs drank the other 2, of course 4 of them are overcrowded and the other 3 are, to all intents and purposes, puddles. To top that off, if you do manage to find a space in the pool and feel the gentle lapping of the water on your face, you might also take note that the pool is riddled with empty drinks cups, you can’t see them until you run into them, it’s unbelievable the rubbish levels in this place and its sheer laziness that the clientele have no understanding of how to use public rubbish bins.

The low number of sun loungers is also a major problem with lots of folk just opting to put their towels down anywhere and everywhere, including public walkways and paths. Also, it doesn’t surprise me that some of the stories here seem to include human bodily fluids and solids being deposited in the pools, since the clientele don’t particularly care about using the rubbish bins I wouldn’t expect them to use any of the facilities properly, let’s face it if this place where a zoo we would have had a much better holiday , also just to note that the quietest place to be is actually the toilets bizarrely enough.

Anyway, we didn’t last long in our new Family room since the neighbors to our right (2 adults and 4 kids in the one room, all chavs) didn’t care that they were constantly playing loud music, arguing all the time and of course the parents didn’t mind that the kids would run up and down the corridors at night screaming. To the left of us we has another family, who had a little boy who was not particularly quiet in the morning and at night, the father clearly stressed with his own child’s misbehavior and constant screaming had taken to screaming himself so as you can imagine it wasn’t long before we were in front of our Rep, who it’s fair to say actually did a fantastic job of getting us out of our Family room and into 2 Double Rooms (our original booking), which goes to show that the document I signed at reception on day 1 clearly has no legal bearing. And so off we went again, bags packed and hoping for an easier time of it. A quick note: all the rooms at this resort have ridiculously small balconies, every one of them!!

Alas our new rooms could not escape the crazy corridor screaming games and the noisy neighbors (scumbags) on a regular basis, and until 1.30am none of us managed to get more than 5 hours broken sleep during our time here so we tried to seek solace in alcohol of an evening just to numb the pain and to find the quietest area in the resort (which incidentally is up beside the tennis court area next to the road), now I use the term “quietest area” very loosely of course, because in Club Mac …… everyone can hear you scream …….. Please also be aware that the poolside is extremely noisy, I’m talking about an overzealous DJ who loves to crank up the volume on his speakers so that all the chavs, louts and scumbags can drink more and enjoy their International Drunken Belly Flop Championships in an already overcrowded pool.

Now as a patient man I had put up with an awful lot including my lovely wife being reduced to tears on a daily basis, and as a result I found that my patience had a direct connection with the amount of money we paid to put up with all this, and so after very a short discussion, my wife and I had decided it was time to leave, so we headed off to see our rep the next morning with a view to getting an early flight home, cutting short our torturous experience. The rep had sympathized with us and eluded to the fact that the people here are not the cream of British society, in actual fact she did say that a lot of the people here save their Government Benefits to holiday at Club Mac, which all made sense to me. Not wanting to send us home and completely destroy what was left of our time in Majorca she looked at other hotels in Alcudia under the All Inclusive package, including The Lagomonte which incidentally also caters for Jeremy Kyle guests, so don’t go there, eventually we opted for a better hotel under the self-catering package, yes we were that desperate!!!

And so we ended up at probably one of the best hotels on the island, in Puerto de muro just 5 mins down the road in a taxi, I have to say this place saved our sanity, we ended up with a Royal Terrace apartment for the rest of our stay (5 days) which has a roof top terrace complete with sun loungers and Jacuzzi and 3 lovely swimming pools in the main area, all of this and a refund for the difference of handing back 2 rooms under the all-inclusive package. Suffice to say that we really enjoyed the last 5 days but the heart ache remained after having our first week completely destroyed by Club Mac and its people.

The staff: The biggest compliment I can pay the staff would be directed at the cleaners, what an incredible job they do to keep this place running and keep picking up the litter that all the lazy drunks drop at their feet, very hard workers indeed, and of course at the other end of the scale we have the reception staff, who it has to be said are not the most understanding of individuals, one person in particular showed his desire to hack off tourists in a non-caring fashion more than the rest, my African friend Mamadou, if you are ever unfortunate enough to meet this guy, you will find that his passion for not caring is only surpassed by his hatred for tourists and his nonexistent customer service skills. In short…. Mamadou you need to get a new job, cos your rubbish at this one.

The facilities: Please be aware that you need to pay for all the extras here, the Safe, the TV, the Fridge, the Laundry and most importantly all the rides in the resort, none of that is free at all

The Restaurants (it’s really just a canteen): If I were to say “Its every man for themselves”, it really is every man for themselves, the only crowd control in this place is the wee man that shows you to your table and after that it’s all-out war, I can honestly say I have never experience anything like it, the amount of people running around trying to grab the sausages and grab the chips reminds me of the opening sequence to “2001: A Space Odyssey”, the part where the monkeys run around killing each other for bones. I also have to play fair and say that the food (once you have it on your plate) was actually very good for this level of insanity, so well done to the catering staff. The noise levels in here are pretty bad as well so much so that we had to shout at each other to have a conversation at the dinner table every meal time, unbelievable!!

Proud to be British? I’m trying very hard here not to be negative when it comes to the average British holiday makers, but when you see the quality of tourists at this resort you are hard pushed to understand why no-one confiscates their “Dad of the Year Mug” or “Best Mum Ever” t-shirts. I have to agree with some previous feedback on this resort where 99% of the tourists are indeed British, and a small percentage of those are actually like me and managed to fall into the same trap.

So what is there to be proud of? is it the fat sun burned drunks who sway at the bar and try their best not to spill the 6 mugs of San Miguel before staggering back to their sun lounger or is it the ladies covered in tattoos proclaiming their love for their own children which they scream at every 2 minutes, is it the snotty sun burned kids who bully the other kids from other families, perhaps it’s the loud mouthed mum who stand and shouts the names of her children over and over again in the corridor outside your bedroom in the hope that they have a clear understanding of respect for their elders, maybe it’s even the drunken father who promotes using his own empty San Miguel cups as makeshift footballs and using the swimming pool as the goal, and let’s not forget the folk that have no understanding of how a queue works or have the respect and graciousness to apologies after stamping all over your feet and push you out the way just to get to the chips, maybe it’s the classic overweight British family that head straight for the pudding counter first to ensure their daily diet of sugary goodness is accounted for whilst their overly plump dad stands at the beer tap and ensures his passage into a drunken stupor for the rest of the day is assured. How many of us would be proud to have our screaming babies at the bar at half 12 at night, clearly inebriated and still working your way through those 6 Pints of San Miguel’s you managed to get before the bar closed?

These are our Ambassadors of Britain and clear examples of Western Culture…. God help us.

Final Thoughts

Its all-inclusive, the drink isn’t going to run out.

You will look forward to leaving here as much as you looked forward to coming on holiday, unless you’re a chav or a scumbag.

Earplugs are a per-requisite or some really good sound cancelling headphones.

Tiredness will wear your patience thin in this Prison resort.

The only thing missing from this resort is the onsite Benefit Claims Office.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Dont go in the first place

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8 / 10
Cud not ask for more!

"Really cud not find anything bad to say about this hotel. Entertainment was brill, food was amazing with sooo much choice, something different every day and something for every one including a burger bar in the day and chefs cooking to order in the restaurant. Hotel was clean, tidy staff were friendly several different pools, park fair ground lake with pedalows wat more cud u ask for?"

  • Holiday details: May 2011

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8 / 10
club mac

"been 4 times to club mac ...that just says it all, yes all holidays have good times and bad times ,if you go 1 star or 5 star they all have there problems. this year will be my fith year .some people just expect a palace when they go to a differant country with it ,enjoy your holiday and you might just like it, if you stop trying to find faults with holidays you go to ,you might just enjoy them"

  • Holiday details: Aug 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: have fun use the water park and remember you are in a differant country
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10

"We have recently stayed at the Saturno hotel and must say it was the worst holiday we have ever been on!!. We have never been jealous of people going home early so this was a first!!.

My little boy got sick with bad sickness, never seen him that sick!!. I also got ill with bad sickness and diarrhea, needing 2 injections and 3 types of tablets to sort it out!! And funnily enough i was also given the excuse of the "24 hour bug" excuse.

This wasted 2 days of our holiday and i really wish i had red some of the reviews before i went away!.

We complained to our tour operator who were as useful as a brick wall and we are sure we got food poisoning from the poor hygiene and overall standards of this hotel.

Save your money or go for a week in Blackpool, Weather won't be as nice, but atleast you won't have as much chance of getting ill!

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with First Choice
  • Advice: Dont go

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9 / 10
fab time was had by all

"me and my partner took our two children to the club mac resort on 15th september 2012 our kids are 2 and 14, we stayed in the saturno hotel on the club mac complex, we had a fantastic time and both kids loved it, the service was fantastic and staff were friendly, every evening there were differnt themes in the restaraunts eg chinese, mexican, etc so the food never got boring. we were 15 minutes at the most away from the beach or a free bus is available and about 25 minutes away from the port so everything is very near. the hotel room was very clean and had everything we needed. the pools are fantastic and so was the entertainment, yes a couple of times we had to que to get into the restaraunt but it wasnt for long, you expect that in a busy complex. all in all we had a brilliant holiday and wouldnt hesitate to book this resort again."

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: make sure you visit the port in the evening its all lit up, very beautiful
  • Good For: Beach

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3 / 10
Never again

"Arrived late at night expecting late dinner, it was hot dogs, something that was supposed to be burgers, 'chicken nuggets' , chips and rolls. Was not nice, fruit juice was watered down. Breakfast had good selection but the cooked food was over done most of the time. The pancakes were nice though.. Lunch was very busy and the noise was unbelievable, much the same as dinner, leftovers made into something else. Plastic glasses!! And they were small.. Same size for everything. The cola and fizzy lemonade didn't taste nice. Mind you neither did the wine. The bathroom was tiny, had to go in and shut the door to get to the loo. The beds were uncomfortable, pillows were very flat. The towels were small and thin. Not enough drawer space for clothes. The 3 hotels were full of loud tattooed chavs and we ate out 2 nights to get away from the racket and the tacky entertainment. We counted down the days to go home.. One positive note, reception staff were very helpful and when daughter lost teddy they did their best to remedy situation and teddy was returned next day!!"

  • Holiday details: Sep 2012, Booked Independently

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  • by quagga

    " Kids holiday with stuff for adults too "

  • by Shocked holiday maker

    " Resort is lovely but If you haven't got children don't go to this hotel "

  • by a fellow traveller

    " avoid if you want a quiet holiday but the kids loved it "

  • by JdBs

    " Use the free bus to get to the beach, but don't rely on the timetable. "

  • by Nicky

    " Go early to breakfast and dinner "

  • by Unhappy

    " The bar stay open if people are still drinking as long as their quiet "

  • by Ocec27

    " Try and not let what other people are doing take the credit away from how good the hotel is, enjoy it while it lasts "

  • by Mary Smith

    " try a different pool each day bars are not to far away !! "

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