Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland

Naama Bay PO Box 4, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
7  / 10
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1 / 10
phell hole

"Found the Kirozes Park Lands a filthy hole was told it was 4/5 star by the Thomas Cook travel agent. The hotel nearly killed me, I am asthmatic and the dirt and the mold in the two rooms they showed us affected my breathing. Offered an upgrade but had to pay and although it was marginally better it was still a poor room. Wouldn't recommend this hotel to my worst enemy. Some of the staff were okay.. When I contacted Thomas Cook they didn't want to know so won't be using them ever again. But you live and learn."

  • Holiday details: Aug 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: Knock it down and start again

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10 / 10
Brilliant time

"We went to this hotel from October 5th to 18th and what a great time we had , when we arrived we were taken to the premier side which we checked in really quickly and our cases were taking up to our room for us , our room was really big with a lovely walk in shower , we went to the atrium mostly for our meals which I am a very fussy eater but I always found something to eat the burka restaurant is lovely and the best curry I have tasted in ages , , the pools were nice and clean all 7 of them ,we stayed around the dolphin pool most of the time as we liked it there , we went to hill top beach which we loved for the snorkeling ,which was amazing just like being in a tropical fish tank but didn't like sandy beach , the entertainment team were brilliant with many different shows , it was our first time in Egypt and we loved this hotel so much we re booked to go back after being home for 4 days , don't listen to the bad reviews this hotel is amazing."

  • Holiday details: Oct 2015
  • Advice: Lots to do ,you will never get bored

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10 / 10
I can only think of one word AWESOME

"We stayed four two weeks at the Parklands Beach Bungalows...All the staff were prepared to go beyond job descriptions to make our stay Awesome.

Our rooms were clean and maintained to a high standard as was the resort itself.

Going back in September for three weeks this time.

Food ..quite simply the best meals we have ever had so

thank you to all the staff.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2015, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: try treating the staff with a little respect.....its amazing what a few manners can do....
  • Good For: Beach

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1 / 10
holiday from hell!!

"We had 10 days at this hotel. 9 days to long. we all suffered ill health due to the disgusting behavior of other holiday makers and also i have a broken toe due to the sub standard work man ship and maintenance of the air conditioning.this is not an isolated case i have a list of 28 other parties of British holiday makers who complained covering most of the same issues.the main pool closed 6 days out of 10 for up to 6 hrs due to people urinating and pooing in the pools and even stood at the side of the pool and urinating in it. the worst day 3 pools closed due to the problem one after the other. no action taken by hotel apart from a memo put on the reception doors. harassment from male members of staff towards our 15 year old daughter the people at the spar kept harassing her when she was at the pool offering her a massage in a very sexual manor we reported this and nothing was done as still hung around waiting for her to be alone. the standard of the room was very poor. our sheets wear only changed once in 10 days i complained when we suffered bits in the night time while in bed the room had to be fumigated by the cleaning staff and all beds were changed. we marked the sheets and that was the only time they were changed 3 days after we got there. we couldn't have the air conditioning on to long due to it would start icing up and then melt so the water leaked and came out the light fitting causing puddles in the room.this is how i broke my toe. i got up one night to see what all the noise was about out side our room. i slipped on a puddle of water in our room.that had leaked from the air conditioning.this was reported to the hotel manager but he didn't want to know he said your complaints are not my concern take it up with Thomas cook!"

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Advice: dont book at this hotel

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1 / 10
Never again, not even if you paid me

"Let me start by saying with my Partner's former career hat on as Hotel Contracts Negotiator, that this hotel is definitely NOT a 5* hotel as was sold to us, even the hotel will admit this - they are more likely a 2/3* hotel.

We booked through Hayes Travel and this was our 4th family holiday to Sharm el Sheikh so I have a few hotels to compare with. We arrived on Wednesday 16th July (we flew on the Thomson Dream liner - lovely aircraft) as a family of 5, with 3 children aged 14, 8 & 3. Given we have already holidayed in Sharm it must have been amazing for us to return 4 times, sadly I realized the faults of this hotel almost immediately. Upon arrival the reception doors were broken and under repair and the floor tiles were cracked and stained. We checked in and were initially shown to room 4165, I asked if this was a decent family room and was told it was a lovely room. Once entering the room all of us were in shock. It was dark, dingy, filthy dirty, had blood on the bathroom wall, pubic hair on the bedroom floor, mold all around the shower, the cupboards were falling apart, hardly any lighting and the double bed looked as though it had already been laid upon - probably by several other families who were shown to this room upon arrival before kicking up. We immediately hot footed it to reception and were (surprise surprise) offered an upgrade room a few doors down at 4158. This cost us a daily upgrade fee of $71 per night - not a huge amount of money but quite disgusting given we had already paid £3000 for this holiday! After several heated discussions with management a very tired me relented and took the room, but not after pointing out that the ONLY difference between the 2 rooms was the cleanliness and a few more light bulbs, oh and the kids room was painted lime green instead of white - to brighten it. They did try to tell us that the new room was bigger and better etc, however we still had to fit 3 beds into 1 small room side by side for the children so they didn't really have space to move. The point I tried (and failed) to make to management was that the "upgrade" room should have been the basic standard throughout the hotel.

So, day 1 I asked for someone to show me how to work the air conditioning - this took 4 days for someone to eventually show me how to work it, and that only came about because the air con unit completely broke. I woke up one night to go to the bathroom and slipped straight across the floor breaking my little toe on the wardrobe. Put the light on and the floor was covered in water due to a leaking air conditioning unit. I had to call them back for 4 consecutive days after that as well as they never fixed it properly.

Woke up on day 2 and walked around the grounds - filthy. Everywhere is constantly covered in dirty dishes and empty glasses, the floors are always grubby and stained, there is always dirt along the corridors of the rooms and the place is generally sub standard on a hygiene level. Sat on a plastic chair in the bar area by the children's park and I hadn't seen it was split - this completely snapped in half on me and I crashed onto the floor - hurt my lower back and the Head Chef from the Sultan restaurant just walked past and said "sorry" and removed the chair. I later had some pretty serious bruising come out in the area. I'm not particularly big either, size 10 so it wasn't a weight issue!

Several issues with our room throughout - ants nest that we waited for 2 hours for someone from pest control to come and deal with - the grout between the floor tiles had holes in so that was the entrance point. Fridge broke and had to be replaced. Despite being tipped on a couple of occasions, our cleaner - whilst lovely - wasn't thorough. Same spots in the bathroom always went unattended, I even deliberately left a dropped tub of cream under the sink to see how long before it was cleared - 5 days!! Even my 8 year old daughter commented on repeated areas of dirt in the bathroom. Waited 2 days for an iron - despite several calls to reception, the list goes on and on - to the point I got so fed up I just gave up!

The food is repetitive, tiresome and bland. 2 restaurants - the Atrium for the Brits, and the Sultan for the Russian's and Egyptian's. Didn't really understand this at first but after walking past the Sultan on a couple of occasions soon realised why - they were like animals, hoarding massive plates of food, practically pushing each other out of the way like they had never seen food before - embarrassing. Atrium restaurant - whilst the waiting staff are helpful enough they are not proactive - unless of course you tip them (seems to be the unspoken rule at this hotel, with everyone). The tables aren't cleaned between diners, the mats are simply shook out and placed back on the table. They are constantly packed and at one point had to bring outside seating in to accommodate guests - not enough facilities for the number of guests. Brace yourself for lots of chicken and rice, and chips! The restaurant was always running out of food.

This is really the only restaurant in the hotel that is AI. There is Nathan's which you are allowed to use at lunchtime but becomes chargeable for dinner. Don't even bother with the on-site Italian restaurant, pizza's were disgusting, minestrone soup was just warm greasy water, and that's just the beginning.

There is only 1 snack bar for the afternoon to service the entire hotel - on the first occasion we used it we were served stone cold chewy chips. I asked the guy on the snack bar to make a fresh batch and was told there was nothing wrong with the ones I had. I asked him to taste them and his colleague started to be very rude to me. In fairness to management it was dealt with very swiftly but this seemed to be the general attitude of a lot of the staff in the main areas. Another encounter was trying to book the Italian restaurant with our voucher from arrival. This damn nearly caused war as the guy on the booking table proceeded to tell me he had no availability for the 4 nights before we departed home and that it was not his problem it was mine. Again, I had to get management involved who got us the reservation. The joke was that on arrival the bloody restaurant was empty save for us and 1 other table!

We struggled to get a cold drink anywhere, everything is warm. We did, however, discover a nice quiet little pool round the back of the Indian restaurant and the barman (Samir) was lovely. Very helpful and accommodating and would often have all the little kids from the pool sat on bar stools making them fruit cocktails - I really think he helped make their holiday a little special and certainly made up for some of the other more questionable staff members. Mohammed was the pool attendant there and was also incredibly helpful.

On the subject of the pools, rather disgusting that on several occasions the main pools were closed due to people crapping or puking in the pool (no nice way to put that, sorry). The pools were not even drained, they just scooped out the offending "item", shoved some chemicals in the pool and reopened it the next day. Shameful that no-one is ever pulled up for this, I would expect the offending families to be given a warning and later a fine for repeated offending. Quite proud to say this was never British families, but always Russian's and Egyptians. We had 2 separate incidents (which my 3 year old daughter witnessed) in the "quiet" pool where a grown Egyptian man, and a grown Egyptian woman were so drunk that they drowned or puked in the pool - and no-one does anything, everyone just found it hilarious. My daughter wouldn't go back in the pool after seeing the man being sick there.

The kids pool was pretty cool, but again completely mobbed with Egyptian locals. The adults were taking over the rainbow slide in the little one's pool, making them quite wary of using it, and the amount of fights we had with them over sunbeds was ridiculous. We would often jump in the pool, come out and find them sat on our sunbeds, on several occasions they would just outright take your towels and use them, and THEN offer to give them back... or not?!

We all ended up sick on holiday - largely down to dirty pool water. Myself and my eldest came back with a stomach virus, she also had a pretty severe ear infection and she wasn't the only one - there were several families on the resort who's kids ended up sick with the same problem. Lots of the adults were poorly with stomach virus's and my partner ended up with an eye infection, again, dirty water. There was one family we ended up spending a lot of time with and at one point she thought all of her children had come down with chicken pox. Turned out to be bed bugs from the hotel room and she discovered several other families who had the same problem. If you look at the furniture you would understand why. I think I smelled dettol or cleaning fluid twice in the hotel, at most.

Beaches - ha - grubby, tired and we ended up only going once, I was gutted!

Trips – we booked a star-gazing trip with Adam. The trip was lovely but it certainly didn’t involve everything that was sold to us. We were also stopped by military patrols en route who demanded our passports. None of us had them on our persons as Adam told us we only needed to give the driver a photocopy for insurance purposes – quite a scary experience.

Overall this holiday really let us down. We waited and saved for 2 years to go on a family holiday and this was certainly not what we expected to receive by way of product or service.

  • Holiday details: Jul 2014, booked with Hays Travel
  • Advice: book elsewhere

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1 / 10

"Just returned from hotel. Staff lovely can't help enough BUT principally appeared to be an Egyptian and Eastern European and Russian destination. A handful of British who were as disappointed in food that was poor, mostly cool or cold and principally local Arabic mezzo and odd theme night that didn't quite get it right!!!! Sweets pretty but bland. Choice of fruit? Forget it.!

Little evening entertainment and no lounge to socialize but a sparse Bar that was adorned with tatty unloved furniture. Which brings me to the most important points. Grubby dirty room on arrival, bulbs not working towel rail fell off wall. Black mildew all over cracked bathroom tiles. However, room which was eventually cleaned and maintenance done. But two tired travelers were not left with a good impression. What star did they give this hotel and why???

The balcony had a tatty dirty glass top table, two battered wooden/rusty/dirty seats. Weren't shown how air conditioning worked, free daily water or got kettle and co until three days later....told would cost then told free......???!

Offered refurbish room at extra cost on arrival.... That says it all as little did we know at the time!

Disturbed every single night by echoes in corridor and rowdy guests (UK guests driven to requesting change of hotel because of this)

Suggested by previous guests now a tired unloved hotel which has cut back and dropped its standards. There are much better out there.

  • Holiday details: Feb 2014, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Don't go

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10 / 10
Xperience Kiroseiz Parkland

"Just got back from staying at this hotel for 1 week with my partner. We felt like royalty! Fantastic 'Xperience' - Staff were so friendly and helpful - always on hand to help. Food was good and the facilities were very clean. This hotel was above my expectations as this was my first visit to Egypt. Naama Bay was just as i was told about - hassle hassle hassle but thats the fun of Naama Bay! Its a must. Soho is also a must to visit the dancing fountain but drinks are around 9pound a pint! Snorkling on the private beach is a must to see the coral, unbelievable and out of this world. The colours and different kinds of species are magnificent. This hotel is a must as its central to everywhere and everyone is helpful, kind and love to have fun."

  • Holiday details: Jan 2013, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
Holiday/Hotel review

"we went on this holiday for my husbands 50th birthday, the hotel was really lovely and i couldnt fault the staff at all they were always very helpful and polite. the food was nice but nothing special and we did eat out in all of the resorts restraunts and i must say the food in those is second to none please please visit these if you staty here. the only downside to this holiday for us was the fact that there was nowhere to walk to as it was far too hot and everything was quite far away. as we like to go out and expore where we are staying and like nice long walks it was not possible to that on this holiday. so if you are looking for a very lazy sunbathing sit around by the pool then this is for you. the entertainment team i must say was not very good the seem to be way behind the times and need to step it up and liven it up, but for the kids it was very good. the egyptian people and the staff are lovely but unfortunatley i dont think we will retun."

  • Holiday details: Jun 2012, booked with Thomas Cook
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
wow what an experience

"While at this hotel, found a gem working at the beach, Adel not only is he a top beauty therapist but a highly trained stylist. Trained in the USA Will visit again just to get my hair done. I have never had an experience like it. Well worth the extra money paid as the service is not in the all inclusive package."

  • Holiday details: Apr 2012, Booked Independently
  • Good For: Beach

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9 / 10
Great Resort

"We went to this resort last September and it was brilliant. Our room was lovely and clean with towels changed daily and bed made daily.

Before going to the resort, we were a bit worried about reviews of food however, we had no problems. We are both very fussy with food but we found that there was always something to eat and even found us trying different things. The waiter we had for most of the 2 weeks was also good, always filling drinking and making sure he served us.

The animation team were fantastic and always game for a laugh, although we had no children with us, we found it entertaining. The daily games of water polo in the pool made for good entertainment also.

Overall we had a great experience here and would definitely recommend it to families and couples alike.

  • Holiday details: Sep 2010, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Visit Naama Bay, go qud biking in the desert and definitely take a day trip to Cairo
  • Good For: Beach

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7 / 10
for every negative there's a positive

"this was our first experience of egypt and loved it, although everything was not perfect.

the positives were that staff were so friendly and helpful. Ahmed in the restaurant always made sure we had a table and that we had all the drinks we wanted. the room was cleaned everyday sheets changed and two botles of water supplied.it was ramadan so many of the muslim guests left which meant that there was plenty of room around the pools always.the entertainment put on by Yasser at the hotel was excellent.

the negatives - because some of the guests left they shut one of the all incl restaurants which meant that the two remaining ones were jam packed with long queues and frayed tempers.The food was inconsistent sometimes good, but sometimes lacked taste and variety - but hey - you didnt have to cook it yourself! Although we had housekeeping everyday (they didnt always turn up for my mum next door) they did strange things e.g., theyd put a double sheet on our kingsized bed which is obviously not going to be big enough. when i asked them why - assuming there were no kings left they would immediately produce one and put it on????

the biggest negative is that some of the kids toys went missing from our room. we have never experienced anything like this on any holiday so its quite disappointing. one of the toys were returned by the housekeeper Ali, but the others never materialised although he said they would within half an hour. for this reason alone we wouldnt go back. The hotel did make some recompense though by giving us a bottle of wine and dressingowns and stuff, but everytime you couldnt find something you immediately thought it'd been taken until you found it. there is a lot of hassle from the spa, massage, tattoo and newspaper people which gets on nerves after a while; and as for Naama bay - sometimes you just have to be downright nasty to get rid of hasslers. love egypt but would not necessarily return to kiroseiz.

  • Holiday details: Aug 2011, All Inclusive, booked with on the beach

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1 / 10
Holiday to the Hell

"Firstly half of resort was closed-out of 5 swimming pools only 2 were opened and they were not clean: leaves and rubish in the adult pool. 1 of 2 privat beaches was clesed, and the one which was opened was full of stones.

Food was undercooked and tastless, most of time cold. My partner and I we got food poison. And the Hotel staff would not allowed to bring any food from a shop in the hotel!!!

They say on website for 'All inclusive' all drinks are free, but THEY ARE NOT!!! We had to pay for alcochol drinks. (wine was free of charge, but no choise: only awful house wine)

Air con in our room did not work properly was hot and unconfortable, room was only cleaned twice a week! And it's suppose to be 5 star hotel!!!

We been ripped of in reception, had to pay for most of stuff what suppose to be free of charge for 'All inclusives' guests.

Would never ever go back again! After 1 week staying in this hotel I could not wait to get back!

  • Holiday details: May 2011, All Inclusive, Booked Independently
  • Advice: Make sure air con is working in the room. Food is fresh and warm. Provide all facitities what they promise on website!
  • Good For: Beach

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  • by egyptlover007

    " Our favourite restaurant was the chez pasel in teh hotel "

  • by guest

    " Go but do not expect good food "

  • by crocket

    " great place well worth the money "

  • by Lynn Sutciffe Was Barr

    " if you are looking for a very lazy sunbathing holiday then this is for you "

  • by Jackie_Steve

    " Purchase a waterproof cover for your camera and take it snorkeling from the private beach. "

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