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10 / 10

"I went to 'Sol Costa Duarada' hotel in April, and i honestly think this is by far the best hotel i'v stayed at. The staff at the front desk are extremely polite and helped us with all our problems. The rooms were very clean, except because the cleaner was hard at understanding English, it was difficult to tell her what we needed help with. However, the receptionists helped us. Also the 'Portaventura' theme park is not far away from it (which was an extremely fun theme park by the way) really makes it more fun. The beach is not far away either, you could basically walk about 10 mins away. I really had a great time and we have actually decided to go back in August because we loved it so much! Going to write another review when i come back!"

  • Holiday details: Apr 2010, Breakfast Included, Booked Independently
  • Advice: It's the place to be to just relax and meet lovely people.
  • Good For: Beach, City Breaks

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9 / 10
Top notch

"A good base if you have children under ten and are planning on visiting the Porta Ventura theme park fifteen minutes walk away - with the beach 20 min away (the hotel operate a free bus to both places)

Very clean and well maintained hotel. The staff were all friendly and helpful and overall we had no real issues.

The English are heavily outnumbered here by the Spanish and the French which is reflected in the food and the entertainment. Having said that the food is buffet style and there is lots of choice, particularly at breakfast, its not cordon bleu but it is pretty good and the kids will always be able to find something that they will eat.

The kids daytime entertainment is of the standard water polo, pool, golf, boules, mini disco variety but the staff do make a real effort.

The night time entertainment for the adults was frankly baffling and at times utterly surreal. In an effort to make it understandable to all, the staff talk three languages all at the same time then change language mid sentence. The result is no one (not even the Spanish guests) has a clue what its about and the whole thing is unintentionally brilliant. I particularly recommend "Oscar Night" and "Beauty and the Beast" they're both straight out of Monty Python, absolutely bonkers!

Have knocked the hotel down one mark because the snack and bar prices are a rip off even for a four star and the money exchange rate they offer is scandalous.

Overall its a great place, better than I had expected from the other reviews and Portaventura is fantastic, particularly the shows.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2009, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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8 / 10
Perfect for Post Aventura

"This hotel is at the back end of the resort of Salou which suited us fine as we didnt want to be in the centre of the resort with all the british pubs and nightlife. We were more interested in a break in the sunshine for the kids and the fact that you can easily stroll along to Port Aventura theme park from the hotel. there is also a hotel bus which takes you there too. The hotel was very clean and modern . The food was very varied and we could always find something that we liked , although there were the usual moans from the english about the continental style. We found that just greeting the staff with a simple "hola" really went a long way to them being extra helpful and nice. The only downside of the hotel was the evening entertainment which was non existant."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2007, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Activities: Port aventura and barcelona are must see!
  • Good For: Beach

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2 / 10
!! What a let down !!

"Just got back from the Sol Costa Dorada hotel today. I went with my girlfriend and two others. We stayed from July 5th - July 12th. On arrival we had to wait from half nine in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon before we could actually get into our room, the staff were not at all welcoming and after an early morning travelling it wasnt the best start. After finally being aloud to our room me and girlfriend found a nest of ants living in our room on the forth floor, we were allocated another room a few doors up on the same floor after complaining, our second room wasnt much better. The double bed was broken on the underside and was very uncomfortable! Our room was on the side of the hotel adjacent to the railway line and every train that past day or night kindly blew its horn nice and loudly for us to hear. Both ours and our friends rooms had problems with hot water or lack of it, it was only once or twice in the week where it was actually above luke warm temperature and still after complaining about this the situation didnt change. The cleanlyness *sorry about the spelling* of our rooms werent to the standard i expected of a four star hotel, it was 'cleaned' daily but as far as we could see all they actually did was change the towels, th floor was dirty and the room gernerally dusty and our bed sheets were only changed once. On our second to last day we were woken by a really strong sewage smell coming from our bathroom, so strong we were nearly sick. we complained to reception but they wernt really interested telling us someone will be up soon. after i asked to be moved to another room the said they would send up the manager but to our disapointment all we got was the maintenace guy who spoke no english and just disinfected the whole bathroom masking the smell. by far the worst hotel i have experienced.

The staff in the resturant were rude and pushy at times, the buffet selection wasnt very good, undercooked meat and chips. Not a good experience.

The drinks at the hotels resturant and bars were really overpriced for the size of the cup, in most cases if you take a five minute walk to the local shop you could get a whole bottel of drink for more than half the price of a glass!!

We were offered a free excusion by Thomas Cook on behalf of a company called 'PALS', if you ever are offered one of these avoid it, we were picked up a nine a promised to be back by half 3. We were off to see the medievil town of Monte Blanc, on route we were taken to Reus to a dingy hotel to be given a '20 minute' presentation which lasted 2 hours. It was a sales pitch trying to sell us a twelve hundred pound MATRESS. nothing to do with the excursion, our holiday or spain. After being brain washed we were finally dumped at Monte Blanc and told be back in an hour. what a waste the best part of a day even though Monte Blanc is a really nice town and we would recommend it to all to visit.

Back at the hotel, the evening entertainment was pretty poor, seemed the kids had all the fun everynight with the music and dacing routine.

Would we go back, definatly no.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2009, Full Board, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Great beach, plenty of bars and resturants
  • Activities: Titanic bar is definatly worth a look
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
This Hotel Will Suit Everybody!

"My girlfriend and I travelled to Salou in the summer of 2008, having booked everything on our own, we arrived in Barcelona (BCN) airport (not the closest, but the cheapest), and jumped on our transfer (we used Resort Hoppa - which was timely, and the service on which was wonderful. When we arrived at the hotel, we were greeted by a stalky bearded american man behind the desk, which was fantastic because we had no idea where to start language-wise in terms of "Hi, we are booked under....", but it didn't matter anyway, because we learned over the course of the 10 day stay that all of the staff have at least some understanding of english, and if they dont, they're very willing to get somebody to help you.

Anyway we were given our key, and headed up to our room, which was not only immaculate, but air conditioned - ahh! We did, however notice that our door onto the balcony did not lock correctly, so when we went down to the lobby in the evening, we reported it. We also decided to get the bolt for the safe (which you have to pay for and place down a deposit - but it's not very much 23 euros altogether for 10 days if I remember correctly?)After breakfast (which is three 15 metre long buffet tables full of yummy-ness (theres always something for anyone), we returned to our room to find they had fixed our door - great, although it didnt bother us all that much for one night, seeing as we were on the fourth floor.

The pool is clean and refreshing, and split into the childrens end and the adults end (not exclusively, but it seemed to turn out that way every day) and the bar was cheap and fully-stocked. They also serve snacks (crisps, sandwiches, toasties etc) if your're feeling peckish.

At various points throughout the day the kids club is on, but not every day - and its not overly loud from certain points round the pool (in fact, we sometimes found ourselves humming along to their ever catchy "Chocolatay" theme song. We also enjoyed some of the evening entertainment, which went on at the poolside.

Salou town centre is literally an 8-10 minute walk away, and if you're interested there's a great nihgtlife. But, being spain there are also a lot of restaurants open till like 12midnight (or later) for a quieter family evening.

The hotel lobby is very modern and impressive and although the image of the front entrance shown above is rather deceptive, it it still a very impressive building.

The hotel also runs a free shuttle toand from Portaventura (the Universal Studios owned theme park)at several points in the day (but if you want to walk it out the main door and to your right (it also only takes 8 or 10 minutes).

My overall impression = great. There weren't too many (if any)loud drunken Brits, or ignorant europeans (if any), or kissy couples or families with really young kids - it was actually the perfect blend of holidaymakers in one hotel that I think I've ever stayed in.

  • Holiday details: Jun 2008, Half Board, Booked Independently
  • Activities: Portaventura
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
There was 4 adults and a toddler when...

"There was 4 adults and a toddler when we went to sol costa daurada.we went on the half board basis and did not like the food that was on offer. All that was on offer was beans and smiley faces for children which u can not feed children on for all the duration of the holiday. The holiday was fantastic thou and this was the highlight of our holiday. The room are cleaned daily which left a impression of high quality in this hotel. We would come back to the hotel but we prepared to eat out it was much better to do that there is many local places u can eat but there is a little walk but we did not mind because the weather is nice at night time. This hotel is well worth the 4 star rating. Reccomendation would be change the door locks as u could not lock the door from the inside no one could get in from outside however small children can open the door and run out easily which was very stressful in parents opion."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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8 / 10
I would recommend this hotel to...

"I would recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a relaxing getaway. As a late twentys couple it was good for the 6 nights we were there but any longer and we would have been bored.

We arrived late on a Friday night and found the reception staff to be very helpful. The room was modest but comfortable, and spotless. The rooms were cleaned daily and fresh towels given.

The meal times were very good, and each sitting lasted 3 hours (7am-10.30am, 1pm-3pm, 7pm-10pm). I had read a bad review about the food but I have to disagree as the food was varied, and there was always plenty of it. Everything was self service/buffet style, which of course you always got the odd person who would rush to the counters just in case it ran out, but on the whole it was very good and they always had a kids buffet selection (fishfingers etc) if you dont fancy anything on the main menu. There was a massive salad selection, cold meats, hot regional food, british classics including steak cooked fresh to your taste, and the puddings were fantastic.

We went on a day trip to Barcelona (28 Euros each). The hotel does offer the same excursion but its more expensive. If your interested in sightseeing then I recommend popping into the tourist information center on the way to the main strip (cant miss it) as they have loads of different things on.

On the whole, it was a great holiday, and is definately somewhere I would go again for a quick getaway, but I would like somewhere more entertaining ie more than just Karioke bars, for my main annual holiday.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with Jetline Travel

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9 / 10
We were a family of 4 adults and 2...

"We were a family of 4 adults and 2 children (2yrs and 10months)

The Hotel was very clean, the rooms were of excellent standard and the food was fantastic. We would recommend this hotel to anyone.

10 min walk into Salou centre, can catch bus from outside hotel.

staff very nice and speak good english.

didnt have any problems all week.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with co-op travel

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8 / 10
Really nice hotel, I went with my...

"Really nice hotel, I went with my boyfriend and we're 20 and 21 and really enjoyed it! Rooms were great, although we got 2 single beds pushed together instead of a double! All rooms had a nice sized balcony as well, which was great.

Food was good, buffet style for each meal so there's always something to eat. At supper there was always a pasta dish, and always either a freshly cooked meat or fish, often both. Loads of salads, rice etc. Lots of cakes, pastries, fruit, jelly and the like for dessert as well which was fab! Had an amazing meal on the last night with absolutely mountains of fresh prawn, crab claws, whole crabs, mussels, etc, was amazing!! Breakfast was always similar, with the options of cooked breakfasts, continental breakfasts (meats. cheeses...), cereals, toast, pastries, and you helped yourself to free tea, coffee and fruit juices - I don't see how anyone could ever go hungry at this hotel!!

Pool was lovely - slightly on the chilly side occasionally, but then we were swimming in the rain one day! Pool bar was quite reasonable for drinks and snacks, although we usually bought beers and some nibbles from the nearest shop and sat on our balcony. The rooms all have a mini fridge, so you can keep water and drinks in there. The nearest beach is very busy, but only takes 15 minutes to walk there, and there's a free bus from the hotel several times a day.

The room did have a safe which cost 20 euros a week. The only problem with this was the safe in our room did not work. However we did get a refund on the money with no questions asked. Life was made a lot easier by the fact that all the staff, particularly on reception, spoke very good English.

Overall, we had a really lovely relaxing holiday, and would definitely consider going back.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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9 / 10
Stayed with my two grandchildren aged...

"Stayed with my two grandchildren aged 14 and 19 years in August 2008 - brilliant location - so handy for both Park and Salou.

Selection of food excellent - plenty of it and wide range.

Road train stops outside hotel - but can get quite pricey if used a lot - 3euros per person!

Would recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a convenient location, with good staff, clean rooms, towels changed each day (some were a little worn!), good selection of food at meal times and 'entertainment' each night by the pool.

Would go again.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2008, Half Board, booked with travel agent put together package

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9 / 10
We have just returned after 2 weeks...

"We have just returned after 2 weeks and found the food and entertainment was different every day.

Hotel is in an excellent location - easy walking distance to Portaventura and beach - if you don't fancy the walk, a courtesy bus from the hotel runs a few times a day.

The food was varied and plentiful, with special gala nights (excellent seafood platter - mind you I didn't eat the items with tentacles - but the Spanish guests appeared to love them!).

The entertainment was also varied and of an excellent standard - yes it is loud if you're staying on the poolside (I took ear plugs in anticipation!) - its all over by midnight though.

The Hotel cost of excursions was expensive - we visited Nou Camp in Barcelona with Plana Buses and saved approx 50 euros for a family of four. The excursion was very well organised and thoroughly enjoyed by our two sons.

Although the Hotel is clean and with daily maid service the rooms are exceptionally clean - the pool wasn't as clean as it could have been - my son commented several times towards the end of the holiday that there were plasters on the bottom of the pool. This was the only negative point and we would definitely return to this hotel again.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Half Board, booked with UK travel shop

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9 / 10
had a great two week stay , room...

"had a great two week stay , room excellent , we had two double beds ,requested top floor pool side and got it, food amazing ,too much choice iff only fault, a lot of spanish here but better than the germans, the entertainment team work very hard for their money and we looked forward to them every day especially when they sang choco latte!! great fun on your balcony doin the moves with fellow britts after a few beers! portaventura is amazing , we had 7 day pass for £50 each of the net and it was easily the most value for money, the shows are superb, we went to barcelona and that was dissapointing, the fc is filthy and overated,and if u got little uns give it a miss!the only thing i would never do is go with THOMAS COOK! the day we flew home they decided to give our plane to someone else and instead of going home to birmingham they diverted us to gatwick, after taking off nearly 2 hours late and then stuck us on buses home without a rep making a appearance and not getting as much as a free cup of tea!so after a 4 hour bus journey home in peak hour traffic we got back to birmingham somewhat 9 hours late then had to drive home , and we being home a week now and thomas cook wont even answer emails or phone calls!!never again we

ill they get a penny of my hard earned cash!and another thing our rep at hotel never showed up to our welcome meeting so we never knew about the free party we should have had tickets for !

  • Holiday details: Jul 2008, Full Board, booked with Thomas Cook

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  • by dougmcmuffin

    " The ebachfront is lovely, Portaventura is amazing, and there's loads to do (bus rides to Barcelona) "

  • by stuartholiday

    " Nice resort with fabulous theme park on your doorstep, noisy nightlife. "

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